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Holiday Cards | Create Custom Holiday Cards Online

teacher avatar Mohini Sinha, Acrylic Landscpae -WaterColor Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (1h 34m)
    • 1. Hello

    • 2. Materials Required

    • 3. Basic Painting Techniques

    • 4. Pine Forest Part1

    • 5. Pine Forest Part2

    • 6. SnowMan Part1

    • 7. SnowMan Part2

    • 8. Twinkling Stars Part 1

    • 9. Twinkling Stars Part2

    • 10. Twinking Stars Part3

    • 11. SnowyPineTree Part1

    • 12. SnowyPineTree Part2

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About This Class


Holiday Cards | Create Custom Holiday Cards Online

Hello Friends,

Firstly happy holidays to all :)

My new class on 4 different types of holiday cards using Acrylic Medium.

You can use your holiday card to say thank you and extend your gratitude to your loved ones. Whether someone has supported you all year long or if they're simply important to you, sending a holiday card with a handwritten message is a moving gesture

So let share love by gifting these beautiful cards to your loved ones.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Mohini Sinha

Acrylic Landscpae -WaterColor Artist


I'm an IT Engineer by qualification and Artist at heart. After a few years of corporate life, I've moved on to my true life calling which is art, specifically to paint. Painting was my first love, ever since my childhood I used to paint with my grandfather which fascinated and gave me joy.
I resumed painting in mid-2019. Initially, I started learning by watching other artists on social media platforms and started painting in my drawing book. In no time graduated to a larger canvas. My primary genres are acrylic painting and watercolor floral painting. Under acrylic, I love painting landscapes. I look forward to learning each day for the rest of my life and share my experiences by coaching others and help them learn different techniques and styles of acrylic and other art forms. I be... See full profile

