Home Canning 101: Pickled Vegetables and Relishes

Janet Hesselberth, Traditional Skills from the Kitchen and Garden

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9 Videos (23m)
    • Introduction

    • Food Safety and General Canning Techniques

    • Ingredients

    • Equipment

    • Preparation

    • The Canning Process

    • Are We Done Yet?

    • Conclusion

    • Bonus Round: Pickled Beets


About This Class


Learn how to can at home as we step through a classic recipe, Dilly Green Beans. This class will cover food safety and general canning techniques, canning equipment, preparation, processing in a hot water bath canner, and proper storage and use of your home canned products.

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Great course! Instructions are clear, a list of necessary materials and resources are provided. I look forward to trying this. Thanks!
This is quite basic. Very good for beginners.
Thanks Janet, It was very well presented and explained.. I have started working on project and will get back to you in case of any doubt..





Janet Hesselberth

Traditional Skills from the Kitchen and Garden

I was raised by a Chemical Engineer and an Artist, an interesting dichotomy that led to a wonderful variety of skills in the household rather than conflict. My childhood was filled with projects such as soap-making, knitting, dyeing, home canning, gardening, pottery making, needlework and basketry. I could be found hanging by my knees from tree branches, collecting crayfish from the creek, manning my parents' pottery booth at crafts fairs, or weeding (under duress) in the garden. As I matured, I found that all of those activities I grew up with had lodged in my brain as things I enjoyed, and I have continued with many of them. Before I found my way into Information Technology, one of my first paying job was as a costumed Crafts Demonstrator at a nearby historic house. My home is filled with hand-crafted items, and my gardens are overflowing with herbs, flowers and vegetables. I enjoy sharing knowledge, and preserving the skills that our ancestors needed.

I hold seasonal workshops in my kitchen (by request) on canning or crafting herbal medicines.