High Converting eCommerce Product Descriptions in 3 Easy Steps | Alex Huston | Skillshare

High Converting eCommerce Product Descriptions in 3 Easy Steps

Alex Huston, Coach

High Converting eCommerce Product Descriptions in 3 Easy Steps

Alex Huston, Coach

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5 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction to the Class

    • 2. The Difference Between Good and Bad Product Descriptions

    • 3. The Structure of Product Descriptions 3 Easy Steps

    • 4. Importance of Product Photos

    • 5. Enhance your Product Pages with Additional Elements

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About This Class

Strong product descriptions are one of the most overlooked pieces of the eCommerce puzzle. AND they are also one of the most important. Taking the time and effort to ensure that your product descriptions are high quality can drastically improve the results of your commerce store.

That is why I created this class. To layout the 3 step blueprint to creating high converting product descriptions… and it’s easier than you think!

In this class you will learn:

  • The difference between good and bad product descriptions
  • The 3 step blueprint of what is needed to create high converting product descriptions for all of the products you have on your eCommerce store
  • The importance of product photos and what kinds of product photography you need. (Learn how to create stunning product photos at home with your iPhone here: https://bit.ly/StunningProductPhotos)
  • Additional elements needed to increase social proof on your product pages and what apps to include to integrate these easily

I’m excited to share all of this with you. Please let me know if you have any questions about the class! :)


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Meet Your Teacher

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Alex Huston



Alex is a determined and focused young professional who has developed an array of skills to share over the past 10 years. With primary focuses around digital marketing, eCommerce, music production and various creative software, his knowledge is applicable to several different industries.


His zealous passion and worth ethic stem from a love of learning and application of new skills to the projects and businesses he is involved with.

