Hiring for Startups: How to Listen, Sell, and Not Be a Dick

Jonathan Basker, VP of People, betaworks

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    • Kickoff Lecture: Hiring for Startups


About This Class

No element of company building comes close to being as important as strong hiring. Get this wrong and your employees will be miserable, shriveled and fickle. They'll become flat people. And flat people make flat products. Get it right however and they will be happy, productive, focused and infinitely more handsome.

Seriously-- A team of talented, focused individuals all flowing together toward a common goal is a beautiful thing.


(Photo Cred: Heewa Barfchin)

What will you learn in this class?

I imagine this class will be a very different take on hiring than what you've heard before. Yes, we'll talk about specific techniques for sourcing, interview processes and the mechanical elements of hiring, but most of our time will be focused on how to use storytelling and product narrative to entice someone to join your team. A lot of our time and focus is going to be spent on how to assess someone for good fit with your organization and how to make sure they assess you in the same way.

Who should take this class?

This class is for people who are trying to hire, finding it insanely difficult, and want help and context around how to do this well.

Things we will cover:

  • The narrative arc of hiring: when to listen and when to sell
  • The mechanics of hiring: how do you source? How do you manage the process? How the fuck does this all work?
  • Hiring ethically: why its in your best interest to not be a dick
  • All the filler: tips and tricks. Must dos and Never dos. There are lots of these.

Your project:

In this class, you'll be focused on coming up with a full hiring plan and methodology for one specific role you're actually hiring for right now. You'll be able to take what you learned from this class and make your first target hire.

This class will give you access to every single mistake I've made in my career as a recruiter and the lessons I've learned from each and every one. Because really…that's how you learn this stuff. By doing it.

See you in class!





Jonathan Basker

VP of People, betaworks

Jonathan is VP of People at NY-based startup studio betaworks, focusing on hiring and growth for the betaworks companies while also thinking through the cultural implications and effects of that growth. Most of his job involves spending time with smart nice people, trying to find more smart nice people and finding ways to keep them happy and productive. Previous to betaworks, Jonathan worked at Etsy  where he focused on talent acquisition and company culture. 

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