High End Skin Retouching In Photoshop (From Zero to Pro) | Mac Moses Michael | Skillshare

High End Skin Retouching In Photoshop (From Zero to Pro)

Mac Moses Michael, Artist/Youtuber

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    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Basic Editing

    • 3. Spot Healing

    • 4. What is Frequency Separation

    • 5. Frequency Separation

    • 6. Understanding The Mixer Brush

    • 7. Using the Mixer Brush

    • 8. Understanding Dodge & Burn

    • 9. Applying The Dodge & Burn

    • 10. Creating FS Action

    • 11. Using The FS Action

    • 12. Bonus Eye Sharpening

    • 13. Bonus Hair Highlights

    • 14. Bonus Adding Shine To The Lips

    • 15. 15 Assignment

    • 16. Conclution

    • 17. Sumary

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About This Class

This will take you through the process of High-End skin Retouching in Photoshop, showing you how to make use of the frequency separation, the mixer brush and the dodge & burn.

To get along with this class you'll need Photoshop CS6 and above.


1. Introduction: Hello, Excruciating. How much money is Mike out? I'm a Nazis and I'm using for the shop for about five years now. And I have engaged in so many activities for the show Isn't finish up in video of the scene at and graphic design in some other activities reach I can use foot a shop for so after making these are for the shop of these flies and achieve in so many turns it for the show I decide that it's time for me to share some of my skews to you guys right now are decides who would make the class off? How you can return a skin in fresh up already make a class giving you how to make use off for the show. So this gloves we are going online The basic idea off how you can perfectly returned a skin in for a shop and in this class is no just going to teach you on how you can lend to return our skin. You also learned how to make your off the frequency suppression house accrued on action in footie ship and house make use of an action. You also lend how to make use of the mixer brush and I in retouching or in any other way, you won't make yours off the mixer brush, and you will also learn how to apply a dirt on burn with Dickov's adjustment layer that is a nondestructive away, off applying dodge onboard are making use off the curves. Adjustment Lee to apply dirt on, born to your image or wherever way you're using the dirt on. But it's a give you a full control over your dirge on aborning. So what? I don't know. Ferreri. Let's get wrecked into this class on. I hope you grab something. And if you do always leave your comment in my protest section, all you can put your project in my project section. And if we also have any question two X yuk and also make yours off the Q and A book. So I hope to see you guys in this class have a nice day 2. Basic Editing: if you have done with the project, Fi. So you want to open up for the show? You know of the open up, Fisher, You go up to fight and you go up to open. Now, this is a Raphael. So when you tried to open it, it's going to open up in camera a few. But you can do that with the light room. Capture one or any other image editor that can open up a row. Few. But for this, I'm just gonna keep it simple and make yours off foot ship. So whatever place you saved the project for you, don't try to locate that and open up image. This is where you are going to click on that and give it some time to open up camera. Oh, phew. That was gonna wait. Should now, once you click on open, it's going to open up a camera. A few that. So here is it Kummerow feel that and she can see off here. This was should from the sunny I ever see Kummerow where right is really done. So we just want to do a basic everything right here. By adding some highlights of Brighton of the image. But for this we would go for the Dodgers going to do a basic everything by coming down up to would the correction part. We're We can live with Oreste letters and so on. Now just click on the word although, and allow the camera to do its walk. So here is a just God symptom, likely so you can quit the street between the before and after. You see, we have said it is really have before, and this is where we have after Now you can start doing some minor adjustments who these like for me, I'm just giving dig down to you exposure little B and give it a little bit of contrast just like that, and bring the shutters down just a beat so that I can drill but the block on the skin and reduce the white stressed only to be and blacks just smoke. Okay, so let's quickly check. So this is where we have before, and this is where we have after. So when she had done with this, you don't want to hit undone because it's just going to save the picture and it's an opening for the shop, so Once you're done, click on open image and the image is going to open up in for the show. And once is, don't open it and for the shop now you can proceed with other adjustments you want to make with the image. So we have our image here and now we can head over to that hill in the sports and trying to see if we can do some patches on so 3. Spot Healing: when I want to hear this sport in my image, I always create in newly by coming down trees icon and click on newly article. That's great new Leah and a double click and rename that to sport just omits. Knew what that Leah it's for. So once something with that layer, you can zoom any flight or you can walk him out. It's already depends on how you want it to be. So head over to respond members to you wanna right? Click and select the hill and brush to That is one I always make you. The body connect is a response Hill in brush. It's just Cherries are what works best for us. I'm gonna click the spot Helen Brush. Now I am working on a new Leah and empty layer. Now what? I'm going to Diogo obsolete Part that's is currently a and click on that and city to Corrine on blue so I can sample from well below earlier and being over. So now. Once you have done with already stoves to defuse, you want to set the deaf use to five blow fire because these determines how soft your brush it's going to be this works like flow. When you're making use of the brush to come down to the brush said it, make sure your hardness is not all the way home all the way 200 years. You don't want to get the strong age at the ending off your surgeon. So we're going to dig these down. About 15% is OK for me. So I'm gonna keep that to 50. Now, there is no tablet connected to my PC, which we are going to make use off later on. So if you're making use of a tablet for these, you can just don't only pen pressure but can turn that off most optional. You're still bled. I always start off the pressure so that everything is going to maintain its size and its proportion to what she had done. With all these settings. You can increase and decrease decider brush with the bracket keys on your keyboard. There is a square bracket. So now I'm going to zoom and what I'm going to do. I'm just going to take a wish some off. All these sports on the face. Now when you think in the way sports from the face you don't want to take away everything because you want to keep some reality into the image. Now for you to start taking away these sport really sport filling brush to you can hold on off on your keyboard to sample on any area of your picture. And we need something. Click hood on the old and making every left leak. When you move any part, you can see that you have on my thing we need were you came here so you can just click on that and it's going to square up that particular area. So So now you just going to hold on or and clicking cover of that part of this is really have. Now, the reason for creating the newly is just for you to see between the before and after. You can also make it duplicate off your image, Leah, and walk on that. Do I just like putting mine on a new layer? So I'm just going to go true. These and your stick. You wish some sport by Yes. And you should know that whenever you're something just don't wanna paint like these because no, really gonna be cool. You just want to bleak and sample on that area. You want to erase the i them from going to do that when we were moving sport from the face you don't want removed everything you just want removed the ones that are really distracting because you still want to preserve the reality of that image. So I'm just going to remove the distracting ones and really not everything on, please. And it to keep working. Your just wanna check Brittany before and after to see a progres of what you've done so far . - Now , once you have done, you can proceed to making every other modifications to these, like making use of the mix abridged, splitting the phase, I thought, playing the frequency suppression or whatever it is you want to do. So I'm going to see you guys in the news class. 