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1. Introduction to the Class: guys, welcome back to another class here today. We're going to go over the ends, announced the do's and don't of product descriptions. York e commerce store product descriptions and the look and feel of your product pages has to be, in my experience, one of the most overlooked components of your e commerce stores. A lot of people tend to only focus on the digital marketing aspect of that. And although I've got a lot of horses on email marketing and Facebook ads that you can take a look at if you're interested in, that's not the only piece of the equation here. And we've got to make sure that we follow all the way through with are in Commerce effort to make sure that we convert those people that we bring with our digital marketing efforts to assail. So product pages and pride description is gonna be extremely important. The master. So stick with me through this entire course because I think there's a lot of great information in here that is going to give you all the tips and tricks that you're gonna need in order to create high converting product descriptions. By the end of this course, you have a blueprint on how to create high converting product descriptions. I'm gonna break it down for you in three very easy steps, and it's a very repeatable process so that you can do this with every single product that is on your marketplace. Ensure that each product keeps your customers engaged and educated on the potential purchase that they're about to make. Additionally, we're going to go through the elements that should be accompanying Ah, high converting product description on your product page that will keep your customers feeling safe, trusting your brand and engaged in ready to purchase without hesitation once they've found the product that they're looking for. So this class is gonna be for anybody who owns an e commerce store right now and is looking to upgrade their product pages and their marketplace. It is also for anybody who's looking to start in the commerce store. This is stuff that I wish I knew before I had started creating in commerce stores. This class is also for anybody who does copyrighting services and wants to add this into their tool belt of services that they can provide for potential clients. Additionally, if you're a Web developer. Build e commerce stores for you Converse store owners. This could be extremely powerful andan additional value. Add to give to your your clients who are building a store with your services. So without further ado, guys, let's jump into the computer. We're gonna go through a bunch of examples. I'm really excited to show all this to you. Do you stick through the entire lesson? Because again, I think there's a lot of great information in here, so I'll see you on the inside. Let's get to it. 2. The Difference Between Good and Bad Product Descriptions: all right. So the first thing I want to take you through is just give you an example of a not so great product description and then a really, really great product description just so that you guys could get the idea of what we are looking for, where the standard is that kind of the effort that you're gonna need to put forward. I think it's really important just to see it so that you can understand it. I'm a big visual learner, so just get getting visual. Examples is really, really done. Officials. So I just found this brand randomly, clean key. Um, this is your brand. I apologize. Don't take it personally. I hope you can learn something from this video to so but this is a product that's been going on. I've seen this product a bunch because of everything that's going on in the world. But let's just dive into it real quick. A few big red flags here is just kind of the lack of information that we've got. You can see that the images aren't rendering that they've put in here. There's not a lot of description as to why we should buy this product information, technical information about the product, the product images are kind of just floating there in space. We've got this vague kind of black background. It doesn't really give the consumer a trusting experience of purchasing from this brand. So this is an example of where we could really begin to improve some of these elements so that we could have a better looking product page, better looking product description, which will ultimately convert into more purchases for us. So let's go to a really great example. Pura Vida is a great brand who owns a lot of the jewelry. Mitch. They're really great at what they do. You can already see the difference here. We've got a very cool, trendy way to look at the product description, the details and the cause. We've also got a shot with us Bar. Why you should shop with us. So this is a lot of our customer validation on just making the consumer feel safe about purchasing with them what they're up to charity, All these things. We've got a bunch of reviews and we've got a section where we can shop more, um, on from their different collections. So you can already see the difference between these two. I just wanted to give a quick overview of that that delineation between, you know, on e commerce store that really nailed it has has all their ducks in a row and commerce store that eyes close but just needs a little more work. So let's go to the next lesson, will get into the structure of how we're gonna begin to build these product descriptions. 3. The Structure of Product Descriptions 3 Easy Steps: Alright, guys. So here's gonna be the structure for how we're gonna begin to develop these product descriptions you can see on my screen here. I've got a document up and I'm actually gonna pull a pretty popular jewelry product. Just so you guys have an idea. This is what I used for our our product photo video class. If you need to make great product photos for your e commerce store about a class on that, go check it out. But we use these products. Here s so this is very popular. Thes very flashy. Royal, last looking jewelry pieces. Very popular in the commerce space. So we're gonna use this as an example to build our are part description around. Right? So the first thing we're gonna do in this structure there's gonna be three sections to this product description. The first section is gonna be our description off the product, and this is gonna be our branded content or a message around the products. So this could be anywhere from 1 to 4 sentences. Kind of just your you're selling hook your marketing hook around, whatever your product iss. So for us, it's gonna be, you know, this royal gold luxury crown bracelets. So well, do something like our Royal Gold Ground set. Believe Will will make you a fashion icon. The and see the luxury appearance of this piece is not to be understated. Is not to be in understatement. Do that. Steve stands out from the crowd, right? So whatever your brand is about, this is where you get to really have fun, creative flow. With what you're saying here again, wanted 1 to 4 sentences about your product, how it relates to your brand, all this stuff. So we might even think that our brand is a luxury brand. So with just with this description, so they don't give you an idea of section one. Very, very simple on the description is going to include this branded message. So now we're gonna go on to section two. This is where we're gonna include all of the technical pieces of our product and what is included in the purchase. This is actually probably more important than your then Section one. And that description. People love to engage with the brand. They love that message. But consumers also really, really like to know the technical pieces of what they're buying and make sure that they're getting the right thing for what they need. So we're gonna go back over here when you look at our specifications. So we're gonna do, let's see stainless steel, right? For peace. Uh, it's available in four different colors. So here we go. So our technical section can usually be bullet points or something like that. I make a bullet points. This is gonna be Let's do 18 carat stainless steel. They is Will do four pieces. Four piece bracelet set Includes, um, luxury leather pouch. So that would be like, what the product comes in, right? Our product, our product box for our our product here so includes a luxury product pouch. This also said all let's see, one size fits all for this, so it would be a great place to put sizes. If this were a necklace, we would do the length of the chain. Things like that. The size of dependent things, that matter. Um, available in four different colors. It was gold, rose, gold, silver and black. And that might be it for this one. Yeah, but stop there. And so the final section is gonna be our guarantee, Our mission or cause this will include any buyer guarantees that your brand has your branded mission statement or your cause. So for this one, since we're doing a just an example here, we're gonna do a buyer guarantee here. Andi will use an example of donating to charity. Although