Hormone Health And Testosterone Masterclass | Boost Your Health, Energy & Improve Workouts | Felix Harder | Skillshare

Hormone Health And Testosterone Masterclass | Boost Your Health, Energy & Improve Workouts

Felix Harder, Fitness Coach & Amazon Best-Selling Author

Hormone Health And Testosterone Masterclass | Boost Your Health, Energy & Improve Workouts

Felix Harder, Fitness Coach & Amazon Best-Selling Author

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70 Lessons (2h 47m)
    • 1. Course Overview

    • 2. Course Introduction

    • 3. Hormones Introduction

    • 4. The 3 Types Of Hormones

    • 5. The Endocrine System explained

    • 6. Cholesterol, Hormones And Heart Disease

    • 7. Anabolic Steroids - Why You Should Avoid Them

    • 8. Overview: Most Important Hormones

    • 9. Glucagon

    • 10. Adrenaline

    • 11. Cortisol

    • 12. Ghrelin

    • 13. Leptin

    • 14. Thyroid Hormones

    • 15. Estrogen

    • 16. Growth Hormone

    • 17. Testosterone

    • 18. Testosterone Explained

    • 19. Why testosterone is also important for women

    • 20. How to check if you suffer from low testosterone levels

    • 21. Foods Introduction

    • 22. Calories & Testosterone

    • 23. Carbohydrates & Testosterone

    • 24. Fat & Testosterone

    • 25. Protein & Testosterone

    • 26. Meal Timing & Testosterone

    • 27. Setting Up Your Meal Plan Overview

    • 28. How to determine your calorie maintenance level (TDEE)

    • 29. Ideal Protein Intake

    • 30. Ideal Carb Intake

    • 31. Ideal Fat Intake

    • 32. What about the remaining calories

    • 33. Determining Meal Structure

    • 34. Quality Protein Foods

    • 35. Quality Carb Foods

    • 36. Quality Fat Foods

    • 37. Adjusting Your Meal Plan For Muscle Gains

    • 38. Workout Introduction

    • 39. The best gym lifts to boost testosterone

    • 40. Muscle Building Formula

    • 41. Progressive Overload

    • 42. How to set up your workout

    • 43. Your Gym Workout Routine

    • 44. Bench Press

    • 45. Squats

    • 46. Deadlift

    • 47. Military Press

    • 48. Barbell Row

    • 49. Lat Pulldown

    • 50. HIIT Explained

    • 51. How to design a HIIT Workout

    • 52. How To Progress With HIIT

    • 53. Rest & Sleep Introduction

    • 54. Sleeping Correctly

    • 55. Tips to fall asleep faster

    • 56. Supplements for better sleep

    • 57. Lifestyle Improvements Introduction

    • 58. Body language

    • 59. Managing Stress

    • 60. Work and life balance

    • 61. Cold Showers

    • 62. BPA

    • 63. Sex

    • 64. Alcohol

    • 65. Supplement Introduction

    • 66. Tribulus

    • 67. Maca

    • 68. Vitamin D

    • 69. Zinc

    • 70. DHEA

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About This Class

Learn How To Balance Your Hormones & Boost Your Testosterone Naturally

Hi, I'm Felix Harder, certified health coach. My "Hormone Health & Testosterone Masterclass" is designed for anyone who wants to optimize your hormones and increase testosterone with science-based strategies.

In this course you will learn everything you need to know about topics like meal planning, workouts and important lifestyle changes for a healthy endocrine system.

Hormones We will Cover:

- Insulin

- Glocagon

- Estorgen

- Cortisol

- Adrenaline

- Growth hormone

- Ghrelin

- Leptin

- Thyroid hormones

-  Testosterone

>>Become A More Feminine Women & A More Masculine Man<<

  • Ghrelin & Leptine: The hunger and fullness hormones

  • Insulin and Glucagon: The most important hormones for healthy blood sugar 

  • The stress hormone cortisol and how you can lower it

  • Understanding the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone 

>>The Right Workout To Boost Testosterone<<

  • The best lifts for testosterone production

  • Learn heavy strength training for muscle growth

  • Learn HIIT for enhanced calorie burning

  • Science-Based supplements that actually work

>>The Right Foods To Enhance Your Hormones Naturally<<

  • How to eat to balance your hormones

  • Setting up your meal plan step-by-step

  • Protein, Carbs & Fat: How much should you eat?

  • Intermittent fasting: Does is work?

>>Healthy Habits<<

  • Drink the right type of alcohol (it's not beer)

  • Improve your sleep in 6 easy steps

  • Improve your body language for more testosterone and less cortisol

  • Do cold showers really boost testosterone?

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Felix Harder

Fitness Coach & Amazon Best-Selling Author



I’m a state certified nutritionist and fitness coach. Over the years I've worked with 20,000 students from all over the world.

My expertise includes science-based health & fitness advice in the following areas:

- Fat Loss
- Muscle Growth
- Meal Planning
- Gym Workouts
- Healthy Living
- Bodybuilding

Fitness doesn't have to be difficult!

What you need are the right workouts and a few simple - but crucial - tips on the right exercises, technique and nutrition. That's what I teach in my courses, on my blog and in my books.

Want To Reach Out?

Send me an email to [email protected]

