Hip Hop Dance For Beginners: Dance Routine to Robin Shulz - Suga | Emeroy Bernardo | Skillshare

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Hip Hop Dance For Beginners: Dance Routine to Robin Shulz - Suga

teacher avatar Emeroy Bernardo, Dance Instructor | Health Coach | | Author

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Routine Preview

    • 3. 01 1st Eight Count

    • 4. 02 2nd Eight Count

    • 5. 03 1st 2nd Eight Count

    • 6. 04 3rd Eight Count

    • 7. 05 1st 3rd Eight Count

    • 8. 06 4th Eight Count

    • 9. 07 1st 4th Eight Count

    • 10. 08 5th and 6th Eight Count

    • 11. 08 Entire Routine

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About This Class

If you've always wanted to dance hip hop but felt intimidated, feel like you have no rhythm, or have no idea where to start?


In this class, join Emeroy and his students as he teaches you a simple routine to Robin Shulz' "" From the purpose of the move to how you should or shouldn't do a move, Emeroy breaks down every move in detail.

This class is made for people who have absolutely no experience in dancing. Throughout the class, Emeroy emphasizes the importance of effort over perfection because that's what will help you make progress. This class is perfect for dance enthusiasts, people who want to develop their rhythm, and everyone who just loves to dance.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Emeroy Bernardo

Dance Instructor | Health Coach | | Author


       Emeroy is a professional dancer and entrepreneur based out of Los Angeles, CA. He has been dancing since the age of 8 and has been teaching since 2004.

    He's danced and toured with international companies such as Culture Shock, Antics, and Movin' On Up Productions, performed for the Los Angeles Rose Parade, LA Sparks, and the LA Clippers, and is a two time City of Alhambra B-Boy Champion and a 2017 Prelude Las Vegas Champion.

    When he isn't dancing, Emeroy runs a digital marketing agency called Vision Paradox. They've successfully helped musicians and tech companies build their online platforms, build their email list, sell out shows, and gain millions of views on their content. Their goal is to do th... See full profile

