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Heroic Branding: Be The Hero Of Your Personal Brand

David Domzalski, Writer | Speaker | Idea Guy

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8 Lessons (35m) View My Notes
    • 1. Welcome To Heroic Branding

    • 2. What Is Personal Branding?

    • 3. Serving Your Customers

    • 4. Overuse Your Super Power & Give Value

    • 5. How Your Customers View You

    • 6. Authenticity Is Not Optional

    • 7. Gain Credibility With Anyone

    • 8. Conclusion


About This Class

You are your brand.

Everything you do.  Every word you utter.  Every tweet you send out.  You are making a statement involving your brand.

Welcome to Heroic Branding.  In this course, you will learn how to brand yourself in the best light and do so in a way that authentically impacts your target customers.  You will get first hand knowledge from what I learned building my own personal brands along with those of the entrepreneurial endeavors I’m involved in.

Our class project will help you decide how to focus your own personal brand and devise an outline for how your core messaging, social media posts, articles, etc. can stay true to who you are.

This course is for people who are new to the concept of personal branding as well as those who want a refresher for how to better craft their current brand.


1. Welcome To Heroic Branding: Hi, I'm Dave Dems. Alfie, Welcome to who, Our Brandon. His courses for you, if you're a designer or a freelance writer or somebody who's got a hobby that they want to turn into a business or your creative entrepreneur, artist or photographer, whatever it is that you dio these courses for you, if you're trying to create a personal brand and identity around your business and maybe even you don't even have a business yet you're what you want to turn into a business. Well, this course is gonna help you get started with your messaging. Now, a little about me as this ever name is, Dave and I've been able to write for sites like Forbes and go banking rates and Yahoo and a Well, and MSN because of the personal brand that I created and the brand brands have created around my companies. So I've been able to do that because I have hyper focused and targeted my messaging, and I would be able to help you do that as well. As a result of this course, you're gonna be ableto understand what it gains to target your customer and your customers are going to understand what your brand is about so they know whether or not it's a fit for them. And you're going to really understand how to engage your customer in the right way. And actually, we're gonna have a class project at the end and what we're going to do, we're gonna answer a couple of questions at the end. And this is what you're gonna focus on gonna focus on what is personal branding. As you understand it, you're gonna have a good understanding of it. At the end of this course, you're gonna understand who your target customer is. Do you understand how you say you're going to serve? That customer is part of your brain. You're gonna do a deep dive, really understand that you understand your superpower and what you want to be known for and how you wanna help customers with that With that superpower, you're gonna understand how your customers see you on what your reputation is like. You ever gonna answer the question on scale of 1 to 10 how authentic and like being with my customers? And finally, you're gonna understand what it's like to listen to feedback on whether you're taking that into account and applying it in your business. So I hope you get a little bit of an understanding of what to expect you with our heroic branding. And I hope you find value in it. I really dio. And I think together we're gonna be able to find what it means for you to be a hero in your brand. 2. What Is Personal Branding?: Hi. Welcome back to heroic branding. I'm Dave Dombrowski. And today we're talking about what is personal. Randy. So personal branding. It's the ongoing process of establishing the prescribed image or impression in the mind of others about an individual group or organization. Now, admittedly, this is Wikipedia's definition, not mine. But I wanted to give you something formal to kind of set the tone here. But really, you know, personal branding. When I think of that, I think of creating an image or just an overall persona of how you want your brand or it be represented against your target customer, you know, and then kind of taken that feedback and incorporating. You know what your customer expects And, um, you know, really trying to focus in on what they want and who they need you to be. Ah, you know, and really trying to establish yourself as an authority or is an expert in that mix. So how do you establish this personal brand? Well, like I said, you become an authority and one of the ways of doing that. A few ways I have listed there is content marketing. That's one of the basic ways, and then also, social media marketing here is where you get a chance to showcase your expertise and give people, you know, just information, some basic information, maybe some more advanced or in immediate information about the topic. Now one of a great way to do this is if you're a photographer. No, with photographers. A lot of times they run into the problem of, you know, it's hard to be profitable with just throwing up maybe some photos on a like a shutter stock or pixels or something like that and trying to make money that way or going toe. I know one that used to go toe like different shows and stuff like that, just expected to make a ton of money on a weekend. It doesn't always work out like that. Instead, I know another photographer who was a way to kind of do is hobby, but then also make money from it is he established himself as an authority in this space among other photographers. We caught them different ways of, you know, different lenses or different filters or different things like