Herbalism & Natural Medicine: Cannabis-Oil (CBD) for Beginners ✅ | Kevin Kockot | Skillshare

Herbalism & Natural Medicine: Cannabis-Oil (CBD) for Beginners ✅

Kevin Kockot, Health is the highest good!

Herbalism & Natural Medicine: Cannabis-Oil (CBD) for Beginners ✅

Kevin Kockot, Health is the highest good!

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80 Lessons (1h 26m)
    • 1. INTRO CBD

    • 2. 1 Intro CBD

    • 3. 2 What is Cannanibiol (CBD)?

    • 4. 3 Can CBD have a positive effect on multiple sclerosis?

    • 5. 4 What is the difference between hemp oil extract and hemp oil?

    • 6. 5 Can the human body produce cannabinoids?

    • 7. 6 Which studies show that CBD Oil can fight inflammation and pain?

    • 8. 7 Can you use CBD for joint pain?

    • 9. 7 Is CBD addictive?

    • 10. 8 How dies CBD affect the psyche?

    • 11. 9 How do I apply CBD oil?

    • 12. 10 Is CBD also suitable for children and pregnant woman?

    • 13. 11 Why does it make sense to combine CBDwith other methods for pain reduction?

    • 14. 12 6 different methods of Consuming CBD

    • 15. 13 Smoking CBD oil

    • 16. 14 Vaping

    • 17. 15 Tincture

    • 18. 16 Consuming Edibiles Containing CBD Oil

    • 19. 17 Topically applying CBD oil

    • 20. 18 CBD Capsules

    • 21. 19 What are the benefits of CBD? 1/2

    • 22. 20 What are the benefits of CBD? 2/2

    • 23. 21 Where does CBD come from?

    • 24. 22 Is Cannadibiol legal worldwide?

    • 25. 23 Is CBD legal in the USA?

    • 26. 24 What does Cannabis actually mean?

    • 27. 25 What does Hemp actually mean?

    • 28. 26 What does Cannabinoid mean?

    • 29. 27 What does CBD mean?

    • 30. 28 What does THC mean?

    • 31. 29 What does psychoactive mean?

    • 32. 30 What does intoxicating mean?

    • 33. 31 CBD vs THC what is the difference?

    • 34. 32 What are the effects of cbd?

    • 35. 33 What do Scientist say about CBD?

    • 36. 35 Our Cannabinoid Receptors and the Endocannabinoid system?

    • 37. 36 What kind of effects can cannabinoids have on the body?

    • 38. 37 What are the differences between external and internal Cannabinoids? 1/2

    • 39. 38 What are the differences between external and internal Cannabinoids? 2/2

    • 40. 39 How does CBD work?

    • 41. 41 What effects does CBD have in the brain?

    • 42. 42 Can CBD help you with anxiety?

    • 43. 43 Can CBD help you with insomnia?

    • 44. 44 Can CBD help you with acne & enznmia?

    • 45. 45 Can CBD help you with pain?

    • 46. 47 Is the amound of CBD labelled on a product always reliable?

    • 47. 48 Can CBD help you with cancer?

    • 48. 49 Can Cbd help you with weight loss?

    • 49. 50 Can Cbd help you with fibromyalgia?

    • 50. 51 Will CBD get you high?

    • 51. 52 Can CBD help you with epilepsy?

    • 52. 52 Who discovered CBD?

    • 53. 54 How much does CBD oil cost?

    • 54. 55 How much does CBD oil cost?

    • 55. 56 Can I dose CBD Oil according to my bodyweight?

    • 56. 57 Can CBD cure a hangover?

    • 57. 58 How long does CBD take to work?

    • 58. 59 How long do CBD Oil effects last?

    • 59. 60 How is CBD made?

    • 60. 62 How are CBD crystalls made?

    • 61. 63 Does CBD make you sleepy?

    • 62. 64 Can I buy CBD from Amazon?

    • 63. 65 Where can I get further Information?

    • 64. 66 Why should you take CBD oil under your tongue?

    • 65. 67 Can you use CBD for your pets (cats and dogs)?

    • 66. 69 Whats the difference between CBD from Mari jane and CBD oil form Industrial hemp?

    • 67. 70 Whats the entourage effect?

    • 68. 71 Hemp vs Marijuhana Whats the difference?