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1. Hello: Holiday gods are the best way to say thank you and extend your gratitude to loved ones. Whether someone has supported you all day long, or if they're simply important to you. Sending a holiday card with a handwritten message is a moving gesture. Keeping this in mind, I, Mooney Sina, thought of creating these beautiful gods. So in this class we'll be learning what materials we'll be using. Blending technique. Do different types of buying. And full beautiful paintings. So d first painting will be buying forest. The second bending there'll be snowmen taught painting, doing things does, and fought, buying covered with snow. So let's start with it. 2. Materials Required: Hello friends, welcome back. So let's talk about the materials. These are the acrylic colors which we'll be using on almost all the paintings. Bush in blue, Payne's gray, black, yellow, green, red, white, and masking tape. These are some of the pens, metallic bins, which we will be using this as the wind gel open pencil and eraser. And this is this bunch round shape. This is the earbud. And these are some of the brushes which we'll be using. The liner brush, the Guam brush, some of the flat brushes of different different sizes, and the round brushes. The materials which will be needing. Apart from that, we will be needing the jar for Watteau and the ballad. This is the glass ballot. And the tissue paper or cloth. And debate bonuses, 200 GSM A4 size paper, which I'll be folding from the middle. So you will be needing four of these. So this is it. So let's start with it. 3. Basic Painting Techniques: Hello friends, welcome back. So let's start with a first basic techniques which we will be using you. So you can see I've taken two colors and these are the pressures round brush, brush and the round brushes. So let's start with this. And these are the four paintings which we'd be doing. The pine forests, snowman, and the pine forest. So fosters the bind forests that do bind. Bind forest and defined which is covered with snow. So first start with the blending. So in this darker color is more enlightened versions less. So darker color, 70% and lighter color. 2d boats and so forth. We'll start with the darker color. And as we move down, we lighten the color. And then we'll start blending the brush in the different directions. And the last to last one just white colour. And from the boredom Miles dad just blending and moving upward direction. So this is the main basic technique which I mostly use doing my background. But so this is the technique that you have to use, indeed, blending. Now d, Let's start with default pine tree. That does the forests pine tree, which I'll be creating. So here I am using my round brush, but there I'll be using my flat brush and my rounded edge also. But this is the smaller own dress. So I founded here. So I'm just creating a small straight line to take straight line and just creating small, small dots in the upper portion. And then just moving the brush silently in the Delta direction just to create a random three shapes. So the tree of leaves should not be of equal sizes like the golden, the treelines should be slightly bigger. So you can see the baton, which I am moving the brush. So I'm just moving the brush in the random directions. And as you go down, the leaf should be bigger. Than many techniques of creating the pine trees you can also create with the fan brush and brush. I'll show you. And fan brush also you can create very nice buy in trees, but lineup loss or also you can create in fine detail by entries. But this is the basic technique I am using here for the pine forest. Now the second buying tree, which has no codeword here first time creating a small rectangular, it's not a proper rectangle. It's something irregular shape rectangle and then down the tree trunk and just creating a small line. And some bosom boasts more lines to dish sides. But this I'll be creating with my rigor brush. I'm just showing you the demo how to create that snowy tree. And with my wife, Guam brush, I'll be just creating small, small dots. It's not a dot. It's like moving the brush in the slanting form direction to create a nice tree shape. And just filling that triangular area so that that shape doesn't comes out. I hope you are getting it. And I'll also fill the area in between with the small, small dots of that Gullah. Go in this technique, I am also using the liner brush. I'll show you in the main of painting. But these are the techniques which we will be using in the two pine trees. And rest is this snowman and the twinkling stars. So that is simple. So these were the mean techniques which I'll be using. So you can see just small lines and you don't have to fill the colors that the bashes which the Guam is coming out. It should be separated. If you use tic colors, that deck show will not come out. So don't use much color, it don't do it. And less water should be there. So this is the shape of the secondary that we'll be creating. And then on top of the dad, that snow covered bind will be there. So I'll show you in the main painting. There are different types of pine trees. So these are two of them that are several lighting varieties of binaries which created a different, different styles. This is the two styles which I thought of sharing with you. So I hope this might help you in creating these. This is the pine tree, which I'm telling. And the second one has this. So d And the third one as the snowman, that nice texture behind and D4 F1 as twinkling stars. So let's start with a first painting. 