that, and really established himself as knowledgeable about the profession itself. And so, you know, being able to do that from a content marketing standpoint. Also, if you're if you're trying to, you know, showcase your your passion. You know, people know that you know exactly what you're doing. You know, You know, you know exactly what you're talking about, and then it just helps you Brill build even a more foundational personal brand and a more you know, one that people will really resonate with if they know that the person behind it really knows what they're talking about. It really is engaged in the air workings of that space. So one of the ways you can showcase they definitely with content marketing, definitely with social media, marketing and obviously even on Instagram showcasing your photos as a photographer. But then also networking on LinkedIn and answering people's questions on Cora two other great ways. He also want to make the rounds of different blog's guess, posting or or offering your photos there And then, you know, maybe maybe just offering ah lesson or something like that about teaching them how you shot shot it or something like that also on podcasts and then also in person, you know, having that balance of online and offline and be a really great way. Teoh, Establish yourself as an authority on this. An expert couple things you want to avoid. Um you know, being an authentic people can see right through that being complacent, not being really dependent to adjust it just kind of let things fall where they may not really being proactive. And then also just being completely clueless, like you stamp on the trends, you need to research. You can't just sit there and let things come to you. You've got to go to that. And that especially includes going after your target audience. Because, um, you know, there's there's plenty of other photographers or freelance writers or artists are entrepreneurs out there. They making. They can get their what they need from, But you need to show why you're the person they need to get it from. And another great way is obviously to follow other brands and really benchmark yourself against those brands. And I want to run through one quick example here with Michael. High it if you know him. If you have any kind of knowledge of the leadership space, when the publishing space you know of Michael High and especially if you're in the entrepreneurial space as well, because he's really a branded himself. Well, there. So this is him. This is his website. He really does a great job of just branding himself and convict clean cut image. I mean, he's you. He looks like a like a CEO who's, um you just saw Yeah, hanging out for the for the weekend, but then also may be holding business meetings at the local, uh, you know, the local event or the local country club or something like that. So he's really fine tuning his image against his target audience. I mean, you can kind of see that even with the background of what's there on that page. But then also, he's got Leader books, which is a book club. He's got his own podcast lead The Wind. I mean, he's got other things going on. Different classes in different books, e books and lead magnets, all these different ways to engage his audience so you can even see. He's got the color coding like he's got the purple there. He's got the purple very mean in that lie. It just all flows and all matches it got it he's got it up there in the top, left with his logo. You kind of just see that and made being on a crest somewhere on somebody's jacket like he doesn't awesome job of just have really showcasing what it's like to actually have a solid personal brand. I mean, you go on his website, my client dot com, you'll see exactly a great way to set yourself up. Not so much in obviously being the the person for leaders of leadership mentor, but how you can. You can use Michael's approach into what you're doing, so I hope that gives you a good overview of what it means to establish your own personal brand. 3. Serving Your Customers: Hi there. And welcome back to heroic branding. I'm Dave Dombrowski, and this next part, we're gonna talk about serving your customers. I can't stress how much this is so crucial. Toe. What? You're about to do it here in building a brand because as well as you, as you'll see, your customers are the driving force behind your business. So you have to make it a point and make it the number one priority to be serving that there , who it's about, not you. And I can't. You know, I can only imagine, you know, throughout throughout the years, just hearing of the stories of the horror stories of, you know, businesses that got this wrong. So I want to make sure that on the outside here, um, you know, we acknowledge this because I want to make sure you guys get it right, because I really believe that this is the foundation for creating interest of brand, but in business. So let's get into a little bit of what it means to serve as I alluded to. It means putting other people first, you know, asking yourself questions like, What do your customers need not what do you need not not How do you envision this This business going? Not how you envision building this brand. But you need Teoh. You always keep your customers in mind because if you're not doing it, something else, someone else ISS and they're gonna go with another person, they're going to use the other person's photography services. They're gonna use the other person's freelancing. They're gonna use another person's product or service or whatever, you know. And then it comes down to How can you, in your business, solve their problems? Why is your product your service? Your course, whatever it is? Why is that The answer to their issue to their pain point to solving their need. It comes down to being a servant cause you're Brander. Business isn't about you. It's about your customers. And I want to give you a brief overview of this of this book by Elizabeth