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1. Course Overview: Hi, I'm feeling far certified nutritionists and fitness coach today. I want to show you how you can balance you're almost increases testosterone and boost your energy levels with science based strategies. Not only will you understand how the hormones in your body work, but also how to optimize them for better health, muscle growth and pet loss. In this video course, you'll learn everything you need to know about topics by dieting workouts and important lifestyle changes for a healthy and new crew. Insist the goal of this program is to help you become the best version of yourself and feel better, stronger, and we're innergetic to help you get there. We will cover a complete introduction to the interviewed system and how it works. The most important hormones for weight loss, like Grella and elected the most important hormones for healthy blood sugar, like insulin and glucose, go the stress hormone cortisol and how caloric and understanding that to sex hormones, estrogen and testosterone so you could be more feminine as a woman and more masculine. In fact, the complete second part of the course is dedicated to optimizing a formal levels and boost your to start throwing for more energy, better muscle rules and faster fat loss. We will design your very warm diet plan workout routine and establish healthy heavens to make sure you re trebles. This is also what sets this course apart from others. I don't want to say some overpriced PdF that you read once and then never look at again. Instead, you get a complete program with video lessons, downloadable worksheets and other portable Resource is if you sign up, you get access to all of them so you can study anywhere and at a time, from my experience to see lasting results, you need to know how everybody works and what strategies will help you reach your goals. This is what this program focuses up. No gimmicks but actual science based advice that is proven to work. Everything that's explained, beginner, friendly and you could start right now I want to thank you for checking out my course, and if you liked it so far, make sure to watch the preview clips and read the description 2. Course Introduction: hi and welcome to the course. In this introduction, I want to give you a short overview of what you will learn and how the program its structure. The course is divided into two main parts and the first part of the course. I want to talk about what hormones are, how they work and which ones you need to know. We will also go over the endocrine system and why it's so important for hormone health. You will learn all the parts and organs off the endocrine system and how they interact with each other. Afterwards, we will look at the most important home loans individually. You've probably heard of estrogen, testosterone and insulin, but there are many others that will influence your growth metabolism, sex drive and energy levels. We will talk about all of them to get you ready for the second part of the program, which is all about balancing your hormones naturally and boost your testosterone and overall health. Now, instead of selling you some overpriced pills or recommending a useless supplement, I wanted to base this program on what we know from scientific research to work. So for the second part, I decided to take a holistic approach and help you design your very own diet plan workout routine and also show you how to establish healthy habits to make sure you reach your goals . All three factors will be optimized for healthy hormones and increased testosterone. This includes lessons like the best exercises for more testosterone, the right foods or how do we do stress and sleep better. I will also explain what you need to look for when you get your testosterone and blood levels checked at the doctors office. This is important because they're quite a few things beginners to wrong. Finally, to wrap up the program, we will go over the lifestyle questions that you probably want answered, like how alcohol and sex impacts their testosterone and which supplements really work. So as you can see, there's a lot of content in this course, and I truly believe it can change your life. If you apply yourself and start now, let's begin 3. Hormones Introduction: when we think about our health, we often think about diet, training, routine and stress factors. But many people live on one very important aspect that is influenced by the things I just mentioned while also influencing them at the same time. I'm talking about Lawrence in this first part of the course. I want to discuss what for ones are how they work and which ones you need to know. So let's start very big. Let's first try to find the simplest definition off Hormel's. Basically Hormel's are chemical messengers that are released to trigger certain reactions in the body. These messengers control most important body functions like basic needs. For example, hunger and also more complex systems like reproduction and even our emotions and moved because of hormones impact pretty much everything in our body. It's very important we understand them and how they interact with each other. Well, I guess that before they help the body carry out many vital functions, some of these functions are long term and ongoing, such as reproduction, growth or development. Others are basic physiological operations, such as regulating blood pressure and blood glucose levels. Now, in theory, hormones in our blood can get to all the cells in the body, but they usually only affect specific cells. Their part it sells a target cell has certain receptors to which the woman can attach. Each type of seller has a different set of receptors, so cells without the correct receptor molecule cannot interact with horrible. Okay, now that we know what hormones are, let's look at the different groups of four months and how they interact with each other in the next list. 4. The 3 Types Of Hormones: not all hormones are created equal. In fact, they can be broadly categorized into three different groups. According to their chemical composition. The three types of hormones are steroid hormones, peptide hormones and amino acid derivatives. These different groups of hormones will have distinctive mechanisms of action in the body because of their chemical characteristics. Let's now look at each group in more detail. First, we have steroid hormones. Steroid hormones are fed soluble molecules derive from cholesterol. They are created by different endocrine organs and glands and released into the bloodstream to get to their target cells. The group off steroid hormones includes sex hormones and adrenal gland hormones. The most commonly known examples would be testosterone, estrogen's and cortisol. The interesting thing about them is that they can act on sales by passing through the cell membrane to enter the nucleus. There, they bind to DNA and can initiate protein production. As you probably know, protein production is very important for athletes who want to build muscle and improve muscle growth. But it's also important for the average person because it make sure our tissue constantly repairs itself. This also leads me to anabolic steroid hormones, which are synthetic molecules that mimic the action off two straws room. They act similarly to a novel testosterone, but boost muscle and tissue growth beyond normal levels. Their use is illegal and pretty much all countries, because abuse of these hormones can lead to a number of negative health consequences. We will talk about this in a different video in more detail. Next, we have the group of peptide HomeArts. I'm like Stewart Home loans. Peptide hormones are not insoluble, which means they cannot freely across the cell membrane. Instead, they bind to receptors on the surface of the cell. The receptor then activates a series of molecules within the cell, which then initiate activity in the cell. The whole process is called signal transaction because the external signal off the hormone is transfused by internal intermediaries. The most commonly known peptide hormones, including insulin Luca Goan, aleck, teen and oxytocin. And lastly, we have a mean home. ALS aiming hormones are, as the name suggests, derive from amino acids, in particular the amino acids, tyrosine and trip defense. One example of amino acid derived hormones is epinephrine, which is more commonly known as an adrenaline. You can quickly spot an amino acid Dr Hormone. By its ending, most of them will end with Dean or I'm such a dopamine or epinephrine that I just mentioned . One exception would be melatonin, which you might know as the sleep hormone. What you need to keep in mind is that Amy and hormones do not share identical properties and have something in common to both peptide and stared hormones, meaning some of them act on the surface of the cell while others act within the cell. 5. The Endocrine System explained: before we talk about the most important hormones in more detail, we need to look at the endocrine system, which is basically the control center off all hormones. The endocrine system regulates the activity off the body by secreting hormones into the bloodstream. The's secretions come from a variety of glands, which control various organs in the body. The main function off the endocrine system is to control the falling processes and systems growth and development home spaces, which is the internal balance of body systems metabolism. So your body's energy levels, reproduction and response to stimuli, for example, stress or injury. If your endocrine system isn't healthy, the interplay between the different hormones will be out of balance. And you can get problems developing during probity when trying to get pregnant or just to manage stress. Since hormones, especially testosterone and estrogen, also influence your opinions, you might gain weight easily, lose muscle or have weak bones. On the other hand, if your home loans were well together, you will gain muscle more easily, lose fat, look more masculine as a man and more feminine as women. So our goal should always be to keep our endocrine system healthy and functioning. I now want to give you a short overview off the main parts off the endocrine system, so you understand how they work together. The most important parts are the hypothalamus, the maturity gland, the pineal gland, the thyroid and the pancreas. Your ovaries, if you're a woman and your test ease of your a man, also play a vital role. Let's go through some of them and more detail. First. The hypothalamus, The hypothalamus sits in the lower central part of the brain and has roughly the size of an element. This section of the brain is essential and the regulation of satiety, body temperature and metabolism. It's located right below the thalamus, which is why it's called hypothalamus, meaning below or under. The main purpose of the hypothalamus is to either inhibit or stimulate the maturity gland, which directly releases important moments that we will talk about in a second. Since the hypothalamus controls the maturity gland, it's extremely important in terms of creating a healthy balance within your endocrine system and making sure hormones are secreted in the right amounts. Shoot your hypothalamus. Ever not work properly, you'll experience some hunger, insomnia, fatigue, weight fluctuations and dehydration. Next we have the maturity gland which, like I said before, is activated by the hypothalamus. The PPA charity Land uses the information it gets from the brain to tell other glands in your body what to do so it controls which hormones should be produced and how much of them . It's responsible for many different important holes, including growth hormone, which, as the name suggests, stimulates growth of bone and tissue. Prolactin, which helps breastfeeding moms make milk and lutin izing hormone, which manages estrogen, and women end to straw, strong and met. The third important section of the endocrine system are the adrenal glands. They're located atop your kidneys and are responsible for releasing hormones into your bloodstream in response to stress. In fact, they're best known for making the fight or flight four mon adrenaline together with the hypothalamus and the maturity gland, the adrenal lens pouring the HP A excess, which is a very important player in optimizing hormone levels and boosting testosterone off course. Besides thes three, there are also other important parts off the endocrine system. The firewood, for example, produces thyroid hormones which control your metabolism or the pancreas, which makes digestive enzymes that break down food, and it also makes the hormone insulin, which diabetics don't produce enough off. Lastly, the ovaries and women make estrogen and progesterone. These hormones are responsible for the development of breasts at puberty, and they also regulate the menstrual cycle and the pregnancy and men. The test is make testosterone, which helps them grow facial and body hair at puberty. It also tells the Penis to grow larger and plays a role and making sperm. 6. Cholesterol, Hormones And Heart Disease: cholesterol has a bad reputation because of its complicated and often misunderstood role and heart disease. But to fully understand cholesterol and its role in your health and hormones, you need to realize that it's also essential for our body. So what exactly is cholesterol? It's a waxy substance that our body uses as a building block for cell membranes. That means it's found in every cell in the body. Cholesterol is also used to make vitamin D from sunlight and to produce certain hormones such as testosterone and estrogen, where it gets tricky. And where many people get confused is the question of how cholesterol is made and what exactly the different types of cholesterol do. So to start off cholesterol can be found in our food, for example, in eggs, but most of it will be made in the liver and intestines. For example, if you consume 200 to 300 milligrams of cholesterol a day just as a side note, one egg yolk has about 200 milligrams. Your liver will then create an additional 800 milligrams per day from raw materials such a sugars, fats and proteins. That means only about 20% of cholesterol comes from the food you eat because we didn't know this until recently, many people believed that foods like eggs were inherently unhealthy because they would lead to too much cholesterol in the body. Today, we know that eggs and most other cholesterol containing foods are completely healthy and safe because if you consume more cholesterol through your diet, your body will down regulate its own production accordingly. The next thing people get confused about are the different types of cholesterol. You have probably heard that there's good and bad cholesterol, and you might even heard about HDL and LDL cholesterol. Unfortunately, the subject is much more complicated than this. Very broadly speaking. Cholesterol will often be categorized according to high density lipoprotein cholesterol, or HDL cholesterol and low density lipoprotein cholesterol, or LDL cholesterol. Lipoproteins are what cholesterol binds to to be carried in the blood to wherever it needs to go in the body. The easiest way I can explain it is that low density lipoproteins bring cholesterol from the liver to the tissue and high density lipoproteins take excessive cholesterol from the left back to deliver because too much cholesterol can build up plaque in the arteries and clark them over time. High LDL cholesterol levels are often seen as an early indicator of heart attacks. While this is a good starting point, you have to keep in mind that just like total cholesterol can be broken down into different categories. LDL cholesterol can also be broken down into sub categories. On the one hand, we can look at L DLP, which refers to the actual number of L E L particles, and on the other hand, we have LDL C, which refers to the amount of cholesterol those particles carry to predict heart disease. LDL P is more important than LDL C, which is why saying all LDL cholesterol is bad, or maybe even all cholesterol at all is bad is just scientifically wrong. To wrap up this video, just keep in mind that anyone who vilifies cholesterol without going into more detail probably doesn't know what they're talking about. Even though a very specific subset of cholesterol can be an indicator heart disease, it's also an essential part of our body and needed for a bunch of mechanisms to ensure or rural health 7. Anabolic Steroids - Why You Should Avoid Them: in this video. I want to talk about Animal Xterra. It's even though I don't advise you to take them. They're very common in the fitness community, which is why I believe it's important you understand them. Just to be clear. I never took animal experience before, which is why I cannot give you a first hand experience or review. They carry great risks in our band and basically all countries for recreational use. But because they're so common in the fitness world, I want you to understand what people mean when they talk about them. So to start of what, exactly are anabolic steroids? Anabolic steroids are synthetic versions off testosterone. They can affect parts of the body like the muscles, bones, liver, kidneys and the reproductive system. During puberty, normal testosterone production leads to the development of male characteristics like facial hair, body hair, increased Hyatt and awesome or muscle mass. In the fitness world, they're mostly used to supplement the body's own production and pushed testosterone levels beyond normal levels to enable faster muscle growth. Along with that usually comes faster fat loss and also more overall strength. More testosterone can also contribute to more competitiveness, self esteem and aggressiveness. Now, steroids are usually used by either cycling, stacking or permitting them or combining these strategies. Cycling refers to being on the drug for cycles of 6 to 12 weeks, followed by several weeks or months off. Staking means combining different types of steroids or using other drugs to maximize their effectiveness. And pyramid ing just refers to gradually increasing the dose to a peak and then reducing the amount again off course there many different types of anabolic stories. And while some have only medical uses and or legal in hospitals or after a doctor prescribes them, others have no therapeutic use, and athletes use them to enhance performance. They can be taken in various forms, like orally as pallets implemented under its skin by injection or it through the skin as a cream. Because oral steroids can harm your stomach and G, I trick, many professional body builders and athletes will inject them straight into the bloodstream instead. The problem is that because stewards are not legal for athletic purposes, there is no legal control over the quality or use of the drug. This carries the risk of many side effects, including acne, hair loss, little sperm count and infertility. You also subject yourself to high risk of cancer and heart disease. Now you might ask yourself why anyone would still use Stewart's despite all these risks. First of all, let me tell you that they're very common not only among top athletes but also among your average gym goers. While top athletes usually take them because of performance pressure or $1,000,000 contracts, Jim Gore's generally overestimate their effect and underestimate their risk. Like I said before, there is no legal control over the quality off steroids, which means you would have to get them from the black market. This, in turn, means they don't just carry the risk of the substance itself, but also any substances that could be mixed into the story to lower the cost for increased margins. For the seller, the story of market is a really shady business and just another reason why I should stay away from them all together. 8. Overview: Most Important Hormones: hormones coordinate the activities in our body there, secreted by the endocrine glands and different horribles, have different effects on the body. Because we already talked about the different types of hormones and the endocrine system, let's now look at the most important hormones in more detail. Some of them were quickly to start or stop a process, and some will continually work over a long period of time to perform their functions. They help bottom growth, development, metabolism, sexual function, reproduction and more. And the next few listens. We will talk about the following insulin glue, Goan estrogen cortisol, adrenaline growth for one relative lepton fire homes and, of course, testosterone. Let's get started. 9. Glucagon: now that we talked about insulin. We also need to talk about Glueck ago. Why? Because Luca Gohn has the exact opposite effect. Insulin in the body. That's why the two hormones need to work in partnership with each other to keep blood glucose levels balance and our body healthy. So what exactly is Google? Google Bone is a hormone that, just like insulin, is produced in the pancreas. Its primary role is to allow the body to regulate the use of glucose and fats. It will be released in response to low blood glucose levels and when the body needs additional glucose. For example, during exercise when Luke Ago news release it will perform these main tasks stimulate deliver to break down glycogen to be released into the blood as glucose. Activate Leuco. New Genesis. The conversion of non carbohydrates into glucose. This happens when not enough glucose is available and the body needs to get it from some other food source. Usually this will be amino acid, so the protein eight Google also helps break down stored fat. So try obliterates into fatty assets for the use as fuel by cells. Now, how does look going? Affect blood glucose levels, it helps to keep blood glucose levels high enough for the body to function well. When blood glucose levels are low, Googling will be released to signal deliver that it needs to release more. Now the hormone secretion also depends in response to what we eat. Carbs lead to a decrease in glucose levels to prevent blood sugar levels from rising too high in response to a high protein meal. On the other hand, glucose levels in the blood can rise. That's because protein can stimulate insulin release just like carbohydrates. But protein doesn't supply rapid glucose like carbs do so. If this process went unchecked, eating a high protein meal could cause hyperglycemia where the blood sugar drops too little . That's because the insulin release would suppress blood glucose too much. Therefore, the Luca gone release counterbalances insulin, preventing hyperglycemia when we eat a high protein meal 10. Adrenaline: When you are in a stressful situation, your heart begins to raise your hands begin to sweat, and your body will trigger what is commonly known as the fight or flight response. This response is mainly the result of the hormone adrenaline. Adrenaline, which is also called epinephrine, is an amino acid derived hormone released in response to a stressful, exciting, dangerous or threatening situation. It will mean to be secreted in your adrenal glands, along with some neurons. Now what exactly happens in the body when a lot of adrenaline is released, It all begins in the brain. When you perceive a dangerous or stressful situation, that information is sent to the part of the brain called the amygdala, an area involved in emotional processing. If the amygdala proceeds, this information is danger. It sends a signal to the hypothalamus, which triggers a signal that will ultimately reach the adrenaline glance. They will respond by releasing adrenaline into the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, adrenaline will do a couple of things that are very important for the fight or flight response to work effectively, it binds to receptors on liver cells to release glucose. This gives your muscles that quick energy boost. It binds to receptors on muscle cells in the lungs, leading to you breathing faster. It also stimulates heart cells to beat faster and leads through the blood vessels, contracting and directing blood towards major muscle groups. All this is done to send your body into high alert mode and be able to react quickly toe any changes in your environment. Obviously, this is a good and necessary body function and extremely important for survival. The problem is that in our modern environments, we're often subjected toe ongoing stress without any real danger. Think about things like work related stress deadlines for family problems. All these things probably won't kill you in the short term, but can stimulate your body to constantly release adrenaline and other stress related hormones like cortisol. This is especially true at night when you're trying to sleep in a dark, inquired room. Some people cannot stop worrying about their ongoing problems. Your brain will interpret this as stress. Even the real danger isn't actually present, so this extra boost of energy you get from the adrenaline rush has no use. This might leave you feeling restless and will make it very difficult to fall asleep. There are also medical conditions that cause your body to constantly overproduce and adrenaline. This is very rare and usually related to two more on the adrenal glance. The bottom line is that if you suffer from chronic stress for anxiety and it's keeping you from sleeping at night and resting during the day, speak to your doctor or psychologist about this by yourself. You can do little to affect your bodies and adrenaline the response, which is why you need to speak to a professional. 