4. Pine Forest Part1: Hello friends, welcome back. So let's start with our first painting. So this is the massing david J. I have put all over the sheet and these other kalos which we'll be using. So let's start. So first I will be taking the largest size brush. That is that the biggest size flat brush. And I'll be covering the background. So for covering the background, I'm just reading my brush and using this portion blue and little bit of white. More amount of portion blue. So it's like forties exterior ratio. So as v will go down, the ratio will decrease. And wide ratio will increase. So first time using the darker version. And as we go down, the more we'll add white color. So you can see, as I'm moving down, I'm adding more of white color. So this is the blending technique should we use in most of our acrylic painting did. So whenever you are painting anything and acrylic tried to blended with the lighter version. It easier, it is easier to blend the colors with lighter version, whether it is yellow or white. So you can see em just moving upward with the same color so that it blends nicely. And just moving the brush in the tune flow direction. Once this blending part is done and the background, you can be dry as dotted with d next step. So it's almost done. 5. Pine Forest Part2: Hello friends, welcome back. So now this coating has dried up a good bit. Now I'll use black color and little bit of Prussian Blue. And I will just make straight lines with my flat brush. Just some are small, some are big. So different, different heights. So once this is done, I will just put more colors because Plato doesn't matter if the line is not straight. So k, because when you will fill the leaves, it will automatically covered that area. So now I'll be using round brush. And with the same Gallo. And I'm adding little bit nu also. And the same technique. First technique as BY drawing this. The above leaves, I'm trying to draw a straight line and a little bit smaller leaves. I'm just creating small, small lines and giving a shape to it. So just random shapes because all the leaves are not of same size. So just random shapes you have to create and in-between a ticker line. So I'm just doing that. And I want them off the lines. I'm creating the glimpse. Just random shapes. So whenever you are creating these shapes, make sure that your colors not take. It should be in a liquid format. So it should not be off. It. Take viscosity, should you out, you have to add a little bit of Warner do it. So you can see I'm using round brush, but you can also use rigour brush, fan, brush, brush. And all those brushes create different, different types of eggshells of the leaves. So if a create with round brush, the texture will be different. If you create a wet brush, it will be different. So different. But ideas of pine tree you can create with different brushes. It depends upon the pressures which you are using. So you can see you have just need to create random lines. And that will be perfect because leaves a neighbor of CME sizes. So you just have to create random lines, demonstrate someone's landed. Some are dead. So that creates a nice effect in the painting. You can also create the spit gosh scholars or what the colors. And in colors postdoc alos. Whichever you like. It's not only the acrylic colors, but any Gallo depending upon your choice. So you can see, I'm just creating random lines. And just keeping in mind that in the middle area is quite thick and dense. I use to create gods when I was, in my childhood days, when I was in school. But nowadays, people don't make gods. So I thought of making it reminding of my childhood memories. So after this, o, once this tree texture is over, we'll be creating that lights. So just enjoy the process. I hope you are liking it. And do share your row projects, whichever, whichever god you make, do share, share me and my skill share or my Instagram handle that is Mauritania gallery. There also you can tag me. So the tree but is almost complete. And now I'll be creating these no effect. So what I'll do is I'll use the same brush and desc White and more of water. And it just dampened with an underbrush so that the colors on that brush boils off. You can see the small, small drops just splashing on this surface. So instead of creating small, small law, this is the best technique of creating dots. Now with my liner brush, that same black color, I'll just create the line. Maybe from the top. Just obtain line with my liner brush. And just like a crisscross type. And do lines are overlapping each other at 1. After that spit some random distance or some, I'll create small, small square shapes for delights. So now with my same round brush, I'll be creating those lights of different colors. I've used three colours. That is red, yellow, and green, which I'll be using you. So you can see I'm leaving two gaps for two different colors and then doing it. So this was a splash of water, so I'm just removing it with my plot. So that is still the sport. I'll discover it afterwards. So now I'll be using a little bit of white and do it to give it a little shadowy shape to that area. Now, I'll be using yellow. And I'm gonna be creating small slope goes so transparent, so I'll add a little bit of white to it. I would just wash off my brush. And I'm Vienna dick, that DO same color with more of white and very light color. And I'll just create shadows. Now. So zircon with lights, I'm just documenting it more. So now I'll be using green Gallo and we'd be creating same saw goes better. Melinda, area is left. So what does lightning BOD does? Almost complete. And just giving it a good shape, do that red one. And now I'll add a good wage to do green. And I would just create coldline outside. Lighter, marginal green and dose. Now I will take white and it'll just create small dots in see those one-stop spawned. So I am just covering that area would be good. White dots. Does random dots, I'm just creating it. And this is almost done. Now let's take out that masking tape and see how it looks. Again, see how nicely the border comes out then you use the masking tape. So a first painting is almost done. So this is it. So let's begin with annex bending. 