Homemade Fresh Pasta from Scratch | Sarah Lawrence | Skillshare

Homemade Fresh Pasta from Scratch

Sarah Lawrence, Graphic Designer + Pasta Maker

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7 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Mixing the Dough

    • 3. Rolling out the Dough

    • 4. Cutting Into Fettuccine

    • 5. Conclusion

    • 6. Farfalle Demo

    • 7. Pappardelle Variation Demo


About This Class

Ever wanted to learn how to make your own pasta? Do you stare longingly at delicious heaps of freshly made noodles in an Italian restaurant and realize it'll never match up to your store-bought rigatoni? Well, never fear—your first pasta lesson is here! My name is Sarah Lawrence and I’m a self-taught pasta expert. I’ll be walking you through the steps of mixing dough and rolling it out with a pasta machine, as well as cutting it into long ribbons (also known as fettucine). There’s even a bonus video at the end: how to make bowtie pasta!

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Sarah Lawrence

Graphic Designer + Pasta Maker

Hey there! My name is Sarah, and I've always been such a fan of pasta. When I was a kid, the cooks at my camp called me Noodles because I'd always come up to ask what was for lunch. My ideal (lazy) lunch is just a bowl of fettucine with some olive oil and fresh parmesan cheese. About six years ago, my roommate came home from the farmer's market with some homemade black pasta and I was floored with an epiphany--I could make this! I could make my favorite thing!

I've been making pasta by...

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