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Hip Hop and Urban English - Explore a new world!

teacher avatar Rhyes Douglas, English Teacher - Content Creator

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Hiphop English introduction

    • 2. Describing things - Peng, lit and more!

    • 3. Verbs and doing phrases - Finna, to curve and more!

    • 4. Personal pronouns and more!

    • 5. Important nouns and more!

    • 6. Greetings and goodbyes

    • 7. A little grammar, phrasal verbs and more!

    • 8. Phrasal verbs and phrases

    • 9. Thank you for watching!

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About This Class

Do you love Hip hop or urban culture? Do you want to communicate, make like minded friends and understand the culture?

You've came to the right place as this unique course will introduce you to the world of Hip Hop and urban English (The dialect of English used in Hip Hop music and within urban communities). 

  • Explore phrases, idioms, new vocabulary and even the grammar differences between standard English and Hip Hop English.
  • Gain cultural insights into the world of Hip Hop.
  • Learn how to make friends with similar music tastes and how to greet people in Hip Hop influenced environments.
  • Easy to understand explanations with multiple examples.
  • I've even included a Hip Hop and urban music list to help you on your way to exploring new and interesting genres! 

So what are you waiting for? It's time to begin your Hip Hop English journey! 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Rhyes Douglas

English Teacher - Content Creator


Professional English Teacher - YouTube Content Creator  

My Experience

Language teacher: TEFL qualified professional English teacher with over 5000 hours of experience teaching English online. My main areas of expertise include casual conversation, confidence building and presenting skills. I use a non-typical approach to get my students out there and meeting people as soon as possible. 

Youtuber: Culture/Travel Vlogger - English Language Youtuber - 30,000+ Subscribers.