6. SnowMan Part1: Hello friends, welcome back. So let's start with our second painting and we'll be using the same color ballad. Just bins, graves different. And I put the paper in the vertical direction. So that wasn't horizontal. This one isn't what decal. So let's start. I'm just mixing Payne's gray and little bit of white and a little bit of portion blue. So in this case there's more amount of white as there. So make sure that your masking tape is pleased very nicely at the ways color mainly code. So I'm just applying the colors darker in the upper portion and as we go down lighter AND down portion. So if you don't have Payne's gray, You can use potion blue predictably. And just add black to it. That is Ivory Black. And same color will come up. So I'm just going down and adding mode of white Stewart. So here I'm just using a little bit of biden, just moving my brush1 do for detection and blending the colors. So whenever you are blending the colors, you should have enough amount of color in your brush. Otherwise you will not be able to bring blended properly and make sure your paper is 200 or 300 GSM. The ways it can happen that the column may comes in the other direction also. So it should be a TIG paper. I think 400 GSM is the best one. But you can use two hundred, three hundred years. In the down portion, I'm adding mode of white. So a background part is almost complete. So now I'll use that sponge brush and I'll create sockets. So I'll just use white color and a little bit of that banes green portion, Bluemix. And I'm just gonna move in the clockwise direction. I'll just cover the whole area to give a little bit of snowy effect. In the background. If you don't have this, you can also use your mouth brush that does round more brush. For doing this, it will create effect. Or you can use your ear bud to create the round circles. You can see I've used very less amount of color because already the background is wet and when an applying that white color onto it, the color, that background color is also coming up and it is easily blending with that white color. It's giving a nice effect to it. So I'm trying to fill almost all areas. Just moving my brush in the clockwise direction. And anticlockwise direction also sometimes. So you can see em overlapping those round circles also. So that noticing go bud off, that blank areas left and nice circles are created. So I'm also doing overlapping of andalso console. Now once this is dried up, we'll create snowman. So it will take around five to ten minutes to acrylic dude completely dry off. And then we'll start with the sketching. But before that we can do create the black lines with above. So that, that also drives at the same time. So I'm just using my liner brush and creating lines. The blue lines, like we did in the previous spinning. But these lines will be there to take goods. So I don't think the soap liner brush will create declines. So I'm just giving creating the lines and then I'll use the brush to create a ticker line. So you can see a little bit off. The gala was really very wet and chemo and from the brushes came out. So now I'm using your round brush and using same Gallo and just creating a ticker line. But Payne's gray and black mixture. So it's not completely black, it's a mixture of Payne's gray and black. You can see these lanes are multicore down the previous painting lanes. So I just thought of clearing take lanes so that it is more visible and little bit more highlighted. And now we create the boats. In this case, oil debugs will be of same load that is yellow. And it makes little bit doubtful white dirt because yellow is little bit of transparent color. So I'll just make a little bit of white to it. And I'll just create drone. Don't sell goods. In this case, I'm using same gorilla. You can use different colors if you want. But I taught us using the same yellow color. So just enjoy the process. So you can also create these paintings with your booster colors or gosh colors, whichever color you want. An even wonder. Also you can use. But I didn't go wash color will be best gosh, color also you can use and acrylic colors are obviously, I'm doing it. So one, so this is done as it does, taking almost five to ten minutes to clear these circles. Meanwhile, that background gullible dry off. So I taught not wasting dime and fuzz do that Dos Reis bulb. And then in the meanwhile, that background Gulliver dry off completely. So now this is done. Now, what we'll do is we'll create a sketch of the snowman flows, and then we'll dot painting it. So first we will create the sketching part. So I hope this is visible. A GI to create the lid to Docker Penzu. Sam was creating the leg. Now does the base ground. So I'm just creating a sketch of that snow man. This is a laughing snowmen. So it's like creating two oval shape. It's not completely oval-shaped, but lower overall is little bit bigger and a smaller one and a little bit smaller. Oh, sorry. The lower one is little bit bigger and the upper one is little bit smaller. So as to give it a nice shape and in-between the two buttons and above all, so that is one Socolow button and then the CMS D phase part. So for the phase part, I'll be using lego hardship you have to create, but this has not joined one. So you can see this is the heart-shaped dipole foo. And then I'll just create another bulging area above. That would be the phase of the snowman. And then d Mt. I'm just darkening it out so that you can see it properly. And this is the mode. So the eyes and the nose, which is triangular in shape. And then I'll create the hands and the detail. So just these rectangular portion and the hands which are like, oh, stick three or four sticks coming out. So does sketching is almost done. So now let's start with deep bending bug. 7. SnowMan Part2: Hello friends, welcome back. So let's start with now depending. But so here is d gel pen and it'll just do outlining of the whole sketch which I have done. So if you don't have any gel pen, you can use obviously the acrylic white color and draw the outer line with the liner brush. It's easier for me to draw with the jellybeans, so I'm using your digital pin. But yes, you can try the acrylic dollars also. So I'm just outlining it. So here you can see I'm just coloring the whole area because data have to create a small white dot into it. And also the D part. It's wide. After that. Do the coloring. So you can see I've not outline the hand area because that has