11. Cortisol: cortisol is an important hormone that regulates many vital processes throughout the body, including metabolism and the immune response. It also has a very important role in helping the body respond to stress, which is why many people call it the stress hormone. Many of them will also advise you to keep your cortisol low. But why exactly is this? And how can you keep it low if you don't even understand in the first place? So let's clear things up and help you understand the hormone better. First, what exactly is cortisol? Cortisol is a class of steroid hormone released from the adrenal cortex. It's release is regulated by the hypothalamus, similar to testosterone. And even though cortisol gets a bad rep in the fitness community, it's actually very important. Almost every cell in the body contains receptors for cool result, which means it can have different actions depending on which sort of sell it is acting upon . These effects include regulating the body's blood sugar levels, metabolism, acting as an anti inflammatory, controlling water and salt balances and influencing blood pressure. One major role of cortisol is in a process called black orginal icis, or the breaking down of muscle glycogen in the liver and muscle tissue. This is basically the bodies mechanism to quickly release energy and allocated to the most important body functions related to survival. So, as you can see, the problem isn't with cortisol per se, but with chronically elevated levels of it. Since cortisol release is directly related to chronically elevated stress levels, you really need to watch your stress in your day to day life. We know that every time you experience stress for a prolonged time, the same biological reactions will take place in your body. There are three stages to it, and here's how this happens. Stage one is the alarm stage. This is what many people know is the fight or flight response. Your nervous system will release adrenaline, which raises your heart rate and blood flow to your muscles and brain. This, along with the spike in blood sugar levels and your pupils dilating, will give you a quick energy burst and is the best possible condition to take action. If the cause of the stress is removed, your body would return to its normal state and everything would be fine. But when the cause of the stress isn't removed, you will move on to the second stage, which is called adaption. Here. Your body reacts by adapting to the constant high stress level. Less adrenaline will be released at a slower rate and the effects of stage one lesson. However, your body will have to produce cortisol for this resistance reaction. Short increases in cortisol aren't a problem, and if this dresser resolves stage tool will be short and your nervous system will go back to normal. But things become problematic when you experience stress constantly and on a high level. If your body stays and stage true for too long, without periods of rest, you will get tired, irritable and your concentration suffers. Finally, you reach Stage three the exhaustion stage. At this point, your body has run out of its reserves of energy as your adrenal glands will no longer be able to produce adrenaline. Blood sugar levels decrease, which leads to even less stress tolerance as you are now under chronic stress, you are more prone to sickness, both mental and physical. Of course, aging will also take place at a faster rate, and your overall health suffers tremendously. Do not let this happen you have to manage stress actively. We will talk about how to do this and later parts of the course. But for now, just keep in mind that too much stress and chronically elevated cortisol levels will definitely hurt your health and therefore need to be avoided. That's that cortisol by itself is essential for survival. 12. Ghrelin: grilling is often called the hunger hormone because it's mainly responsible for telling your brain to seek out more food, and it increases appetite. Grilling is produced in your gut and secreted. When your stomach is empty, it enters the blood stream and travels to the brain. Ghrelin levels usually rise before a meal and decrease shortly after when your stomach is full. It was long thought that obese people have higher general ground levels, but recent research suggests that their levels might be the same, but they're just more sensitive to its effects. Obviously, the higher ground levels, the hungrier you get, the lorry levels, more fool you feel and the easier it is to stop eating. Even though grilling is often vilified, it plays an important role in survival by helping people maintain a healthy level of body fat and signaling the importance of food into as fitness conscious folks. We need to understand how Grenell levels change during a diet. Basically, within a day of starting have died, your levels will start to increase. This change can continue for several weeks. For example, in 16 month bodybuilding study where the goal was to attain extremely low body fat levels through severe dietary restrictions. Gremlin increased by 40%. This suggests that the longer you died and the more body fat and muscle use, the higher levels will rise. Your body naturally fights this weight loss and makes you hungrier to force you to regain this lost body mass. That said, there are a few things we can do to get ground under control during a diet. First, avoid weight extremes. Both obesity and anorexia changed grown levels and lead to unhealthy spikes. Next, prioritize sleep. Let's sleep, increases your levels and has been linked to increased hunger and weight gain. Also try to increase muscle mess higher amounts off fed free mess so muscles are correlated with lower levels of grilling. So is the high protein diet, which increases fullness and reduces 100. And lastly, avoid large calorie deficits. Anything lower than 25% below your maintenance level should be avoided unless you were really overweight. That way, your body still has enough energy to function properly, and you can maintain a diet for longer than a few days 13. Leptin: Whereas grilling is the hunger hormone, lepton is often called to say tidy hormone. Its primary purpose is to tell your brain that you have enough fat stored and don't need to eat anymore. That way you can maintain a healthy weight and burn calories at a normal rate. Basically, lepton works by long term regulation of energy intake. Together with grill in. This keeps humans from starving or overeating, both of which would have made you less likely to survive in a natural environment. Leptin is produced by your body's fat cells and follows what's called a negative feedback loop. The more body fat you carry, the more leptin you produce. The hormone is then carried by the bloodstream into your brain, where it signals the hypothalamus that you have plenty of energy stored. Conversely, low levels of leptin would tell your brain that fed stores are low and that any treat more as you can probably guess. Leptin secretion doesn't always work correctly. People who are obese have a lot of body fat in their fat cells. Because fat cells produce leptin in proportion to their size, they also very high leptin levels, which should signal to the brain that they don't need to take in as much food. However, some studies suggest that there leptin signalling may not work properly. This is known as a leptin resistance, and we still need more research into it. But it could be one biological contributor to obesity. Simply put, when the brain doesn't receive the leptin signal, it thinks that the body is starving even though you have plenty of fat and energy reserves the brain and then tells the body to game or body fed through a higher and higher food intake, while also reducing energy expenditure through less exercise off course, Baby City is always a multi causal event, meaning there's always more than one underlying cause. But electron resistance could explain why some people have a harder time sticking to diets than others. Like I said before, the research on this is still very limited, and we need to wait before giving clear advice about what to do. In such a case, some researchers believe that improving diet induced inflammation may help reverse leptin resistance. Focusing on an overall healthy last out is also likely to be an effective strategy. You're a few things you can do first of all, avoid processed fruit. Eat more fiber, so around 20 to 30 grams per day. Exercise more. Sleep 7 to 9 hours per night and eat enough protein year. 0.4 to 0.5 grams per pound of body weight for the average person is a good starting value. If you're looking to build muscle and do strength training, double that value to 0.8 toe one gram per pound of body weight. 14. Thyroid Hormones: thyroid hormones are, as the name suggests, produced in a thyroid. Your thyroid gland is a small land sitting in the front of the neck. It is made up of two hats, also called loops, that situated along the windpipe. The function of the thyroid gland is to use Mayadeen, which is found in certain foods and converted into thyroid hormones. The most important ones are trying with ironing. Also called T three and thigh rock scene, also called T four T three and T four are then released into the bloodstream and are transported throughout the body, where they control metabolism. Our metabolism is responsible for the conversion off oxygen and calories to energy. It basically keeps the machine running. That's why every cell in the body depends on thyroid hormones. For the regulation of metabolism, the way I can best explain it is that thyroid hormones are like heat. When the heat gets to the thermostat, it's which is the thermostat off as the room cools, meaning thyroid hormone levels decrease, the thermostat turns back on, and the furnace produces more meaning. The thyroid produce more thyroid hormones again. Now, as with every part of the body, the thyroid can malfunction. For example, T three and t four Impact your heart rate and how quickly your G I tract processes food. If thyroid hormone levels are low, your heart right, maybe slower than normal, and you may have constipation or weight gain. If they're too high, you may have a faster than normal heart rate and experience a normal weight loss. Here's some other symptoms of too much T three and T four in your body, which is called hyperthyroidism, anxiety, irritability, nervousness, sweating, shaking, hair loss and Mr Light menstruation periods. And here, Symptoms of too little T three and T four in your body, also called hypothyroidism. Trouble sleeping. Tiredness and fatigue. Difficulty concentrating depression, dry skin and hair, sensitivity to cold temperature, frequent and heavy periods and joint or muscle pain. 15. Estrogen: estrogen is actually a group of hormones that are important for sexual and reproductive development, mainly in women. That's why they're also called female sex formals. The term estrogen refers to all the chemically similar hormones in this group, which are s drone estradiol and S trail. Estrogen is produced mainly in the women's ovaries, and its most important function is to develop the female sex characteristics such as breasts, wider hips and pubic hair. It also helps regulate the menstrual cycle and controls the growth of the uterus lining during the first part of the cycle. If the female egg is not fertilized, estrogen levels decrease quite a bit, and menstruation begins. If the egg is fertilized, Estrin worse with progesterone, another home loan to stop populating during pregnancy. In regards to overall health, estrogen is extremely important and bo information, and for this, it works together with vitamin D and calcium. When estrogen levels start to decline in middle age, the process of rebuilding bones slows down. That's why postmenopausal women are four times more likely to suffer from osteoporosis than men who don't rely as much on estrogen for their ball information. But keep in mind that men produce estrogen as well, just at lower levels than women. Estrogen and the male body is secreted by the adrenal glands and by the test ease. Because fat tissue can also lead to the creation of excess estrogen. Overweight men are more commonly affected by low sperm count and too high estrogen levels. One last thing I should mention is estrogen levels and female athletes. Women with very low body fat levels often do not produce sufficient amounts of sex formals . Since most athletes, gymnasts and models have a low body fat percentages, this is a common problem for them. In some cases, it can even prevent them from having administrations. They may also develop osteoporosis and fractures, as well as other conditions more common in older women after menopause. Just so you know, most blood tests for estrogen measure the amount of extra dial or to the form of estrogen made mainly by the ovaries. Their results are given in picograms per milliliters, when picograms is equal to one trillionth of a gram. So very little normal levels for extra dial are 32 foreign picograms per mil leader for pre menopausal women 0 to 30 picograms permit leader of postmenopausal women and 10 to 50 picograms per mil leader for men 16. Growth Hormone: growth hormone promotes growth and Children. And once the growth plates in the bones had fused, which happens at around 25 years old, growth hormone does not increase height, but instead helps maintain normal body structure and metabolism similar to testosterone. The release of growth hormone, also called GH, is triggered in the hypothalamus. And then this NC created and the maturity land growth hormone levels generally increased during sleep and obviously around the time of puberty. Now, in theory, you can have too much growth hormone, But this generally happens on Lee due to true Moore's or some other underlying disease. What is more common is a lack of girl formal in Children at results and poor growth and an adult. It causes a reduced sense of well being increased fat, increased risk of heart disease and a weak heart. The main treatment is to replace growth hormone by using injections either once a day or several times a week. This, of course, is something your doctor has to diagnose. So for the purpose of this program, just know that GH is an important hormone, and having a healthy balance of it in your blood is also import since healthy testosterone levels are closely linked to GH levels, the advice in this program will also help you reach ideal GH levels. 17. Testosterone: now that we talked about the interview system and the different types of formals, let's talk about the one hormone. Many of us are most interested in testosterone because testosterone is so often talked about, but also so commonly misunderstood and dedicated. The complete second part of this course Truitt. You will learn what testosterone is, how it effects the Bonnie and, most importantly, how you can achieve healthy testosterone levels. As you will see, much of the content will also help you improve your overall health and fitness. The reason for this is that healthy testosterone levels are the direct result of a healthy by the three areas that we can directly influence about our health, our diet, exercise regimen and rest. I will talk about all of them in more detail now, and also show you what supplements you can take on what lifestyle changes you could make to boost your testosterone and balance your rules. Naturally, let's get started 18. Testosterone Explained: testosterone is a meal sex room that is important for sexual and reproductive developed. Many experts consider two stops room to be the most important man. Keep in mind that women also produce testosterone in their ovaries, just at lower levels. To start showing belongs to a class of male hormones called androgens and then men. It's produced mostly in the test. Ease with a small amount made in the adrenal lets the brain's hypothalamus and maturity land work together and controlled stars from production. The way this works is that the hypothalamus first tells the maturity land how much testosterone should be produced and the majority land then passes this message onto the test ease. The's communications happen through neural hormones and chemicals in the blood stream. The reason testosterone is so important is because it has an effect on our development throughout our entire lives. Even before birth triggers the growth, male sex organs in the fetus during puberty is then responsible for development. Secondary sex characters such as body, hair and voice deepened. The hormone also plays an important role in vitality, sex drive, muscle mass and Orel fat distribution, which is why it stops from strongly correlates with overall health will be 1 2008 study, even linked to testosterone, to the prevention of osteoporosis and men. I will go over the importance off dissed Osman for women in a different. For now, let's focus on what happens when men suffer from low testosterone. When a man has low testosterone, you will experience symptoms like produced sex drive, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count were even enlarged or swollen breast tissue. If left untreated. Over time, the sentiments could worsen and lead to a loss of body hair, loss of muscle mass, loss of strength, increased body fat and even infertility. This, of course, doesn't just happen out of an over. Usually there's an underlying cost, which can include things like testicular injury and infection, certain medications or on disorders and chronic diseases. Now it's something you don't have one of these diseases and didn't suffer from an infection . There is still something else you need Nowadays. Many men suffer from chronic fatigue, mood swings and overall lack of motivation. This is often due to low levels, off to stop strong that still aren't low enough that they would be considered at all. This is what we can fix with strategies outlined in this course. They include things like the right diet, a proper workout regiment and getting enough rest and sleep. In this case, you don't need medication or even steroids, and its second, naturally. And with fuel lifestyle adjustments, get your testosterone level spectrum normal or even above average. I've seen many men were just the discussion boosting effects of a good strength training program were life changing and resulted in an overall boost of motivation. Sex right hormones really are powerful drivers in our body, which is why it's so important to do everything we can to keep them in balance and stay healthy. 19. Why testosterone is also important for women: so far, I mostly talked about the importance of testosterone for men. We associate testosterone with men Leanness, and many people don't even know that women also produce and need testosterone for overall health. So in this video, let's talk about this topic and more detail. First of all, you should know that women produce both testosterone and estrogen in their ovaries. Normal that testosterone levels for women range from around 10 to 50 nanograms per decile eater before the age of 50 and afterwards they usually drop to wrong 5 to 40 nanograms per deciliter. The problem is that there are no conclusive guidelines for what should be considered low testosterone levels in women. That's why diagnosis is usually done based on symptoms rather than tests. Here's some symptoms that could be related to load two stars from levels and women. Sluggishness, muscle weakness, fatigue, weight gain, abnormal sleep, reduced sex drive, fertility issues, regular menstrual cycles, vaginal dryness and loss of bone density. Of course, keep in mind that all these symptoms can also be signs of other issues like depression, chronic stress, thyroid disease or a transition to menopause, because to high levels of testosterone can also have negative effects on the women's health . What you want to achieve is a healthy balance. The best and most proven steps to do this naturally include a regular training program, a healthy diet and enough rest to reduce stress. We will talk about all of them in this program so you have all bases covered. Make sure to also talk to your doctor about this and get your home loan levels checked regularly. 