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Holiday Yoga - Peaceful Warrior

teacher avatar Gina Van Boxtel, Breathe Sweet

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Holiday Yoga - Peaceful Warrior Introduction

    • 2. Materials Needed

    • 3. Setting an Intention

    • 4. Benefits of Peaceful Warrior

    • 5. Peaceful Warrior Yoga Sequence

    • 6. Peaceful Warrior Project Gallery

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About This Class

Holiday Yoga - Peaceful Warrior

In this class I will be focusing on Peaceful Warrior Pose. I will introduce Peaceful Warrior and the benefits of this pose. Then, I'll instruct a mini yoga sequence which incorporates peaceful warrior pose. I like to go over the definition of peaceful and then, we can use this for the class intention. We can all find ways to be more peaceful during the holiday season, so lets do a little peaceful warrior.

peaceful: free from disturbance; tranquil

What is Peaceful Warrior Pose...? Take this class to find out more.

Meet Your Teacher

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Gina Van Boxtel

Breathe Sweet


Hello, my name is Gina. I have a degree in Fine Arts-graphic design. I currently work in a resort day spa doing massage therapy, esthetics, body treatments, and I teach yoga classes. I love art, relaxing with my beau, walking my pup, chai tea lattes, & being healthy. Zen is my mantra.

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1. Holiday Yoga - Peaceful Warrior Introduction: I still share. My name is Gena and welcome to my class Holiday Yoga, Peaceful warrior. In this class, I will define the word peaceful and we can use that has our intention or our wish. Throughout this class, I really like Teoh basement classes around themes. So this theme will be about being peaceful. I will go into how to do Peaceful Warrior, the strength and benefits peaceful lawyer. And then I will instruct a mini yoga class about 10 minutes where we can incorporate Peaceful Warrior in that many sequence. So it'll be a nice relaxing flow at the end of the class for the Project Gallery. I would really love for everyone to submit either a water coloring a sketch. I think they're painting a photograph or even a guest of your peaceful warrior. So thank you for joining and let's get started. 2. Materials Needed: materials needed for holiday yoga. Peaceful warrior are a yoga mat and a small towel. If you don't have a yoga mat, you can use a beach towel. Practice outside is nice or on the ground in the house and the small towels just for any slipping on the yoga mat and any perspiration if you need to tell off. I loved whose essential oils. During my yoga practice, I chose Peppermint vanilla bland, which is really great for the holiday season. The peppermint is nice on the neck and shoulders Kind adds a cooling effect. You can also place them on your mat to inhale throughout your practice. The next thing I like to light a candle for tranquility and being a little bit more peaceful in the space. I always bring water for hydration, lastly, choosing a quiet, peaceful ambience. And if you don't have that, just practicing at home or in the office is great as well. I always like to tell people to consult your health care provider before practising any yoga and using essential oils 3. Setting an Intention: in this class. In this practice, we will set an intention. So in yoga, setting an intention is a way to practice with that intention and then also taking that off of the yoga mat into the outside world or your environments. So since we're doing holiday yoga, peaceful warrior I'd like to set an intention revolved around the word peaceful, peaceable or peace, so peaceful is an adjective. The definition of peaceful is peaceable, untroubled by conflict, commotion or agitation, so thinking of words that are peaceful as well. Tranquility. Quiet, calm, peaceful is also relating to a state or time of peas and then a devoid of violence or force . Peacefulness in peace fully are another forms of peaceful. So an example of setting intention could be having inner peace in my heart were finding Peacefulness in the holidays. If something kind of agitates you Ah, maybe it's decorating for the holidays. So finding Peacefulness in decorating this holiday season encourage peaceful interactions. Whether it's with your co workers, a partner, your Children or the intention could just be as simple as I and peaceful. My intention is I am peaceful preparing for our holiday party. We have one every year, so this year I'm gonna find peaks in it 4. Benefits of Peaceful Warrior: In this session, we will learn how to do Peaceful Warrior, also known as Ohm Shanti. Top arm lease back while the front knee is bent in the back leg is straight. Your