all black. So I have left to that and also the heavy part. So now I'm using white and a little bit of black to it. And I'll just covered the dummy area. So here you can see I'm using round brush, but it is of smaller size aiding do. It's easy for me to color with the round brush. You can also use Angular brush for that. And that is also very nice. I'm just covering the lower area. I think it's a little bit of doubt, so I'll add more white to it and I'll just do one more blocking to the scholar so that it creates a nice white shiny effect. So now the top portion. So whenever you are using acrylic, don't use much water. Because otherwise that Gallo viscosity or you can say density will not be that effective. So use less amount of water, even if you are doing the background, but use less water. Like color should be 90% and then boson should be 1to. So it's like the ratio. So just Locking as done. So almost I've done the blocking Nile use the black color. And you can see this model round buttons Al do first that do buttons in the belly and one on the top. So I'm just adding little bit of what dose so that it becomes fluid. Because you know that acrylic dries very fast. So in Windows. But in some ways like in minutes, a DRE. So now covering that area, just giving Bicycling, I'm also giving shape to it. So the idea of creating this snowman came from the movie Frozen. I used to love the snowman while watching the movie Frozen. So I thought why not create the snow man? I could have created a normal snowmen that is round shape one, but I taught light on disk. So to adopt sharing this to you. Now I'm just using my liner brush and giving D-shaped do that smiley but and now the eyes and nose are left. I'm just giving it a shape. Now. D, i is just drawing the outline and the eyebrows. And the i's. So these are very small, small details which you have to date girl, very delicately. So now D hands, I'm just using my same liner brush and I'm just creating those ten hands. You can see that. And just, it's not straight. It's something irregular shape. It's like oh, wouldn't reshape. So you can see that the good that has come out. So I'll just cover it to a DCM column plus led me completed. Now D has just three lines. And the nose, I'll mix red and yellow, which creates a nice so orangeish shade. And it'll just use it for creating that small triangular nodes. I'm just loving and smile. So you can see that 80 averages, little bit black has come on and just covering with the same color. So this is one technique where you can use same colour and you can overdo that area. This can only happen with acrylic and Gosh. And of course, oil gallows also when it gets dried off, but not mendell red. So now this snowman is almost complete. So what I'm thinking is I will just use same round brush and little bit of white and mode of water and just give a nice shade. Do that. Shock socle. With my brush. Like delights are popping out. It's very light color in those there is more of a water and less on weight Gullah. So just giving a good shaped alert. So it's almost done. So let's take out that masking tape and see how it looks. Good before that, that's nobody's left. So I'm just using my white bread, white color and the splat brush and just stopping it. Just tapping in to give it a nice snowy deck should do it. So now it's done. Finally, now let's take out that masking. Dave, I really enjoyed digging out that masking tape. I don't know why what I enjoyed and I always put masking Dave and MR. I'm doing any any bending because it gives a nice border. So this is almost done. And let's start with odd toward painting. 8. Twinkling Stars Part 1: Hello friends, welcome back. So let's start with that taught painting. So these are the same colors which I have taken. So let's start this. These are all same colors. So let's just get my brush. And just day to deliberate DOF black because I have to cover the whole area with black. So I'm just blanking blocking that. You can also dig black paper if you have. I was not having so I painted it black. But if you have black cold press paper, then you again definitely date black paper. But I've always known having, so I just told us bending it. Behold background black. So once you have covered the whole area with black color, just make sure that each and every Gordon's recovered nicely. Especially the ends. Then only that shade will come that border welcome mode. Otherwise that border will not come out properly. So now they take D flat brush that small size and I'll use red and mix it with black. It gives a nice purplish color. It's not exactly Bob Polish, but it gives a nice published color. There is more of red and less of black in it. So it just a little bit of green also. And this, this side make the branches of the trees and the tree drunk. Let's start. So this is the deliberate dogs. I'll add just white to it. Because when the background is black, it's difficult to create that Kahlo. So I'll just add a little bit, do I do it? And just giving shape of a tree. Adding more weight and more red suggest creating the tree trunks, the base of the tree, and then the branches. This is the same flat brush but of smaller size. All these brushes from Prince Princeton suggest creating different, different. Psi is branches. You can see how this color is popping out. But black background creating small, small branches and little bit more of them adding and just highlighting an area. Just giving the shape to the tree and the branches also. Now I'll use the green colour and add little bit Dwight and just create leaves. So I'm just dropping in random directions and just creating the leaves. Just random dots are there. You can also create this width round brush. But I was using this flatness, so I thought of creating with this also. You can also use fan brush to create nice street direction. So just few leaves on the upper side. And now I'll use same gel pen which I used earlier, that white gel pen. And I'll create lines that threads, threads of that series and stars. So just time creating these lines that are connecting the trees. You can create to it. The liner brush also. And just. And also the what the guidelines for this does. Four to five, what did the lion's edit create for these does. So now we'll start with next. But so just giving the shape that this only for star. Actually after long time I'm making stars. So it's a little bit, obviously you can create the sweat degree on soil so or with white pencil if you don't have this gel pen or orbit, does acrylic Gallo. So just giving the shape and then we'll start filling the colors. So there are six does which I'm creating you. Now the star creation has done so let's do the deblocking bottom. This does. So your RAM using my round brush. And first I'll do the first one with red color. 