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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Make your own healthy granola bars

    • 2. Ingredients & Tools needed

    • 3. Step 1: Pre-heating oven & making chia gel

    • 4. Step 2: Making date paste

    • 5. Step 3: Mixing all the ingredients

    • 6. Step 4: Spreading mixture on baking tray & baking

    • 7. Step 5: Cutting bars & storage ideas

    • 8. Stay in touch!

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About This Class

Learn to make your own healthy granola bars with Victoria Jackson, founder of The Wellbar Journal. In this 20-minute class, you'll learn step-by-step how to prepare your own bars to snack at home or on the go. Save money by cooking your own bars instead of getting store-bought bars, these homemade bars are so much healthier! Learn all of Victoria's tips and tricks on cooking these bars. All you'll need is a few ingredients and kitchen tools and you have your own healthy granola bars. These bars are also vegan, dairy free and optional gluten free. Made with oats, dates, coconut oil, raisins, chia seeds and sunflower seeds. Simple, nutritious and delicious!

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Meet Your Teacher

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Victoria Jackson

Founder at The Wellbar Journal


Get to know Victoria:





Victoria Jackson is the founder of The Wellbar Journal, a blog about healthy eating and living. She shares healthy recipes that are easy to make and super delicious, everything from a green smoothie to a decadent coffee & peanut butter cake. She is also passionate about healthy living and shares her journey to a healthy life on her Instagram account to inspire people to live healthier with easy-to-follow advice.

Victoria was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but at the age of 21 she started traveling a lot while working as a model. She moved to Paris for work and made it her home for 2 years. That is when she became really passionate about healthy living.