Um, the science of selflessness and any she had this source here from greater good magazine. She makes the case that whether we're talking about heroic or altruistic acts and this is a quote in the book, all of these acts arise in the same basic motivation enriching someone else's like at personal expense, whether small or large to the differences between them are in part matter of degrade. How are you enriching someone's life in your business? It's not just through whatever your services, it's how you make them feel. It's what you do for them. It's going that extra mile, and I want to make sure that that is what your bread is about. That is what your brand conveys that you know, you can Onley People could only keep so many. There's a saying. When I was in real estate, people could only keep so many Realtors in their mind. You need to make sure that whatever your industry is, you're one of the top two. Because if you're not, you're gonna be left by the wayside. She'd ability business. And don't a brand that focuses on putting those customers of yours, the ones that you're trying to drive, the ones that you're trying to get it get engaged with putting them first and being selfless. I'll see in the next video 4. Overuse Your Super Power & Give Value: Alright. Hi, I'm David is asking again. This is heroic branding. And today we're talking about over using your superpower and how you can do that to give out. So what's your superpower? Well, you know what, Teoh? Answer that question. We gotta ask up more questions to kind of really dig deep into the matter. What can you do better than anybody else? What is your competitive advantage in in life? You know, in business, What do people compliment you on the most? What is the main reason that you're in business in the first place? Whether you're freelance or whether you're a photographer, whether you're an artist, you know those things that you do that is your superpower. And that is what in your circle, your one of your one of the best at and that's people know you for. And that's what you need to be doing and focused on in in, you know, identifying your brand and identifying your core message identifying your customers. You know, you need to remember what your best at, because that is what you're gonna use to serve people. And another thing you can answer some is what are you most proud todo you know, for me the thing that brings all these together when I think about my life, it's writing with speaking, being a close second. You know, throughout my life have always been complimented on my writing ability. I'm always a person that people come to toe, have things, edit and proofread and everything I get to the point where it can be annoying. But you know what? Um, for me, the writing it zoo where I'm able to block its where I'm able to share my story with people . You know, when my personal finance bloggers, that's where I'll be ableto how I've been able to rate for Forbes. They go backing rates and things like and for speaking. It's where I'm able to share with you my knowledge through courses like this. So that's the kind of thing I want you to be thinking about your as you're thinking of what your superpowers. So what it means to overdose river, because you want to use that super power over deliver an add value. It means having a high quality service being helpful, saying thanks, adding that personal touch that makes the customer feel value and choosing quality over speed. Yes, people want to get things done really quickly in today's day and age, but you got to do it well. So you need to go out of your way to do all those things and really go out of your way to make your customers feel special and feel valued. And you do that by using your superpower to the best of your ability and then combining it with other things. Other business aspects, like marketing like branding like, you know, you know, even things like it like it like your accounting service, like everything comes together. But at the root of it is your superpower and the way that you build a brand that identifies with people based on your ability to over deliver, you know, um, exceed their expectations. And I know you can do that, Um, because actually, a great example of this is just recently I was running a flash sale on one of my my blocking course, and actually I'm on my my blood in the book, and I sent it out to the segment of the email list that really loves blogging, and I had a a good response and then when I did is I think those people individually in an email. And he also said, Hey, you know, I'm also discounting my, um my course is, Well, if you're interested in that, you know, no strings attached just trying to over deliver, trying to be helped trying to answer their questions when they would hit me up on email whether they purchased the course or not, it didn't matter. It was about me over delivering and over promising and giving them more. Then they would have expected. So that's what you gotta do in your business. That's what you gotta do in your brand. And that's what you want to be known for. I'll see in the next video. 