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1. Hiphop English introduction: from the froth. Yo, guys, what's good? You cool. Before we begin, I've got a few questions for you. Okay, Now, do you love urban and hip hop culture? Do you wanna communicate, Make like minded friends on understand the actual culture? Well, she came to the right place that my name's reef and I'm a tear full qualified English teacher with thousands of hours experience teaching English at all levels. But I also have a Nova love aside from teaching English and that's all things hip hop urban . Okay, from London's gritty on the ground groin scene to drill music to Meagles Kendrick Lamar drink, you name it. It could be American hip hop. It could be German friendship, pop. It doesn't matter. I love it. Anything urban, anything gritty from the streets. I'm an expert Anyway, guys, I'm here to break down the vocabulary, the phrase ease and even grammar rules which exist in hip hop on urban culture, because it really is another language sometimes. And I know that many you guys love the music but sometimes might not understand what a word means, especially if you're not a native English speakers. My job today and tomorrow and the day after is to help you guys fully understand on Immerse yourself in hip hop on urban culture. Get ready because this isn't like any over English lesson you've had before. Okay, so what are you waiting for? Let's go, Let's get you Give it. 2. Describing things - Peng, lit and more! : Now, let's start with describing things. Places, situations, adjectives, adverbs, etcetera. Okay, the 1st 1 fly. Okay, now let me say fly way. Don't mean like on the plane flying actually means good or fashionable, for example. Down. Did you looking Fly that Gilles flying, You fly jacket, you gone? It means it looks good or they look good. Okay, Next one very, very popular in the UK Pang Okay, now paying me very attractive or beautiful, but can also be used to say something Give excellent. Very, very good. For example, you know. Wow, Lucy's looking paying today. No, g yo, cause, have you seen her? Have you seen him? He's paying. Looking very good. Oh, something's very a tasty is excellent. Its top of the top. The case, for example. Well, my mom, you need to try my mom's food. It's pain. Now, If I said that, that would mean the food. If delicious, it's top of the top. OK, next dope. Okay, once again, don't even know Forward for good. Okay, you all that's dope. Yo, that's good. Okay, Just like paying just like fly. Now we have a trick one. Okay, bad. Okay, now, bad. But it can be good. It could be bad. For example, if someone said, Yo, your rhymes are bad and the context with their enjoying it and they're really feeling it, they're really into it. Emissions. Good. Yeah, I know. Crazy, right? You could know. So I say you are my girls bad. My woman is bad. Yeah, And that means I have a really, really cool, attractive, like chip. Amazing. My girlfriend's amazing. Okay, you could say old. Then train is a bad G, and that means G means friend. OK, And when you say down there, looking bad means they're looking good. I know it's confusing, but like I said, it's a whole nother language out here. Okay, now, moving on. Okay, You've got hot on. You got cold. Okay, now, hot and cold just mean the same thing. It sounds crazy. There's so many contradictions in this last type of language, but it's a wrap Speak. Okay. Hunt could be like, Yo, yo, That left looking hot, dude. Looking hot, G. It's very good. As you can tell from emphasis also, you know, he brings the he when he when he's wrapping, he brings the heat immediately. Bring fire. He brings the fire k very good. Very. You're captivated. But the next one cold. Like I said, cold can also mean good euro. He floated cold fake snow. You know, if you got not sensations, okay, you're them. Train is a cold G. Where do you get them from? That's cold for good Again. So hot ankles can be used to describe from think that is good. Okay. Or to say that you like something the next one less Okay. When something is less, it means it's relaxed. It's all good. It's all in order. Nothing crazy. Nothing bad is happening. Just blessed. Let for example, you know, how you doing your family on less. Today is a blessed day. Okay. How? How your family, which it's blessed. It's how you expected to be. It's good. There's order. Okay. Next one fit. Okay. Sick. Just like hot, cold dope. Fly paying just means very good. Yeah, he's got sick rhymes. You got sick T shirt. Very good. Okay, So sick. Doesn't mean like, you know, when you're from Ingle, you're not very well in hip hop. English thick means that something is good. Okay, Next one. One of my favorites. Let it lift it. Lift. Now let's just meet that crave e is very exciting. Cape, for example. You