She still works as a model i... See full profile

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1. Make your own healthy granola bars: Hi, guys. My name is Victoria Jackson, and I am the founder. Off the Wilbur Journal is a vlog about healthy eating and healthy leaving. I posed a lot off really healthy recipes, everything from salads to desert to breakfast options. The idea off this blogger is to make healthy eating simple, delicious and just easy, you know. So today I will be showing you how to make your own super healthy granola bars. I know how busy you are, and it's sometimes really hard to make you're wrong cooking, but I assure you that these bars air super, simple and super easy to make. Store bought bars are usually very expensive on, and they usually contain a lot of sketchy ingredients. The good thing about making your own bars from scratch is that you know exactly what's in your bar. You know this bars have so much goodness. They are sweetened with dates, which is really good sugar alternative. They have racing's. They have chia seeds. I guess you know a little bit about uses. There are really good source of fibre. They have omega threes. They have some flower seeds, oats, some cinnamon and some coconut oil, and That's it, guys. You just need a few other things and you have your own super super healthy, nutritious granola bars to snack on the gold for breakfast or any time of the day. So check out my class and you will have your own super healthy Grenell of ours. 2. Ingredients & Tools needed: first things first, I'm going to show you all the tools you're going to need to make these granola bars going to need a large mixing bowl. You're going to need a baking tray. You're going to need sisters to cut parchment paper, so you're going to need parchment paper. You're going to need some large mixing spoons, a nice measuring spoons or just regular teaspoons and tablespoons measuring cups or just a regular cop Onda. Then you're always going to need a mug and you're going to need a blender and you're going to need a boiler just to boil some water and the Norman. And now I'm gonna show you all the ingredients you're going to need. You're going to need two and 1/4 cups off old fashioned rolled oats. Then you're going to need 10 dates. I use Madhoun dates, which are softer, and then you're going to need 2/3 of a cop off racing's. You're going to eat 3/4 of a cop off some flower seeds. You're going to need 1.5 tablespoons off coconut oil. I like using virgin coconut oil. Then you're going to need two tablespoons soft chia seeds, plus 1/2 cup of water and one teaspoon of cinnamon, and that's it. 3. Step 1: Pre-heating oven & making chia gel: Well, the first step to make these granola bars is to preheat the open. You have to appreciate it to three 150 foreign hide 3 55 or hide, which is Ah, 180 century on. Ben, What you're gonna do is you're going to start you gravel mag just t mog ur um teacup. And you're going to makes justice. I told you two tablespoons of chia seeds with half a cup of water. Just grab one of these large spoons and just makes it a little bit. What will happen is that after 10 minutes, there's going to be like, ah, like jail, jail, like consistency. It's gonna be like jelly. This is because the cheap seats released like these jail jelly think that surrounds the jet , those chia seeds and it starts acting after like, one minute you're going to start seeing that the cheap seats start forming a like a jail and what this does, It acts as a binder like for the granola bars, just like eggs. And it's like a vegan substitute two x. So if you're begin, this is a great way to have a binder not using X. So I already makes the chief seats. After five minutes, I'm gonna just here again to make sure that it's everything mixed up. And in 10 minutes, you're gonna have your t A gel. 4. Step 2: Making date paste: So Step number two is pitting the dates. So you just remove the pit from the day by cutting with a knife at by half, and you see here the bid and you remove it, and that's it. And you place all your 10 dates inside a blender, and then you just add the five ounces of water that you have to boil in. A boiler just added to the blender. With the dates you just press the dates down, so they are all completely covered with water. What? This is going to soft in the dates and then you're just going to add 1.5 tablespoon of coconut oil. Oh, I just love the smell of coconut oil. So good. Okay, there you go. Does this one and 1/2 and now you're going to blend this until you get like, a smooth consistency, like a smooth pace, and we're going to the next step 5. Step 3: Mixing all the ingredients: So now we have our date paste, which is going to also help bind the bars. And you can see here that we already have the Chia jail seats perfectly combined. Next, what we're going to do is makes all of our ingredients. We're going to start with the dry ingredients. So we're going to Meeks. Just if I told you two and 1/4 cups of rolled oats one, Sometimes that happens. And 1/4 would be Yeah, that's gonna be better. That's 1/4. Okay, so then we're gonna add some flour seats, flower seats. We need 3/4 cup, so yeah, let's just feel one cop up to there. That's that's about 3/4 cough. Maybe just live with more. Yeah, they were gonna, uh, 2/3 of a gob. Well, here I prefer using the 1/3 cop. So you just feel this 1/3 cup two times? Yeah. I'm really terrible of mass, but I can manage this. This add one teaspoon of cinnamon and then you start adding all your wet ingredients. There you go is a little bit more. He I love cinnamon. Um, yeah. Too much cinnamon. You can never go wrong. with commits cinnamon, then gonna use well large tablespoon. Mix all the dry ingredients. Make sure you really makes well all the dry ingredients just to make sure everything is even least bread. I mean, if you love cinnamon, you can just add a little bit more sittin cinnamon. I wouldn't go past two teaspoons of cinnamon, but one teaspoon of cinnamon is perfect. But if you really love cinnamon, you can add up up to two teaspoons of sentiment. Okay, so