5. How Your Customers View You: All right, everyone, welcome back toe. Heroic branding. Now we're gonna talk about how your customers Beaulieu. So let's talk about knowing your customers first thing. What do people say about you? Online? You really need to understand your brand's reputation. So that means going and checking the feedback on your Facebook page. It means reviewing Yelp and Cora and Trip advisor, especially if you're in the travel space. Google reviews other things like that. It also means if you even if you're like a more established company. But maybe you haven't done a lot of, ah brand recognition, it means checking the Better Business Bureau and seeing what your reputation is there. You need to go out there and manage your brand manager reputation. That isn't incredibly important as you move forward here. So what is 21st century customer service look like today? What do people expect? Well, obviously you need to treat your customers right. You know, if you look at the at the picture on the right here, this is a gentleman. The gentleman in the red, you know, he is. He is there. He is talking to that individual. He's talking about person trying to help him find what looks to be like the best. Uh, driver. Um, if you're into golf clubs and your in the golfing, you need todo This is actually this this lesson in particular, ties into our previous lesson on over delivering. So I don't know if you if you skipped around, make sure you tryto watch these in order because they do build on each other. Um, but you also wouldn't you want to communicate with their customers? You know, you want to give them deals and reward them and tell about sales. You want to engage with them. You want to even go a step further and maybe not just making about making money, but pick them behind scenes. Let them know you help help them. Ah, you give them a tour of your office and you're even If you're a freelancer, just show them your workspace, help them know you and engaged because when you when you work with somebody, you feel like you know them and it's personable. You know you're gonna be more willing to come back and learn from them again or use their services again, things like that, and stresses all this enough to Don't take shortcuts. Customers stay with you for more than just the price. You need to keep your promises and get engaged with them. You know, You know, they need to know, like and trust you both as a person as a brand and is a business dio you know, God forbid something happens and you know, your your brand, your your business, your you get a bail review or something like that. Well, here's there are some steps to take to maybe mitigate that or maybe even prevent it. So this is recovering from a branding misstep. You could see that cell phone there. He seems pretty angry. So the last thing you want to dio is make people online angry because they could be kind of me. I don't know if you have seen that before, but, yeah, you kind of meat. So when you want, when you manage your brand's reputation, you wanna have a plan, hopefully have a plan in print in place before him. Um, if you don't, you know, one of the first things you don't want to do is respond in kind and, you know, make the problem even worse. But having a plan, and then even executing on a recovery plan means establishing your authority on social media and other places. It means even things like, you know, if you manage your website, you have somebody that does, and in quality, some pages to your site. So what I mean by that is, you know, maybe you have testimonials from other from other clients or videos or something like that , or you kind of you provide information about what your company does, and you really go in depth on maybe some certain topics. So that way, what that does is it might push some of the bad content and the negative content down the search. Right? People are are searching for you and trying to find you. They're not seeing that stuff first. Is it kind of leads into the next point. You want to control the conversation, so you want to be proactive and get ahead of any kind of issue and really mitigate the damage. But don't be like a politician and try to hide behind you know, your misdeeds be transparent, apologize quickly and be willing to, you know, make amends. You know, I'll be willing to be contrite in your actions. And, you know, if you have to, probably one of the better ways to do it is to keep things offline and take him, keep things online or keep the keep things all fine and take them off. That's what I'm trying to say that way, you know, you're not just having a twitter war with somebody like or anything like that. You know, you're you're making it more personable. Maybe you're talking to the person in person. Maybe you could have a meeting with them. Or maybe even, you know, you're doing something like, you know, is having a phone conversation and trying Teoh, understand what the problem wasn't understand? Maybe where you messed up is again correcting it quickly. Because the last thing you want to do is have things like that. You know, things like, you know, ah, branding misstep or something going on with the reputation. You What do you want? That kind of not swept under the rug. But you want that going away as quickly as possible because the last thing you want to dio is have something like that. Damage your reputation. All right, though again, it's OK. You know things happen, but just be the bigger person and fix it before it becomes worse. All right, I'll see in the next video. 6. Authenticity Is Not Optional: All right, guys. Welcome back to heroic branding. I'm Dave Dombrowski, and in this video, we're gonna talk about how authenticity your authenticity is Not optional. So here's how to be authentic. You know, we've heard for the less, I don't know, two years or so about fake news and stuff like this isn't what this is. Okay, you're not gonna fake being authentic. Everybody can teeth that you need to be real with you. You allow yourself to be honest without the worry of being embarrassed, because look, people want you to be vulnerable. They want to see that they want to see the human side of you, that this is vulnerability. This is what makes us human. This is It makes us in Agent is what makes us likeable. For May, one of the things with one of my brands that really helped me out. I have I have some sites that personal finance space, what really helped me is telling my story about getting out of debt and then also being house poor. So I got a dead with my student loans. My wife and I recovered from credit card debt and we also recovered from hat buying too much house and having to relocate to ah two or less a lower priced area and get a lower priced house when my wife want to be a stay at home mom. So that became