Hoe maak je snel een aantrekkelijke YouTube banner, gratis! | Rudy Rensink | Skillshare

Hoe maak je snel een aantrekkelijke YouTube banner, gratis!

Rudy Rensink, Expert in Office, MindMapping, SpeedReading, Sales

Hoe maak je snel een aantrekkelijke YouTube banner, gratis!

Rudy Rensink, Expert in Office, MindMapping, SpeedReading, Sales

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5 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Welkom

    • 2. Canva opstarten en snel een eerste Banner maken

    • 3. Canva verkennen

    • 4. Achtergrondafbeelding opmaken

    • 5. Banner activeren op YouTube

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About This Class

In deze training laat ik je zien hoe je in zeer korte tijd een aantrekkelijke banner maakt voor je YouTube-kanaal.

Niks Photoshop of andere dure software die veel ontwerpers gebruiken. Nee, gewoon gratis software!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Rudy Rensink

Expert in Office, MindMapping, SpeedReading, Sales


My Mission:
To provide the benefits of BrainSkills to the largest number of people possible. Specialties:
My knowledge and ability in BrainSkills & my enthousiastic way of teaching. Who am I:

I am a passionate & professional trainer that wants to share the benefit of Microsoft Office, SpeedReading, Mind Mapping & Sales with you. My experience is that SpeedReading & Mind Mapping can help you live a better life. I am very serious about that! And about better Sales? You can imagine what it does to you!

And we all use Microsoft Office, but, in the right way? I have teached thousands of people to use Office on the best way to help them.

Mind Mapping helps you organize better, learn easier, better and quicker and makes your memory much better. It saves you money and... See full profile