20. How to check if you suffer from low testosterone levels: before you start this program and makes sense to see way that with your testosterone levels . So in this video, I want to show you how to check for low testosterone. The easiest way would obviously be a blood test, and I recommend it to anyone interested in fitness. I usually not only get my testosterone, but also my vitamin and nutrient levels checked. For example, in North America and Europe, vitamin D of the average person is way below what it should be. So ask your doctor to also check the things that makes sense according to your age and health history. Some common health indicators are blood sugar. Try obliterates so fed on your blood cholesterol and certain vitamins. Depending on your clinic, this test might cost you 50 to $200 but it's well worth the money, and you only need to do it once or twice a year. If you suffer from the symptoms, I will talk about in a minute. Sometimes your insurance will also cover the complete costs. So talk to your doctor about this and asked him about the price before. Okay, so when you get the blood tests, you need to know a few things. First, testosterone travels through your blood in two ways attached to certain proteins than it's called bound testosterone or not attached to any proteins. Then it's called free testosterone. Usually you will get a total testosterone test. This measures both free and attached testosterone. The test is normally done in the morning. When your testosterone levels are highest, your doctor will take a sample of blood from a vein in your arm or finger, and make sure to tell him if you take any drugs. Since certain medications can affect these results when you get the results, your doctor will let you know if you have a normal high or low testosterone. A normal testosterone level for you will depend on your gender and age. Here's some general arranges for men ages 19 to 49 to 1 50 to 750 nanograms per deciliter, and after the age of 50 the normal levels are lower and can fall under 215 milligrams per deciliter. Normal ranges. Fertile women before the age of 50 10 to 15 hours for Disa leader and after the age of 55 to 40 nanograms participated. Now, if you fall below the strange. You will often be diagnosed with low testosterone, but to be honest, you will suffer from negative symptoms even before that. So make sure to ask for the specific results off the test and not just an okay or not Okay . From your doctor Main Times, they will just look at whether you fall into the normal range and not where within that range. The problem with this method is that, as you can see, the range is pretty big and also covers many different ages. In 19 year old man with a testosterone level of 250 might still fall into the normal range but should definitely be considered low testosterone. Simply because of that age. His level should naturally spike. Now what should you do if you don't have access to a blood test? To be honest, I'm not a big fan off self diagnosing. But if you suffer from the following symptoms, it might be an indicator that you have low testosterone, fatigue, depression, trouble concentrating, hair loss, loss of muscle mass, low sex drive, low sperm count, swollen breasts, trouble getting or keeping an erection, weak bones and in women this could be fertility problems again. Low sex drive, no menstrual periods, vaginal dryness and weakened bones. Now, because these symptoms can have many different causes, they don't automatically mean your testosterone levels are low. But the good thing is that the advice in this program will not only improve your testosterone, but also your overall health. And since we won't work with any dangerous medications, there really aren't any side effects. What this means is, even if you don't have access to a blood test and don't know your exact blood levels, you will definitely benefit from this program and can safely follow it. 21. Foods Introduction: to start off the content section of this program, we will begin with your diet. Since raising testosterone in your body is the direct result of making healthy changes to your overall life, your diet will be one of the most important areas under your control. Your diet effects almost every area of your personal health will be so it should not come as a surprise that it can also play a part in your T levels, even though many west sides and blocks will for around lists of stars from boosting foods or to social killing foods. The relationship between your diet and healthy formal levels is a bit more complicated and the nice feel lessons. We will look at different aspects of your diet and how, exactly they affect testosterone, things like calories, macronutrients and mealtime. No, all of them are equally important for it to stop from production. So you want to focus on those areas of your diet that are most likely to get your results quick. Let's get started with the relationship between calories and to stop 22. Calories & Testosterone: calories are the cornerstone of any healthy diet. No matter what some self proclaimed diagrams might tell you, calories definitely matter. That's why, in this video, I want to talk about the relationship between them and testosterone production. What you need to understand is that calories. Influence your testosterone in two ways when you need to many of them. And when you eat too few, let's talk about case number one. Eating too many calories. As you probably know, when you eat more calories than you burn, you will gain weight. Unless you follow a strength training program. These additional calories will be stored in the body as body fit. Too much body fat obviously leads to you being overweight. This access body fed causes two stars from levels to fall for several reasons. Firstly, testosterone is converted to the female hormone estrogen and fat tissue, and when there is too much fat, this high rate of conversion increases. Next, obesity can have a negative effect on testicular function. That means your testicles simply produce less distortion. And lastly, testosterone is a fat soluble hormone and can be stored in fat tissue. So in an overweight man, there may be true little testosterone in the blood because I hired the normal percentage is being stored body fat. It's not entirely known if the testosterone effect can be mobilized when it's needed or if it is effectively prevented from being used altogether. But the bottom line is that overweight and obesity directly decrease your testosterone levels. For men, a body fat percentage of 10 to 17% is probably idea. Go a lot above that. So anything over 20% and you run the risk of getting the negative side effects we just talked about. For women, the ideal fat percentage is higher at around 15 2.5%. Okay, now that we talked about what happens when you eat too many calories and gain too much weight, let's talk about not eating enough. A too low body fat percentage can also hurt you, as the body needs some for basic physical and physiological health. Anything below 6% in men is going to hurt your health. But to be honest, many guys I know already run into problems when they reach single digit body fed levels. But not only that, even if you are still in the healthy body fat percentage range. A too drastic short term diet can also hurt your testosterone levels. Several studies indicate that reducing calories by too much can negatively affect testosterone levels. Idiot. Our examined the effect of a very low calorie diet on testosterone levels and women. After two weeks, there was a 40% decrease in free testosterone levels, Straw said. Our measure, testosterone levels and wrestlers during the competitive season and two months after the season. Large reductions and body fat induced by calorie restriction and exercise during the season resulted in the largest decreases in testosterone. The wrestlers with an extremely low body fat percentage demonstrated abnormally low testosterone levels, but they did return to normal after the season. Other studies have also shown the same and soldiers that were put on low, moderate and high calorie diets. These diets were consumed during five days of intensive exercise and sleep deprivation. After five days, testosterone had decreased by 50% on the low calorie diet and only about 20% on the moderate and high calorie diets. Now, even though the exhaustive exercise also played a role in the decrease of testosterone at too low calorie intake will boost these negative effects even further Now, what does that mean for you as the average person? Basically, you want to do two things. First, get your body fat level within the ideal rich. You should do this with the right diet and a smart exercise program. We will cover both in this course next. If you're overweight, don't decrease your calories by too much calorie deficit off. More than 20 to 25% below your maintenance level will hurt your testosterone production, and we'll have your feeling weak and fatigued. Like I said before, we will discuss how to set up diets and exercise programs in different lessons in more detail. 23. Carbohydrates & Testosterone: Now that we have seen how calories affect testosterone production, let's have a look at macronutrients, which are the second important factor off your diet. The three main macronutrients are protein, fat and carbohydrates. We will go through their relationship with testosterone one by one, starting with carps in this video. So what do we know about the relationship between testosterone production and carbohydrates ? 1 2010 study by the University of North Carolina found that a low carb died together with daily exercise, increased resting cortisol levels and decreased free testosterone levels. Something similar was observed in a different study 20 years earlier. Basically, what researchers found was that cortisol and testosterone haven't inwards relationship. More cortisol. Your body releases the laurier testosterone. Remember that short term cortisol spikes aren't a problem, but a long term elevation. Definitely ISS. Now, how do carbs fit into all of this? As you probably know, carpets raise insulin, which is needed to shuttle the energy off the carbohydrates to the cells. That's important because insulin Lois cortisol levels. That means high insulin levels prevent cortisol from affecting your testosterone production . And ah, high carb diet is how you get more insulin, insulin also decreases the rate at which muscle proteins are broken down, which leads to a more anabolic environment for more muscle growth. What does all that mean for your ideal carp intake? Basically, that when you exercise for lift weights, most people shouldn't do low carp. I say most people, because there are a few that do well on low carb or even ketogenic diets. But that's a topic for different video. For now. Just keep in mind that the average athlete benefits from the advantages of carbs, like more energy doing workouts, better recovery and less hunger. Of course, we're talking about quality carbs here, like whole grains, legumes or vegetables. Not refined carbs like junk food or candy, though, should always be limited again. These recommendations go for the average athlete if you don't exercise regularly, and your goal is to increase your testosterone levels on a high fat, low carb diet is probably better for you because you don't need any energy for workouts, 24. Fat & Testosterone: dietary fats play a vital role in hormone production. And if your fat intake is too low, you can run into some serious problems. That's why most people should not get less than 20% of their daily calories from fat. If you want to test things out, you can go a little higher until 30% to see if you notice any difference. Of course, that that should still come from a good mix of saturated monounsaturated and Polian saturated fats. Let's go through each and more detail. Polian saturated fats are found mostly in plant based oils and foods. Another option would be fatty fish, such as salmon, which is high in omega three fatty assets. One of the most potent forms of this fact eating Polian saturated fats can improve blood cholesterol levels and could lower your risk of Type two diabetes. We also fight inflammation in the body, But keep in mind that some information is also good because of triggers. The repair process for surrounding tissue. Mona and saturated fats also help maximize two stars from productions. You further improve blood cholesterol levels and also lower your risk of heart disease. Some of the best moments. Saturated fats include most nuts, olive oil or avocados. Lastly, we have saturated fats. Saturated fats have gotten a bad reputation in the last years because many people still believe they cause heart problems. They don't in fact cholesterol, which is often found in foods high in saturated fats like eggs, for example, is the foundation of testosterone. I personally make sure toe always get some quality saturated fat from butter or organic eggs, especially when I'm dieting. This just make sure I don't lose my sex drive and ensure healthy hormone levels even when I'm in a calorie deficit. In generally a ratio of Polian saturated fats to Mona and saturated fats, saturated fats should be roughly one toe oneto one. So each making up around 1/3 of your total fat intake has always tried to stick to quality whole foods instead of junk food or fast food. 25. Protein & Testosterone: the relationship between protein and testosterone is pretty simple because there really isn't one. At least that's what scientists from the College of New Jersey found in 2006 when they split experience weightlifters into three groups. One group consumed 1 to 1.4 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, another 1.6 to 1.8 grams per kilogram and the third true grams per kilogram of body weight . After 12 weeks of training on these diets, there were no significant differences in athletes testosterone levels. That said, there's still many reasons why you want to follow a high protein diet. Most are related to muscle growth, which definitely has an impact on your testosterone levels. In a later lesson, I will talk more about the idea protein intake. For now. Just keep in mind that you need enough to ensure ideal muscle growth. 26. Meal Timing & Testosterone: meal timing refers to when exactly, you eat your meals and often also relates to how many total meals per day. In general, meal timing isn't as important as many diapers. Make it out to be as long as your total daily calories, micronutrients and foods are the same. It doesn't really matter when you eat your food. That's what a 2015 meta study from the University of Sydney concluded. That said, one specific dieting strategy that focuses a lot on meal timing is gaining popularity in the dieting sphere. Also, because it's supposed to boost testosterone levels very quick. It's called intermittent Fasting during intermittent fasting. Usually eat 4 to 8 hours, depending on your protocol and fast for the rest of the day. One study found that such a short fast was enough to increased serum lutein izing hormone levels by 67% and Nana B. Southee Man Lutin izing hormone stimulates testosterone production, which means testosterone was raised well. Unfortunately, the effects weren't the same. No basement. Another problem seems to be that longer fast of more than a couple of hours don't seem to boost testosterone. For example, a different study found that on the third day of fasting morning, testosterone levels started to gradually decrease. This is in line with research looking into the effects of long term fast beyond three days Here, participants. Testosterone levels always decreased a couple of days into the trials. Once they ate again, the testosterone levels went back up again. Soto answer the question of whether intermittent fasting raises testosterone levels or not . This really depends on how long you fast. Sure fast of a couple of hours could boost testosterone, but longer ones will definitely hurt your levels. With this in mind, you're probably ready to give intermittent fasting. Try now, but before you jump on this diet trend, please keep the meta study from the University of Sydney in mind that I mentioned in the beginning. They found that in the long term, so over a couple of weeks and months, intermittent fasting wasn't better than regular dieting if you ate the same amount of calories and nutrients. There's also 1 2016 study on intermittent fasting from the Texas Tech University that actually found intermittent fasting to decrease testosterone levels. So it really seems that the evidence is very mixed and we still need more research on this , not wrap up this video. My advice to you is that your primary focus should always be to improve your health through balanced diet. And for that you should go with whatever mealtime in pattern best suits your lifestyle. If it's intermittent fasting, perfect. But if it's regular dieting, that's okay, too. Once you get these fundamentals right and make sure you're losing pet, gaining muscle and getting enough sleep, your testosterone levels will always prize naturally. 27. Setting Up Your Meal Plan Overview: Now that we went over the different aspects of your diet and the relationship with testosterone, I want to show you how to set up your own diet as a beginner. This is actually pretty simple because two entries your testosterone through your diet. We really only need to focus on two things. Figuring out what for fat loss and what to eat. For muscle. Creating such a diet isn't complicated at all and will not only improve your formals but also allow you to gain strength in the gym and get lean. Are fine. Both things are great for overall health and testosterone production. So in the next few lessons, you will learn that the individual steps setting up such a diet and falling through with it . As before, make sure to focus on the big factors of your diet, like calories and macronutrients before worrying about smaller things like meal timing or supplements. 28. How to determine your calorie maintenance level (TDEE): remember how your calorie balance is the number one determinant of your diet success, and that there are three different states of calorie balances negative, positive and neutral. Of course, to reach any of the three states, you will have to know how many calories your body expands every day. There are several different equations and strategies you can use to calculate this value. Some of them are more or less accurate and more or less difficult than others. I will now show you the easiest and most straightforward way, which is to calculate your TV. You're TD describes your total daily energy expenditure, which is the number of calories that your body burns in one day. It is calculated by estimating how many calories you're burning while resting, called the basal metabolic rate, or BMR, and adding a certain number of calories on top, depending on how often you exercise. If you were to consume roughly the same amount of calories as your TV, you would be in a neutral calorie balance. If you consume more calories than your TV would be in a positive calorie balance, And if you consume fewer calories than your TV, you would be in a negative calorie balance. The simplest method of calculating your TV is by using an online calculator such as the one I linked in the bonus lecture. It will ask you for your age, weight, height and weekly exercise, while the result will not be 100% accurate. Since we all have different metabolisms and be a Mars, it will give you a good idea of how many calories you need to consume in order to maintain your current weight. If this is not exact enough for you or you feel the value got from the online calculator is a little off. You want to do the following. Use the estimated TD value and consume around this number of calories every day. Next, weigh yourself twice a week and monitor changes in your weight if you're losing weight, the estimated TD value was too low and you should increase it by around 100 calories. If you're gaining with the estimated TD value was too high and you should decrease it by 100 calories. Continue the strategy until you wait stagnates, which is the point where you found your true TD to make things easier for you. Let's take the example of a man weighs £180 is six foot or 180 centimeters tall and 25 years old. If we assume that he trains 3 to 4 times a week at high intensity, his TD will lie anywhere between 504,700 calories per day. You would then start with one of the two values and died accordingly for about 10 days to two weeks. If, after this period you see you're gaining weight, you will have to decrease your initial calorie value. And if you're losing weight, increase it now. Keep in mind that this value will be a lot lower if you don't or only rarely exercise. A £180.6 foot man that doesn't exercise has a TD of around 2000 to 2200 calories. This is almost 500 calories less per day. Getting such a difference, right? Can make or break your diet as you will see in the next list. 29. Ideal Protein Intake: the first and most important macro new teen is protein and wheelbase are amounts off the optimal intake requirements mentioned in the lesson on protein intake. This is pretty straightforward since optimal protein intake is around 0.821 gram per pound of body weight per day. So £180 male, for example, which was an average intake off somewhere between 145 grams to 180 grams of protein per day . If you hit this range every day, you'll be fine. But if you want to be even more specific there two factors that determine where exactly you are on this range. Those are body fat percentage and activity level. Simply put, the leaner you are meaning the more muscle instead of fat you have, the more proving your body requires. The same goes for people that are more active, either through their training during their hobbies or while they're working. If you're leaner than 10% body fat for meals and 20% for females and you're very active and train with high intensity, then you probably want to shoot for one gram of protein per pound of body weight. However, most beginners will get enough with 0.8 grams of protein per pound of body weight per day. Let's assume for a sample die plan that your £180 male beginner that means your daily recommended protein intake will be roughly 100 45 grams of protein, No one to carbs. 30. Ideal Carb Intake: in the less than optimal carb intake. We learned that your daily carps depend on a number of factors, most importantly training intensity. I also provided you with the table that roughly outlines how many grams of carbs you need, depending on your intensity. To recap, light workouts will usually be around 30 minutes or less and a workout with less than 10 working sets. If you're lifting weights, moderate workouts or anything between 30 and 60 minutes and more than 10 working sets if you're lifting weight, hard workouts are anything more intense than a modern work out whether that means longer workouts or more working sets. I personally always go with the highest car value because I trained fairly intense and my body reacts very well to them. Remember that carbs are the best fuel for your body, and getting enough of them is very important unless you don't train at all and your body has problems digesting carbs. There's really no need to choose the very low value here. For that reason, I will go with the 1.5 grams per pound of body weight for a sample diet. In our case of the £180 man. This means 270 grams per day. Now, what about rest days? You might ask. I personally keep my diet pretty consistent even on rest days. Especially when I'm bulking when you're dieting. In theory, you could lower your carbs on rest days because you don't need the energy. If you do this, make sure to keep your carbon take higher on training days. Otherwise you will sacrifice strength. 