4. What is Frequency Separation: before we go into a frequency suppression where there's need to understand frequency suppression on how it works before we start applying the frequency separation. So we thought about frequency suppression in retention of an image. Frequent suppression is the process off. It's pleasing of the high texture on the low texture in their separate Leah that is putting the little texture on a different layer and pretty high texture on differently. Making your image to reserve. It's the why you keep doing your research and where Valliere you wished. Now come stink of your image. It's makeup off pictures. When you see inclusively to your image, you get to see the height picture and the lewd, sexual or limited QED sport Helen Majors do for some time now. When you look at the faces, most of all, the sports at a high frequency and why most various parts that a re smooth and bit blew other word. The low frequency now frequencies suppression is a process. Were you? You put this high tech Scher on a separate lier and put the love texture on a separate layer. Now, with that, you will be able to work on the low frequencies separately and walk on the high frequency separately. Where we get understand this when we go in there off the frequency suppression. 5. Frequency Separation: in our previous listen, we try to understand the meaning of frequency separation, but in this lesson, we are going to go in depth, frequency separation and how we can use frequency suppression on our emit voy guv into frequency suppression. I'm going to make a stuck with Spook Opie off all Moliere's or a medical P off Put the sport and the Bagram Leo, which I have right here. So first thing I'm going to do, I'm going to unlock this layer and I'm going to group that drag it into the group. And I'm going to rename that Drew background and I'm gonna close it group and this run and went to group that by hearing country G on my keyboard and renamed that sports. All right, so now I can now make a copy of boot Bagram and this portly imagine both of them together by hooded on country shift R plus e on my keyboard to make a copy of boot layers. Now you can turn them off if you like, but I'm just going to leave them on. So now we can perceive making frequency suppressions and I before making the frequency suppression and you want to make a duplicate off your layers into two. Now this is emerged early. Are is having everything put sport killing and the main image. It's every so I'm going to make another copy of these by Dragon is down to the newly I can't and create a new layer. Now, the one blue I'm going to double click on that and name that Lou Frequency really depends on where you want to name it. Ours or what is really going to be okay for you to make yourself bring him that low frequency and the tough one. I'm gonna name that too high frequency. Now, before we go, let's understand why we have a day still layers and why will name the blue one low frequency and the top on the high frequency. Now we know that words we might see, Vickers. This one is below that. So I would name that the low frequency and the one above its above the low frequency that someone named at a high frequency There's no that. The reason we named this one the low frequency I will name this one. The high frequency it's that this layer below will be the layer that preserved the colors off your image that is having the low frequency. And why'd one Abou beauty want to retain the texture on your images? That's why we have that there's a high frequency. Well, let's see that now that we have the truly as which is low frequency and the high frequency there is where we are going to do done off the no very high frequency Lee and go over to the low frequency. Now we want to apply the Gadgil below 50 to smoke in the face. But it's we are going lost a whole lot off. If there's right doing this, I'm going to grab the move to a person V on my keyboard. Now I will go over to feel there. We'll go down to blow, and God Zhaan click on that. Now, this is very tricky. You don't want to work. Apply a whole lot of blow because you are going to totally lost in the days off your image . So you want ism in quite a bit. Big readers down to zero and start gradually, he started increasing the blood little Bailly to the moment you see that IQ skin texture. I've been blown away. You want to stop? So I'm gonna take this up Something like this. Now it's still okay. Degrees up again. Day, sister, locate when a dignity of and let's see seventies okay for me, But it's amazing. I'm gonna put that too. Seven. Now I'm can click on work. Okay, so now you can see that this layer is now blood out. We just know more cleared not having that more texture or so you can go higher with the guardian blow. Feel that. But I'm okay with these. So now when you don't Underwood the high frequency earlier you see that all your texture is back, right? But now it's not working together with the low frequency. We need to make this high frequency walk to get over the roof requested. I respond. Whatever we do in this low frequency, only I wouldn't be able to see that on the high frequency Lee. So this is red with preserving the texture on the high frequency layer comes in. So now you know that to do that select, they have frequency, Leah, and then go over its image and scroll down to apply in me Now this window is going to open up. Look at what is happening. Your measures turn into black, which is no really where you want or no problem. We are going to fix that now remember what you want to do. You want to subtract the texture from your image and place it on separate Leah, Right? Not to do that. You wanted what? Subtract that texture from the low frequency Leah Ritchie Just blood out. So we know that to do that the police really have Leah, which is right here. Click on the drop down menu and select the low frequency Leah because you are trying to a subtract, do it the texture that is the high texture from that low frequency Leah and put it on their separate layer. Now your senators who would low frequency. But you're blending Morissette's multiply and what is happening yet not in this happening right, and you just get to it. Blacks. And so when we can do it, the picture that that is multiply Blaine would now that place we have, the multiply blend would click on that and select subtract because you are subtracted texture from that layer Now it's un subtract where you get you get a 50% great or half great. So why I get in the have But first, before we talk about degreed less head of arteries killed the scale was always said to Why ? Because the higher skill and foot ship is too. So we're just going to leave that that we now 1 28 How do we get the 1 28 as offset? Come this inquiry your images middle off the RGB, which is the red, green and blue and the highest value off the allergy. It's 2 55 or 2 56 Anyone which he reached to Bali and Louis Value is the word there. Zero now the mirror value. It's what 1 27.5 watching 7.70 suit Reza presently want twins it which is what they have. Great. That's how you get root. The 1 2128 is the meter value off the RGB. So why should don't we already said in Just click on OK, now we get these board, we can see the texture right now Let's bring back those texture. You have to play with the blame mood. So head over to the blend mood and said, It's a what linear light. Now you can play with the Dublin moves to see exactly what you get, but the best With this, it's for you to make use off the linear like now look at is this is where we have the texture and this is really have the color writes less turn off the still area. So let's really understand what's happening right here. So now the high frequency Leah is this less done that off? You can say that will have a blood image because we apply a blow to the low frequency. So now let's don't on the high frequency and less turn off the loop. Regressive. What happens? We can only see the sharp edges that it most of the textures on our image on the would be high frequency. Leah, that is exactly what I really want to do. And that is exactly what that portended. Picture the high textures under separately and put in love textures on separately. Now take your time, practice only frequency separation and see how which really going to be. So what I'm going to do right now I want to select both layers and then hid Contra gee on my keyboard to group them. And now I can just go ahead and name them frequency separation, just going to make his ownership good. That is just that separation during a click left. So in our next class, we are going to take on how we can sweating the transition of the word, the highlights and shadows on the foresees with mixed up brush. But before we are going to do that, we need to understand how it's make use of the mix average and how the mixer brush work. And I hope you're going to enjoy that glass because making use of the mixer brush is going to be a whole lot more fun because you can use the mixer brush to do. But at CES and Suor 6. Understanding The Mixer Brush: you know it offers the stat McNair's of the mixer brush. We need to understand how the mixer brush work first before we start making use of the mixer brush. Because after understanding how the mixer brush work, you can