there we have all our dry ingredients. Now we're going to start adding all the wet ingredients. First we have the chia gel. So that's add that in Whoa, it's really solid. The kiss. New help. Okay, so this is going to be your binder. Your main binder. That's that that they based. Oh, this smells so good. I loved dates from the coconut oil. Just the perfect combination. I mean, well, we're gonna love this. It's really important that you really makes thoroughly the wet ingredients with the dry ingredients. So all those dry ingredients are completely quoted with the liquid ingredients. So this may take a while depending on the size of your ball. Because if you are a smaller bowl, it's It's hard to mix because everything just comes and in splashes everywhere. But so if you could manage to get a really large mixing bowl, that would be great. Because, see, then I have no problem mixing. So see how it starts finding. And all the dry ingredients are completely quoted with the liquid ingredients. The sweetness from the dates, the flavor from the coconut. Well, I'm getting so hungry. I mean, if you could smell this, this is seriously, really good. Yeah. So there we have everything in one large bowl. Okay, There you have it. Everything is really well mixed. Let's get to the one of the final steps. 6. Step 4: Spreading mixture on baking tray & baking: So one of the final steps is going to be to cut the parchment paper to cover the baking trays like this, so you should be able to cover completely. So so then you can remove the baking the paper after baking, Um, and then you're going to start adding your mixture inside the baking tray with parchment paper. For this amount of ingredients, you're going to need Ah, baking tray that's about turn by six inches. So it's a pretty large baking tray, right? And then where you going to do is start spreading the mixture inside the baking tray with a large spoon or with your hands that's up to you on the You want to spread it evenly. So and really put some pressure when you're spreading, so that helps to really hold together the bars and to bind them. So when you cut them, they're not Crumley. I make these bars all the time. I usually have a big batch at home, and I sometimes I have them for breakfast or like our I take them with me in my bag when I'm on the goal. Those these bars air very convenient for that. You can just, like, rub them up and take them with you anywhere. Okay, so this is starting to look good. You see here, so really spread. I'm sure the sides also so this should be the the thickness of the bar should be pretty thin. Not too thin. Great. So now you're just gonna bake this? It's going to go in the open for about 30 to 35 minutes and just make sure that it doesn't burn on the top. So when it starts to get golden on the top, that's the perfect time to remove the baking tray from the over, and you're going to let cool outside the over completely. You just let it cool completely before you cut the bars. That's really important. So if you cut the bars before they are completely cool, you might get crumbly bars. And if you wait until it's completely cool, they're gonna hold together really strongly, and that's the kind of bar we're looking for. 7. Step 5: Cutting bars & storage ideas: Okay, guys. So I've already baked the bars on. They are completely cool. So it's really important that you leave them to cool before you start cutting them. I left them for about 30 minutes. Um, but, please, this is a very important step. So if it takes longer, just wait until it's completely cool. Um, and that way you will have the bars to buying the better. Um so the next thing will be to remove the parchment paper from the baking tray, and that's pretty simple. So you're just gonna pull from the edges? Just be careful that they don't break, so just do it with care. Um, so 123 And that's it. Um, OK, so then you're gonna cut the bars. Um, whichever size you like. Um, with this baking tray, what I do is I cut the around this size and then by half you're gonna repeat the process with the rest of the bars. Smells divine. Okay, so I just want to show you with one bar how they wants the end result. Um, and also the color they they are ready when you see these golden brown color. Um and yeah, that's it. Actually, you Then you can then store them, um, in an airtight container, Um, at room temperature for about one week. I usually do that. And also, if you want to grab one your one of your bars to go and take them with you anywhere you can just grab a piece of parchment paper. Let me just get that for you. You can grab for a piece of parchment paper, and then you just wrap it like this and have some tape from besides, And you have like, uh, like a package homemade granola bar that he can take with you anywhere on. This is so convenient. These bars are really, um they've been really handy for me. Um, especially cause I'm always on the goal. So it's great to have something really healthy, delicious and very nutritious to snack that will give me lots of energy throughout the day . So you guys So these are the bars, and I hope you enjoy them. So let me know. Anything thou any doubts that you may have or anything else that you want to know about. Ah, you can visit my blawg and just leave me a common there Or you can just leave a comment in the common session section here. Um, I hope you enjoyed my recipe. 8. Stay in touch!: Okay, guys, though. So that's all for today. I hope you enjoy this class. I would love to see your creations so you can post a photo off your lovely granola bars on the project section. I would love to see them. Also, you can share any of your tricks, our tips that you learn. Why cooking? Cooking them with the rest of your classmates. You can do that also in the project section, or leave any comments or any doubts there. Also, I invite you to post on your social media. If you like any of your granola creations by using the hash tag Well, granola bars. I would love to see them on social media, so and I hope you really enjoy your own granola bars. I surely love mines season.