Homemade Stuffed Pasta (Ravioli and Tortellini) | Sarah Lawrence | Skillshare

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Homemade Stuffed Pasta (Ravioli and Tortellini)

teacher avatar Sarah Lawrence, Graphic Designer + Pasta Maker

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How to Make Filling

    • 3. Fold Over Ravioli

    • 4. Using a Circle Stamper

    • 5. Tackling a Ravioli Tray

    • 6. Tangled up with Tortellini

    • 7. Cooking Your Concoctions

    • 8. Now, it's your turn!

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About This Class

After you learned how to make homemade fresh pasta from scratch in my other Skillshare class, you may be wondering what to do next—you can make nearly anything from flat sheets of dough, so it's time to learn how to make stuffed pasta. In this class, we'll be learning how to make tortellini and ravioli, as well as two types of filling (cheese-based and mushroom-based). 

(NOTE: This class is based on the assumption you've already finished the "Homemade Fresh Pasta from Scratch" class on Skillshare. It covers the basics of making dough and rolling it out. If you're stuck, check that video out and come back!)

You can do this with just a rolling pin, knife, and fork, but it'll be considerably tougher. If you choose to get some, I've ranked them in order of importance:

Basic Tools:

Extra Helpful Tools:

Both tracks featured in these videos are "Who Set the Dogs" and "The Vision" by YEYEY, via the Free Music Archive. Their work is awesome, and you should check them out here.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sarah Lawrence

Graphic Designer + Pasta Maker


Hey there! My name is Sarah, and I've always been such a fan of pasta. When I was a kid, the cooks at my camp called me Noodles because I'd always come up to ask what was for lunch. My ideal (lazy) lunch is just a bowl of fettucine with some olive oil and fresh parmesan cheese. About six years ago, my roommate came home from the farmer's market with some homemade black pasta and I was floored with an epiphany--I could make this! I could make my favorite thing!

I've been making pasta by hand ever since. I love adding colors and shapes to the dough, pressing herbs in the sheets and making decorated pappardelle, or making stuffed pastas like tortellini and ravioli. I recently purchased a machine to make rigatoni and penne, which has been such a thrill.