know, proof. How was the party last night? Yo yo yo yo It would let the music with Pang the guilt for flying everything. Everything, really everything lit. And that means everything with exciting high energy with good. And it's a very popular saying in hip hop English. It's let it let it means It's very good. It's very exciting. Next, we're gonna look a little bit negative, little bit negative guys week. Okay, Week means something is not very good. Okay? Obviously, obviously in normal English week means you're not very strong, you know. But it doesn't mean that in hip hop, English week means something just bad. It's not great. It's not terrible, but it's not that good. OK, yeah, he's Ryan through a bit weak, yo outfits a bit weak. I'm not really feeding the party pretty weak, and that means it's not that good. Just like we just had a week. The next one dead or dead, out dead or dead out doesn't mean literally, you know, dead one it tells me, is that something very bad. Very, very bad. It's not good at all. Okay? Your family dead out now. I'm not going to that club again. Dead. It means it's not very popular. It's not very cool. It's not very good. You know? He's outfits dead, bit me, But that means Albert. Very, very bad. Okay, now let's move. Okay. To dry dry just works exactly the same debt. Okay. Yeah, that's drawing. Not very good. Okay, Dead dry. Same thing. It means not good at Okay, the next one. Basic. It's become very popular in hip hop and on instagram and in general with young people. Basic means that something's not very special is to be expected. It's very normal. Yoshi. A basic. It's been an insult. Sorry. Sorry, ladies, but it's baby insult to women or a woman to face. She's not very interesting. She just like social media fashion. She doesn't like anything else or he basic. He doesn't have much going on for him. Yeah, Gene them training a basic. The training ground for good. Yeah, this meals basic. It's not a very nice meal. Okay? It's not terrible, but it's to be expected Nothing. Nothing going on with it. Nothing going on with it. Next. One. Gucci. OK, also com. Okay, Gucci and com are pretty much the same thing. Gucci means Just relax. Chill, all of in order. It's all good. Similar to bless. Okay, for example, You know you want to go. You wanna go out tonight? Yeah, I could do that. Money off. Gucci, Gucci Or How's your food? It's calm. It's calm. Okay, It sounds strange, but we use the word calm to actually say that something's all in order. German. They have a thing like Alice in ordinary. It's very which meets all is in order. Welkom is very similar to that. It just means everything's in order. Everything good to be expected on the phone? A word will introduce in this chapter. If bait. Okay, now by means. Let's say obvious or dangerous. Yo, I don't want to go out tonight. Managed Bay. Maybe you got in trouble left or I'm not doing that. I'm not going out. I'm not doing that today. It's being It means too obvious. Okay, I can't talk to that Goldman. It's bad. Too many man. No, Too many people have talked to this girl or dated this woman, and it's it's too obvious that he's trying to get with her another way that you could use it. Okay, so that's it for this section, okay? 3. Verbs and doing phrases - Finna, to curve and more!: Now we're gonna jump onto Earth. Okay? 1st 1 finna okay. Finner is like, going to Okay, I'm going to do. For example, Yogi, I'm finger going. Cut that new album. Cup Moves to buy. Okay, They have a double finner needs to do. Okay, I'm going to buy that album G. I'm finna cop that album. I'm going to buy that album. You know what you think I do? What are you going to do? Okay, I'm thinking go here. Okay. That means going to and you can combine it with a number of finner the okay, the next one link. Okay, Now, link means to hang out with someone to meet with someone. You're gonna link my thing today. Now, a thing can be your girlfriend or boyfriend or someone you're dating from in the link, and then to meet up. I'm going to link. I'm going to meet up with my girlfriend or boyfriend. I'm gonna link my thing today. Okay. You know, so you do. Even now, for example. Yeah, He's my link. He's my friend. He's my girlfriend. My boyfriend. Okay, so to connect, to meet with people. Okay. Now eat another fourth friend. Yeah, gay because it actually means okay to be making money. Okay, so we eat in right now. We're doing Wow, we're eating. So I want to eat. I want to make sure the whole team eats. That means I want to make sure everybody of making money. When someone say's I'm eating good in hip hop English, it means they're making money. Okay, you know how you eat. How you doing financially? You're noted in hip hop, Hochtief Cold, cold is hot cottage Good. Cold is bad. Cold is good and also eating is making