that. That's what actually help me get a a contributor ship with Forbes for a few months if and also be featured in places like Yahoo and AOL. Well, and, uh, writing for go banking rates of being featured MSN and NASDAQ because I was vulnerable because I I told it, Like it It's you know, I didn't hide behind my mistakes. I own them. And then I helped other people going them as well. That's your weight. You want to be able to dio. That's how you be authentic. So again, authenticity people is not optional. Let your customers engage with the rial You the rial artist, the rial photographer, the rial freelancer, the rial Entrepreneur Don't be afraid to open up. This is how you tell your story. This is what makes you a real person and not just so money sitting behind a keyboard Need to admit because we all we all don't We don't know everything you need to admit you don't know something and you that you have a lot to learn because that goes a long way with voting relationships with your customers. You know, being being okay with being only being okay with not knowing everything and owning up to it . People respect that, and that's what you want. I I love this. Ah, this image in this quote by Mandy Hail Just be yourself. Let people see the rial in perfect lawn. Quirky, weird, beautiful and magical person that you are. That's what you want to do with your customers because that's how a build, that's how you build loyalty for the long term being authentic. All right, keep that in mind. Let's head to the next video. We'll see you there. 7. Gain Credibility With Anyone: All right, guys, welcome back to heroic branding. I'm Dave Dombrowski, and in this video we're gonna talk about how to gain credibility with anyone. So how do you gain credibility with people? Maybe ever thought about this? You want to be? Someone listens before they speak. Have you ever heard this this saying You have two years in one mouth for a reason? It's the truth, and it's because you need to be a person that listens, and that focuses on the other person. This goes back to the one of the very beginning. Things that we learned how it's not about you. You need to be a good listener in to be active listener, and you need to listen to every word that customer says, whether it's a casual interaction, just somebody on the street. Maybe it's a friend who could be a potential customer. You need to hear what they're saying, because in everything in every communication you have a little nugget of information. It's gonna make your brand in your business better. It's gonna make you be able to serve them better, so this is also come also leading to the next point, and it comes down to the importance of emotional intelligence. And if you don't know what that is, I got a definition here for for you. I think it's from Wikipedia. Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to identify and manage one's own emotions as well as the emotions of others. And you see how this all ties that you can, you know if you can listen to people, you gain their respect, you gain their trust and then you're able to identify so you know, so identify their emotions. So if a customer is getting angry or customers confused, are you know the customers getting worried? You can be there and help. He's that, that where he ease that anger and and be the person that they can lean on and be the person they can trust to think about. Think about this when you're managing your emotions during a customer complaint and having that ability. You know, one of the things when when my wife and I were were in realistic, very beginning thing that they gave us was this thing called a disc test, and it helped you understand what kind of personality you had and what we what was your driving force behind what you did and why you did the things you did. And if you take this test, you can just search it online. If you take this test, what it's gonna be able to do, it's not. It's not just knowing yourself within you, each the D i S and C stand for a driver influencer think it's like s is like, steady and see I A camera What is right now? But the point is there different personality types. So when you're dealing with people, you will understand how to approve of how to come to them. You know what they need to be able to trust you. Like the sea needs, like a lot of information. A lot of stats, you know, Steady doesn't want to be pushed. The influencer is that that's what I am. I'm and I I like to talk and send some doing something like this. The driver is that is the go getter and the, uh, what you think of like the A type personality. All right, So knowing how to deal with these people, knowing having that emotional intelligence, being able to listen will make you a better serving to your customers. So examples of how to promote your stuff without being arrogant, all right, because you know, you need to be able to promote yourself in everything, even to gain that credibility. People need to know who you are. So for me, you know, it's how I tell my story about making money blocking. I don't go out there and I'm and be arrogant. I gain credibility with people by telling them why I get it. You know, I did it because, you know, I need to make extra money for the family. You know, we had to pay off debts still went even when we moved and my wife was stayed home was a stay at home mother. We were gonna have her second child very soon. So Daddy need to figure out in addition to his full time job, how to bring an extra money to pay for things and pay off debt on. Then I also discussed how I became a marathon runner because, you know, even though this is not necessarily directly tied to my business, you know it is going to be for people to understand who you are outside of your business that outside of your job. So I told how I became a marathon runner. You know, I I was sick of not feeling like I accomplished anything. And I, uh, you know, I just needed something to do. I wanted to