31. Ideal Fat Intake: like I said in the lesson Fed and take your ideal intake should be roughly 15 to 20% of your daily calories, which is a good value to shoot for to ensure hormone production and general health. Assuming our 25 year old man has a TD off 2600 calories per day, that means if we take 15% you should consume at least 390 calories of mostly healthy fence , and for 20% that would be 520 calories. Now that might sound like a lot at first. But remember that one gram of fat has around nine calories, so there's only translates to around 45 to 60 grams or fed per day. For example, that means we now have a protein intake off 145 grams fat intake at 60 grams and carbon take at 270 grams. Let's see how we can bring everything together 32. What about the remaining calories: Let's see what we have So far. Our 25 year old, £180 man has a daily calorie balance of around 2600 calories to maintain his weight. Keep in mind that he trains intensively 3 to 4 times per week, so if you trained, more or less than this, value will differ off. Those 2600 calories, 145 grams will be from protein. And since one gram of protein has four calories, that translates to around 600 calories from protein Now comes fed 20% of 2600 is 520 calories, or roughly 60 grams of fat. As for carbs, we determined that he should consume 270 grams, which is around 1000 calories. Know that I rounded these numbers so you might get different values. When you subtract these numbers from 2600 you will notice that you still have around 500 calories left. Now how do you feel those remaining calories? Do you eat more protein fat or carbs? I talked about this before, but let's quickly recap everything. So you really understand it. What you have to keep in mind is that we calculated minimal needs to ensure muscle growth, and we're muscle maintenance. Drink fat loss. How you feel your remaining calories is up to you. I personally don't recommend protein, because once you go over one gram per day, you won't notice any extra muscle growth quality Meat export chicken can, however, be very expensive, so why waste the money? Instead, go for either additional carbs or fat, which one suits you better will depend mostly on your stomach. If you are a healthy adult, that leads an active lifestyle, and your body has no problems digesting carbs. And there's really no limit to your daily carbs as long as they come from quality sources such as brown rice, sweet potatoes or quinoa. The extra carpets will also give you additional energy, which is great for your workouts. If, however, your overweight and not very active for your body simply can't handle high amounts of carbs than fat, will be your better option here because it's one easily digested by our bodies. Make sure, though, that here, too, you get your extra fat from quality sources such as olive oil, avocado and nuts, and not bad and saturated fats like fast food or too much meat 33. Determining Meal Structure: now that we have determined how many calories, proteins, carbs and feds you should eat every day, we have to come up with a meal structure. Neil Structure refers to how your diet is set up, taking into consideration before following variables, number of meals, protein intake around activity, carbon, take around activity and fed and take around activity with meal number. Anything between three and eight meals per day is both effective and realistic. Like I said, then, the less Nomura frequency. You can get away with only two meals, but it makes things more complicated than they need to be. For this lesson, I'm going to assume that are 100 and £80 man. It's five meals per day. If you eat fewer meals, then don't worry and simply combine two meals. So Step one and are real. Structure is done, and we now have to add the right macro and takes for each meal. Let's start with protein. In general, a protein timing is not a very important factor in your diet, as long as you consume some sort before and after your workout. In the last nine pre and post workouts, you learned that there should be around 0.2 grams per pound of your target body weight. Let's assume he wants to roughly maintain his body weight so you would have to consume around 35 grams of protein pre and post workout. This leaves us with 75 grams of protein that we will have to evenly consumed throughout the day onto carbs. Just as with protein, you want to provide your body with Carson before and after your workout. And again a trivial, easier upon two grams per pound of your target body weight. Since going higher than this isn't really a problem, is thes air some simple guidelines? I will assume that our 25 year old it 0.3 grams before his workout and 0.4 grams after her workout as he just got out of the gym and is hungry. This still leaves us with 145 grams of carbs for the rest of the day. How you divide them up is really up to you. You might want to eat a large breakfast, or maybe a snack before bed. For the sake of simplicity, I will divide the remaining carbs of evenly among the meals, but feel free to change this up according to your lifestyle. Last on the list is fat timing. Fed time should be the least of your concerns, since it really doesn't matter. Like I said before, the only time it can have a negative impact is right before your workout as it slows down the digestion. Awful carbs and proteins. So if you eat your pretty workout, feel very close to your workout. Keep this in mind. At this point, though, I think things are complicated enough, so I will just evenly divide the 60 grams throughout our meals. This leaves us with the following meal structure. Now, as you know, there are additional calories needed to reach the TV off 2600 which should be either fat or carbs. Feel free to add them to any meal you like. Your largest meal will probably be either your breakfast and or your pre and post workout meals, so they are always a good option 34. Quality Protein Foods: after you have set up your meal structure, you will probably ask yourself what foods are the best sources of protein carbs and fats to include in your diet? I already gave some examples and previous lessons, but to give you some inspiration here, even more ideas. Let's start with protein. High protein foods and the Darien X category include Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, Swiss cheese, eggs, of course, milk and way protein. High protein needs include lead cut steak, ground beef, pork chops, chicken breast and turkey breasts. High protein seafood includes tuna, halibut, Salman and chill Appia. High protein can foods can include anchovies, corned beef, sardines and beans. And high quality is next To go can be jerky. Peanut butter. We're nuts. For example. Hi porting, vegetarian and vegan sources can be beans, chickpeas, nuts and nut butters. Tofel Chia seeds and Leaf agrees 35. Quality Carb Foods: As for quality carbohydrates, the best sources are unprocessed whole foods like fresh fruit, legumes, whole grains and many vegetables. These foods also contain fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Foods made with refined grains have fewer of these nutrients and foods loaded with editors , usually at access calories. Hi carpe whole grain sources can be whole grain bread, whole grain pasta and whole grain cereal with no sugar. Of course, high carb fruits include bananas, mangoes, apples, oranges and pears. Hard card wounds include beings, peace and lentils. Other sources that I haven't mentioned but are also good include sweet potatoes and normal potatoes, brown rice and normal rice, Canoa old meal and two ts. 36. Quality Fat Foods: consuming quality fed can actually be pretty easy and delicious at the same time. You're a few high fat foods that are incredibly healthy and nutritious. Sources of unsaturated fats include avocados, salman olives and olive oil, nuts and nut butters when they're not highly processed flaxseeds, tuna, dark chocolate and son floor seats. Sources of saturated but healthy feds include whole eggs, high quality meat, full fat milk and chicken breast. Now, sources of transfats or feds that you want to limit and avoid include pizza, hot docks, hamburgers and basically any type of fried were fast food. 37. Adjusting Your Meal Plan For Muscle Gains: Now that you know how to bulk, let's look at the perfect cutting diet. The most important thing you need to understand when wanting to lose weight is that there is a big difference between losing weight and losing body fed. The former is a lot easier than the latter. If you cut your calorie intake and half today, you would definitely lose a lot of weight fast. However, much of that loss would also consist of lean muscle mass, which you don't want. Now the science behind weight loss is pretty straightforward. It's calories in versus calories out. This means that how much you eat will be a lot more important than what you eat. Unfortunately, the rules for losing body fat are a little more complicated. Not only do you need to maintain a negative energy balance, but you also have to find the right balance of macronutrients. So when it comes to a successful fat loss died what you eat really does matter. To give you a clear picture of what is necessary and let's go through the most important aspects off your cutting diet plan, step by step, Step one will be creating a calorie deficit like I said before, A calorie deficit is crucial for any type of weight loss. It is achieved by consuming less energy than your body expends on a daily basis. Introducing a calorie deficit is fairly simple and can be summarised like this. First, calculate your TV, then subtract a certain percentage for me TD to create a moderate calorie deficit for your cutting diet plan and then reached this calorie count by eating mostly healthy foods. As you can see, this is very similar to the process involved in creating a bulking diet. To calculate your TD simply used the online calculator that are linked in the bonus lecture . Once you have calculated your TV, you will probably ask yourself how much you need to subtract to reach the optimal calorie deficit. Unfortunately, there's a lot of contradictory information about this on the Internet, and I understand how this could be easily confusing. In general, there are three classifications of calorie deficits small, which is 10 to 15% below your TV moderate, which is 20 to 25% your TV and large, which is more than 25% below your TV. With this in mind, there's some sources that will recommend a small deficit and some that will recommend moderate one. Very few recommend a large deficit. The argument for a small deficit is usually that it will lead to less loss of muscle. However, studies have shown that larger calorie deficits don't necessarily mean more muscle loss will be lost if you maintain a strict workout regimen. Thus, if you're goes to lose body fat fast, a moderate deficit of 20% below your TV will probably be your best option. However, for someone who has a fast metabolism, a smaller deficit will most likely show similar results while at the same time sacrificing less strength and giving you the option to eat more. Doing a diet when compared to a more moderate deficit. Step two in your cutting diet plan is maintaining a high protein intake. Once you are in calorie deficit territory, you want to keep your diet to be high in protein. Study after study has proven that losing fed without losing muscle is all about consuming enough protein every day. How much exactly? Like I said before, the sweet spot lies anywhere between 0.8 and one gram of protein per pound of body weight per day. If your diet involves a very large calorie deficit and you're already very lean, you might even want to go with 1.2 grams of protein. Although for beginners one gram will be fine. Make sure to reach this by eating quality protein rich foods that are outlined in previous lessons. Supplements will definitely make your life easier, but you shouldn't use them as you want in on Lee. Source of protein. Step three and you're Cutting Diet plan is optional. This is why I say Try calorie cycling, but don't rely on it. Calorie cycling is a popular strategy when you eat more calories on workout days and fewer calories on rest days while staying at a long term calorie deficit, for example, when measured over one week, the logic behind the strategy is to maximize strength and recovery on the days you exercise while providing your body with few localities. When less energy is expended so meaning on your rest days, so does this strategy work. Unfortunately, there has been very little clinical research done on calories. Cycling, much praised is based on anecdotal evidence from advanced bodybuilders, which might not translate to the average training, let alone someone starting out on their fitness jury. However, there is also no inherent flaw in calorie cycling, which is why it's really up to you whether or not you want to try this out. If you feel like adding another aspect to your diet, go for it. It will make died planning a little more complicated, but the psychological benefit off eating more on workout days can make the change more tolerable. 38. Workout Introduction: the right workout will lose your testosterone like nothing else. This happens in two ways. First, there's a short term boost that happens during exercise and less until 15 to 60 minutes after you've probably experienced this type of testosterone. Spite before you feel stronger or confident and more focused, do you work out? And afterwards you're in a better. The second way exercise helps increase testosterone is through muscle gates. More muscle tissue, along with a better diet, elevates two starts from long term and not just right after workouts. Couple that with the effects, strength and muscle mass up on your confidence, and you quickly realize how the right training routine can turn someone who was small and shy into someone who's strong and outgoing. What you need to know, though, is that certain types of exercise increased two stops from more than others. At the very top of that list is heavyweight Trick Research has shown that lifting heavy weights is the best type of exercise. To directly increase two stops from as muscle mass increases, it will trigger the body to produce more of it, hitting the gym and lifting weights in the 4 to 12 range is usually best for beginners, and we'll get you the fastest results. We will talk about which specific exercises are best in a different. Strengthening your body also helps prevent injury and speeds up your metabolism. If you're new to weightlifting, make sure you practice correct form before you increase the weights. The second form of exercise that raises two stops for levels is high intensity, interval training or hit. You alternate between intervals of high intensity where you go all out and intervals of low intensity that are sort of like rest intervals. Most studies suggests resting for 1 to 2 minutes between high intensity intervals. It's best hit workers are pretty short and can be done in 20 to 40 minutes. So with that in mind, the best weekly training schedule to boost the stock Ostrom is to lift weights three times a week and then two and one or two. It's sessions on your off dates 39. The best gym lifts to boost testosterone: When it comes through the best exercises to boost to Starr's room, you need to keep one thing in mind. The act of working out only boosts testosterone short term and Onley up to 60 minutes after your training session. The real benefits come from the muscle growth that happens when you follow a good workout routine for a few months or years. So the real question when looking for the best exercises to boost testosterone is which exercises best. Promote muscle growth. Here. The answer is clearly compound exercises, which are also called compound movements or multi joint movements. Compound exercises utilize multiple joints and are usually performed using free weights instead of machines. That way, they target several muscle groups at once, giving you the best muscle activation measure by the time you spend working out. This makes them perfect for building strength and gaining mass fast, even though their benefits have been proven over and over again and countless studies, Many beginners still focus on isolation exercise, such as the bicep curl or the Pec deck something the only way to get bigger arms or full of chest is by hitting the muscle directly with a set of dumbbells or machines. The problem with this mindset, it's simple. Muscles only grow when they need to, which happens when they're put under a lot of stress. When you go to the gym, you're trying to force the muscles to grow by overloading them. This strategy works better, the more total weight you lift and the more muscle groups you proved during a workout. Isolation movements allow you to lift only a small portion of the weight that you could move when doing heavily loaded compound exercises to help you take advantage of compound lifts. Here's a list of the best compound exercises for each muscle group. Compound chest exercises include the bench. Press, both barbells and dumbbells. Bench. Press the incline bench, press the decline, Bench press and weighted dips for the chest compound. Back exercises include that that lift bend over Barbara lro pull ups T borrow, Let pull down or cable room compound shoulder exercises include the overhead press again, barbell or dumbbell, The Arnold shoulder. Press the bent over reverse flies and handstand pushups. Compound leg exercises include squats, weighted lunges, Romanian dead lift, leg, press and hex. What's compound Bicep exercises are basically all the compound back exercises we already talked about and compound tricep exercises are all the compound chest exercise we already talked about, along with close grip, bench pressing and weighted dips. 40. Muscle Building Formula: in this segment. I want to go over the necessary theory behind building muscle and strength. Obviously, bodybuilding and fitness is a huge field, so there's no way to include everything in this video. But the great thing is, as a beginning, you don't have to know everything to see results fast. This is what many fitness gurus and magazines don't tell you. They bombarded with all these different muscle building hex and workouts that it's pretty much impossible not to get confused. There's simply too much information out there. This makes getting in shape seem like rocket science, when in fact it's a pretty straightforward process. My presentation is designed to teach you the exact steps you need to follow without any fluff or bro signs. I call this the muscle building formula and, in my opinion, is the best way of explaining the essence of successful bodybuilding. As you can see, there really only three different valuables that will determine your success when wanting to build muscle First off course, you need to drain, preferably with weights, to overload your muscles and trigger growth. Then you want to consume enough calories, so your body has the energy to not only continue training but also to build more muscle tissue. And last, you have to give your body time to rest so it can recover and adapt to the new stress level . Now this all might seem like basic stuff, but once we look at each aspect of the muscle building formula more closely, you will see that the devil is in the detail. Let's start with the right training when creating on workout and coming up with the right exercises. We need to keep in mind that our end goal is to build more overall muscle. There are some exercises better suited for this purpose than others. They're called compound exercises or compound movements. Instead of targeting just one muscle, compound movements work several muscles at once by utilizing multiple joints when doing the exercise. This allows you to lift more overall weight, which in turn will lead to more muscle growth. The most important compound exercises and therefore the most important exercise in general , are the barbells squat. The dead lived the bench press in the military press. Any good workout needs to be built around these four lifts, which are best done with fairly heavy weight and in a lower rep range. What makes these lifts so great is that they engage almost your entire body because the weight is placed on a bar bell. It will also have to develop the strength to keep the barbell in place during the motion. This trains those small stabilizer muscles like no machine or isolation exercise can. Once you have included the Big Four in your work out, there is another thing that is just is important to keep in mind. It's called the concept of progressive overload. And it basically says that in order to force a muscle to continue growing over long periods of time, you have to progressively increase the tension placed on it plain and simple. This means you have to get stronger to get bigger again. This might seem like basic stuff, but so few people get it. They think that they have to switch up their exercises every few workouts to confuse the muscle or do all kinds of crazy rep schemes when the truth is that this will have little to no impact on your results. Instead, stick to the Big Four exercises and focus on getting stronger. Each workout now How is progressive overload applied correctly during your first few workouts, you'll probably be able to add more weight to the bar each week. But as you get stronger, progress will slow down. This is normal, and at some point or another you might also hit a plateau. Then you have to come up with a workout plan that enables you to get stronger even when adding more weight isn't an option. I have developed a strategy that does exactly that, which I'll share with you on the lesson on progressive overload. Okay, let's quickly talk about cardio before going to the nutrition part of the muscle building formula. What role cardio will play a workout really depends on your goals. I, for example, I'm not a big friend of cardio because they're really fast metabolism. This means that even when I said around all day, my body will burn a lot of calories before starting to work out. I wasn't really skinny guy. My main concern was to pack on size. I remember eating big amounts of food and had have been doing a lot of cardio. Then I would have had to eat even Mawr. If this applies to you as well, then you should really limit your cardio at first, because remember, the purpose of cardio is to burn calories, which is only helpful when you're trying to lose weight and not when you're trying to build muscle. While it is possible for beginners to do both at the same time, a calorie deficit will greatly reduce your body's ability to grow muscle. For now. Just keep in mind that when you want to build muscle less calories, burned is actually a good thing. That doesn't mean, of course, you shouldn't be doing any cardio at all. It's a great way to train your heart and loves, and it will help raise your overall fitness level. This brings me to the second part of the muscle building formula. Nowadays, many people think of calories as evil things that need to be avoided. But in fact, when wanting to build muscle, there's almost nothing more important than a caloric surplus. Imagine you have a house and you want to expand it. You wanna build another floor on top? What do you need? Extra bricks when building muscle calories are your bricks. They measure the energy stored in our food. Without this energy, your body will not be able to grow more muscle tissue, which in turn renders your exercise pretty much pointless. This might come as a surprise to you. I know that many people think they should always be eating less calories. They think that eating more will only make them fete, and they're usually afraid of going into caloric surplus. This is where good versus bad calories come into play. In theory, you could only pizza and ice cream, and you would quickly reach your caloric surplus. Obviously, this is not what is meant When talking about taken in and healthy calories. You really need to make sure to what your proteins, fats and carbohydrates and make sure to not get them from sources such as past fruit. Besides your workout and diet, recovery is the third main factor on your road to muscle glory. What you need to know is that the exercise itself works only as a trigger for muscle growth . During your training, you overload the muscles and break down muscle fibers. If you provide your body with the right nutrition and enough time to recover, they will grow back larger in order to withstand higher workloads in the future. Keep in mind that muscles don't grow while you're train, but afterwards the body build stronger muscle fibers only when it has time to recover and this stunt for the most part, while we sleep, you should be getting at least 7 to 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night. Anything below seven hours, and he will sacrifice possible muscle gains and even your health in general. If you found yourself under lot of stress or simply can't sleep that bone, try taking regular naps throughout the day. There are also other ways to maximize your recovery ability, like meditating massages or even prescription drugs. However, they can Onley enhance your arrest and should never substitute a good night of sleep. 