money. Okay, so, yeah, don't get too confused. But remember, in he pop English, everything's upside down. Left, right, diagonal like. Okay, now moving on. Okay. Feeling ok or not feeling now? Feeling means to like something. You are feeling your floor g. You know, I'm feeling that T shirt. It's looking dope. I like that T shirt. It looks very good. Okay, now moving on to curve. Now, I hope you guys experiences but to curve means to basically reject someone. Okay? For example, very thankful. I slid into her the ends on She curved me Now to slide into a GM. It means to go into a girl's direct messages. Right? Let's say Facebook to message instant message of woman. And she curved you. She didn't like you, so she got really you She rejected one. Okay, well, you could say I'm not going to that show. I'm gonna curve it for today. When a curve it I'm not going to do it. Okay? For to reject, to reject an idea or reject a person. Okay. Now moving on toe wine or to grind again now toe wine or to grind that you can see from my attempt to dance my attempt of wind or grind if just danced seductively. Okay. And the region, This is important because they talk about it. A lot of hip hop. Yes. She grounded upon me. She wind on me. She danced on me. She don't seductively on me. Okay, now let me vote to Mark Now. Mark is not a very nice word. Mark means to kill. Okay. For example, you could say yo them go. I've got marked. They got killed. They got her book. People generally don't talk about murder or time, so it cannot send me to do a lot of damage to something it might be, For example, you might say my flow marks then which would mean the way that I wrap, you know, kills him be semi defeats them because you're really good rap. Okay, so it's not always about You could only say you want Merck that food it with paying. You know, I merged that food it was paying. I destroyed the food I destroyed the meal on. It was very delicious. Okay, lets go on next one to slay. Now I don't like this word, but it's really popular now. To Flay means to like killing, to be doing really good, to nail something, to do something perfectly. And it's very men don't really say, but I know that young women say and it's like slave girl I'm slaying and it means like to be very like fashionable to be Sussie Teoh to dominate whatever you're doing and to be the best you kill it and its associated a lot with my fiance fiance, like an idol in the hip hop urban community, especially for young women. And they say that she's always playing Casey slaves now leaving on to drop. Now we don't literally mean like to drop what we mean to drop me to release. Okay. For example. Easy is dropping. He's new trainers next week. Okay, He's releasing his new trainers. Yo, when did his album drop? When does the album drop? Okay, when does the album come out? When's it being released? Okay, moving on the next one we've got, if trapping now, trapping rigidly men to sell drugs. Okay, However, this has evolved. So some people, when they say they are trapping a selling drug, doing a very naughty thing. However, trapping can also be making money. Okay. And you can be in the trap. It could be the drug health. Or it could be just working hard. You're trapping. I'm grinding for the money, grinding just the same grinding of the famous trapping, working, hard, making money. Okay for you. Concern up in trapping. I've been grind in making money. Okay. Samos stacking related to money, money, The very big player. Money, sex and partying, Alcoholic cetera. Big, big, big, big, big parts of hip hop culture. As you already know. Stacking, stacking the saving money. Okay, I've been stacking money. I've been stacking dough dough. If money Okay, I've been stacking dope, saving up your money building or stacking building a pile of money. Okay, next one first. Okay, guys, don't be too 50 out there when you flight in the D m. Okay, now, first e means to be really desperate for, like, a woman or a man. Okay, You could say these skills are really first. They need to calm down. Or a woman could say, I don't want to date him. He's being to first being too forward, trying to be too sexual too quickly. Okay, moving on. Okay. To be really okay. When you leave to be riel, it means to be honest, to be truthful. Okay, I'm really I'm the realist, okay? She's a real one. It may have to be honest, to be truthful, to be good. Okay, You could say my go. She have really won. And that means she's a truthful, honest woman who stands for your fight. OK, very important. Now leaving on okay to be rocking thing. Think OK, rocking. Just meet wearing, okay. Yo, I like the way you're rockin that t shirt, G. I like the way you rock outfit. Yo, today I'm rocking the new easy's okay, never way. Okay, He's just dropped to the new Ive just dropped and I'm rocking