apply your own settings on how to make your mix. Albert. So what I'm going to do? I'm just going to quickly create a new document but here and control and on my keyboard to bring out the new window. And I'm just gonna create any size, any document side, because we don't really need that. So now just would head of what's your brush, too? But he didn't be on your keyboard and with Click and hold on your left leak or you're right clean and scroll over the last two. You have day, which is mixed average. Click on that, and it's going to open now. I have just imports them. The foot seven switch making years over. I'm really going, Terry, what? All the settings are useful and how you can make yourself so. The first you have here is do it the brush just like your brush to regla brush to you know you have to select your brush So we have the veers precious You can select from the world itself round or the Handwara hard round brush. It all really depends on how you wanted to be just like the brush and keep that. Now we have these icon, right? Yeah, we sure the colors that is having the colors, the whole world so for now is transparent. Why you're gonna understand why it's transparent. So this first I can have is to what load brush? Now lover simply means that were to load a particular color interest section that's transparent and this you checked out for you to make your off a clean brush. Get us If I check these now, you consider I would have a color here, Said went on this, it's going to it. Apply colors for me, not when we win. Making use of the mix average In most cases, you really don't want to apply any color. So that's why we make use of these. And I go unchecked that and make use of a what a clean brush so that it works with the colors I give it to work with or whatever we are running so it just wouldn't work that way . We have picking out any new colors and so on. So here we have the way this witness that means and how wet the brush can be. So later. See, we're limit your see, create a sheep, right? Yeah, Just yeah. Music. Shoot and let us take something like red. You know, they just create the shoes. Yeah, just like Dad. Academic separation. I'm gonna rest arise. Thes She right now with a witness said to you can see that you're going to see limousine every secrecy you can see what happens. Couldn't go far. So I'm gonna undo that. And if I said these all the way up to 100 tried to drag to see what happens right, it increases. Do it the distance off the color you try to miss. If I take that down to two again and I move, you can see that did not go for when they lose the loaded. I mean, how much paint this rush can't cars with blood set 200. If I drag, you can see later stick tees off back. And if I drug, you can see what happens with the lewd carries. So if I think that down again to something likely your C nine or 11 you can see it's not carrying that much as Terry's right then the meats, How much wanted to mix with both colors and what's so honest? If I keep going, you see how it makes any fridges that makes all the way down and that, ladies, and see how long it takes to mix that particular item, then the flow. We all know what flu is, how frequent your brush strokes appears. I should keep What movie? Now that will understand every tubs in these mixed aboriginal, however, really going to make use off all reside names. And last night we have here we have the word sample, all layers. You know what? It's some probably as this and raise you to some poacher all layers, but and the frequency separation. We wouldn't be making yourself this sample only because we are just really going to be walking on one Lee. Well, you gets know why we are going to make your off. We were in turn off the sample, old leaders. So now that we've got odis and really understand, how do is attempt really works. Now we are going to do this now. This understanding within finding your own sitting on making use of makers off establish, not really depends on what she wanted to. Some going to go back into the spot. And we just really do a rough Jake. What? The brush, too. And, um, I'm just going to go up, just go into the Bo Grand and just done under background Turner of the frequency separation , and I will select that and I'm gonna hit Country J on my keyboard to make a duplicate of that. So now grab the mix of rush and trade, too. It's that mixing, See, would how? Please. Right? It takes so much witness for you can see what is going on right there. But it's poorly is spreading throughout the colors too much, and we really don't wonder. So now my sentence that I always make use of images of 20 as a witness body can go below that and I can go blue that most times and I make use of 20 are the load and images of 10 and misc mix and I make years off 20 RC. Would the flu and I turned off the word sample only at the address where you want some, per So I'm just gonna delete this Lear again, and we're gonna make a duplicate of that. And we're going to turn that now for try to It makes you can see how gently it's going right. Just like that. Now, making use of the mix up bridge, you need to undergo some rumors which we are going on with that smelling the transition off these highlights on the shutters on the skin, but won't walk with that. This is what the foot Syrians I used when painting, but when working on the skin and two on AGU blew off these bodies. But we're going to see that when we go into Smith in transition in our next lesson. So I hope you guys, they and which these the next class. And I hope you learned something from that last glass. I'm gonna turn ovaries off, but and bring back my frequency Suppression of the year 7. Using the Mixer Brush: now that we've then on understand, make some bridge. Now it is temperatures to makers of the mix average. But before we make use of the mix, uppers, legis, really understand have the mix of rush look and the prefers lizard. We just understand the mixer brush and the sentence off the mixer brush. But now we are going to understand how to mix of rush work and how we can make use of the mixer brush to smooth in the face of this, our image to give us a nice look. So the first thing I'm going to do, I'm going to zoom in closely to this image, and I'm going to grab the mixer brush. Like I said before you click and hold on the left, click on your mouse to open up the brush menu and select the mix up brush. Okay, I showed her my cities was 2020 10 and 20. Well, these sentences when I am painting, so that when a mixing or blend in dressed colors, I make use of the cities. But when you walk him on a skin trying to smooth out the skin with the mixed numbers, you don't want to go to high with most of your sentence. But pressure is just the way cities, but I'm going to show you that. So for this, I'm going to set the wet 21 and these I'm going to set the load to 75. When you said that to 75 and the mix, I'm going to say that to 90 and the flu. I'm gonna said that to 15. All right, too. When I smell interface with the mixer brush, this is a setting that I'm a user. But first, before we quickly go and smooth face, let's quickly create a newly a new document and really see what makes a bridge to before we quickly before we start would mixing the face are trying to smooth the face with the mix average. So I'm just going to create document with any size and this is it. The destroyers take some time over there, so I'm going to grab a shape just any ship with any colors. I'm going to said these to read and click OK and miserable these just like that, and I'm gonna create another one. Attendees Rachel the color to something like blue and this is OK. Click ok and create the shape. And now it will go grab. I moved to obviously have that a straight There's not a problem. Sickly Congress leader. I can cursory some new and said chocolate see anything you wanted to be. Okay, so this is it. I'm gonna put this to lives. Close that retreaters I'm going to Right Click on Descend. I'm gonna hear unrest arise and hit on Russia right now Grab the mixed suburb. When you grab the mixer brush, you can increase the size of the brush with your bracket keys and make sure your cups look . He's done. So I have not selected the right brush right here, too. Dignities of slick in the fourth round brush. Now let's dig or is up there. You see what is going on? Right? Digged witness to these Now it is two layers selected and my sample only checked. Now if I start to it, leaks or starts were paint over my ships with meat sub bridge. This is a little bit slow and it requires lots and lots off PC powers. And so now you can see that the mixer verse is mixing these two colors together. Creating are smooth transition but mean these two colors, so I'm not gonna go far in that, but you get the idea so the mixer brush. It's useful with mixing colors, creating a smooth transition. Clean does two colors now in terms off our image, right? I showed him, I said in. So I'm going to take these down to one, which is what I have there now. Open of your frequencies Suppression group, which created now it's