    • 69. 72 Can CBD be used for Arthrosis?

    • 70. 72 How does CBD work?

    • 71. 73 Can CBD be used for Arthritis?

    • 72. 74 Can CBD reduce side effects after chemotherapy?

    • 73. 75 What is the difference between CBD and THC?

    • 74. 76 How do I use CBD oil?

    • 75. 77 What are possible side effects of CBD?

    • 76. 78 What is the difference between CBD crystals and CBD oils?

    • 77. 79 Are CBD crystals legal?

    • 78. 79 How do I use CBD crystals?

    • 79. 80 How do THC and CBD interact with each other?

    • 80. 81 What Concentration amound of CBD should I take?

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About This Class



I am Kevin Kockot, and I am happy to welcome you to my new course!


  • You are interested in the topic of how to use Cannabis- Oil (CBD) for the  benefit of your personal health and you would like to be inspired with practical input to learn how to find how to apply Cannabis- Oil (CBD) for optimal benefits?

  • You may have heard of CBD and are not shure, wheather it might help you with the healing of certain illnesses (pain, arthritis, arthrosis, cancer, sleep disorder, insomnia, depression, fibromyalgia, weight loss, anxiety. multiple sclerosis etc.)?




  • I'm Kevin Kockot (M.A. prevention and health promotion) and for many years I worked as an entrepeneur where I give lectures and seminars on topics of prevention and health promotion.

  • The promotion of health is a matter of heart for me!

  • You can find dozents of reports of satisfied costumers from my other courses!

  • As I am eager to keep the quality of my courses consistently high, so I created the most comprehensive course on cannabis and cbd here on Udemy.

  • If you have any questions - before, while or after the course - you can message me anytime here on Udemy! I am happy to answer you! :)

  • If you are unsatisfied - you have a 30-days money back-guarantee!  (So you have nothing to loose! ;))



1. I read and cited many studies for you to identify the effects of CBD that are scientifically backed up!

2. I show you practical appications and use cases for the use of CBD in your everyday life!

3. I offer you answers for over 70 questions regarding CBD! (effects, side effects, dosage, history, scientific data and many more) !

4. I give you practical orientation for what to look for (price, quality) if you want to buy CBD for your self!

5. I created the course in a short, precise and structured manner and offering you 


  • Several working hours were going into the preperation of this content, that I made for you!


  • My goal is to help you living a healthy and self-determinded life!


  • What kind of content do you find in this course?  Take a look at some chapters to find out!



  • What is Cannadibiol (CBD)?   

  • What is a Cannabinoid?   

  • What Do Scientists Say about CBD?   

  • What are the effects of CBD?   

  • Is Cannabidiol Legal worldwide?   

  • Is Cannabidiol Legal in the USA?   

  • What is the difference between hemp extract oil and hemp oil?   

  • Can the human body produce cannabinoids?   

  • What are the differences between external and internal Cannabinoids?   

  • What Kinds of Effects Can Cannabinoids Have on the Body?   

  • How do I use CBD oil?   

  • Which studies show that CBD-Oil can fight inflammation and pain?   

  • How does CBD affect the psyche?   

  • Is CBD oil also suitable for children and pregnant women?   

  • Where Does CBD Come From?   

  • Will CBD get you high?   

  • Can CBD help you with pain?   

  • Can CBD help you with anxiety?   

  • Can CBD help you with fibromyalgia?

  • Can CBD help you with weight loss?   

  • Can CBD be used for Arthrosis ?   

  • Can CBD help you with Acne/ Eczema?   

  • Can CBD have a positive effect on multiple sclerosis?       

  • What Effects Does CBD Have in the brain?   

  • Who discovered CBD?   

  • How can I find High-Quality CBD Oil?

  • Is the amount of CBD labelled on a product always reliable?   

  • Hemp vs Marijuana: What’s the Difference?   

  • How are CBD crystal's made?   

  • Does CBD make you sleepy?   

  • Can I dose CBD-Oil according to my bodyweight?   

  • How Long Does CBD Take to Work?   

  • How Long Do CBD Oil Effects Last?     

  • Can I buy CBD from Amazon?   

  • What is the “entourage effect”?   

  • Is CBD Oil safe to use?   

  • Where can I get further information?   

  • Can you use CBD for your pets (cats and dogs)?       