I also love to draw--I... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello there. My name is Sarah Lawrence, and today, on scale share, I'll be teaching you how to make stuffed pastas from scratch Today will be making two types of stuffed pasta ravioli and tortellini. The difference between the two is that tortellini is a round sort of turnover type of dumplings. Pasta with a hole in the bill ravioli is more of a circle or a square shape. Stand around the edges with filling inside, you'll be learning. Gonna make these types of pastas with or without fancy tools. Not everyone has fancy pastry clippers. You might just have a fork in the nights at home, and you can use that. The most important thing you'll need for this class is positive. If you've never made positive before, you should check out my other classes. Skill shirt Making homemade fresh pasta from scratch Making pasta does not very complicated are hard, but if you don't have the time or patients to try it, I've heard that wonton wrappers are great substance use for this class. I'll be using the ravioli press. It looks kind of like a nice keep drink. I'll be using a ravioli stamp. This one is a circle. You can also get a square like that, too, although using two types of pastry creepers and for the tortellini, I'll be using a four inch circular cookie cutter. I'll also be using a pastry brush prep ball and it's a black bag. Why you have to find out? 2. How to Make Filling: let's talk a little bit about stuff. Possibility. The most important thing to remember this process is that you can't have any extra liquid or air in yourself pasta. This causes with the fall apart in the water and makes a soupy, nasty mess when creating your stuff. Possibility. They sure do not include too much butter, oil, cream or water. If you find out that your mixture is becoming to running, you can use a cheesecloth to strain the extra liquid out. For this class will be doing two types of ravioli filling the cheese based one and a mushroom and spinach based building. This will give you a good idea what it's like to work with different types of filling the cheese. Selling with very smooth and easy to manage, and some of the trunk of your feelings may be tougher advantage, but they might taste better in the long run. You can occasionally used the right kinds of leftovers inside of your possibility. One time I made this like eggplant casserole, and it was so delicious, and he's the rest of it inside my ravioli. The next day it was so delicious learning to work with your stuff posted to remove air bubbles will take some time, but mostly it takes patience. You don't want to press the edges around your cost it too fast because you'll get air bubbles trapped inside and that will create problems down the road. So to start off with their cheese based filling, we're going to mix a cup of ricotta cheese with about half a cup of mozzarella. Mix it and really well, make sure it's uniforms, and then I sort of tossed in some rosemary towards the end. I don't really recommend this is rosemary pieces air kind of big, and the pocket from filling in the ravioli is kind of small, so it might jut out a little bit. If you were to use something like this, I might recommend, like basil or something else. Uses bachelor to put all of the cheese mixture into is a blood bag. Now make sure when you do this you don't have any air bubbles in the edge. You don't want to push an air bubble into your ravioli. Seal it up. I'm unfolded over. Seal it, zip it up and then you're done. Next, we'll do the mushroom billing. Start by chopping up your mushrooms on your cutting board. I choose to use stems, but you could describe them if you want to chop him up pretty small. But don't worry about it, cause you're going to be putting them in the food processor towards the end. All right, just keep chopping them all up. Once you feel like it's good and chopped to put it in the bowl, you have handy next year and then get started on the spinach already. Now chop up to spinach the same way. Start by pre heating some olive oil and garlic on a pan over the stove. Dump in the mushrooms. You want to stir them around a little bit, you know, saute them. Make sure they're a little bit soft and the next you're going to drop into spinach. Try not to lose any. Everything's pretty wilted and soft and spongy and malleable all right now. So when that's done, you put everything in the food processor. This way, all the taste will be intact. You'll be able to actually fit it inside of your ravioli or your total leading. Let it cool a little bit because you want to crack an egg into it, but not so that the egg cooks in the mixture. When we put in the fridge for about 20 minutes, take it out mixed into it. 3. Fold Over Ravioli: So we're going to start with the most basic way to make ravioli. You don't actually need any fancy tools for this one. You can just use a pizza cutter or a knife you have hand. I'm going to use the pastry real just cause it's faster, but it's not required. You want to make sure your surfaces flowered so that the dough doesn't stick to the table, just fold over, put it back in and keep working it through. Yep, just keep rolling it. Holding over. You also notice. In this the edges are starting to even out a little bit. This will help you down the road once it looks uniform and smooth down that pasta machine down a couple notches and keep going. Look how long that's getting. Roll it back through one more time, this time on the number two setting, which is the second from the small. Now this length is a little bit hard to manage, so give yourself some space. You're going to use a piece trivial or a knife to cut it. You're gonna be using this area so you've cut a tiny hole New ziplock bag with the cheese filling very carefully and about two inches apart. Place small dollops of cheese filling, maybe a teaspoon not too big, but enough even taste it in a pattern along the dough. This is where those rosemary pieces make it kind of complicated. It's just sort of spurting out as I work, but it's delicious. You want to take some egg yolk and paint in the gaps. Where you going to be folding over the dough? Like I've said before, this is kind of like nature's glue already. And then in one fell swoop folder on over carefully. One by one, Just pinch out all of the bubbles from the filling from the crease to the edges. That way, you're not trapping any bubbles in the creases. Take your time. At this point, it's not important to rush. Just last one. Making these air knife or your included pastry wheel. Just start cutting out your own square ravioli. Come along these sides to add the fiddly bits all around. Discard those pieces and you've got some square ravioli to go the extra mile in this when I like to use a fork and just go around the edges and make sure they're super tight, but make sure you don't poke holes in the dough by doing this. It also leaves kind of a fun sunburst pattern on the pasta, and there we have it, square ravioli. 