tempting, would swiftly transition, also smartly in the face like you can see do it the highlights. The shutters are not really having a good transition. You can see the beginning of the highlights and see the beginning of the shadows, so we need to smooth that we the mixed average. But before we start saluting, you need to understand something. With the loaf requested, Lee are selected, which is exactly where you are going to walk on with love progressively are selected. Whatever you do right now, wherever where you mix or anyhow you makes right now on your image, it's going to affect the low frequency. Now, if you have any issues or you make a mystic along the way. Why going? You go back and delete this layer now. You don't want that right? Because you spend so much time working on everything before you start seeing error on different places and I have to religious lier and start all over with your frequency separation, that is, if you don't have a frequency suppression action that you created, which we're gonna tick later in this class. So we don't have to save yourself that stress. You need to lick a copy off your low frequency earlier, but taking and dragging it down to renew. I can't create a new copy off your low frequency. Now you can do that by selecting the low frequency Leah and Hidden Country Jay on your keyboard. Now you can right click and said that to clipping mask you're still seeing on that leader. Now you have all these. Make sure that the sample old earlier is unchecked because you don't want a sample from the high frequency And what suor Some Bobillier check and your settings you can play around with your settings, not Morse. You have to use mine, but you can plan on your cities. But this is exactly what I will be using some good zoom in now you consume in all you can zoom out. But I'm going to zoom in because I have my navigator right here, which I can use to see the full size of the image. Now zoom in and start painting all over your image with mixed average. Now something you need to remember. Don't paint like this because it's going to destroy your image. Just wonder what? Full of the movement. All the flu off your image like it goes this way. You want to go this way? If you go these way, you want to go this way? You don't just want to do something to rally. There's getting makes your image. I'm going to undo that which have been right now. So I'm going to start from here and start. Good. Now make sure I should do these. You increase on decrease the size of your brush off the large areas which you will repent over on this small areas which you want to paint over. I'm gonna start and start Good. Now the places where you have the heads you don't want smooth those years because you're gonna lose the duties off duty police. Okay, the layers go. You can see I'm trained. Would full Ooh, the transitions. And what movement off this king. How do what the skill a bring Israel created. So you want to maintain that, followed the movement of the skin, or how do what skill is and apply or mixer brush on those places. Let me turn this off reserve we have before. And this is where we have after Jersey leader that I have done super. And if this is not really happening, mortar there is letting happening so you can increase the witness of your brush. And so I'm just gonna leave the at this aim. Use these. And as it keep working, you always wanna see between the before and after to see the progress or receive what you exactly don't. I'm gonna turn it off before and this is after. You can just see you declare difference off what it's going on our image. So I'm just going to do these. You don't want to watch me go true. One of all these those and sue, - when printing unfolded here like all these places in the side of the lures and this part of the mouth mostly you really wonder mixed or this part off pen of others. Partner. A finance alert deters. But when printing on places like this, you want to go gently and follow the shape so that you don't lose the ship you have right there should know where you can see what we have between the before and the after. This manner really look nice to you, But it depends on how you wanted my elective in my smiling face so simple so that I can get lots of the series. And if I want to do anything later on, I can do that. Well, you get The idea is you know you can increase your mix up for civilians or you can go below even mind. But really the prison, how you want it to be, You know, every photograph, furs with their own Medard off working on their own footers and what soon I like mine to be this way. So I just keep it that way so you can go higher. I'll teach your house duties. They really mean, I'm telling you, this is what you are going to use lend for me. Experiment years bring of your own idea teach people gets know how to do things on you. This is just a guideline for you, but not a ruse for you to follow. So don't look at my own and say this is not really exactly where you are looking for. It's not really gonna be exactly what you are looking for, beakers. I'm not giving you exactly what we're looking for. I'm doing this to my old taste and this is exactly what I'm looking for so that my own said install them into years and get something nice out of your own image. But without that, let me just quickly go through the neck and, you know, mixed part of the make. Then we move about sitting next to drear, and Lacey was gonna happen. - So for the first above down, just doing some kind of a little bit off Smith there is, At least I'm gonna take my weight up to about 3% off 2% and there is going to go around for the final step. And when I'm doing, you're going to see the end off everything that I've done so far. 8. Understanding Dodge & Burn: most of you might have heard the word say's Dutch and but matter for that, and you might be familiar with the two in Footer ship. When you go right here, you get a dirge in the born now, more so if you might have had that and might even newly to Bert, you don't know how to use E and win to use it. But first, before you know how to use it and when to use it, you need to understand the Dem Dodge and burn in footage shop. We know when you come out of for the show them dirt. It's when you try to escape from something or so and what burn its way to put something on fire and soon but and foot a show. It's not that way. It's kind of similar, but not really that we So let's comes really understand that. So when you talk about dirt and burn and fresh food took about dirge, Dutch dozen and Footer shop is a process off. Applying highlights to the meat comes off your images. Get that the purchase of a plane highlights to the meeting off your why burning is the process of a plane shadows meeting off your images. Let's get to understand these very well. So if I create a new document, right and I just click OK And this point accredited on leaves we white or ah, half Greek be used later. Take simple like these and we click OK and drove the cycle off the leaves. Unless stories are will Graham and moved to include the city centre. And I'm gonna rush the risers right click and worse arises. Now go to your twos And first let's work with the Dodge. Like ER said, the dirge issues for applying highlights through the midterms. So when you look off here, it says the highlight. But the job done men are you can change, shatters me turns o r Highlight. I respond. It's going up my life studio highlight and you can play around with the exposure. It really depends on how you want to play with all the stars. But I'm just going to say that since it is just an example. So with that you selected with outlier selected when I come over to this, please and start painting, you see what happens, right? It applies white. That and This is so much when I'm not really gonna bore you about that because I'm not trying to do anything. So I'm just trying to show you the person is Dutch and burn. So now that we've done that just a little bit off highlights right there and I'm just going put my burger and cola into something, there's let's get her silly cooler. And this straight symptoms like these. Yeah, that's fine. Now I'll go. But the and hold on my left leg and select the born to now I can go down to the bottom part and increase its size gain. Understand? I'm just going to pain, Rand. So now you can see what we have. Years obviously highlight and bottom is the word. The shadows. Now, you know, in reality where the light is hidden from the though is gonna cars. They're so much like at a top off that, but forcing the shutters to be at the bottom. That is just exactly what I did here. And just a brief explanation for you to understand the dirt on board. But most people really don't make use of these Dutch and burn too. When retouching image the makers of the curves adjustment because there's the same thing And you have so much controls making years off the curves adjustment, Leah to create your dodge and burn on your image and making years off the Dutch and born to let me show you that. So I'm just going to take these and delete that