this is a faux brand, right? So we'll do a buyer guarantee. Let's do our buy. Organic tea is free shipping on all US order or something like that with a guarantee with a buyer guarantee. With a buyer guarantee of 30 day money back 30 day money back, a portion of all proceeds will be donated to our charity affiliation. Help the cause of one right. And so you can go even more in depth here, right? If you had a mission statement, this would be a great place to put it. What your brand is all about, what the mission of your brand is. Um, really Great Post put it so that people can continue to engage with your brand and just feel safe, right about what? Their purchasing. So this is gonna be our structure. So let's bring it all together now. Okay, so This is what our final product description looks like. All together with the three different sections, we can see that we've got our description. Here are 2 to 3 sentences. Right Then we've got all our technical bullet points or better buyer guarantees of the bottom. So very, very, very simple way to communicate this. Now, if you've got a problem solution product as opposed to a accessory or fashion product, um, you're gonna do a lot more in the technical space. You may have include images in these product descriptions, but a lot more in the technical space of what the problem is and how this product solves that. So that will be a lot more of your bullet points here, as opposed to just the actual technical specifications of it. Of course, you will include that as well, but this is a very, very easy structure where you can go through your entire marketplace and begin to structure all your product descriptions. This way, it doesn't take a long time, as you can see, and it's definitely worth it to make sure that your products have looked great. So let's go on to what else we need to include in our product pages Teoh begin to enhance. Not only are proud description, but just the overall feel of our marketplace to help people convert into potential customers. 4. Importance of Product Photos: Okay, guys. So we're back looking at Pura Vida for an example, and we're gonna first firstly, talk about the importance of strong product photos and what that will do for your entire product page and why they're needed again. I think I had mentioned earlier. I've got another course on actually how to create these product photos, but right now we're gonna talk about what we need. So if you're interested on how to create these private photos at home with your iPhone and just a few dollars of investment, go to my go to my course will try to leave a link for that course in the description, or just go to my profile and you can find that course there. That's really beneficial to make sure that you got really high quality product photos. So first off, we're just gonna look at what is needed around these product photos. You can see that it's very, very simple. We've got just the product on a boy. Background is pretty standard. You're gonna wanna have this really casual product photo of whatever product you're selling where you can just highlight a nice image of it, and people can see what it is without any additional distractions in the image things like that. Additionally, we can see that they've got social aspects of this. So we've actually got people wearing the product, which is really important, and becoming more and more important in commerce in these days is to include thes lifestyle type photos where people actually engaging with the product, especially with clothing or accessories, watches any of these things. We want to make sure that we showed the product in its environment on. We can also do that with other technical products that saw solutions. But this is an extremely important piece of what we include on our e commerce stores. So again, that's just a quick overview of what kind of photos we need. If you look back at the example we had from our our example that needed a little more work , we can we could tell that those you know, those were products just on a black background. I didn't really pop at us. You know this. This is our I like to use prod photos as your resume for what is gonna what is going to make somebody convert when you sit down for a job interview. You wanna make sure that your resume looks great if your product photos don't look great on your resume? Looks bad, so you can expect that to translate into the success of sales on your eCommerce store. So let's go to the next lesson here, and we're gonna talk about, um, enhancing with social proof and all the additional pieces that your product page and he's important needs to include. 5. Enhance your Product Pages with Additional Elements: Okay, so we're back. The first thing we're gonna talk about is reviews. You've got toe have reviews on your product on your product pages on to enhance just the social proof that you're actually a real brand. People are engaging with the's products. Andi. People like the products to that's really important to you. Don't want to have a crappy products on your on your eCommerce store, so this is a really great app. I can already tell that they're using Yapo. So we go over to our shot five store and you can. You can download Yapo based on whatever investment you want to make here opposed, really, really great at, because what you can do is after people purchase, see if they've got it here. You can actually send automated reviews to them so you can set up automated emails for when somebody purchases. Their products are certain product. They can receive an email that asks them to review that product after a certain period of time of actually having that product. So, for example, you can set it up. Teoh, send that email 10 days after they purchase. So you know it's been delivered on and if they really enjoy that product, they're gonna leave your view, and it's pretty much you set it and forget it and you get toe mediate the reviews. Whichever ones you want published on the site, you can publish them general ones you don't want published you don't publish. But it's really important to do that, because when you go on to the website and you see that this product is 100 to reviews, in addition that you can read a bunch of reviews of why people like the product, this is gonna be extremely important to engage your consumers of purchasing further. So there's nothing more powerful in sales than actual real people's testimonials. So an additional thing that we're gonna want to include on our product pages is in a another way to shop more products, right? So we don't want the product page toe Onley showcase that single product so you can see on Pura Vida. They've got a shot by collection where they allow you to scroll through a bunch of different collections. There's a really easy way to do this. There's a great app called up sell recommendations. You check it out in the app store on. Basically what this looks like give you an example is you can select which products you'd like to show his recommendations, and you can place it right on the prime page. So not all themes will do this. So this is a really great act. Incorporate. If your theme does do this, then you're golden already. But if it doesn't definitely think about including this app, so that when people are viewing one singular product, they can also see related products. Because this can increase your average order value on and we'll definitely definitely improve the view of your product page in your marketplace. And the last thing that we're gonna want to incorporate that I think it's really, really important is a social feed, especially around products that are that have a soulful aspect to it, whether it's fashion, accessories or clothing. Anything in that realm where people are really engaging with that you're building a social brand around it, so there's a great app called shop Instagram Feed and UGC. You can showcase the entire feed of photos from your instagram that include that product. You can tag them and people can shut that look almost, which is really important. There's a whole entire social aspect of getting to see the product in its environment, what it would potentially look like for you before purchasing it and having this on your product page, especially with the jewelry example. We were using it be extremely, extremely powerful just to get more content and to continue to deliver your brand message onto the potential consumers. So, guys, I hope all this was helpful. I hope the structure that I gave you the blueprint of everything on how to structure your entire product description was powerful. Additionally, with the additional information off what you should be, including on your product page. I hope that was beneficial to you guys on how you can continue to improve your marketplace again, our entire marketplaces like a resume. And we need to make sure that we're putting our best foot forward so that we can put our gift give the best to our customers. So, guys, I hope this was helpful. If you enjoyed it, leave a review and I'll see in the next class