Homemade Stuffed Pasta (Ravioli and Tortellini)

Sarah Lawrence, Graphic Designer + Pasta Maker

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8 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How to Make Filling

    • 3. Fold Over Ravioli

    • 4. Using a Circle Stamper

    • 5. Tackling a Ravioli Tray

    • 6. Tangled up with Tortellini

    • 7. Cooking Your Concoctions

    • 8. Now, it's your turn!


Project Description

Fun and Funky Stuffed Pasta Shapes

You now know how to make two basic types of stuffed pasta and two types of filling. I challenge you to either mix and match these processes, or try your own! You saw square and round raviolis, but what about heart shaped? Star-shaped? What if you tried to fill pasta with even more pasta, or mix up the recipes to create new pairings?

Some off-the-wall fillings to try:

—BLT (chopped bacon, lettuce, and tomato pieces)

—Pizza (mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce, and bits of pepperoni)

—Cuban (ham, pork, swiss cheese, and mustard)

As long as you can get the edges around the ravioli/tortellini closed, the world is your oyster!

Remember to cook whatever raw meat you're using before you fill the pasta—the noodles are often not in the water long enough to cook the meat at the same time. 

When you're done, take a photo and share it with the recipe on the class page!


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