Hibernate Fundamentals: Hands-On Primer With Java EE & JPA | Syed Raza | Skillshare

Hibernate Fundamentals: Hands-On Primer With Java EE & JPA

Syed Raza, Web Developer | Entrepreneur-CEO www.claydesk.com

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17 Videos (2h 23m)
    • Hibernate Promo

    • Course Agenda

    • Downloading XAMPP

    • Installing XAMPP

    • Downloading Eclipse Editor

    • Tools In Eclipse IDE

    • Creating MySQL Connection

    • Why Hibernate?

    • Creating a Java Project

    • Working With JAR Files

    • Creating The First Java Class

    • Mapping File

    • Configuration File Details

    • Main Java Class

    • Testing Java Class

    • Additional Testing - Project

    • Automatic Primary Key Assignment


About This Class


Course Description:

This Hibernate Fundamentals: Hands-On Primer With Java EE & JPA course provides an introduction to the Hibernate ORM framework. You will understand the concept of Object Relational Mapping (ORM). You will learn to use Hibernate to write Java applications that connect to a relational database. You will also learn various JPA annotations that let you map classes to relational models.

Core Hibernate Concepts

  • Hibernate Introduction and Architecture
  • Hibernate Architecture 
  • Understanding First Hibernate application 
  • Hibernate with Eclipse Java EE - IDE
  • Hibernate in Eclipse (Mars & Oxygen - Latest)
  • Configuring Hibernate with MySQL

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“Excellent course gives you everything you need to know for writing programs using Java within the Hibernate environment - not to mention the core installation and configuration - simply superb!” – Waheed Zia

See you in class!

Syed Raza, Team ClayDesk, and co-instructors!





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Syed Raza

Web Developer | Entrepreneur-CEO www.claydesk.com

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