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Homemade Pasta: Ravioli Filled with Mushroom and Bechamel Sauce

teacher avatar Luiza Cardenuto

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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8 Lessons (13m)


    • 3. SAUCE PREP




    • 7. DOUGH PREP

    • 8. FINAL STEPS

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About This Class

Hi everyone! Thanks for taking an interest in this class. Today, we’ll be making homemade ravioli from scratch, with a mixed mushroom filling, topped with a béchamel sauce. Our chef, Yara has acquired knowledge of this dish from her experience working in a Wine Bistro at the heart of Sao Paulo city, in Brazil.

Our class will be broken down into three main groups: the filling, the sauce, and the pasta dough.

This recipe serves up to six people. However, you may also freeze the feeling and the sauce for up to one month. The ravioli can be frozen as well, you just need to pre cook it in boiling water for four minutes. Let them cool down and sprinkle a bit of olive oil before placing in small plastic bags.

Be sure to post pictures of your ravioli!! And please feel free to ask any questions you may have about this dish.

check back soon for more delicious recipes!

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1. HOMEMADE RAVIOLI: Hi, everyone. Thanks for taking an interest in this glass today will be making homemade ravioli from scratch with a mixed mushroom filling topped with bechamel sauce. Our class will be broken down in three main groups. The feeling the sauce and the pastor dough. This recipe serves six people or four really hungry people. Let's get started. 2. SAUCE INGREDIENTS: Okay, so in this video, we'll be going over the ingredients. You will need to make the best amount sauce. To make the sauce, you will need one letter of milk, 70 grams of wheat flour, 70 grams of butter a bay. Leave three cloves, half on onion, two tablespoons of grated Parmesan, salt Pemper and number EG to your liking. In the next video, we'll be preparing the best female stars for our reviews. 3. SAUCE PREP: to get things going. We're going to dice up the onions in really small pieces. While we're doing this, we can begin melting the butter in the medium sized, then be sure not to heat the pan to high heater with medium temperature. Once the voter is melted, we're now ready to fried unions. Add the flour and makes it really well. Let this cook on the stove for about three minutes and be sure to steer it all the time, then slowly at your milk to the mixture. Once the milk is in at the bay leaves and the cloves and keep steering it well. After this turned up Bernard too low and let the sauce cook for 30 minutes. After the sauces cooked, we was training, so it is nice and smooth. Then we can season it with salt, pepper, ground nutmeg and the grated Parmesan cheese to your taste. In our next video, we'll be letting you guys know what you need for the feeling of your raviolis. 4. FILLING INGREDIENTS: hi guys. So for our feelings, we will need the following ingredients 200 grams of mixed mushrooms. You can use any kind of motions you will like. We decided to use Shikaki, Trumpet and Inoki Taqi, and you will also need to garlic globes, 1/4 of onion, one tablespoon of butter, two tablespoons of brandy, one tablespoon of streamed bush email sauce and some salt and pepper to taste. Next, we will be making our mushroom feelings. 5. FILLING PREP: First, you're going to have to cut your mushrooms into very small pieces, then feisty onion and garlic as finally as possible. In a frying pan, melt the butter with some oil in a medium high heat. Most the butter is melted. Add the onion and danburg garlic. Let this cook for about two minutes, then slowly stir in the mushrooms Was the mushrooms air, All added for the brandy and let it cook into the mushrooms are thoroughly soaked. Now you can add the strain best female sauce to your liking. We used about a tablespoon. After that, add some salt and pepper to taste and then set it aside in our next section will be going over how to make the pasta. 6. DOUGH INGREDIENTS: While our feeling and our sauce are set a size cooling off, let's go over some of the ingredients needed for the past. A dome. We're going to need 275 grams off wheat flour, 25 grams off semolina flour, four eggs, a tablespoon of olive oil and some salt. Next will start preparing our past. 7. DOUGH PREP: in this lesson will begin making the dough for our raviolis at the wheat flour and a semolina flour in a bowl. Then add the extra virgin olive oil. Break three eggs and leave one for later. When we're making the raviolis mixed a dole throughly, he may be necessary to take it out of the bowl. Winston looks and feels like dough. You are ready to pass it through the roller. We used an electric roller, but any ruler will do. Take a piece about the size of your hand and begin passing it through the roller. It will come apart in the beginning, but keep passing through into the states firmly together like this. - After you rolled it a few times, begin to change the setting to tie in your roller and make the dough thinner and dinner. When you get to the second to last number, your dole should be as wide as your roller. Once the dough is nice and long, place around your countertop or table anywhere clean and flat will do. In our next final episode, we'll be filling the raviolis, cooking them and serving 8. FINAL STEPS: in this video, all our lessons will be coming together. We're going to be feeling are raviolis cooking them and topping them off with our delicious brush amount sauce. Now take the last egg, crack it and separate the yolk from the whites. No, you can begin cutting the dough with our ravioli cutter. As you can see, these will be artery bya lease. Be sure to cut uneven number of circles. We don't want any leftover with a small spoon. Take some feeling and place it in the middle of half of the cut out circles. Be sure to leave plenty of room around the edges so you can seal the tops of the raviolis. Then with your finger, spread the egg whites around the edges of the bottom of your rev you, Elise. Now you're ready to apply the tops of your abuse. If you're afraid to use a fork around the sides of the dough To ensure these stick in a pod , bring water to a boy was boiling for the raviolis in and let them cook for 7 to 10 minutes until al dente. Once they're cooked, carefully string them out of the pen. Place them in a plate and top them off with the best tomato sauce served and enjoy. Thanks for watching and subscribing guys. We really appreciate your continuous support. Be sure to post your amazing pictures of raviolis and please feel free to ask any questions about this dish. Check back for more delicious recipes.