9. Twinkling Stars Part2: Hello friends, welcome back. So now we were doing the blockings. So first one will be painting with red color. Just the red and a little bit of orange. So I'm just blocking it with my round brush. This is a small sized round brush, size one. Just adding little bit of water to it You can use any color you want, multi around using red, yellow, and green. And you can also use different metallic colours. But I was not having those metallic gallows. So I thought of using these colors only. So in the center, I'll just add little bit of yellow and white. Make sure. Little bit of lighter version of red. You can see the causality bright and the center portion is little bit lighter version because that area is bright enough. Odata dues does, which I'll be bending with red color. So another one, which I'm painting with red color is this. In vital painting. I'm also giving the shape to the stars also. And if there is some color which is coming out will fill in with black to begin with that with black color, and that is not an issue. So it's all gave the colors are coming out. You get ease leak over that area with black. Similarly, now, different colour. Now I'll be doing the green one, which is on the top. And additive white Duet because green is quite dark. So I'm adding little white and yellow Do it. So just covering the above bandwidth, the green Gallo. Now that same portion, blue am just adding white to it because I don't want that dark colloid will not reflect on that. So I'm just adding a little white 50-50 percent of board and just covering these dots next to the red one. So I'll color to blue stars, one beside the red and another one. That is the next dread. So I'm just covering the dis with blue. Now last stars is it left? So dad one, yellow. And since the yellow is transparent, so I'm adding it in white. So just giving the shape to these dots and just covering deal and diarrhea. This dot is behind the blue star, so this is not a default style. So now all these styles are completed. Now we will create small, smaller by atoms bond that while it blind. This is almost done. So with same color. So you can see that I am just giving that shape because that yellow has come out. So this is the way we can go with the ones which, for which the gallows have come out. So now we will be creating small, small, low, round shapes on that. The lines which we have drawn earlier. Just the other dots, just round trips and they are good dot, small, very small dots. I've also makes little bit widened Do it. So you can see they are very small, small just I'm just putting small, small dots over there. So this is done. Now what we'll be doing is we'll take that same gel pen, gel open and will be creating lines from the centre. So in all this ties me to be creating lines which I enjoining each other. And after creating those lines will create small, small dots in between. So I'm just adding the d n low n, just smallest motor dots in all these does. You can also do this with gel pen if you have yellow gelpen. But I was not having, so I'm using my brush to do it. This is the same round brush which I use for blocking those. Does this painting is almost done. Just few more techniques are left. just few fine detailing So now these almost done. So the last part is left. 10. Twinking Stars Part3: Hello friends, welcome back. So just define LD Dells or left. So now these are metallic kalos which I'll be using in the stars. So let's start with it. So first time using the golden Gallo for the yellow star. And I'm just outlining the outdoor area. So that also giving the shape suggest outlining the outer areas. After that, I'll be using the pink metallic Gallo for the red one. And was known to having read Metallica law. So I use the pink color. If you are having the red metallic color, you again use red color also. So vote the red stars. I will be doing the scholar. And now comes the blue one. So blue when both the blue colors, stars, i'll be doing that, this blue metallic color. If you are having metallic beans, you can use that also. But I was not having that. So I'm just using these bins. And the last green one, I'll be using these silver color. If you have green gallo, You can use data and so that will create a nice look. So it's almost competed for this task pod. And for these small bulbs. I will be using that burned. But before that, let's take out this and see how it looks. So I can see that green white leiden is not divisible. So I'll just create nice lines to it. Does look a bit dark so that it is visible. After that, I'll be using earbud and dig just white color. And more war DO very less white color and more of Bordeaux. And add it just to me, Ground Round shadows do that so you can use it with your brush also. But I didn't. This is more easy, so I use this yet unborn. Now once this is done at Adjust doc in that Sando color more so that it does more bright. Chose these enter gallows. I'm just putting 11 door to it. So this is done. So let's start with our last painting. 