gonna create and not our were hitting you on my keywords to grab the shaved to I'm just gonna create that Majors would really leave these at this point, But there's gonna keep that right there. There's really mother. So now I'm going to come down to my just, man gonna click on data, Isolate coves now because prop I see what you want to do You just will take this old way off the highest highlight close that honestly admires. Click on Liam Mark the hit Control I on your keyboard to invite inverse Delia mask. Now live that you can rename that you condemn this to dirge. Or you can name that burn religious everyone where you can't even really mean that. Click on that again, go to the cars and this time, instead of taking it off, take it down to apply a whole lot off. Shatters, now told that could close the properties and do the same thing. Hit control J Contra I on the keyboard to advice. Now this is dirge, and this is the burn. Now head over to your brush to or to your brush part it Suba and select the brush to now. This is where you can make it. A tablet already have tablet connected to its right Here I can make use of pressure and super. If you don't have addressed that ably, that's fine. Letters go with regular round, brush and footer ship. So now you want to decrease your capacity and flushed and taken a flu to something like 5% and the approx Theresa like 5%. That's fine by me. Just exactly what I want to make yourself, you know so honestly, a on the Dutch Liam were select the Lammers measure. Liam was selected, and not men Curves adjustments. Let Lammers and head of its your colors and make sure that the foreground color sets white and background color is set black. Now, if these are not really much and you can just hit the to set down to the Fort colors and you can make yourself extra Togo between those two colors. X on your keyboard is gonna talk, addressed the colors read under what's up? We don't right now too. Yes. Can see exito bits Endorse two colors. So now would it? Dutch? They're selected. You can't say that word. Applying that right here the same way you Now this one apply that much pickers. You know, we're Jersey approx three and the flu now going to right click and said this to create clipping Marceau that whatever I do affect on Lee these lier Second do that now you need to paint over this more and more for you to get to see the whites. And so now you can increase the flow if you want so quickly Later start itself. So this is what we have before. And this is where we have after now the use of this you have a whole lot of control If you applied these on areas rich, you are not supposed to apply cure Sit on extra toe box black and erase this on areas which really don't need them to be. The same process applies to do it to burn. Just let burn and you start applying that just like that, it's gonna take some time where you just have to do that, really? And you can do some molesters you got, so I can't tell East off. You can see and Tony Stone. That is what we have now. You can see switchbacks black and raise some. But so now that we're practically understand how we can durjan born inside of ownership and various raise weaken dirt on born instead of for the ship, let's go straight to our image and apply some dirt and burning in on our image to bring about the highlights and shadows, or to add a whole lot of them mentions you out in Maeda's lust after making years off the mixer brush. 9. Applying The Dodge & Burn: you know, that's applied dirge and burned in our image. Your needs were clears the frequencies Suppression group. Well, it really prince, you can create it there, Jambon Inside Frequency separation group. But I just like, put in Oh, my step by step process in a separate group. So when I'm trying to make any modification, Aly that I know that this group is for this and this group is for this. So now since we've understand Durjan burn readers head over to the carbs, click on that adjustment and submit the cubs Like er said, Diggory highlights old we hope and that seat. Now turn that off. Double click on these and I'm gonna name that dirge gonna heat on in there. It's leg demise. Control I on your key bird and repeat the same process cars. And this time take it out of the way down. Wow, this is so nasty and double click on that and named me burn. He didn't there? Repeat this in process and control I and that's it. Now you can group these if you like, but what I'm going to do, I'm just gonna select that drag it down to this group I can and group boot of them. So I'm going to double click on that name it D and G. There's gonna food at so that I can do that. This is my Dodge, And but now I can open up that group first. I work with the dirge. Now, with glamour selected, just us would lend in the previous lesson set of four grand colors white grab a brush to and parent will flow. And with the approximate Now, this time you want to paint only on the highlights. Right? Get that so you can make yourself over the pressure if you like wood for those of where they really don't have the graphics tablet or did it out the blade. I'm just gonna keep it simple and make yours off the soft Iran brush. It is what I have right here. I remember my flu is said to five and my approximately said of five. And my flute is said to five now, pence underworld highlights area only. All right, now you can see what we're having. The added a whole lot of highlight. A new, a lot of death to now you want to take out sometimes work on these to give you a nice look and really exactly work you want so you can see that? I don't know. Whole look off. Dimensions are image. This is all we have before. And this is what we have after we applied the dirt. Let's continue with the dirge. All right? So I think I'm done with the DA Jin's disses it. And this is apply so far. So before we proceed with the burning left city over image of everything from the start and where we've got getting up to. So I'm gonna hold them the R key on my keyboard and click on the Bagram. And that's hating sample. Done that on. All right, so this is it. So this is all we have before, And this is where we're having have similar attorneys on bodies on just like that. This is what we have before. And this is where we have after before and after. So now you can see the difference. A whole new difference happening to our image. New things, new lightnings and what? But this is not that extreme, right? You can see that very where, but do It's nice. Like I said. And what I thought you before you don't really need to do it my own way. I'm just here to show you and no to tell you how to do it. I'm here to show you how to do it and you make your own decision how you are going to do it , drop your settings, grab everything that 30 put him to get a get something new. Pharmacia, Chris Something better than what I've showed you And make sure you in from with You link. So now let's head over to do what the born in quick on the lam ours and repeat the same process. But it's time you are working on shatters and not the highlight Trying to Mason's office for your sensitive somebody's going to depend leader over this place and dishes not happening so much because of tense not applied these march loud. Like I said, you cannot blame, but you can apply yours that large. So I'm gonna go over these around the game injures. Add a little bit dirge to that. And now so much is happening on the face. I'm just gonna take out sometime. Anders do a little bit off more today and then is gonna be your for the dirt and the burning. All right, So if you make it obvious level of this Claris, I'm going to say a big thank you to you for taking out of time to go true. My listens to these explained to see so much thanks to you guys. And I'm going to really appreciate that if you take out your time to give a review on this class in just first of leader off what you've lane Super. So what? Anything said, right? Yeah. And the nearest next head of us would making this worse in for a shop and let for the shop helpers to duties. Whenever we reached, you were applied a frequency separation, right? We need to create an action. What? We are going to do that in the next lesson that you are going to really understand what I mean by loving footer ships. Helpers do this. I'm hoping to see you guys in the next lesson. Please. Stating 10. Creating FS Action: Now we are going to Lin how to make Fichaud helpers applied frequency suppression on our image. That is, in other word, creating an action most of you might have heard about the action. But not really everybody but more the first mixes of for the show. But we really don't know everything present for the ship. Well, this lesson is really gonna show you how to make use of an action and house to create your own action in partnership. So the first thing that I'm going to do, I'm going to a none of the dirge and born, which is on frequency separation. Then I'm gonna turn on both layers now. Crittle, this action agree, depends on how you want it to be before a plan is actually murder of done doing the killing on so one