41. Progressive Overload: a common problem among beginners is that during the first few weeks of exercising, they see results and are getting stronger. But after a while, the muscle growth seems to have stagnated, and even though they continue working out, they make no significant gains. When this happens, many lose their motivation and think about quitting. To make sure this won't happen to you, we will know talk about the most important strategy to guarantee long term growth and muscle and strength. It's called the concept of progressive overload, and it basically says that in order to force a muscle to continue growing over long periods of time, you have to progressively increase the tension placed on it plain and simple. This means you have to get stronger to get bigger. This might seem like basic stuff, but so few people get it. They think that they have to switch up their exercises every few workouts to confuse the muscle or do all kinds of crazy rep schemes when the truth is that this will have little to no impact on your results. Instead, stick to your routine and focus on getting stronger each workout. Now, how is progressive overload applied correctly during your first few workouts, you'll probably be able to add more weight to the bar each week. But as you get stronger, progress will slow down. This is normal, and at some point or another you might also hit a plateau. Then you have to come up with a workout plan that enables you to get stronger even when adding more weight isn't an option. From my experience, I can say the best way of doing this is by increasing the number of reps. Instead, let me show you what I mean. Imagine you normally bench press a grips of £150 which is roughly 70 kilos in the next workout. You want to add the smallest possible increments to the weight. In most gyms, this will be a £2.5 plate on each side, so five additional pounds in total. Now, because your body isn't used to the higher weight, you'll be able to bench press it for about 2 to 3 repetitions less than the earlier wait. This means your new rep count is now around 5 to 6. This is totally normal, and nothing you have to worry about Now comes the important part. In the following workout, instead of adding even more weight, you stick to £155 work on getting your rep count back up to eight again. This process can take more than one workout, and usually the stronger you get, the longer takes to add more weight and then reach your old rep count. Now, if you want to see long term muscle growth, all you have to do is follow the strategy. Continue alternating between adding weight and one workout and increasing reps in the next . 42. How to set up your workout: Now that you have a general idea of what it stops from boosting workout needs to look like , Let's start setting on yours. As you know, muscle growth will be the biggest driver of testosterone injuries, so that's what we will focus on to grow muscle. You need to understand a few key essentials, like the right exercise form and progressive overload for exam. I will explain everything in the coming lists. We will also quickly go over hit workouts, but I suggest you focus most of your energy on weight lift good approaches to have an 80 20 split where 80% of your time in the gym is spent doing heavy resistance exercises and 20% spent doing cardio or hit workouts. Let's get started. 43. Your Gym Workout Routine: Now that you know the science behind building muscle, let's talk about the actual work out. If you search for a beginner workout on, Google will get millions of hits and thousands of workout plans. The amount of different routines makes it difficult for beginners to pick the right one, because oftentimes they themselves don't know what they're looking for. So what exactly should the ideal beginner workout plan look like? If you remember the muscle building formula, which consists of training, eating enough calories and giving your body time to recover? You know that training on Lee X as a trigger. It signals your body that the environment has changed and that muscle growth is necessary. With this in mind, there are a few things to consider when designing a workout plan. Obviously, you want to choose those exercises that are most effective for building muscle. This also includes asking yourself if you should train with free weights or machines, then you have to define how many sets for exercise you do and how many repetitions percent . As you will see in the minute. There have been studies done on the ideal rep arrange, unless you need to know how long a workout should last and how often you need to train per week. So what are the answers to all of these questions? In regards to exercise choice, three weighed compound exercises are definitely the way to go. As I explained before compound exercises activates several muscles at once, which helps you live more overall weight, which in turn leads to more overall muscle growth. Training with free weights, preferably barbells, will also force you to develop the small stabilizer muscles that help balance the weight. Unfortunately, this effect is lost when using machines when it comes to the number of reps. In most cases, you should not go above 12. The reason for this being that once you go into a higher rep range, you start training for endurance rather than strength. The problem is that endurance training won't trigger nearly as much muscle growth a strength training will, so you would always be in a sub optimal workout environment. Now, even though I don't recommend going a lot higher than 12 repetitions in any workout that uses weights as a beginner, I advise you to train with an 8 to 10 rips during your first month and even lower after that. This is because studies have shown that in the case of compound exercises, it is best to use higher weight loads and lower rep ranges. As for sense, you should do around 3 to 4 per exercise, especially as a beginner. You don't want to go crazy and do dozens of sets simply because your body is not used to the increased stress level. If you put all this together and follow the workout plan, I'm about to show you your exercise time will be around 60 minutes, which lies within the optimal time window. Okay, now to the workout routine. As a beginner, you should train three times a week, alternating between two full body workouts. I recommend leaving one day of rest between each workout. So in this case, you would start on Monday with the first full body workout, then rest on Tuesday and do the second full body workout on Wednesday. Thursday is off, and Friday you would do the first work out again the following week. You keep alternating and therefore start with the second workout and then continuous before , in the first workout. I want you to start with three sets off barbell squats each 8 to 10 reps. Then three sets of the bench press. Also 8 to 10 rips and then three sets of bend over bar bell rope again, 8 to 10 ribs. The second workout consists of three sets of dead lifting, then three sets of either pull ups or let pull downs and three sets of the military press between sets. You want to rest 2.5 to 3.5 minutes. I personally like to go with 3.5 minutes, especially on the heavy exercises like squats and dead lifts, because the extra few seconds really make a difference for my strength. Between exercise, you should rest three minutes. Now, in case these two workouts of only three exercises each don't seem like enough to you. Keep in mind that all the exercises are heavy compound lifts that usually involves a lot of weight. Start with the weight that is light enough so you can perform the exercise with perfect form, but heavy enough so you can do more than 10 reps. If you make sure to go one rep short of failure on each set, This workout will do exactly what it's designed to do. Build a solid base of strength and muscle during the first month. You should really focus on form and learn not to jerk or bounce the weight. This will already set you apart from the majority of beginners who often times use horrible form. Once you've gotten used to the correct movements, which usually takes around four weeks, you want to make a few changes to the workout. While keeping the exercises the same. You want to lower the REV range to 6 to 8 reps. This is especially important for the four major lifts, which are a squat bench, press, dead lift and military press lowering. The rev range for the other two exercises can be done but isn't as important to compensate for the lower rep arrange. You will now use a higher weight that allows you to do eight reps, but no more than that. What this will do is put you in the 80 to 85% range of your one rep maximum. This range would not only build strength a lot faster than others, it is also great for beginners to apply progressive overload and trigger maximum muscle growth. If, for any reason you feel like the routine is too short or too easy after this change, you can add 1/4 set to some exercises or even an isolation exercise, which should be done at the end of the work out. This is entirely optional because if you lift heavy on the main exercises, they will be enough to build muscle by themselves. If you do choose to end an isolation exercise, go with the bison exercise for work on one and to try some exercise for work out to. 44. Bench Press: the bench press is one of the most famous, if not the most famous, exercise out there. It's a full body compound exercise that primarily works your chest, shoulders and triceps. When done right, it's the most effective movement to gain upper body strength and muscle. Because it's the upper body exercise, you'll lift most weight on and thus create the greatest amount of tension with your ice under the bar. Lie on the bench, lift your chest and squeeze your shoulder blades. Your feet should be flat on the floor now. Place each pinky on the ring marks of the bar. Your grip should be a little wider than shoulder with, and you want to hold the bar in the base of your palm with straight wrists. This moment the bar by straightening your arms and move it over your shoulders as you keep your elbows locked while inhaling lower to your chest. Your elbow should be at a 75 degree angle. During this motion, your forearms should remain vertical while exhaling pressed the bar upward until your arms are extended. The proper form is pressing the bar in a diagonal line from shoulders to chest and back up . This increases the distance but prevents shoulder impingement. Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions and then redirect the bar. Never bounced the bar off your chest, and you should always be in control of the weight. Please don't bench press using the suicide grip or the thumb less. Grip the Barbican slip out of your hands and drop on your chest. 45. Squats: the barbell squad is by far the most beneficial lower body lift you can master. Squatting will not only build larger quads, but also develop your calves, glutes, hamstrings and lower back. If you want to gain muscle and overall body strength than adding squads to your workout is a must. Load the bar with the desired weight and set it on. Erected just below shoulder level. Step under the bar and places slightly below the neck across the back of your shoulders. You want to use a grip that is a little wider than shoulder with. Lift the bar off the wreck by pushing with your legs and then straightening your torso. Place your legs and the medium stands where your feet are, shoulder width apart and your toes air slightly, pointing outwards. Bend your knees and slowly lower the bar while inhaling the scent until your thighs air just parallel to the floor, Then raise the bar as you exhale. Imagine pushing the floor with the heel of your foot as you straighten your legs when squatting, you want to keep your head facing forward and your back straight at all times. Also, please watch out for equal distribution of weight throughout your forefoot and your heels 46. Deadlift: The dead lift is a great compound exercise that hits the lower back hamstrings, glutes, traps, legs and forearms. So pretty much your entire body. Mastering it is an amazing feeling, but you want to make sure to do the dental of correctly to what injuries and back problems set up the barbell with an appropriate wait. Don't live too heavy. If you have no experience with this exercise, as it can be dangerous, step towards the bar and grasp it with an overhand grip. Your hands should be just outside your legs so about shoulder width apart. Some people have trouble holding onto the bar with this grip. If this is the case, you can also use the mixed rib, meaning one palm facing up and one palm facing down while exhaling, Push with your legs and get your torso to the upright position at the top. Stick your chest out and pull your shoulders back while inhaling returned to the initial position by bending at the knees and leaning the tour So forward at the waist. Please make sure to keep your back straight at all times. Lower backgrounding or excess arching puts your spine at risk of serious injury. Also, don't look up while dead. Lifting Bringing your head bag creates on one intention in your neck. 47. Military Press: the military press is a classic exercises that body builders have been doing for decades. Not only does the lift build strong and muscular shoulders and also complements the bench press by standing up during the exercise, you additionally, strengthen your core and back. Place the barbell on his quarterback that is about chest high. Grab it using an overhand grip that is wider than shoulder with slightly. Bend the knees and lift the barbell up, keeping it laying on your chest. Take a few steps back on. Position your feet shoulder width apart from each other while exhaling, Lift the bar up over your head by looking your arms. Hold at about shoulder level and slightly in front of your head. While inhaling, lower the bar down to your collarbone. Slowly. Make sure to keep your entire core stabilized throughout the motion. This will really train your abs and lower back. The behind the neck variation of this exercise is not recommended for beginners, as it's a lot more difficult to handle the weight that way. 48. Barbell Row: the underhand variation of the barbell row is very similar to the overhand version from the last video. Obviously, you know, gripped the barbell with your palms facing up. Instead of down your legs will again be slightly bent, and you want to keep your back straight at all times when pulling the barbell up. The only major difference is that you want to pull it more towards your belly button, so a little lower than in the overhand variation. Contract your muscles at the top and then slowly lower the bar bell to the original position. Which of the both lifts you choose will come down to personal preference? The overhand version from the last video targets the upper back a little more, while the underhand row will focus more on the lower back and Lance. 49. Lat Pulldown: As I explained before, most weight machines in the gym are not very effective, especially for beginners. The LAT pull down is one of the few exceptions to this rule and a great alternative to the white grip. Pull up. If you can't get perform normal, pull up. I recommend you start with this machine instead. It also primarily targets the let's along with the biceps and shoulders. Set up the pull down machine with a wide bar attached to the cable before sitting down. Make sure to adjust the knee pet according to your height. Using a white grip, grab the bar with your palms facing forward with your arms extended and holding the bar. Lean back around 30 degrees and stick your chest out while breathing out. Pull down the bar until it touches your upper chest. The polling is done primarily with your back muscles rather than your biceps. Draw your shoulders and upper arms down and back while bringing down the weight. Pause for a moment and then returned the bar to the original position while inhaling throughout the entire exercise, you slow and controlled movements and make sure you don't cheat yourself by swinging your back. Avoid pulling down the weight behind the back. This can be hard on the rotator cuff due to the hyper extension created. 50. HIIT Explained: hit stands for high intensity interval training. It's a form of exercise where you alternate between periods of high intensity to burn calories and low intensity for recovery. The high intensity periods are meant to push your body towards is metabolic limits. This means you basically go as hard as you can, while the low intensity intervals help you to recover and prepare for the next round. One super simple example of hit would be to sprint up a flight of stairs and then walk back down. During your spin. You go all out and train at high intensity. Your walk back down is low intensity, and your body has time to recover. Now, when people hear about it, they usually have two questions. Why should you train like this and is hit better than traditional cardio? So what you need to know is that it has a few pretty big advantages. First of all, it's excellent for strengthening the cardiovascular system. Any exercise that gets your blood pumping and has your breathing more rapidly will improve your heart and lungs. This, in turn, lowers your chances of cardiovascular disease and heart attacks. Next, it will also improve your mental toughness. A 15 minute workout might not seem like a lot, but trust me, these training sessions aren't easy. Pushing yourself towards your own physical limit and staying there for a while improves not only your fitness but also your pain, tolerance and mental toughness. This will translate to other areas of her life and help you deal better with stress. The last and most important benefit off it is time efficiency. A regular 30 minute jog burns anywhere from 150 to 300 calories. You get the same result with just 15 minutes off intensive hit, which means it's about twice as effective as normal cardio. This, of course, means you have to spend a lot less time exercising while still burning the same amount of calories. There is simply no more efficient form of cardio for fat loss. Since you also don't need any type of equipment, you can do hit anywhere you want. Hit workouts usually only use your body weight, since the focus is on getting your heart rate up and keeping it there. This is great if you want to train at home or are traveling and don't have a gym at your hotel. Now that you have a good idea of what it is, let's talk about the height and low intensity intervals. So how intense should they be? The goal of the high intensity intervals is to go fast. Get your blood pumping. This means the main difference between your high and low intensity intervals will be your speed. Therefore, the higher intensity unfolds should be about 80 to 90% of your maximum effort, and your lower intensity intervals should be about 50 to 60% of your maximum effort. Also, don't build up to the high intensity intervals and said, Give everything you've got right out of the gate. Lastly, how often should you do Hit training? 