gaze can be straight up or looking back at your ankle. Always be mindful of your neck. You want to bring ease and comfort until the neck muscles deep breath into the side body. Relax, be peaceful in deep breaths. Back foot is at a diagonal, grounding both feet into the earth. The bottom arm a rest on your low back or laying straight resting on your back leg breath in, end out. Where can I be more peaceful during the holiday season? Just coming back to your mindfulness. The benefits of peaceful Warrior are expanding the rib cage and the side body stretches your top arm and opens up the hips. Extends your torso, lengthens the spine, improves back. Pain and flexibility also strengthens legs, feet and abdomen muscles, while allowing grace and peace to enter the mind 5. Peaceful Warrior Yoga Sequence: we will begin in child's pose. Lassana resting your hips down onto the heels. Big toes touching knees separates torso lays between the knees. Forehead rests on the ground. Here we come into a deep, relaxing, slow rhythm Matic breath called R O J E. Breathing in and out of the nose. Make your intention or your wish here. Since we're doing the peaceful warrior, Siri's think of how you can be more peaceful throughout this holiday season. Breath and and breath out, Breath in in breath out. One more big inhale coming to your firm's exhale. Pressing back downward facing dog Couple breaths here in and now on your next exhale looking to your hands. Step to the front of the yoga mats, vowing forward bending the knees inhaler to chair. Pose breaths here. Peaceful, calming drink wall. Inhale. Exhale, folding forward. Inhale lift. Exhale downward facing dog. Inhale your right leg to the sky. Exhale step to the right hand. Inhale up to warrior one. Vera Bad Rocinha. One back foot spins at a 45 degree angle. Just resting were one. Inhale and exhale breath in Exhale Opening up Warrior to Vera Burgess in a to check in behind with the arms, arms, air, straight torso faces the side wall relaxing. Call main breaths here in, you know, slipping your friend palm. Inhale Lay back. Peaceful warrior Shan't Day Bud Rocinha Bigs yawn and you're right side body. Your gaze can be at your back. Foot's gays can be straight up on your next exhale. Pressing back downward facing dog Inhale left leg to the sky Stepping to the left hand pause Inhaler Royer. One. Couple breaths here. Inhale and exhale. Sweet breath in calming breath out left hip tux back a little bit. Inhale. Exhale. Opening up. Warrior two. Maybe been the elbows. If your arms feel heavy, gazes over your front arm, breath in breath strong and you're from leg. Inhale. Flip the front palm. Peaceful lawyer lay back, maybe bending our arm. Arresting It's on your low back. Gays can be at your back ankle or up to your top hand. Big breath into the left side. Exhale, pressing back to downward facing dog. It's a little bit faster. One breath, one movement, inhale. Exhale. Look to the front of your man. Step up bowing forward. Inhale up to chair. Exhale, folding forward halfway lift Exhale downward facing dog Inhale the right leg high Exhale step to the right hand Inhale war your one exhale well, you're to inhale Peaceful warrior Exhale Release down downward facing nice inhale less like high Exhale Step to the left hand Big breath in Warrior one Exhale War Your to inhale Peaceful warrior Exhale Release down downward facing dog breath in breath Out breath in exhale Looking to the hands walker Jump Inhale halfway Lift Accel Full in her suit. Batasuna Chair Access Putin Ascena Inhale half Leland Exhale downward facing dog one breath one movement Inhale like high exhale Step up Inhale Vera by addressing a one. Exhale the breath and to inhale Peaceful warrior Exhale right back down Downward facing top Inhale last like high exhales Step to left hand Breath in Warrior One breath out to in hell Peaceful warrior Exhale Release the hands down, Step back downward facing dog I mean back to blast in a child's pose Arms conf ace the sky Receiving positive, peaceful energy Relax the hands elbows bend back Breath in in breath. Now impressing up Palm's together Bowing forward Shannon fail hands to the forehead Senner ! Big breath in Exhale Bowing forward Na Missed. Thank you. Thank you 6. Peaceful Warrior Project Gallery: since this is skill share, and it's extremely creative for your produce gallery. I want to do something, um, artistic or creative. So making your peaceful warrior into a photograph, a sketch drawing finger painting, do it'll? Whatever you'd like said, Get creative, have fun and just be peaceful. I chose to take a picture with some Christmas lights, and then I I brought mine into photo shop and put some snow into my photograph. Thank you and see you next time for my next skill share class.