  • What are possible side effects of CBD?   

  • What is the difference between CBD and THC?

  • How do THC and CBD interact with each other?       

  • How much does CBD-Oil cost?     

  • .... and many more!

If you have any questions - feel free to message me anytime! :)

I am happy to see you in the course! :)

Best regards, Kevin Kockot (M.A. Prevention and Health Promotion)

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kevin Kockot

Health is the highest good!


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1. INTRO CBD: herbal ism. Natural Madison Cannabis Oil CBD for beginners Learn how CBD oil and extract from cannabis can help you with relieving pain. Three days and so mia and many more. Are you interested in the healing effects off Canibus and I ready to leave behind Allah? Cliches about Maryanna? Since 2018 at the latest, cannabis has arrived in a population with the help of CBD Kennedy B O. It is taken by many people in the form of capsules, drops or rape arised. But there are still many questions while that the benefits of CBD How does CBT affect the psyche? This CBD are safe to use. How long do CBD all effects last? How do I apply CBD oil? I have answered these questions for you in this cars. In the recent years, science has collected promising findings, especially in the future, off pain therapy, rheumatism, a three days multiple sclerosis and more. I have compelled his findings for you in this course in a short and concise form. In addition to the benefits of diversity oil, I would like to show you practical ways in which you can consume and apply it. This will help you to find the optimal intake and those for yourself I, Kevin codes and most of ours and prevention, health promotion. My goal is to support people to live a healthy and self determined life. The promotion of health is a matter of hard for me. I'm looking forward to accompanying you during this cars. If you have any questions before, during or after the cars, please feel free to contact me any time you're cordially invited to roll in this cars the most comprehensive chorus you will find on this topic. I'm happy to see you in the cars. 2. 1 Intro CBD: Herbal ism and natural Madison Cannabis oil. CBD for beginners Learn how CBD or can help you with pain relief. A three days sleeps, orders and more. 3. 2 What is Cannanibiol (CBD)?: So what is Kennedy Beal? CVD CBD means Kennedy Bill, and it is an extract that is obtained from ham flowers so hemp varieties without THC are used here in most cases. In some rare cases, it is a combination off THC and CBD, but this is always labeled on the product you buy. CBD is a five dough cannabinoid, so it means it is active ingredient off the cannabis plant. And this is actually a difference between Hamp for Mariana, where it contains little to no CBD and Hamp for CBD all where it contains little to no THC . So this is really interesting to mention here. This is also a difference between Medical Mariana, which is most likely ricin, THC and the industrial hemp plant, which is most likely used for CBD oils can. Rubio has interesting properties, so it is anti inflammatory and majestic and calming or also anti psychotic. So you don't have to worry about the substance, and I invite you to learn more about it. 4. 3 Can CBD have a positive effect on multiple sclerosis?: can see Buddy have a positive effect on multiple sclerosis multiples Crozes and our immune disease that affects the entire body because the cars off the disease can damage the nervous system and brain. So also there are severe muscle cramps going with in the illness, and these crimes can cost chronic pain. Seed deal can be used to relieve pain based on practical experience. 5. 4 What is the difference between hemp oil extract and hemp oil?: So what is the difference between hemp extract oil and hemp oil? So CBD rich hem oil extract oils are not like ordinary hemp oil's. This is an important difference. Common hemp oils are made from hemp seeds, so this is the original off the common hemp oil. The CBD old comes from the blossom, the flower off the plant. So this is where it comes from. Really, all comes from so in some cases is it is mixed, as I mentioned before. But the base oil most likely is ordinary hemp oil, which is containing no THC, CBD at all. So this is most likely basil combined with CBD oil in a certain amount. So the hand extract all its makes them, which actually combines to a solution off 5 to 8% most likely in some cases, higher. Other based olds can be found besides hemp extract all, for example, coconut oil is used in some products 6. 