11. SnowyPineTree Part1: Hello friends, welcome back. So let's start with our last painting that just buying three covered with snow. So these are the same gallows, same brush. So knew what drab taken the fresh clean water. And let's start with did. So here I'm just using Prussian blue and adding little bit of white, little bit Black also. And the Madrid to give it a bubbly shade. So I think it's more purple, so I'll add a little bit more of Prussian blue and white. So first I'll start with the corners. And as we move in the center, so we are moving in the vertical direction. So as we smooth in descend upon the gallows, lighten up. So as we're moving inside, that bought the colors a little bit lighter and a little bit more of reddish. So keep on blending the colors as you are moving. And just adding white to the Santo. So more widen, decenter and as we go goes, go out to the color, dark ends up. And in-between start blending the colors. So now again out there but is left. So I am just covering that area, the outdoor but and I'm just trying to blend the colors. Add more of white and red. Design DOE. And just move in the outward direction. So in between it's like an oval shape. Send DOJ is quite white in between. Just trying to blend that. So does there is no shop aligns. Blend the colors until unless you're satisfied that yes, that lending bodies done. And if the colors are drying up, just add a little bit of water, do your brush and viper x's a water and then start blending the colors. So now we'll just wait for five to ten minutes to, for it to dry. Now, once this is completely dried off. We'll just do a little bit of sketching and then we'll start with the painting. But so now it has dried. So I'm just sketching in the middle area. The tree is just a triangular shape which I'm drawing. And the tree trunk, I hope you can see at the Benson is very light, so just the triangles shape, which I'm creating. Now I'll use the same green color and additive white to black to it. And I'll just block in that area. And same colour, that tree trunk and little bit of shadow. And the end. And now with my rigor brush, just create deadlines off the leaves which are coming out. Just to verify and lines I'll be creating. You can see those lines are not of same size. So as we go down, the lines will also be bigger. Lines are done. Now with the brush rated me creating the new. So I think this is the bigger one. So I'll just check out the small one. And then I will be creating the leaves. 12. SnowyPineTree Part2: Hello friends, welcome back. So now we will be doing the detailing of the leaves. So this is a gone brush which is of size two. So I am using the same color. So but that this time the color should be, it should not be in the liquid form. Then only you will be able to create those textures. So I'm just creating the small, small dots, very small fine lines. You can see that. Similarly, I'll be doing the robot also. I will just cover the whole lines with the dots of the brush. These are very small, fine lines which the Guam bridge can create. So I'm also filling that area in between those, those triangles. So in this case that is mod of green and less of black. So you can see I'm just filling that area in between also. Similarly, I'll be doing the whole lines in the same baton. So it is not necessary that all the leaf that and shouldn't be seen. It can be off different directions, different sizes, because trees have never seen leaves. So all the leaves that actions can be changed. So you can see there are some small leads, some bigger one. So it depends upon the sizes. Does technique takes a little bit of time, but it gives a very nice D-Day look. And the realistic tree look. This side is almost done. We will be doing the other side. So other side also same technique I'll be using. And I'm just creating small, small dot in the center also. So same technique which I have used in the other direction, I'll be using in this direction. So much color that your branch cannot move. So date very little amount of colors, but the colors should not be very ten. It should be fluid, but it should not be that Eaton. Otherwise this textual will not come up. This first detailing is done. So we'll do the next spot. So but my rigor brush, I'm just giving little shape to this tree. Just the depth of the tree. And besides just the shapes. And making that center area little bit more broader and just giving more shape to the trees. And with that black color, I'm just creating smallest, smaller dots here and there. So now I'm just adding white and creating the centerline. So you can see my y two is over now just, I'm taking little bit more color. Does little bit more, right? Because we'd be needing for this, No, but so again, I'm using that Prussian blue and white. Here. I've added 70% white and 30% of blue. And I'm just creating those small, small dots, you can say. And giving that shape to the snow. You can see wherever I have defined that, that did leaf area there only m creating the snow baton. So likewise, you have to create that so that it looks like that this noise covered on the leaves. And these are just random dots and lines which I am just going to get dinged. So just smallest, smaller dots and lines which I am just filling that ATO. And I'm just going in that bad done when that leaves undefined. Similarly, on the other side also I'll be doing same technique. You do a bit of snow in the ground videoed. So just small random dots which I'm just creating to give it does snow effect. After that? Just dig your glad to say his brush and white colour and oppression Luca low, which is more of a liquid. And dig another brush and just do the dabbing Daphne. I'm just wrapping it so that the gallows fall on that surface. It gives a nice snowy look. Little bit more. And applying same technique. Now just by boat that extra loads which has come out, otherwise it again come onto your card also. So just wipe out the extra kalos which are out. And just take out that masking deep and see how it looks. You can see how nicely the borders are coming. They loved to see your project. You can also share your projects on my endogamy on my Instagram account that is more neon gas. So finally, a full holiday gods are done. So these are the full validate God's. We'd be waiting to see your projects and happy holidays to all of you. I hope you all will enjoy your holidays. And thank you. Bye bye. See you in the new year.