which wanted to before applying these action. So now that have their notice. I'm still going to make a new copy or a coffee at off these some gonna hood and control board ships first E to make a copy of these. So I'm going to hold on control klieg and copy. And you know, country D now. Good. If I good to new, and I'm gonna use clipboard from what I just copy and we'll click on create. And it's going to create that for me. Now I'm gonna hear on Contrave to pace What? I just coffee with exact size. What does it really matter? I own what I haven't, do you? Oh, so so what? I'm going to Devon. Let these and delete that. Now I'm going to convert that to a Bagram. Leah Badgers flatten in the image, and it's gonna come back that to Bagram Lear. Now the next thing you want to do you want to go up to windows, Look forward actions, Which is odd players F night on your keyboard. Click on that. And the action Pannu, it's going to open. So I already have that reach I have created, right? Yeah, we're click on that and the leak and click or kick. Now, this time I am going to show you How does it create a one time frequency separation that includes the dirge and burning on the layer, which you are going to apply year earn, you know, smoothing with the mixed average. So now security, new action come overseas, but they have this group, I can click on that Create and you sick. Which is that gonna hear? Say, said the Stuart frequencies suppression frequency separation Syria about dead. Yeah, and And here on Oki or you can hit on. Enter. Now it's going to create a new set for you. Now this I couldn't have you, which is a new icon. I didn't. Your fire. I can click on that and it's yours. Open up a new action window for you inside of this action you carry name? That's M It's anyone but I'm sticking his name there too. Frequency separation. Sorry about that separation. Now, before there you will study into the set, which is where the frequents where you cannot touch. That's in your set for frequency and everything said that now hit on record. Now, with that said, you can see this little red icon right here with tears it that whatever you do and for the shop right now leave B record so less that applying less that making the frequency separation. So now gonna sheet on Andrew J twice to create two layers. Now you can see Leovy, a corporately of your copy which is two years and well, don't worry about that for now. Laters. Proceed. So what a double click on that. I'm gonna name that Lou frequency Click. OK. Oh, here. An entire and double click on this and I'm gonna name that hurry frequency and he don't enter. Now we're done with that. I'm gonna turn this one off, select this one and go up to future and then blow in Gaza in blue. Now you can play around with your guardian. I'm gonna take this all the way down. Like I said, take it all the way to zero and start applying. See? Returned. Fits you. So I'm going to live this eight. Biggers. It really depends on the image. So I'm just gonna leave that to eight because you might work on image as more higher or more. Lou, it really depends on you. Click. OK, and I just applied. Would the gadget blood feud that And it's still going to record that right now. Don't under have frequents layer. Select the high frequent slayer and go over to image and then apply image. Now this window is going to open up. Set out Seward low frequency layer from my supply set out to subtract skill to offset 12 years. Click ok, And when you click OK, it's going to do that. Now go over to the blend mode and said the blend mood too. Linear light. Now that's it. Now Cilic boot lier right. And then hit country G on your keyboard to group there and double click and name them frequency separation. All right, now hit. Okay. Inside of the frequency Separation group opened that up. Now this you want to create a duplicate of that click and drag it down. Say, that's a coffee. Doesn't really mean you can rename that. Also, this layer it's really you are going to do, You're mixing and soon I'm gonna wreck, leak and create clipping mask. Right, That is it. Now close out this layer. That group you have done with the group Now head of what's your curves adjustment are just made and create a new carves a just me. Now take this old we up just like that. And now turn that off. Select Liam Risk hit control I on a key bird Now double click on that and name that dirge and he okay we heat, enter now, create another cars and drag all the week down clues that it's literally a Mars going through I and never click on that and said, It's your word burn. Now I just make a mistake, right? Selected and double click on that, which is what I did right here, which has repeat. So I go back to this, but and I can just do it. You're second leader is actions lead iron, so I can just leave that But it doesn't really matter. So gonna click on that and I'm going to it set out to burn and he enter. Now this place would just make a little bit of Mr truly going to replay itself and itself And what so? But we are just going to keep that now select boot of them because it really has nothing to do now Select good of them and hit country G on your keyboard to group there, double click on the group and name there too. Dirge and burn. Now he enter. Now you are really done with these action. Since you have done with the action oneness for used to do Click on this I can't stop the action. Click on that. And action can stop now. Whatever error you have right here, you can go back and delete deuce errors like and select this one which made an error. You can delete that. And because leg this can delete that. But I'm just gonna leave that because we already ratified that. Now that you're done, close that group. Now we're gonna lend how to make use of this action we just created. 11. Using The FS Action: it's time to use the action that we just created. So it's yours. That action. I'm gonna select this to group that I have. And I'm gonna delete that because we don't need that right now. So from the word the action, you know, select what frequency is said and that Open it, Select the frequency separation. Now, what are selected? Click on the word play icon and yours. 400 I realized left for the show. Do its work for you. All right, now, a little bit of error right here. We have some kind of Now we have the dirt and burn inside the frequency separation. Now, if that zero happen, does it really matter? You can just drag these off, and that's it. So now you have the dirge on the board. I have the frequency separation. So that's how you gonna make use off that? Create an action. And it soon. Now I tense. You would keep this mistake, which just happened right here, where we have the dirt and burn inside the frequency separation for that beakers. No one is perfect. And doomers definitely make an error. So when you create the action of the first time when your own. You make this in mystic, you have the same issues. You just haven't Easy way to fix that. The lady action and recreate that. Just fix it with Israel. With yours do right now. So that is a mistake that happened on poppers. And I really want you to see that no one is perfect. You can try something for the first time, we snow really gonna work. That doesn't mean that you have bright. You just need to keep trying beakers. You're gonna get that. So that end this lesson. Let's go over to the next Listen where we go into some of brand's futures and some addresses we can do to our image to totally and harsh the image givers exactly what we want . 12. Bonus Eye Sharpening: look at it is we've done everything. We just finished the dirge on burn and our images looking so nice, but which they have more things to do. Like when you zoom in closely to the eyes, you can see that the eyes is a little bit though normally looking that nice. So So we need to work on the eyes. But it's fine. It's fine. If you're okay with that, you can there still be a image and you have done. But if you wanna would take your image to the highest level off readers, then you have to follow all of this person. Well, there are so many ways of retouching. The eyes I addressed lend so many and I make yourself the But I'm just going to give you one mater that you are going to use. So for that Medard, you look as we always do. We always make a duplicate and, you know, put that in the group so that we can go back in time for have any errors. So So at this point, what I'm going to do is this. I'm gonna make a extract, withdrew copy off all my layers, which I have right there beheaded contra she er plus e on my keyboard. And that is going to make a merge Lee out off all the pictures I have only as I have here. So now I'm just going to group this layout for now. But leisure say I can Yes. We really do much of that. So, for this, I'm going to make a doublet. Kate, Today's I'm just going to leave that original just in case a region now and I'm gonna hit country G and double click on these and name These were shopping so that I don't get confused early, Baron. And that is nice. So wondrous. Leah, I'll head over to Futa