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1. Welkom: a day's attaining logic is seen. We held a foul odor fry YouTube, Benner come arca often, you know, Joe out. Seat off. So the show we'll show off show might be doubt off eBay Storm that model a cobra out off, either by a more delicate browed off the power suit. After all the text a lament. AkaZab adore a glass kissing we a hill Simple hill if out and build it in the Veneto and Halem or You knew Benham Act. 2. Canva opstarten en snel een eerste Banner maken: if I You took Bennett. Two markka pegged are vague. Gave a prince come for come con fires Begin the soft fair or hill Phil Fries Two markka It happened accounts a shade of no become Farben cliche a molecule called with our mark and all she a account are committed. Met email, address embarked Words don't seem to appreciate the show out. Talked out of it And the movie, as he called that hat Is that come for Joe? Involved is taking Hill. Snell start bent on what For? Four. Builder don't to market email headers. Facebook post A hostile adore but they ascertaining heart Elaine over YouTube Heather has just taken by mawr and the Ziad I popular design social media Well, documents at ST Ah and I have a YouTube channel Art should I'll collect head back to new tablets and the cake. It is seen that the coca in tow all help lattice ing all Amal More click Aid Hill Ville mogul Cade home. It stunned that four wilder on the hunter. But you're like, Oh, fault. Is that you here? Free seats down my unit. The particular dish Doctor Patel would water. You made it out that far for your procedure. Potala. Boat and a soda to Kiev. Or Mayer, if I may apply WTO. Who knew over Omit stand that for building. It's the handle. Okay. He even ate the chocolate. Hail Amoy Dinkic And this Did you love that much? The hate outside the home Durden. And actually you based on that neat 80 coffin the have this elevator on pasta. Now this is a hill Simple stay for 30 days Every will or went that in clicked chronic days It takes their collar and sink deputy, you know you know And the bank ankle Kleier and heavy gun. Yeah, if I, uh you two better for Mark. Frantic and minimal. More canoe external in the 400 of Philippines Last seen Who he a non com downloaded But there's many years to four But whether come active 3. Canva verkennen: that we're saving that if it's killing the Manu Koshis Can't like a fun gun. Var get this hog OSHA for the YouTube for bill to see off YouTube channel art and also airs Click cuts down. Start off that woman talk. Will you be a blank here, Markkula Community Coco are delete analysis. Feel simple. Is everything still in the mall? Okay. The year so on. How do you save? Can't get on background You come itself. I met Dr Home a vehicle a f a clear, you know, obviously decay even days before building look fins And so he via us the free based art instead of free social implicit you come a lamented greatest seat here for our life skill Of the sarka so absorbed in almost daily He well Barbados if not keeping out off the skill and the all new for dating migrates Hate up you Come it Aikens America going chest study for and over here. Okay UK kleiner and hold of Marca shopping cart See he calling just k from America And all data veer and halo defense Aiken's okay, hold is A which is now. Hey, that this Ochola loca Still you've or touch i days amount of your YouTube Canale five and 20. Push and cutting faith off. It's Monday night for you. Troop, Canal Village. What minute? Into the sounds. Those delete I can't actually off if you will. Que que mas Now. Next. Yeah. Heading. Hello. Okay, I easy to tell. The crew is needs a war it Look it. Oh, boy. Oh, screech of America And is there today If she is he in the hollow, You see too simple A cot and a bouquet. Oh, here, Even on the clue here coun wild and quality goods Korea was saying that this is have a day that you cosine que al Amal sell a phrase simple on all hill Snell and off building to market the ice shell of low fits. It comes oak and its city by uploads photos broken for myself. And I would allow 80 due to off field Asia. I think that Oh, well, que Did this decode me over it? Zo, you can also do a trick. Did blasting to look at maximum and be very touchy point you to obey, will ever. Hello, Lola. Talking to you too. Bye. And machine that although Harvey about on living in case by any except in the water. So she it is that you're here. He'll simple self made her photos Come America the Standard and Antal Upload your own images. You clicked. Hope you're kissing out of photos. Do you have a real at a computer for a artist? HaIf and it sets in. Here is a days even year career mitt Photos Vaca Theis Elephant plots after home with the you Can Keisha Dexter, the Ukraine Come All the neat Mitt on After Holm Oak in the text and their Ellicott City Hail Fillmore located showman Transport Answer sheet on the Inaba pile. Clues and Dark. I mean, I'll be clear enough. Do a lament spirit of his Maidment frames. Metformin cars, troubadour but going shoes and Little Italy outs. All the neat to stop that layouts. Eva tip over mental show. It's Kamarck tips in your villa mocha. The violence. It's a blind. I don't know Tim Oakes. Click it now before, but he open under. I see this cat oak to melding replace honesty on their face. Still, the best may associate half always door. These Manu curses and Figgins is a village. Is voter Alama mogul case Mitt come for 4. Achtergrondafbeelding opmaken: the whole photo Mombasa and baking job. I'd love to see Shojaei save it. Just a layout pocket Fidesz in the out of City hall Boy, can you believe that? Text on possible for both? Yeah, it kind of uploads And Nick Park aivd bone for my I should have walloped Click on See the joke that him the Boven upset and also the new to slave Don't sit in the after 90 days Clue captive oak to my commits the buses in Stelling from days A template could even hope undoing you c ts town filter Does he, uh a an anti all four bill That it Lucas duda up the clicker CEO cock a leg. What effect is Who's the guy? The valet to park in the I have a bill make up a mere the advanced options to clicker as either is they get in the field Me it more click aid as CEO A little cake in the clear for your texting new host on that It is thick Io Camp Asa Oh, contrast And that's what's rko ma am person That's a long tow. They can't afraid a bit over who leader out competition as he, uh anything yet is look away solid about a you tube in and nature at the fair of calm You see 30 shake, come turn his new don't could have cleared for no balls Carnival d day If I could have a doot not movement it'd to fade Event on the so clicker and I climb so simple k I Vega Oh mio are the hold photo on the passage Yuki Saito phone and first the layout You slipped the photo in a to de heavy bill Effie Air filter high in the whole basis Paler omam more it America. 5. Banner activeren op YouTube: a lot of did. Four. Wilted from expert here. Download a hater thing Come for in the import era in YouTube. Download heated. Come up here even a little baking. You sitting out of skill in the mobile KTM anomaly both to taste any pain off, out Berg, Bnk card download and cake over. It starts for you to affect. Very Could need to be a YouTube on that YouTube set up to stop the hostess he's done before the gear for yea back of out of a video downloads. Or did you gotta tell a loca over meant that an attack climate is done. Cooked other fella Loesch, and that's have a local Oh, should I understand? Least Congressman, Who did you Dave, in a moment that I that I'm committed? So the download Makena mocha like Malin 90 Mount off your column on Facebook. Set off You got a treat for mark. Okay, Folds cards at home. Uresti, I started. Can you not? You do in this year kepala for Bill to use Don my. He can reduce main Ben off building Mombasa City in a photo of a computer. The kind of downloads for the study color is told it on the favor is up. And that calico Momo must do to hold this guy right here. The melding Mark I need to hold and over his hind legs. See country overall Who died of Mobile? But they faII enough. A desktop computer for forced clicky off Cilic theater. And I saw the Benner on Parsa not liking this new sheet. Eased off the text. Heard forensic. It's just the life starts now that it's the Christie from Oviedo arm Portia he did okay. Days eat some home download like a yea performed, but almost exceeded that quote. And that is some debate. Espaillat the cake or the outcomes, huh? Think of Canadian boy will save Overnighting helicopter carriers for Janet. Okay, so a car, we're better off building Veverka. And in 80 Hello? McAdam aided. And now going around in my foot for local that it showed a lot. Does he sell it here? I thought the new procedures could start. Is it some bait? Your spelling and Oakland as it on the horns off doctors and baker staler from who? Come that I beg you to Fader animosity Stupid Hailer Michalik Komodo from can fire and park under into the shelter. Local off the news of our for Yau Yau and Buffet The banner marked for your YouTube can now .