2 to 3 hits sessions per week are optimal. Make sure you also have at least 24 to 48 hours of rest between the workouts. That way, you give yourself adequate time for recovery between the interval sessions, so you avoid injuries and overtraining 51. How to design a HIIT Workout: As I explained in the last lesson, hit stands for a high intensity interval training. It is a form of exercise where you alternate between periods of high intensity to burn calories and low intensity for recovery. The high intensity periods are meant to push your body towards its metabolic limits. This means you go as hard as you can, while the low intensity intervals help you to recover and prepare for the next round. Now, even if you already know all this, you still don't know how to design the right hid workout. This is what we will talk about in this list. First of all, how intense Sergio high intensity intervals beat. In theory, you need to reach between 80 to 100% of your VO two max during your high intensity intervals to see optimal results. But what is vo two max? Your body's vo two max is a measurement for the maximum volume of oxygen that it can use Its a major factor in determining your endurance level problem is that none of us will be able to measure a review to mix while exercising normal fitness watches. Don't do this, and obviously you don't have a lab at home, so what do we do? Instead, we use a different metric that is more easily measured. An estimated called V. Max V Mix describes the level of exertion when you feel you can't bring in as much air as your body wants. This is the point where you cannot hold a conversation comfortably anymore. So when designing or had work out, you need to do two things. First, you want to reach and sustain your V max during your high intensity periods. This means you need to get moving fast and long enough to make your breathing difficult, and you need to hold that speed for some time. Next you want to repeatedly achieve and sustain. This V makes level of exertion. This is important because the total amount of time you spend at V makes will determine the overall effectiveness off your head workout. Basically ahead workout that told a minute of movement at V Mix, is going to be less effective, that one that accumulates five or 10 minutes at the makes. With this in mind, let's now designed the perfect hit workout. There are five things you need to consider when doing this. First of all, what type of cardio, then the length of the workout, the frequency of the workouts, the duration intensity of the high intensity intervals and the duration and the intensity of the low intensity intervals. First of all, what are the best types of cardio for hit? In general, the hit principle can be applied to any type of exercise, so you want to choose the one that you prefer the most. But since this is a course about home hit workouts, we will be focusing on body weight exercises that you can do in one place and without any equipment. Perfect movements are Burpees, push ups, squats, jumping jacks and the light. When done right, they get your heart pumping. And some of them, like the push up in the body weight squad, even build muscles since they're also resistance movements. Next, how intense should your high intensity interval speak? The goal of it is to go fast and heart. This means the primary difference between your high and low intensity intervals will be your speak and not the exercises. Now we know that the key factor that determines the effectiveness of a hit workout is the total minutes spend at V Max. If you don't spend enough time at this level, you won't see optimal results to achieve. Maximum time at V makes you want to reach this level of exertion as quickly as possible. What I mean is that you shouldn't build up to it, but instead give everything you've got right out of the gate. Now what about interval length? You want to reach about 50 to 60% of your team mix, which describes the amount of time you could move at your V MEC speed. For example, if you can bike at V makes for two minutes before being exhausted, your teammates is two minutes. Half of that is one minute, which should be the length of your high intensity intervals. If you're new to it, you can either test your teammates with a stopwatch or simply start with 32nd high intensity periods. That's what we're going to do in the workout now. What about rest periods? So the low intensity intervals? How long should those people a good place to start is having your high to low intensity periods at a ratio of 1 to 2. So if you're high intensity periods are 30 seconds long. Your rest periods will be one minute. Now. This might sound like a lot, but keep in mind that your rest periods should be active recovery. So you keep moving, just not as fast. Studies have shown that active and not passive recovery is advantageous for reaching the mix during the high intensity periods and also better for overall energy expenditure. The last important question is how long should get hit workouts be. And how often should you train per week? First, overall workout time? The great thing about him is that you get a lot out of your time. There's simply no more efficient form of cardio for fat loss. This comes with a problem, which is that it can be quite stressful on the body, so you don't want to overdo it, either. First, to get your blood flowing, you want to start with a warm up of 2 to 3 minutes. Next to do 10 to 30 minutes off hit, depending on your experience and fitness eval. The routine in this course is a 12 minute beginning routine that is perfect, even if you have no prior experience with it. and that's pretty much it. You can also add two minutes of cool down, with some stretching afterward. But all in all, this routine can easily be done in the morning or during your lunch break. As for the total amount of hit you should do per week, this really depends on your goals and what other types of exercise you do for beginners. I usually recommend three of these hits sessions per week. 52. How To Progress With HIIT: Obviously, the more you do hit workouts, the better you will be coming them. This means your team Max is going to increase, and the intensity of your workouts will need to increase is well. If you want to keep them maximally effective, There are two ways you can make your head harder. Increase the length of the high intensity intervals or decreased the length of the rest periods. At first, I recommend you work on increasing the length of the high intensity intervals until they're at the range of 50 to 60% of your teammates. This make sure you're doing true head workouts. So if you started with 30 seconds of high intensity intervals but realized 50% of your teammates is maybe a minute, try working up to your high intensity intervals to a minute. This can be done gradually with maybe 12th increases per week. Once you've achieved that, you can further increase your high intensity intervals, but this can lead to overtraining, so another option would be to bring down rest intervals. But make sure to not bring down the ratio of high to low intensity intervals toe under 1 to 1. So for 60 seconds of high intensity intervals. You want at least 60 seconds of low intensity intervals. From there is simply increase both the high and low intensity intervals while maintaining, and 1 to 1 ratio. As you can see, this is pretty simple. 53. Rest & Sleep Introduction: Everyone knows that too much stress is bad for testosterone production. But just how that is it and how important is rest for a healthy, normal lives? The short answer is extremely important. You could be doing all the things we talked about in this course so far, right? But if you didn't get enough rest, your testosterone would still be able average. In fact, do too much of the things we talked about can also hurt your formals. I'm talking about over treating and worrying too much about your diet. That's why I have most of my students trained no more than 3 to 4 times per week. This always leaves them enough time to rest and recover for the next workouts ish. One of the biggest mistakes I see most vigorous Mitt is doing too much low intensity cardio the job for hours and hours several times a week without doing any resistance training. The problem is, the more endurance exercise you do, the more likely you are to break down muscle tissue for energy. This muscle tissue, it means lower testosterone lows and to that effect that several long cardio workouts per week never give your body time to fully recover and lower chorizo lens, which again negatively effects, muscle mass, mood and sleep. Speaking of sleep, you also need to make sure to get at least 7 to 9 hours per night. Sleep really is a magical process that your body goes through, and without it you would literally die within a few days. Sleep plays a huge role until stops from production during specific phases of your sweet. Such a deep sleep cycles and during ready cycles, your body will secrete free. Just austral. You don't get enough uninterrupted sleep. Your body won't ever enter these deep sleep cycles, and two stops from production will plummet. This happens fairly quickly, as studies have shown, then sent me by restricting. You sleep for five hours for one week, your testosterone and decreased by 15%. To make sure that doesn't happen In the following lessons, we will talk about strategies how you can improve your rest in sleep. These will be simple tips that you can use to get the most out of your asleep, even when you have a busy schedule, 54. Sleeping Correctly: sleep is our bodies and especially our brains Reset button during sleep, your body restores your immune system and creates new connections in your nervous system. Most hormones are also restored while you sleep. That's why a good night of sleep is so important to us. If your body doesn't get the time it needs to rejuvenate itself, you will quickly feel the consequences. Not only will you be tired, but you could also compromise your immune system and overall health. If sleep deprivation is chronic. Basically, it's just another form of stress which, like all other forms of stress, will lead to problems if left untreated. In fact, prolonged poor sleep has even been linked to major diseases like cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes. And these air just the physical problems. Mental problems arising from sleep deprivation include anxiety disorders, lower ability to relate to others and worst memory. So, as you can see, the right quality and quantity of sleep is huge for your health. Fortunately, the most common causes of sleeping problems are completely preventable and will be addressed now. The magic word is sleep hygiene. This refers to all the habits that you should adopt that induce good sleep. Most of these routines are very easy to adopt and only require small changes. I will now list the most common ones, which were seen as general guidelines towards better sleep. First, reserve the bet as a sacred place for sleeping. You shouldn't watch TV or read there, and it should be only used once you're ready to sleep. Watch TV on the couch instead. And don't use your bedroom as a place to socialize. Next, go to bed and get up at the same time every day. Many of us travel a lot or stay out late on the weekends. Then it's best to reset your rhythm by setting a specific sleep, wake time and sticking to it. Your body will adapt to that schedule and feel a lot better following it. If your bed and wake time change too much, your body won't be able to adapt, and you will feel tired during the day and have trouble sleeping at night. Also, make sure to not consume any stimulants, like half in at least six hours prior to that now, depending on how sensitive you are to caffeine, you might even want to go longer than six hours before bedtime. But for most people, it's a good rule of thumb. Your exercise should also be done with enough time prior to your bedtime. Of course, exercising regularly is important and will help you sleep better at night, but only when your body has enough time to cool down afterwards. With cool down, I don't just mean body temperature. The release of endorphins during physical activity will also act as a natural stimulant and keep you awake if you work out right before bedtime. When you eat your last meal is also important. Some people will have problems falling asleep on a full stomach, but an empty one is just as bad. There's really no guideline here on when to exactly. But having your last meal at least an hour or two before bedtime is probably a good idea. Naps are another thing that will benefit some and hurt others. Napping during the day will deprive you of your sleep deficit that is built throughout the day. If it is too small at the end of the day, your body will not be able to fall asleep when it's bedtime. If that is the case, you probably want to limit or cut the daytime naps, and lastly, I'll go well. It will make you fall asleep quicker. Alcohol decreases sleep quality, therefore leading to less than optimal sleep. Overall. Basically, it prevents you from entering the deep stages of sleep, and we'll keep you in the lighter ones. This prevents your body from fully recovering from the day and preparing for the next. 55. Tips to fall asleep faster: it happens to everyone. But not being able to fall asleep definitely sucks. Before I show you what to do to fall asleep faster. Here's a disclaimer. If this happens occasionally, don't worry too much about it. But if it happens all the time, you really should review your sleep. Hygiene, As you know, 7 to 9 hours of sleep, are ideal for adults, and undercutting the strange all the time comes with quite a few problems. That being said, here's what you can do toe fall asleep faster. First, make sure to clear your head. The best way of doing this is to write down your thoughts, especially your anxious thoughts. This could be sort of a journal, but you don't have to write in it every day. Doing it on paper is usually better than on a digital advice, as this relight stimulates your eyes and we'll keep you awake even longer. Also, if you have problems relaxing when you're in bed and can stop these anxious thoughts from popping into your head, remember that there's nothing you can do about this problem during the night. It's best to set it aside until you refreshed, and you can actually change the situation. Audiobooks can help some people fall asleep, but this trick doesn't work for everyone. I, for example, don't like listening to audiobooks at night, and we'll have a harder time falling asleep afterwards. Next, take a warm bath or shower the warm water singles to your body that it's time to relax. You can further enhance this effect by adding the vendor oil to your bath water. There's actual research suggesting that the smell of low vendor triggers asleep response and helps us fall asleep faster. Another good trick is drinking a warm glass milk. Certain amino acids in the milk are precursor to melatonin, the sleep hormone that will make you more tired. Of course, you can also supplement melatonin. If you have some available, just make sure to test it before in a small dose, as it can have minor but noticeable side effects and some people Tension. Relaxation is also a great way to feel more comfortable instantly start with the muscles in your face and work down to the muscles of your feet by tensing and relaxing of each muscle for 5 to 10 seconds. Also, make sure to turn off the lights and TV. If you're let me and even the slightest bit of light and noise you when you want to sleep, then you have to make your room as dark as possible. Light actually keeps the body from producing melatonin, so make sure that your bedroom shades are drawn tight. And if you have to use the bathroom, use a nightlight. And of all that doesn't work. Simply get up. If you really can't fall asleep, get of the bed and do something really boring. Keep the TV off and don't turn on the computer. No smartphone frozen, either. If you want to read, make sure it's nothing suspenseful or engaging. You don't want to stimulate the brain. 56. Supplements for better sleep: sleep is another factor that is extremely important for your overall health and quality of life. A good night of sleep does wonders for you By bringing down stress levels and helping your body recover, obviously not sleeping well. We'll take these benefits away, and prolonged sleep problems come with many health risks. However, many people don't want to solve this problem by taking mets, which can have all kinds of side effects. So what are some good natural supplements that will benefit your sleep quality? First, magnesium magnesium deficiencies are linked to low, sweet quality and very common among athletes, which lose it through a sweat. In general, the sleep enhancing effects of magnesium Onley works if you are deficient, and people with normal magnesium levels may not see any benefits to sleep quality when supplementing. Also, magnesium won't make you sleepy, so you don't need to worry about taking it at the wrong time. A standard dose of magnesium is anywhere between 200 to 400 milligrams a day. Next is melatonin, which is the hormone responsible for regulating our sleep. Our bodies produce melatonin in low light settings, and high levels of melatonin will put you to sleep. This is why it especially house people who have a hard time falling asleep to supplement correctly. Take between 500 micrograms toe one milligram at first to see how you react to it. If you don't see any effects up the dose until you reach five milligrams of melatonin, which should be your maximum does the supplement should be taken around 30 minutes before sleep. The third option is low vendor or live under oil. Levent oil is known for its relaxing scent and Arla vendor supplementation can also improve the quality by easing anxiety and reducing intrusive thoughts. It helps you fall asleep faster while also improving sleep quality itself. To supplement correctly, take 80 milligrams of low Venda Khalfan hour before bed. 57. Lifestyle Improvements Introduction: in this section. I want to talk about different lifestyle adjustments that will help you increase your stops . The adjustments range from stress reduction to the right body language, your work life balance and even the question if more sex will boost your testosterone. I also believe in a holistic approach where you don't just isolate one area of your life, for example, your diet and focus solely on that. Instead, increasing it just stops from a long term will be the result of many small changes that add up over time. So make sure you watch the section carefully and see how you can easily implement a variety of lifestyle, she just instead of stressing out, well, one thing in particular. 58. Body language: it sounds like click bait, I know, but you can actually boost your home own profile within minutes by simply working on your posture and body language. The reason for this is that body language influences two things. Cortisol and testosterone. Your body language can essentially trick you into producing more testosterone while reducing cortisol. We know this from an experiment done by a social psychologist at Harvard Business School. In the study, participants provided saliva samples to measure their testosterone and cortisol levels. Then they were split into two groups. The first group spent two minutes posing in what is considered a high power post. Imagine a confident guy or girl that's in opposed, which takes up a lot of room. The second group spent two minutes posing in a low power position. Imagine someone shy and slouch after the two minutes of posing new saliva samples were taken. Here's what they discovered. The high power post lead testosterone levels going up by 20% and cortisol levels going down by 25% while the low power pose had the opposite effect. Two starts from little struck, while cortisone levels increased, and there are other studies confirming this similar experiment manipulated participants facial expressions into a smile by putting a pencil between their clenched t smiling. Increase the tolerance to pain as compared to the group whose face was forced into a for brow with the wrinkled knows that grows pain threshold decreased. The same is true when you exercise. If you slouch doing your rest intervals and put your head between your knees, chances are your body will release more cortisol, and it might also hurt testosterone production, so make sure to sit or stand up straight. It also makes sense to keep a relaxed and cool facial expression that doesn't look like you're about to die from pain. Something else that will increase your testosterone levels not just short term, but long term is your role in life and how you identify yourself. Do you think of yourself as dominant as a leader as a power player? Or do you think of yourself as a loser who can't seem to catch a break? The interesting truth is that to your body, it doesn't matter if you're actually a leader or not. What matters is your conviction and how you perceive your life and your role amongst your friends, colleagues and family in primate hierarchies. When a lesser male is forced to take over the role of the Alfa male in the society within a matter of days, his testosterone levels are significantly increased. He's the same exact animal, the same being with the same body. You just changed his rule and his hormone levels adjusted to that change. What this means is that you should regularly reflect on your current rule in life. Are you regarded as someone important in your social circle? Do people go to you for advice and do they trust you? If not, is there anything you can do to change that? One of the best ways to increase your social standing is through more responsibility. Help others and take on calculated risk. You will be rewarded not just with a better reputation, but also with more testosterone. Just make sure to not confuse leadership in confidence with arrogance. We all know those pseudo Alfa guys that think that they need to be the center of every party when in fact everyone just wants them to leave. Being confident is not about acting macho to compensate for your insecurities. It's about feeling secure with who you are and not letting anyone else threaten that security 59. Managing Stress: At this point, you already know that result. And testosterone don't go well together. Basically, your testosterone level is not a priority for your body when you're in a fight or flight situation, when the stakes are high for survival. What your body releases is obviously the stress from cortisol, and studies have shown that high stress and high cortisol is associated with low testosterone. The reason for this is simple. As humans evolved, engaging in behaviors encouraged by testosterone like mating could have been disastrous in a situation where survival was the top priority, for example, when fighting a tiger. In recent years, several studies have suggested that cortisol and testosterone directly work against each other. This has led to the theory that stress may cost infertility, loss of libido and men by inhibiting testosterone. One study actually measured hormone levels and 57 men who were pitted against each other in one on one competition. Their testosterone and cortisol levels were measured after competing. Those participants who lost were asked if they wanted to compete again. All the men who decline had high cortisol levels and had a significant drop in their testosterone. The researchers theorized that this is a hormonal response that prepares the body to respond to stress by escaping danger. What's even more interesting is that raising testosterone directly reduce stress. In a study on male guinea picks when guinea pigs with high cortisol while given testosterone replacement therapy, their anxiety behaviors went away. Whether this translates to humans is debatable, but there's no doubt that lowering your stress will help your hormonal health. There are many ways in which you can combat stress and effectively reduce it. Learning how to reduce your stress load will not only improve your testosterone but also improve your chances of living a longer life. While there are lots of techniques and strategies that we can use to reduce dress first and foremost, you have to recognize the sources of stress during. This will help you because you're not concentrating on what can be improved rather than letting stress continue to grow until it's out of control. This will save time, money and energy in the long run, as professional help is usually only needed when someone has led unrecognized stressed buildup for too long. Okay, I will now present you with a few very effective methods of self relaxation that you can use to limit the stress in your life. The 1st 1 is proper breathing. Deep, Slow breathing is one of the easiest and most effective instant stress relievers. What you want to do is breathe all the way into your gut while moving your abdominal and not your chest. I know this sounds very simple, but deep breathing will bring more oxygen into your blood, which has all types of benefits, like relaxing your muscles and bring you more energy to the brain. You're also forced to focus on the moment and not some distant worry. Therefore, deep breathing is great, and you can do it anywhere any time. Meditation goes one step further and not only includes deep breathing but also confronts you with your thoughts. Practice meditation regularly, and you will be able to enter a state that similar to sleep with similar benefits like hormonal, menacing and stress reduction. During meditation, make sure you clear your mind of any distractions. The cluttering your mind will enable you to detach from stressors while calming your body and muscles. Your heart rate slows down along with your blood pressure and anxiety levels. Another great way to relax. Your body is through progressive muscle relaxation. Here you tense and relax all the muscles in your