and good them to order and high parts. Now, the high parts issues to sharpen your image in most cases, so But it's time. I just want to shopping only the eyes. So what I'm going to do, I'm going to increase these so much years, Teoh. Let's say something like this is okay, and I'm let me give you a little secret to Tony's off. But before you would apply these high parts, you know, when you apply this hyperspeed that just like that on Leah, it would be so more destructive. You have to drink Talia and make a blood duplicating start all over again. So now let's fix these. Mm. Before applying the hyper spitter you want to right click on your image and said it would convert to Smart object, or you want to go up to filter confused there and convert for smart. If you click on that and it's going to this window, just go in a show of yours. Click OK, and it's going to convert Julia into a smart object. At this point, any filter you applied to this layer will be preserved so you can go back and did it later . But don't worry, the younger you are going to see the years of these. So now head back to feud that orders and hypersea now with the hyper. So if there is going to open up now, you can just apply. Did a modern few that you once apply? So I think now just there's so much attention to the eyes and see what happened to you don't want that to march, and now I'm just going to decrease that ruined that too much this is something like this. It's nice for me. Whoa, I can always a jersey Slater on, isn't it? So now click. OK, now it's going to and apply the hyperspeed there now, but is literally making any sense, right, because it's affecting all the whole image. Now go over to the blend mood and set these two up linear light click. OK, now you can see so much right. This is affecting all the image, and it's not really supposed to be that way. Only want this on the eyes. So let's don't have a ton of Aaliyah. You can see that now. I did a whole lot of dimension and making the Irish to look more nice and what Seward's Nike and turn that on back. But this time we want only do it. I used to have the shop mess, right, so we're going to do hold on out on your keyboard and go to the layer mask and click on that to add negative Lammers. Now the use of the negatively Emerse issues going to hide up everything you have on that Leah raise. I don't know Black Leah Marks. You know that black hides and Liam Arts. I'm white view. So the negatively How much? You just going to hide everything. Then you can grab a brush to print over the places you want that effects through a shoe on . Now you can still do the same thing. You can make use of white jammers. Can you paint over the place? You don't want to effect too? Sure, but that's so much. Ah, whole lot of a strip, since he just wanted on the small places like this. So you need to make use off the black Liam. Ours. So we that And now I'm just going to He'd be on my keyboard to select my brush to. Now for these, I'm going to make use off the regular brush, which is this. Now you can play around with the flu and the size of this. I'm just gonna say something about 15 flu and 15 capacity elastic disembarks the old way up to fifth seed. And let's keep the flu at 15. Now, measure your foreground. Color is said to a white that will take on that check, and you can check the hex code f into six places. Now make sure that Liam ours have been selected and zimplistic me to the eyes because you're walking only on the eyes and now a stock painting. Now, if you're making use of a digital bled, you can make yours off the pressure sensitivity. Now I'm number two years or the pressure sensitivity because not all offers in the region off digital a blade. But right now I'm making is about it is that they blade? I just make use of that city to keep this class flowing and happy. But I don't have that later spent over the eyes and see what is gonna happen to you. Want to take your time to do these when you are working on other stuff and you can keep printing Luba and New Very Game to see what you're gonna get at EMI of everything. So let's spend on the sides. This is gonna be nice. So later is the motive bead. Let's give you something like that. So let's start this off. So this is the before and this is the after before and after, but it's not really shame that much, but I'm absolutely OK with this, but you can tell between you can tell between the two eyes. You can see this is a little bit though. This is what shop them kind of blown a shop. So let's turn these off again to dies the before. And this is the letter said you can take all the Park City up and paint on that, but I'm just gonna live mine to the So now I'm gonna head over to the second eyes and just repeat the same step. Now you can walk on the eyelashes. That is, if you likes and like and so I'm really touched their easily be just like that and touch all these years Little you're Sue. This is getting marries. Or so I'm going to zoom out and go back to these or their eyes and woke on eyelashes. Air swot do that right now. Oh, and you can even go below. Always part. That is, if you want super. I'm just gonna later said, I'm just going to be below door spark features a little of it. Know that much to give it. Give it nice and okay, So now let's see. So let's turn yourself this are the eyes before and decided eyes after before in the 13. Bonus Hair Highlights: before we proceed, I wanted to take out some time and give yourself a round of applause. So making such a progress, we're in a period of time. So now we want to would apply some highlights to behave. Make the highlight bride and yours are a little bit of dimension to the head. Now these it's really good work. It is not really gonna work on different kind off. But it's, you know, somehow it's really gonna work. But you just have to try that and surely is gonna work. But they are somewhat always to do that. So now we are going at a little bit off shine cities here by a plane, some highlights to the hair. Now the order should do dark parts of the hair back. So we're just going to apply allies to do what light a part of the year. So there are lots of duties. Just go over to your adjustment and create a levers adjustment. Now, when the levels are just me to provide his open up, don't do anything. Just clear is that and go over to the blend moods and said the blend loot sues cream and I see what happened? You see it bright and loves your image, affecting everything from age is it now? Wanna limit this only to the word The areas that have the highlights on the head. Select the Liam I scanned Hit control I on your keyboard to enviros Liam eyes. Now grab a burst your brush to I'm gonna increase these up A little bit of something about 50 and that's fine. Now, with a brush to and on the Lammer selected and a foreground color, it's that's white paint over the lighter parts off the head like all these places. And why doing these? Make sure you're making use of the soft brush. You can paint nobody doc apart because you're going to fix that later. Layers do that. So we have the lights here, so have a little bitter heats here and very being laters. Decrease the size of the brush and paint over these places. OK, this is our son spdc now, But look at it is it's not really making any sense. Writes about less. Make these make sense. Now go over to the levers Adjustment just created double click on that part to open up the blending options and finish up. Or you can just right click and go over to blame social, or you can go down effects and blending oceans. Now don't do anything yet you so much attention to do it. The head from the Underland Lee, you will take away the highlights from the dock area. You only wanted to apply on the lighter part and not the backer. Years now, from the on line layer, click and drag these I can to the right now. As you can see, you can see that the highlights or the license just apply a bit, limited only to Lord. The highlights richer available on the head on a dragnet all the way off when you say it's going a little bit harsh. Now who on the R key on your keyboard click to break this later and drag it is all the way forward name. I want to take this back. Ever tried to take this a little bit? First, let's be invested a friend a little bit to make it much, and this is fine on something like this is a key. No, really, he's gonna cube that lay so they visa just like that now click OK, and now zoom our to see what happens. So here's the before, and here is the after here's before, and this is literally adding so much to the image. Still, go back to the blending options and try to reduce worry of other. And it's going to bring back, mercifully limiting this back B. That's fine. Q. B's like simple. Agnes is okay, so what a click and drag these. Okay, now you can see the center before and after before, after, and even this is too much. And if it's hash a lot, you can always decrease your practice. Three of its legs Keep that. So are something like 70. So here's the before, and here is the after adding a whole lot of my mission to get Now, you