them. Move to where? OK, now let's move on to be posted. Okay. To be posted now posted me to be hanging out. Okay, I'm posted on the block. I'm hanging out on the block, posted on the block in the way to find me I'm on the block on I'm in the hood I'm in the ghetto, You know the little get area on You know where to find me if you want me. Okay. Moving on gay to roll now to roll, leave to travel to go I do. Shall we roll? Teoh? Donald, Why should we roll out? Shall we go roll out? Okay, we'll be rolling into today. We'll be going today. It's not as common nowadays, but it's It's very common in older runs. Okay, now that's it for verbs and generally describing and doing things. Let's go to personal pronouns. Let's go, man this role. Let's give it 4. Personal pronouns and more!: we back, baby, we back for another 11 Okay? Today we're going to be doing personal pronoun. Okay? Personal pronouns or basically the way we introduce people or what we call people. Okay, start with masculine ones. Okay for men, we've got fam your family. Good. How they go. You found we've got cooked, I think, couldn't you? Cause you're cool. You've got blood. It's like like your blood, Like your close friend. Ok, Yo, Frankie. Blood manner of cool. You got G or Maiji G or Meiji, which means below farm because the looming the fame, by the way, there wave to address friends. You've got man. Probably the most coming. Hey, you good man. How's it going, my man? Okay, you've got dog a little bit old, but many older people still use it from the hip hop community. Your dog, Your donkey. Good. Now for the feminine personal pronounce we've got Yeah, we've got Gil gay for, like, general, the general way that we approach People talk to people with a go. You've also got king when you're dating ago. She could be your team Bit disrespectful to be careful if you want to be more respectful to your girlfriend. You can call that be bye bye or boom Mahboob Yeo boo! You could you'll be. How you doing? You achieve my baby. And that's a respectful way that you can talk about a woman that you like. Now women don't have as many personal pronouns in hip hop English men. I think that's primarily because, as you know, hip hop has been dominated by men for many years, even though now we may see many, many, many, many new words coming soon. You know, with Cardi B, Nicki Minaj and many of a female rapper killing the game, I'm pretty sure we'll see many, many, many, many more personal pronouns. Okay, now move up. Deplorable plu We've got my gang, my friend. Okay, My team, my squad, my boys, My Mandan, my man. All the same, it means the people around you, your friends, squad, team gang Click my people. My mind, Um all meet the same. Okay, I'm with my mind them with my team with my family. I'm with my squad where you go in your gang, the people you hang out with every day, OK, and it doesn't have any street gang connotations It just means the people you like people you like the most. Okay, so if I'm going to the bar, okay? Or go to a bar? Yeah. I'm going to the bottom of squad. Going to go to the club with my team. I'm going shopping with my mandate. Okay. Meet your friends. Now you will have friends. But what about enemies? Rappers tend to have a lot of enemies while they call them ups. Okay, up. I've been that short for opponent. Okay? For the up. So watch out for the up or are he and up here to move to shoot And, you know, in hip hop Grant gun crime is still very prevalent folk. I shot not by hitting up. Okay. Defeating up. I'll be the UPS former up, dead. Dead meat is not very good or not for not very good. Okay, so you've got a team gang squad, boy, Monday month, your friends and you got up for your enemies. Okay, so there you go, very short member to revive this section and all the other one to make sure you know what's going on. 100% the next time you watch a hip hop music video, but let's move on and learn more. Remember 5. Important nouns and more!: Hey. Hey. Oh, hello. Let's move on. Go. Okay, let alone from now, let's turn some greetings and goodbyes from Let's learn a little bit of grammar, baby. Okay, First word, the block, The block just means your area. Okay? Your hoarded the block or the hood. This is where you live, OK? Your neighborhood next. The floor. Now, the plug is the person who either sells drugs. You get the drugs from them, or it could be clothes. Okay, I got the plug for the New Year's is I don't know why I mentioned you so much. I don't even wear them. I mentioned I got the plug. Gate means I got the person who sells what I need. It could be food. It could be close. It could be drugs, guns, anything. Okay, next line. Okay. You're lying. Means your phone line. Okay. I've got gills on my lying. I've got boys on my life. What? I haven't. But I'm sure women say that I've got boys