body. This will lead you to relieve tension and feel much more relaxed within minutes without the need of any special equipment. Here's one possible progressive muscle relaxation routine. First, you start by tensing the muscles in your face. For this, try to hold on tight. Grimace for 5 to 10 seconds. Next, you relax the muscles again for 5 to 10 seconds. Repeat this process with all the major muscles in your body, from the top to the bottom, so your neck shoulders and so on. One last possibility is music therapy. We still don't completely understand how it works, but music therapy has been shown as an effective way of battling stress, and music therapy doesn't have to involve only listen to music. People who play an instrument also reported lower stress levels while doing so, along with people who wrote music, they all show signs of lower broad pressure and stress levels and a more productive afterwards. So if you're a music lover, make sure to take advantage of its healing effects 60. Work and life balance: the modern man doesn't need to hunt any more to survive. This is obviously a good thing. We now live safer, more comfortable lives where we spend most of her day inside an air conditioned room, talking with people from across the world with a click of a button. But does this life maybe hurt artist austral levels in this video? I want to talk about the consequences of office life on the modern person. The first thing we noticed when you look at the average office worker is that they're often overworked and don't get enough rest. More than 1/3 of US and UK workers didn't take their paid holidays last year, at least when we trust statistics. In fact, the US is known for how little paid vacation workers get. Answer that the inactive nature of office drops without any type of thrill of the chase anymore, or even a tiny bit of physical activity. And you quickly realize how important your trips to the gym after work actually are in the office. We spent most of our time set in the same position, with little opportunity to move around. Now, this wasn't always the case. Go back half a century, and about 50% of Americans had jobs that were physically active. Nowadays, it's more like 20%. Sedentary jobs, such as offers work, obviously have become more popular, and they usually also pay better. But there are a few things you really need to worry about besides sitting in front of the computer all day person foremost shift work. Many office workers choose to work late, sometimes even overnight, in an attempt to hack through hundreds of emails or to meet a specific deadline. This, of course, also happens with physically demanding jobs, But at least most people know about it when they sign up for a factory job. Keep in mind that our bodies are conditioned to follow regular sleep wake cycles. This means that we have a circadian rhythm with an internal biological clock that regulates our home loans. Based on the time of day, almost 33% of the U. S workforce works unsociable hours out of these 7% work permanent nights or shifts that rotate from days to nights, and this can cause a massive negative impact on your biological rhythms. Studies have shown that both shift and night work has a negative effect on your home loans , and on top of that, it can affect your mood, health and general well being, too. One study found that when blood was taken in night workers between midnight and 8 a.m. testosterone concentration was much lower than baseline. They were also unnatural peaks of testosterone caused by the fast rotating nature of shift work. Off course. The biggest problem with shift work is the lack of consistent sleep. As you know, testosterone levels peaked during deep sleep with at least three hours needed to start to see levels increase any less than that, and you will run into trouble if you aren't getting at least 7 to 9 hours and will team the change your schedule. There's really no way your body can adept and get enough deep sleep to release sufficient amounts of testosterone. Another aspect of modern office jobs is stress. I have talked about the negative side effects of long term stress and links so we won't go into them again. Just make sure you regularly take a day off if you can, and remember that your health is a lot more important than the next deadline. In fact, it's awesome or economical for companies to let employees take regular rest ings. In 2016 work related stress accounted for over 45% of all workdays lost to illness. So to wrap up this video, if you have a stressful job and then has your working long hours do everything in your power to reduce its effect on your hormones and help, the best ways are to make sure you get enough deep sleep and to take days off when you're sick or about to get sick, it definitely pays off in the long run. 61. Cold Showers: there's an old tale that Soviet power lifters would prepare for a competition by cooling their testicles. The idea is that because testicles like colder temperatures, they would release more testosterone and in colder environment. But is this true? And should you take advantage of this through cold showers, for example, let's find out in this video Win Half is best known for popularizing the tactic of intentionally exposing herself to extreme Colt, he says. Anyone can tap into their own let's superpowers through a program he designed that involves regular cold exposure, breathing techniques and meditation. His fans believed that this could help them lose fat faster and increase testosterone levels. To keep this video short and give you the key, take away points Right now. Most of these claims are unfounded, at least when it comes to cold showers. First of all, the theory that cold showers can increase fat burning is based on the discovery of brown fat and humans. Unlike normal white fat cells, whose primary job is to store energy, brown fat cells help maintain a consistent body temperature. They burn calories to generate heat. We know that they get activated by cold temperatures and two ounces of brown fat could burn through as many as 500 calories per day in the right and burnt. Babies have a large amounts of brown fed because they need more to stay warm now. It used to be thought that brown fed disappeared as we got older. But more recent research has shown that adults also have brown fat. That's why some people thought they could use cold temperatures to turn on brown fat and therefore burn more calories. Now, in theory, this works, but it's very impractical. For example, a study from Master University had 11 people stay in a cold room for an entire day, and they only burn an additional 76 calories. On average. 76 calories is nothing, especially when you take into account that you would need to sit in a cold room the whole day. Now think about what a little cold shower of 10 minutes would do So. The bottom line is that to see fat burning results, you would have to spend at least a few hours every day and shivering cold and the results even very from person to person. Next, we have cold showers and testosterone most people who claim that cold showers will boost testosterone, cite a study showing that testicle cells function better and colder temperatures, which goes back to the Soviet lifter tail I talked about earlier. There's also research, which shows that sperm cells function better in winter and spring, so the cooler months than in summer and fall the warmer months. The problem is that there's no evidence that taking a cold shower for a few minutes actually lowers the temperature off the testicles enough to have any noticeable impact. Also, keep in mind that most of the water is going to hit your head and shoulders. So until there's clear evidence to the contrary, I have to say this testosterone boosting strategy is unlikely to give you any actual results. Correct up this video. Let me say one more thing. Even though hold showers aren't as effective as many people might tell you, you can still use them to toughen up mentally. After all, they're very uncomfortable and the better. You can force yourself to do things that are uncomfortable or even painful, the stronger your mental toughness is going to be and the better your life 62. BPA: BP a Orbis Final A is a chemical mainly used to make plastics clear and shatterproof. It's found in a variety of products, such as baby and water bottles, sports equipment or DVDs. Most people also know it from the inner coatings of food camps. We're exposed to be be a through a consumption of contaminated food and water. It can leach from the products and cans into the food, especially when heated to high temperatures. Older water pipes. I even quoted with B p A. So what's the problem with all this? Inhumans B B A has been associated with a higher risk of several diseases, like obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and prostate cancer. It has also been shown to mess with testosterone levels and to mimic the effects of estrogen in the body. Unfortunately, there are many conflicting studies, and some even say that low doses of BB A have no negative effects on humans. So without going into the individual studies, let me quickly give you a few tips on how you can reduce the exposure of B B. A. If you want to minimize before you buy anything that contains plastic or is packaged in plastic look for the recycling sign with a number in it. The 1245 or six are less likely to contain B B A. If it's a three or seven, it probably does, and you should avoid it. Next. Used last containers to store anything that we will be eating or drinking. This is especially important for pregnant women and babies, as negative side effects of BB A can be more harmful to them. Third, don't microwave food and plastic containers. If you store your food and plastic containers, don't cook your food in the. This also applies to many microwavable containers as well. The types of plastic used and many of them contains B P A and the heating it up cause the chemical to leach into the food. Number. Four. If you don't need a receipt, don't ask for it. If you have to handle receipts for your work or bookkeeping, wash your hands well after five. Avoid sheep, bottled water and plastic utensils. Use metal instead, and lastly, you might also want to avoid fewer camp foods. Generally, the risk for BP and canned food is fairly low, but offer fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables. If this is a concern for you, 63. Sex: When we talk about sex and testosterone, we first need to differentiate between sexual function and sexual desire. Sexual function is basically how well you can perform the act of sex. This includes the strength of your erection, when and how much you ejaculate and how much sperm is included. Men in their twenties and thirties usually shouldn't have any problems with sexual function , as sexual dysfunction is a problem common in the later stages of life beginning in the forties and fifties. But if you are young and still have problems with this, the most common culprits are stress from work, alcohol and drug abuse, high levels of body fed or depression. All these things can be fixed with a good diet, training routine and lifestyle changes. So don't freak out about next. We have sexual desire, sexual desires, all about how much you want sex. It's your Liberto and more of a motivational state than a physical problems with your sex drive, usually boiled down to either acute or chronic illnesses. For example, when you have the flu, your sex drive naturally decreases because your body needs to focus on getting healthy again first. The second common reason is chronically elevated cortisol, which, as you know, is the result of stress. As your chronic stress levels go upward, your testosterone production will naturally decline. And this doesn't even have to be the result of common stressors like a work or relationships. And two large calorie deficit can also kill your sex drive. Ask any bodybuilder who's falling a very strict diet, and you will usually year that they aren't interested in sex at all. The best way to counter act this is to Onley. Go 20 to 25% below your maintenance calorie level and always get a good mix of unsaturated and saturated fats, even when you're trying to lose weight. Now, at this point, you might also ask yourself if having more sex can boost testosterone and the answer is yes , it does, but only slightly. Also, more testosterone does not lead to a higher sex drive unless you have abnormally low testosterone levels. Once you fall into the normal range of about 400 nanograms per day, sit leader. Your sex drive usually doesn't increase with more testosterone 64. Alcohol: alcohol can cause a variety of problems in the body. Everyone knows this. That's also a huge factor in our cultural and social life. So it would be unrealistic for me to tell all my students to cut it out completely in this video. I want to talk about the effects of alcohol onto starts room and how you can mitigate them . The first thing you need to know is that excessive alcohol consumption and chronic alcohol abuse associated with decreased testosterone levels various studies have supported this. For example, we know that alcohol damages cells in the test ease that produce and secrete testosterone. Or that even though drinking alcohol results in the release of endorphins, these endorphins interview with testosterone synthesis. Alcohol also increases cortisol and hurts your deep sleep, which is so important for testosterone production. Now I know all this makes alcohol sound pretty bad, but there are two things you need to keep in mind. Dosage matters and the type of alcohol you consume also matters. First dosage researchers have actually found that in dosage is under one gram per kilogram of body weight and men. Testosterone levels remain unchanged for even increased after drinking one gram of alcohol is about five beers for £165 guy or 75 kilogram guy, which is quite a bit. To be honest, I would probably stay more within the range of 2 to 3 drinks just to be on the safe side, because once you go over one gram per kilogram of body mass, things quickly go bad and you will experience the nasty side effects I talked about earlier . Next we have the question of what type of alcohol is best to drink, and the answer is probably liquor and mark beer. Why not beer? Because it's made of hops, which contains certain fighter estrogen's that block testosterone production. Heart liquor is usually made from other foods, like vodka from potatoes. So you don't have this problem now. Of course, the dosage always matters at BU here, and there is not going to ruin your testosterone levels. And stressing out about this is probably worse for you than relaxing and not wearing about it too much. I just wanted to tell you that in theory, hard liquor without a lot of fruit on sugar is probably your best bet, and glass of vodka, soda or even shots would fit this category 65. Supplement Introduction: in this section. I want to go over to stars from supplements. Unfortunately, these so called testosterone boosters are usually a waste of money, and you're better off spending your dollars on their gym membership or quality food. That said, there are some supplements that will help you, and we will go through them in more detail now before we get started. Please keep in mind that if we look at the priorities of your diet, calories, macronutrients or foods, supplements always come in last. That means they can help you improve and already good diet, but they cannot help you fix the bad. So if you decide to get one of the following supplements, always make sure to also have a good meal plan and have your fun amounts right. Otherwise, the effort will be mostly wasted. 66. Tribulus: Tripolis to restaurants is a hurt from Ayurveda. It is usually either sold as a libido or a testosterone booster and regards libido. There does seem to be a positive effect. Sexual well being an erectile function were also reported to be higher after supplementation. The problem is that most studies were done on threats, and there are very few human studies. As for its effects on testosterone levels, there is no evidence that it does anything besides increased libido studies looking at sports performance and tribulation intakes. All have failed to find any benefits, and when measured, it has repeatedly failed to increase testosterone levels. Now what this means is that tribute list to restaurants might have a few positive applications, mostly in regards to libido. But it does not seem to impact power output or testosterone levels. But how does it actually work? It's not exactly known how tributes works, but it might enhance energon receptor density in the brain, since this effect doesn't seem to take place in the muscles. The only affirmed effect is an increase in libido like I said before, and not muscle roof. There are also animal studies showing that the fruits of tribulation could protect certain organs, especially the liver and kidneys, from oxidative damages. This effect took place at fairly low dosages and will probably be further investigated and future studies. Now, if you decide to take tribulation, how should you take it? There's no recommended dosage for tribulation, but the standard dose for Liberto enhancement is usually between 200 to 450 milligrams per day. And as for side effects, Tripolis supplements are generally safe when consumed. A normal doses study lasted up to 90 days, so we don't know about the long term effects. But there aren't any cases we know off where long term supplementation ran into problems. 67. Maca: market is one of those supplements that is made from exotic fruits and has all kinds of supposed health benefits. With all this hype around it, it can be difficult to distinguish fact from fiction. So let's see what it can and can't do. First of all, what is it? Market is in a Peruvian herb that has been used in the Incan culture for different medical purposes. It is a starchy carbohydrates, similar and taste to a potato. It's rich in plant sterols and a decent source of magnesium, iron, selenium and calcium. The incomes long believed that the plan would deliver energy and mental clarity while also enhancing sex drive. But does it really? Unfortunately, it's not a well studied substance, and we only have a few randomized control studies. The ones that do exist show certain benefits, however. So what do Marcus Supplements do? Study suggests it may enhance semen quality, improves symptoms of menopause and lower prostate size if the process is enlarged. This is especially interesting for men suffering from low sex drive or infertility. Early research has shown that within a four month period, Marco was able to increase sexual desire and sperm count in men. Other animal studies have also noted that Marcus seems to act as an aphrodisiac. However, the effect seems to be less potent. Women and one journal concluded that there is no strong medical evidence to support its use for female sexual dysfunction. Now, if you decide to try out Marca, how should you take it? Marco can be supplemented by eating the route or through an extract. The standard does for Marcus Supplement is between 1500 to 3000 milligrams per day. And are there any side effects Marcus generally safe for most people when taken in standard doses there No studies looking into the effect of abnormally high doses. But there have also been no reports off adverse effects from consuming too much market. 68. Vitamin D: Now that we know that tribulations and Monica on the true testosterone boosters as there often marketed, let's talk about a supplement that can actually help you get healthy testosterone levels. Vitamin D, Vitamin D helps regulate testosterone levels, and in an ideal world, you would produce all the vitamin D your body needs through sunlight. Exporter. The problem is that if you live far from the equator, have dark skin were simply spent most of your time inside. You aren't getting enough sunlight and might want to consider supplementation. Increasing your vitamin D stores can boost testosterone and improve other related health measures such a sperm quality. For example, one study found a close link between vitamin D deficiency and low testosterone. After participants increased their vitamin D levels, so did their testosterone levels. Now, how much vitamin D do you need to achieve this effect in Canada and the United States of the recommended daily allowance for vitamin need folds between 408 100 you or international units. However, this is the bare minimum to event efficiency. The optimal recommendation would probably be around 1000 to 2000 u The easiest way to find out if you need vitamin D supplements is to do a blood test, preferably in the winter. Your doctor will tell you whether your vitamin D levels are okay, and if they aren't, will either prescribe you supplement or tell you to buy one yourself. They are very cheap, and, like I said, before 1000 to 2000 you daily should do the trick. Since vitamin D is fat soluble, it makes sense to take your supplement along with the main meal and one last side note. Vitamin K also regulates vitamin D uptake, which is why many supplements come as a mix between vitamin D and Kate, just so you know. 69. Zinc: like vitamin D, studies have shown a link between zinc deficiencies and lower testosterone levels. One study that measured this found that restricting zinc intake from foods decreased testosterone levels in otherwise healthy men. Another study measured the effects of zinc on infertile men with either low or normal testosterone levels. It found significant improvements in testosterone and sperm count. Therefore, increasing your zinc levels through supplementation will also increase your testosterone levels, but only if you're truly deficient. In case you are already getting enough, zinc supplements won't benefit you much, at least not in regards to testosterone. Syncing also has a positive impact on the immunity. I suggest you give it a try and supplement with a fairly standard doze off 10 milligrams per day. Alternatively, you could also increase your consumption's off food high in zinc, such a shellfish, beef, lamb and certain nuts and seeds. But I'm not a big fan of micromanaging my diet and prefer to take supplements 70. DHEA: dhe A or D Hydro P. Andros Strom is a hormone that's naturally produced by your body. If you take it as a supplement, it will be converted into either testosterone or estrogen, depending on your body's need. The main reason people decide to supplement with Dhe A is that levels decrease as you age, and this decrease is associated with several diseases. In fact, lower dhe A levels have been associated with heart disease, depression and mortality. That's why supplements are mostly taken by people over 40 in the dosage range of 25 to 50 milligrams. This dosage seems to be safe and might slightly counteract the symptoms of aging. But in young people, it's testosterone. Boosting effects are unclear because of the A. D. A. Can be converted into both testosterone and estrogen. You might even experience unwanted side effects, which is why I suggest you only supplement after talking to your doctor. Also keep in mind that because dhe A is proven toe alter hormone levels, it's banned in many professional sports and therefore not suitable for competitive athletes .