4. Using a Circle Stamper: for this one. Start by cutting a small corner out of the Ziploc bag with the mushroom filling in it. This dollar ravioli will will be made with the circle Stamper. Now, when you rolled your sheet of pasta dough out, make sure that you have enough whip on either side. You can do this by just holding the ravioli stamper over each side, saying, Okay, this fits as you go a little bit down with the regular pasta shape. You might have a hard time getting ravioli towards that end part, but we'll see what we can do. Brush the egg yolk on the dough. This helps it stick together. It's kind of like glue. You may not really need this much, but you're kind of, you know, your conscious, but I like to make sure it's nice and glued together. So work all of the filling towards that corner of the Ziploc bag, then gently accidentally start to place your filling on the sheet. You only want to put about a teaspoon. If you blurt out a little bit too much, you know, use your fingers to sort of get it back into shape, and he's to be sort of an even teaspoon dollar. These chunkier fillings definitely make it a little bit more complicated. If you're using the cheese based feeling on this one, they would come out much more smooth trying to get it this 1st 1 sort of a mess to pull the whole sheet over onto itself carefully. Infirmary one by one, pinch out all of the air bubbles. You can kind of start from the crease of the dough and fold your way out to the edges. Just one by one. Just gone. Get that one out, make sure it's nice and firm. Then use the ravioli Stamper to press her circle shape, and there you have one. Do your 2nd 1 and your 3rd 1 Some are more tricky than others. These edges are a little bit screwed up and your 4th 1 Now you have all this extra dough. You can choose to roll it back into new dough and then make more ravioli and out of those pieces and there we have it round ravioli 5. Tackling a Ravioli Tray: next up, we're going to be using a ravioli tray to make ravioli, while this way can make 12 pieces of ravioli. One. It's a little bit more haphazard, and I tend to prefer the Stamper. I'd rather take longer to make 12 good ravioli than last time to make 12 kind of crappy ones. Roll the dough through like you used to do. Try and keep away from your dog. Keep dialing. You're sitting down to the wheels are moving closer and closer together, thinning out your dough. If it's getting too long, you can use the pastry wheel to cut it in half and keep going. You actually need to separate sheets of dough for the ravioli trade. Okay, now roll this one out, too. One of them aside. Grabbed the bottom half of the ravioli tray and gently dust it with flour. It's will keep the dough from sticking to the metal. Grab the sheet of dough and lay it across the middle piece. Use the plastic piece to push in the in dense. Do this gently and slowly. Don't want to rip the dough a little bit too fast. They kind of pulled some holes in it. Cut your tiny corner of the Ziploc bag with filling in it very carefully. Sports, um, cheese into all of the in dense. I already know you some egg yolk and brush it around dough. That's one of the pieces of does to together. Take your second sheet of dough late across. Very carefully. Try to keep his money. Air bubbles out as possible. Start from the center and work your way out. You have to sort of press it in place. Grab a rolling pin and roller across the top of the sheet simultaneously, pushing more air out and also using this cutting edge to separate the raviolis. Pull up the extra bits around the edges. Just like that, flip over the trade. This will take some wiggling. Sometimes it just sort of comes out easily, sometimes takes more coaxing to get it started. You can see it kind of coming out and sheets like that you go and you can use a knife or a fluted peace Free meals to sort of help out those edges and make sure it's all cut in separate. And there you go. 12 raviolis 6. Tangled up with Tortellini: Okay, smooth it out with all the bumps and bubbles in the air pockets. Start by using your circle cookie cutter. To make a circular piece of dough, pull up the extra bits to give yourself room to work. Gently squeeze and filling in the center. Samos the ravioli, distant like a teaspoon. Not very much. Use your guilt and pain around the edges. Oops, Folded over. Pull it in tight. Keep rolling. Bring those two ends around. Pinch them together. Make sure they're good and pinched. And there you have one tortellini. Now we're gonna try it again. Put the extra space. Discard that CIA working room squeeze building in the center. How much about a teaspoon. He folded over. Tuck it in, roll it up, bring the edges around and pinch them together. There you have it. Totally number two. And here's number three. I mean, that is how you make tortellini 7. Cooking Your Concoctions: so you've done all the hard work. It's time to eat your creations. Bring some water to a simmer, not a boil. If the pieces of pasta are boiling, too much will knock into each other and start bursting open. You need a light, bubbly simmer ever so gently dropping your tortellini or ravioli. And since it's fresh, you don't need to cook it for very long, just a couple minutes if it's frozen, maybe six or seven minutes. If it's fresh, even less than that, remove it carefully, place it in a bowl and enjoy. 8. Now, it's your turn!: all right now it's a return we've made totally me. And we made ravioli using two different types of filling, one with cheese and one with mushrooms and spinach. My challenge to you is to create your own type of filling poster recipe in the class discussion page and let your husband's try out until then, job.