lose weight. I wanted to feel better about myself. So I started running. And as I ran like a, you know, I would go further and go further. My time would get less. And last I feel better about myself. I feel, you know, this is what I was doing on a Saturday morning, that it laying in bed and being lazy. And I felt like I was accomplishing something. Not to the point where I ran 6/2 marathons. And a year later, after I ran my first half marathon, I ran in the Philadelphia Marathon in 2015 and I have encouraged a fellow runner and fellow buddy of mine to ah to join me. But it was just such a a significant personal accomplishment that I feel compelled to share it with people, not to boast about myself, but just to say to them, you know, look, I made money and blogging. I ran a marathon. If I can do this stuff, you can do it. I'm not better than you. I'm not more special than you are. We all have something we can bring to the table. We all have a story. That's what you wanna bring out of your customers. You know, as your as their as their servant, as there as somebody that they depend on, somebody that come to you want to help them bring out their story because that's how you until you understand them, that's how you know why they're coming to you. Like if you have somebody coming to you for for pictures. Well, maybe they're doing it for their having a special day that that or maybe they wanna have family memories, whatever it is you want to understand that story, it's just is important to know, quote unquote their brand as it is for them to know yours. That's a one of the best resource is to do this and learning more about this is a low Carnegie's how to win friends and influence people. It's a classic piece of literature on this. Some of the key points is being genuinely interested in what people have to say using their name when you address them, because I think what they say. What he says in there is it's the most beautiful sound of people hearing their name. That's why they That's why people rich people have their names on buildings. Um, it's also being a good listener, like we talked about before and let people talk about themselves. But that's why people love the dio. And in that you're gonna find some great lessons and that you focus on their interest instead of yours. And finally, you make them feel important, which is so key with your customers. So I really hope that you do that and take these lessons. The heart. All right. Well, look, this is the last main lesson in this video. I'm going to see it in the conclusion video. Next and again. Thank you for listening. Thanks for taking this course. I'm seeing a bit 8. Conclusion: Hey, welcome back. The heroic branding. I'm Dave them Ziolkowski. And now we're gonna talk about how to go be a hero in your brand. What? We've come to the end of the course, everybody, and I want to thank you for taking it. So let's some of with a few key branding points. One. Become an authority and establish yourself in your niche market to put others first in the A servant three over, Use your super power for the good of your customer and your brand. Four. Managed the perception of your brand both online and offline, the rial in the authentic and all you do and all your interactions, and finally be someone that listens to others and puts their needs first. So your heroic branding class project. Here's where you're gonna dough. You're going to create this worksheet and actually already have ah, have it for you. Ready to go you gotta do is answer these questions in the Project Work Chief Worksheets section and it's a Google doc. So it make it really easy for you to run out and share and save. You're gonna answer these questions. What is personal branding as you understand it. Who is your target customer? How will I serve my customers is part of my brand. What is the one superpower that I'm known for that I can use toe over deliver for each customer client Adama Coster. See me? What's my reputation like on a scale of 1 to 10? How authentic in my being with my customers, Where can I improve? And finally, do I listen enough for feedback before comment? How can I become more credible in my area of expertise? But what's next? Where you're gonna post your project to the project gallery, Then you're going to review this class and tell everybody how much you loved it. You're gonna follow my profile for my upcoming classes, which I list there on the right. You're gonna connect with me on Twitter at David Dombrowski and email me ask away whatever you got any questions at day that hear a story network, some of my upcoming classes that you may want to take her on Facebook advertising, blogging, basics, money management and contact marketing. And I'm brainstorming these now that'll have them for you soon. Now, with that, I want to say one last thing to Yes. I'm going to stop this. I just want to talk to you. I want to thank you for taking this course, and I want to end with this one thought. Robert Frost Poem Two roads diverged in a wood and I I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference. I hope this class has made a difference for you and your brand. And I want to challenge you on something. You have a baseline here. Okay, You have the basics for branding, and and you have a really good foundation. And I hope you take this project and not get out of the park. But at the same time, I hope you take that road less traveled by in a sense that you make this yours. Your brand is about you and your customers. So I want you to really be authentic and dig deep and be really you. Because that's what people want to know about. So with that, I want to thank you for taking this course once again. And I challenge you to be heroic and stay heroic in your business with your brand, with your customers and most importantly, in your life with yourself. Thank you for Thank you for joining me. Thank you for taking this course and go out there and be her out kitchen.