too many boys on my line. Too many boys trying talk on the phone. Okay, who's on the line? Who's on the phone? Okay, next levels. Okay. Levels just means disbanded. or quality of something. Okay, but there are levels to the way that our rap there's many different standards to wrap that made it from way that you OK? Are you at the level? Are you on my level? That means are you with good as me? You're not on my level. You're not of good. Everything okay? Let's move on a whip. One of my favorite songs, German whip. Okay, it means car. German car. See me driving the German with a which just means car. Not like it's like a car leaving on spaceship once again. Spaceship doesn't mean, you know, little aliens above us. A spaceship means a car. A very nice car. Okay. See me in a spaceship seeming a very famous car. Prestige car. Okay, even on Hated while I hate us. Well, as the name suggests, hated the people that hate you or do not like you. I got too many hate of now since I got money up haters. A common Romney. Rick. Okay. Leaving on Zanny. Okay. Not about Vani and Perks, because they're mentioned a lot, especially with rapid, like Meagles Low p van, etcetera. Vanna Vani is short for Xanax. OK, It's like a drug depressant on bond yet perk. If it's Molly, I think Levi just like Ecstasy or India may I'm not going to be Think Clue, Doc. But Danny MD May Molly Perks that just drugs. Okay, drugs play a big part in hip hop and rap culture primarily for how cool their received, whether they are not. That's not the question. But just so you know, if you hear the word perks Molly Vanney, you know that they're talking about different types of drugs. Okay, No. And never very coming worth primarily among women goals. OK, now goals if used to describe something you aspire to okay. Ah, they they are relationship goals when you feel very nice. Couple relationship goals. Yo, heave goals. I want to be like him. He's that I am. He's vision. He go. I want to be like that, Casey. When you aspire to something, its goals okay. Leaving on a bag a bag just means usually 1000 of any currency. I made a bag, made 10 bags, made 100 bags last week, made 100,000 last week. I wish. I wish. Make sure you buy the course. Maybe I'll make 100,000 back. You know, I'm taken, but bag me thousands of a currency or it can be used just if a lot of money, okay? Yeah, a lot of time. It can be used just to say like, 10-K Andhra K. It changes depending on who's saying okay. No leaving, no. 6. Greetings and goodbyes: Okay. Greetings on, boys. Now done for anyway, There aren't many wave. We say good bye high or whatever. Okay, You've got like your to get someone's attention. Okay, Then you can say what's good. It means How's it going? Okay. Your what's good farm? What's good, mate? Again? Wild Juan, It means how's it going? What's good? Kois Guan? It comes from Jamaica by my family from shouted. You make it? Uh, however yeah, wild wind. It means what's going on? How they going? Okay. You good, if like saying Is everything okay? Your found while? Go on, you good. Yo, what's going on? Are you OK? So needed the primary waves that we treat people. Now, apart from greeting people, we've got goodbyes. Bayless, we've got peace safe later. Your bless. Peaceful. Yo, I'm good. G safe Later. Just means take care. Okay, Goodbye. So there you go with greetings and goodbyes there. Not that special. We generally use a typical English ones or will say what's good? Wa gwan. Blessed save Goodbye. Okay, let's move on. 7. A little grammar, phrasal verbs and more!: bonus round now. Checking guys, Bonus, Bonus, Bonus. Bonus Grammar Because we all have a bad grammar. Shortening words. Okay, In hip hop English, we shorten everything. We butch of the grammar. Okay. For example, going wanting should off. Could have. Okay, it's gonna wanna Should've Could've fina. Okay, so remember when you're using words like going to want to Should have Could have gone out one I should've Could've Okay, just a little bit of Grandma. I don't want to beat you up with too much both. I really wanted to just give you that little bit. OK, so let's move on. Let's move all 8. Phrasal verbs and phrases : the final round. Great job so far, guys. I hope you've been doing well in the quiz. Even I hope you have been reviving. Because if you have the next time, you're going to hear a gig Scepter Drake with kids song. You can know what I want. Remember, while want what's going on. You know what's going on? Okay, let's move on. Phrasing, verbs and a couple off phrases. Okay. 1st 1 he took, he took means to contact your hit him up. Your hit her up. You didn't hit up, okay? We don't wanna fight here. Friends trying teacher hit up. Means to cool. Yeah, he took my line line mean phone. They'll hit me up. Okay, call me. Okay, Rock up or rack up to rack