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1. Intro: here. What So my students are saying about my class? Rita, retired engineer school, All those labels beginning class, you go down just beyond basic steps of star me. It's pretty challenging. Getting it may be tough, like awkward when you first take it with stick with it, just go with I take pride in your accomplishments and get out of the way. Get wanted to step in a series that's just build on on getting better that bone on 43 years old, and I'm on entrepreneur and a marketing consultant. I take classes that bookies on Utopia, and there was a new slew of instructors, so I just wanted to try every class that I could. So that's how I got out of class. My first impressions is, I loved how systematic you were, how intentionally you were with what we're teaching and that you were sincerely concerned about. The progress of your teaching style is fun, educational, inspirational, challenging and intentional. I like how you accommodate my What I would say to a new student is to absorb everything that you possibly can and don't get so caught up with making mistakes just really be in the moment being the process and learn as much as you can from the instructor as well as from the other students. No. Well, I have funded through l'm fight the beginner's class and then he recommended a hemorrhoid to me and, you know, I check it out first class and going. I came in not knowing anything, you know, having a good time. I'm missing up. But it's part of the learning process teaching cell. He's he's very supportive and, you know, like, if you have any questions, he's always willing Teoh kind of like, you know, run through it again. You know, no questions ever, you know, out of line or whatever, like he really takes time. And, you know, make sure that you get it right. One thing I like about the class of water, it is just the great people that are part of class, you know, people coming in all the time and, you know, you're speaking up real quick. I think it's because memorize picking stuff. So if you're looking for guidance for your two left feet or want to have some awesome choreography for an upcoming event, this course is for you at the end of the day. The choice is up to you. I should really some of the options you have and all of them are just is good, because I do all of them. I teach life classes. I take on private clients and I teach online what this course is made specifically for beginners like you. So just click on the enroll now button to get instant access, and I'll see you in class. 2. Routine Preview: 3. 01 1st Eight Count: sick. First start off arms and one to they're going to step over to left, one to use. I am slightly been need. Like you're constipated. So 12 going to step over to your right to force part flow This, like, almost like this. But you throw down 34 6781 All my head, those are hands flashed here. So I see that flash. And what to Okay, Free four. From here, it's gonna go all the way. 56 is just honest. Seven also. 34 Just arms. 567893 four for your left behind. 567 And what happens to your left hand swinging down? Alexis, man. Six, 34 23 four, five, 678 is enough. Right? So start with the 1st 2 Moose, Follow me just this once. What? 121234 So watch different. Quick chill. 234123456 1234567 Okay, Just that much. A 1234567 Again. 1237 Bring more walking around. Good 4. 02 2nd Eight Count: so walking from the top of a lot. 67812345678 From here. Gonna pounded on the table one to gets more like a little bit more staccato. OK, 12 Okay, I'm gonna go to what would to They're So that's what to from here. Gonna go round on high on same time, just extending it to hit it. Body Stacey left. But your heads. Okay, so this greasy who won to free four? It really six. It's seven. A one, 23 four, 6781 two instead of three for those last three. So do your best to pick up where we are. 67 Hey, one to three, four from here. Gonna step with your right. Fine. At the same time, you're gonna go like, yes, you're being really okay for you to go. Five. I'm gonna bring your right foot up. Six. Your Honor told it again because we do it every day. Okay, six. You're gonna go pushing out seven. Okay, I'm gonna go right left and hey. Okay. So just do that much. 56781234 six. Toilet Push someone off was trying to take it on your bed. Good. Hey. Hey, It's a six 2345 in six. Pushed out seven on. Okay, so that kicked an initial kick. This Don't place it. It's Monica, That's what. Let's go from here. 678 Robot one to chill. 34 explode. 567 and eight. Question in terms of that part of the choreography so far, you guys just step question so far. No, that just with music. 16346123 Get 661234 561 Oh, I'm sorry. Left back. Left back. I'm sorry. Extend your left leg and then you go on the toilet again. You want to hear back way What? Six way? 5. 03 1st 2nd Eight Count: gets walking through from the top. Just review that will do with five six beginning playing down here. One 2345678 What? 234 5678 6781234567 A 1234567 and a but way. What? 6. 04 3rd Eight Count: Let's go from the beginning. 67812345678 So make sure from here you're left behind behind. 56 left behind. 5678 And go. 1234 Back. 56 Push ups. Seven. And from here, you walk your feet in 12 and you gonna switch three, six feet one. And to have three from here, open up for here on the cross. Okay, so I just let it. That's not the attention. 6781 on to kick up three or four 34 from here. And do a dip. Five, six, seven. Okay, so from this, just break them down here over five. And I'm doing a little hip thing nationally. Have guys 56 and pull up seven. Okay. Okay. So most level change on low or midlevel mid that come up to Strick down. It's like I'm controlling. Okay, So from across a whole one to 34567 Good. Let's go from here. Crawl in one and two, three will been four. Go 567 So notice I do a lot of like temple changes. So that switch Quick, Quick. Okay. Is this 67? A one and 234 Okay, it's a little Were you doing this? Omits arts. And then 67 a one and 234 This is it, art. 6781234 And I'm still flexed here like I have super Paris 67 a one and 234 start. 6781234 6781234 Good at the feet. 6781 And 234 61 And 234 56 Trying to catch some. You know, this is a little bit off record. 61 and 234 Good. Six. Sick said a one and 234 Good. Finished a captain. We're gonna just start your new music. 6712345678 Let's start drilling with music. So we get it with proper temple things much. 126676123 All the way. One to 123456 seven, Go! 1234 7. 05 1st 3rd Eight Count: Let's walk in the front top. Okay, That's like food from here. 67812345678123456 Push and help! 1234567 You okay with that? Say this beauty is gonna go for it. Sick 61 to push. 345678123456781 And to switch. 34567 123 8. 06 4th Eight Count: go. 567 Okay, next four moves are easy to go. 1234 So the 1st 1 is a bright 12 and they're gonna lower left. 34 Okay, so eight, go. 1234 years ago. Five, three. Quick. Okay, so 1234 Okay, so you're slowly leading to the left. So it's not this. You're leaving? 1234 But 85612345 From here. Six. Okay, lunch and pull. And your goals. L someone noticed. Okay, 67 a go. 123456 immediately. 678123456 From here, I'm gonna go seven. Kick someone shin look like so Number four on a very sharp look. So losing that bull bull shark shark. So let's say this chill. Chill. Quick, quick, Quickly. Okay, so 56 78 Silly chill. Chill, quick, queer strong. Look, we'll make sure when you kick your foot is not facing this way. Your foot boat. You're just slower part. You all turn. Okay. That book. They should be nice from silhouette. 567 Hey, 12345 Hole six drops 78 question. So far, there's go 567 Oh, what? 23456 Something. 12345678 When you watch it, I'm gonna kind of old said, Hey, go! 12345678 So make sure you're turning on with this. Just okay? So 75 678123456 said Hey, good. How do you feel music time? 9. 07 1st 4th Eight Count: 5678123412346 Kick. 123456 said. Hey, 123456 Exploded 61234 Good said. Hey, 123456 So 1231234 Good. One, 123 way. 10. 08 5th and 6th Eight Count: 78 12345678 From here to go. What? Okay, too good. 34 Yeah. Love yourself. Hey, what? 234 from here? Gonna push five six, demanding on the ground like you. 56 push ups. Seven A like roll us fish said it. Hey, what down to three, four, 67 A next up last. Accountable. Easy with this group into the back. 12345678 Thanks. So last year got really, really easy to do with music, - then we'll walk it. 11. 08 Entire Routine: well from the top. Same thing. Safety. 67812347123456712345671234561 To 345678123456 So you have a right handed I handed to. Just felt natural. Continue to Iraq. So for that part, right? Right. Step right back. Left right back This way. Right hand left. Who? Just I missed a chest. Just Yes. 6123412345678123456781234567812 34 So I pushed 1 to 4. Very nice way.