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Nir Eyal, Entrepreneur, Author

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8 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Project: Design Your Hook

    • 3. The Hook Pattern: 4 Phases

    • 4. Phase 1: The Trigger

    • 5. Phase 2: The Action

    • 6. Phase 3: The Reward

    • 7. Phase 4: The Investment

    • 8. Wrapping Up

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About This Class

What makes some products we use addictive, and some not? In this 35-minute class, entrepreneur and author Nir Eyal shares the pattern underlying how technologies hook us. Whether you're an entrepreneur, designer, or simply eager to understand the things that control our actions, this will give you tactical, insightful steps to creating your own product that people keep coming back to.

Short, tactical lessons walk through the 4-step process used to create the products that people can't get enough of, with real-life examples every step of the way.

You'll leave this class with a critical and strategic understanding of how and why we use the products we rely on. You'll learn how to build habits inside your products and services so people come back to them on their own.