can do the opposite off these by setting that somewhat apply and applying it to the blackboard. No, really gonna show that much because the hair it's absolutely dark. So we're just gonna walk only on the highlights we can proceed. Know that this method is really, really going to be effective on some off your image. I just really want to show you this matter because it's so much essential Muslims and their videos reserve research in it. Maybe later on, I'm gonna make a class on how to return the hair. Looking is the different kinds of hair on so But in this class, this is where this is the part via going they just adding a little bit off flights to the head. Soon it's usually hit on Contra Geo on your table to group that and I'm just gonna name these headlights and you don't care. 14. Bonus Adding Shine To The Lips: So let's out of little dimension to the leaps when I'm in dimension by adding a little bit of shine to the lives to make it shine even more recipes as you can see the lips, is not that color food, so laters, had a little bit of shine. That's not really going to make it colorful, but just to make it shine. So to do that, go over to you. Adjustment Leah, create a car's adjustment. Now click and drag this down to start. Since I'm black and I'm gonna keep it at this level, you can think it all the way down. But I'm just gonna keep it at this level. Slated. Les Amours Control I on your keyboard and it's going to hide. All repeat, this emperor says clubs. And this time take it all the way up. No, that officer, something like this is fine and close the Properties Control Command. I had the marks when I select that and make sure your foreground color is white, which is right here, break okay. And you can increase or decrease the size of the flu and your proximity of a brush. But I'm OK with that. Some kind of pain on the dock area just like that. And I'm just gonna take these gradually No trying to get tense, rough rights and eyes a little bit fired up in this place. You can paint very white. There's not an issue because you're gonna limit that later. I'm going to do these and do these and it will close. It is by what he says Now this is it, right? But it's so weird the dissident before and this is the after. But this is so where it's not really making any sense, right? So we are going to do select because I just made that has the blacks go over its FX and blending ruptures. It's going to open up. It's going to open up and move this to the right course. A trip only on the leaves. Now take on the land, Leah. Off the white slider. I think it all the way to the right. But don't you see that black is been taking away your stuff? Who on the earth and break down this later. You can take this back and take this forward to limit that blacks had only two or three dark areas and for it not affect the later years. I'm OK with these is going to increase that and I'm gonna click on OK, now, this is a before, and this is the after you can zoom out if you have your navigation, you can check that before and after before after now repeat the same process on the white on the light you just created with a brush to friends over the lights, just like Dad. And this is fine. You can see how much of what you've just been on land. But turning that on off repeated, Semper says, go into the blending of assurance and this time, limit the whites from the black but taken do it the black slider off the underline layer and move it forward. You can see what happens now or Don t AKI and breaks later. You can take these up and gets back a little bit, and TV's just like that back. Now click OK and zoom out. Maybe now thirties off. You consider before and this is after. So now you consider before and after, and if you think the black it's to merge, you can always play around really opacity, but there's the green is in that. So this is it before and after this is before and after. Some would reduce these It be I'm gonna dig these up 200 just like dead from now to get out of 200 and our select good leers and hit country G to group them. And I'm gonna name these. Click on that. A name that lives here and there. There now you can decrease the overall a proximity of good dark and the lights. So this is the before, and this is after sitting before. And this is very still tumor chicken Always decrease the off pack city so before and after . 15. 15 Assignment: Now it's your used over two lane. I'm put out, get out and create something of your own, making every project FIEs you've got there and do something on your own. You can make something their friends or you can make something. Is that like my what? I assure you of totally a whole new thing. But just do something to see your progress and see how good you are in this class you taken . I would love to see your comments and your works in my project section will see you guys and CEO. I say me and whatever questions you have, just leave them in the Q and A bird, so we talk over them and see how we can have each other. 16. Conclution: that brings us to the end off these class. So I hope you guys enjoy delay scenes. And don't forget to leave your common blue suit. And I can know what you've lane and what you've gained for his class that you think and so always strikes You would make practice bickers perfect Proxies make perfect yours do today and you stop. You are not going to be good, so always try to practice every day to develop your skills to improve your skews. You don't just wake up one morning and start doing something. You have to practice that before you knew you knew how to do that. And when you keep practicing from Lewin how to do that you get better and how to do that. And I would like you to together time to explore more classes on skittish here because there are so many classes which from for the show for the show, you know, illustrator in design and so many other programs like the aftereffects and Sue under stick at a time. And don't forget to keep lending lickers. We don't stop. Lending will lend every day and we get to understand new things 17. Sumary: just a little bit of summary to refresh your memory about a word with them in this class. First, we got Perot image at home processed image from the camera, and we import the camera and import the image into fellowship with the camera up. You can do this with the light room, capture one or any other imagery so that you can find now after opened that in the camera. If you we do a little bit off a beating by making use off the alto and little, we adjust some settings to our own desired to our own weight that we wanted to do. And after that, we opened up the image for the show. From there. Think awaited sports on the faces but making years off the sport. Helen brush off the healing brush to now after making the Hyland brush or half that taken away the sport. We do the frequency separation that is putting the have frequency on the low frequency on separate layer. After that, make use of the mixer brush Stewart, smoothing the transition on the face and smooth in this king from after making the splitting of the skin with the mixer brush. Then we decided to bring back the highlights that haven't taken away by the word the mix of version after just used by applying the dirge on burned with Dickov's adjustment layer, which would your screen they from the cover just millennial. Finally, eyes are not really looking so good, not shop. And really, though then we descends would apply some shopping to the eyes with the high parts. But before we apply that to the eyes, you make sure we convert the layer which we are going to be a plan the hyper sphere there into our smart object so that we are going to apply a smart feel that that we can indeed later. And after that, we know these working on the eyes and we just have to go for it out by what I planned. Some highlights on the head, those places that need highlights because the highlights and really that nice and not really looking. So so then we apply hell. I study here by making years off the levers adjustment. Now, with the levels adjustment, we just create a level adjustment layer and we did not modify anything in the properties regions set the blend boot to scream and invites the layer mask and make use of the brush to bring back some highlights and parts of the head. Which lights and after that make use off the blend. The option from the word blend. Moods, taking them the word. The highlights on the dark areas living It's only on the light airs and not further to the final steps will go over to the leaves. And I didn't some kind of work, you know, Nice shine to the lives, but I didn't. Blacks and whites still lives with the curves Adjustment Lear and invite the marks again and then paint with a brush over the place is really want to review the doc and the like and finally will make yours off the blend of options. So limit the highlights and the shutters from the places we don't want them to be. Look places for one Dems would to shoot from that. We are going to save our image and you can push your works. Let's see where you don't and yeah, that's a