Hip-Hop Music Production in Garageband 101 | Hailey Simone | Skillshare

Hip-Hop Music Production in Garageband 101

Hailey Simone, Hip-Hop Music Producer/Artist

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8 Videos (46m)
    • The Track We'll Produce Together

    • A Tour of the User Interface Part 1

    • A Tour of the User Interface Part 2

    • A Tour of the User Interface Part 3

    • Apple Loops

    • Percussion & Bass

    • Arrangement

    • Mixing


About This Class

Do you aspire to be a hip-hop producer, but were turned off by all the various functions and buttons of music production software? Or, you didn't know how or where to even begin?

This course is your solution!

GarageBand is great digital audio workstation for skill levels of all ranges, and overall a powerful tool for creating music, instrumentals, drum tracks, and melodies.

There's a whole extensive library full of different sounds and loops you can use to get you up and running in no time.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to navigate GarageBand in order to produce full-length hip-hop instruments.

Are you ready?





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Hailey Simone

Hip-Hop Music Producer/Artist

Ayo! I'm Hailey Simone, a young budding musician from Wisconsin. My interest with music began in the fifth grade as a percussionist, and it has bloomed ever since. I own a recording studio at home, and I've done an EP and two singles there thus far. I also sell my beats to other rappers & singers all over the US.

I currently spend my days at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, majoring in Information Systems. I also take guitar lessons there, and other music courses online. As a stude...

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