up to rack up. Need to travel from where I wrapped up to the partly looking fresh looking fresh. Means looking good. Okay. Rocked up. OK, yo, you see them up? They tried toe rock up to our ends. Okay. Up enemies. They tried to rack up. They try to come to our end. End is like your hood. Your area. Okay. Next one poodle pullout me to travel to or to arrive somewhere. Get pulled into the club. Pull up to the bar, pull up to the restaurant. Pull up to my friends, get toe arrived somewhere. Okay? Now, to sit down means to calm down. Okay? He needs to fit down. Yo, found. Sit down, Calm down. Relax. Sit down. Quite me like that. It means just relax, car. Whatever you're doing if you've got too much energy Sit down, Comet. Okay. Linkup. Spoke about that one earlier. Link up moved to connect again. Link. Now one of my personal favorites. Turn up a live. We're gonna turn. No, not turn up Mito party. Okay, we from the turn up, baby. It's lit, Remember? It's let it's crazy. It's exciting and turn up means toe. Have a party. Just have loads of fun. I don't know why I'm doing this Drink a great move, but yet to turn up Okay, I'm afraid on Fleek on Fleek means to be like the top to be very good And women love to talk about how their eyebrows away on Fleek Okay, how they look on Fleek. Women love to fail and it means basically they look very beautiful to be very beautiful to be unformed. Okay, now, a little phrase that English rappers like to use. And people in urban communities in England like to use still now, still have no meaning, Really? Still, if just used for emphasis to make something stronger. Okay. For example, Yoshi's paying Still, she looks good. And instill Just emphasize of it. Okay. Yo, I'm not feeling that. Still, I don't really like that. Emphasis still makes it sound stronger. Okay, It's just a filler word. A little bit extra to make something stronger. Okay. Now, a couple of phrases that you might want to put him work. Putting work literally found in a means White. Sounds like to work hard. I'm pulling work right now. I'm pulling work, making this English course for you guys. Okay, I'm putting well, baby, I'm grounding next one, okay? To do something right? Or to get someone right? It means to take care of them. Okay? I want to get my mom. I wanna make money, so I get my memory. I do. My mom. Right, I do. My dad. Right. I do them proud. I make sure they're good. They don't have to worry about money. Okay, get them right. Do them. Right. Okay. The next one to hit a lick again, to hit a lick may have to get a lot of money. Okay, Money, money, money talks in hip hop, baby. It talks in hip hop. So to hit a lick means to make a lot of money. Okay, almost immediately or in a very short time span. Okay. Next one you hear a lot about say they're the realist. You on the realist. I'm the best. I'm the most truthful on that fake. Okay, now, moving on, we've got to be certified. Or to be 30. Okay. To be certain. Certified off 30 in hip hop, it means to be a riel, hard proven gangster. Can your on 30 That means like they're doing from naughty things. Okay, maybe they've done some drillings. Drillings me if shooting in UK English. Okay, UK, Urban English. Can you imagine? You have a drill? Yeah, Drinking. Just need to shoot. Okay. So when you're 30 you don't think like that. I'm not condoning. Get It's very bad. I don't support that. You know, that's all behavior, especially in the pop community. However, it's reality on. We're trying to learn the words that we might hearing songs and music. Okay, Now, the farther one would end on a positive right or die Now, every don't die. Is your bay your boot? The perfect your love. Okay, there your roid roid or die there beaming you from the start. And we can also extend it to friends. But your best friend, usually one best friend he's my ride or die has been with me since day. That means you work together and build stuff up. You build an empire, okay? And you're now goals. Okay, so there you go. That's it for afraid, Leave and common phrase verbs that we use. 9. Thank you for watching!: So there you go, guys. That was hip hop English broken down, condensed and made Hopefully easier for you guys to understand. Okay, now if you enjoyed this course hit me up Pick me up, man Let me know Get my life while type on my line Maybe let me know how it waas Was it good ? Was it paying with dope with it? Bless with a brush If it waas tell me if it wasn't Tell me white love And hopefully I can make more hip hop and urban videos on normal English videos as well Because I am a normal English teacher. It's no urban in the hip hop, but that's my passion. Okay. Anyway, guys, Thank you. Thank you very much. Okay, Blessed But Frankie for watching guys. Hopefully I'll see you again. Video. Okay, Take care. Bless role saved piece