5 Can the human body produce cannabinoids?: can the human body produce cannabinoids itself? So indigenous cannabinoids are produced by the body itself. So their so called endo cannabinoids, or indigenous cannabinoids produced by the body itself. So the indigenous recipient system for cannabinoids is called the Endo Cannabinoid system E C s. So this is already a system just be active for body's own cannabinoids. Really interesting to know that. So the function off E. C s iss the usability off CBD old makes it easy to recognize. So there's a good combination off the function of the E. C s and the use of CBD. All in that case, TCS helps to regulate sleep, the immune system and the sensation of pain. So are really interesting effects on the human body. So when used, the pain subsides, sleep improves and the immune system no longer reacts. Information is reused, so this is all in effect off the e. C s th e binds to the cannabinoid receptors and brain and the role road system is active. So it is the dopamine released that can be observed here. But see media works totally different. So how exactly is still to explore? But it can be said that potentially it is actually like a but potentially. You can say that CBD works divorce a home, your Stasis So it balances the E. C s. So if there is too little off the indigenous Cannavino, it's produced by the body itself. It actually supports the optimal level. And if there is too much with the intake off CBD, it is not having a dramatic negative effect on the opposite. So this is really interesting in terms off the effects of CBD. So it's working towards her home. Use tass is most likely. 7. 6 Which studies show that CBD Oil can fight inflammation and pain?: So which studies showed that CBD, or confined information and pain, since the investigations presented below are not all clinical studies see, video is also not 40 used in conventional medicine, so but anyway, they're promising results so far. And the 2000 Elf study showed that CBD can combat inflammatory pain by acting directly on pain receptors. Really interesting. It doesn't 14 Review published stating that CBD is an active treatment for osteoarthritis. So really interesting review here. Study in 2016 showed that CBD applied externally as deal to relieve the pain for three days is really effective, so really interesting findings. Another two dozen 17 study showed that 70 was found to be a safe and useful method for treating joint pain caused by joint inflammation, and they were also new row protective properties shown in this study. 8. 7 Can you use CBD for joint pain?: So can you use the CBD for joint pain? So can you. CBD for Joint Pain So iconic treatise is one of the most common causes off disability and Western countries, so it effects more than 50 million people in US A loan and between five and 10 million and Germany, for example, Differentiation between a three days and the throw Sis is really important here, so there's Tom annoyed at three days. It's an art immune disease that can a cure, and it takes the johns, most likely in the hands and feet. So a throw sis on the opposite is a degenerated disease, so it means it cures and hip, knee and thumb joins. And very studies have suspected for years that CBD and Ham picks trick can help with the treatment off these both. 9. 7 Is CBD addictive?: so it's CBT addictive. So as it is used for many diseases associated with a chronic pain, it's important to ask, Is it addictive? Can you get an addiction by the usage off TV? And at least CBD old can help to reduce those after usual painkillers. So this is really interesting. In a really important dimension, there's an advantage. So Enel Genetics, the painkillers have serious side effects. So this is really important to mention so. Overdosing off the energetic regular painkillers is possible so you can have severe off dozing problems, also resulting in some death cases so patients must increase the dosage of painkillers to achieve an optimal effect in a lot of cases. So this is really important to mention here on regular yeah, side effects off energetic. But this is not a case with CBD oh, and hemp extracts, so it cannot be over those, and it does not have an addictive effect. There are no addictive properties for example, the need often increased dosage observed by different studies and also, in practical use cases, so really interesting, really promising to find that 10. 8 How dies CBD affect the psyche?: held a CBD effected psyche. So first of all, CBD does not make you hide. So their positive effects on the psyche described in literature. So they were soothing and stabilising effects and nervous system and also an anxious conditions. So study in 2012 showed that CBD is capable off anti psychotic activity. So this is really interesting. It can block psychotic symptoms, which is really promising. For example, delusions, hallucinations, restlessness are optimized with the help of CBD. Also observing kids off Rania. Their positive effects described so really interesting. To note that, and to mention it here, also, anxiety disorders or trauma. It is a case where CBD can be used. So how does CBT all affected psyche in a tendency, You can say that it has positive effect on concentration, for example, compared to THC as well. There is a positive effect with anxiety disorders with addiction, with schizophrenia, depression, psychosis and many more problems off the psyche. So re promising results on that matter 11. 9 How do I apply CBD oil?: So how do I apply CBD, or first of all, can be applied directly to Jane? How do I apply it? CBD all first of all, can be applied directly to painful joints, and it can also be taken internally. So both options are possible and taken internally there plenty of more options that I show on another lecture, the dosage off the manufacture the really depends. So always take a look on the dosage that the manufacturer is actually recommending. For example, there is one product with a 5% extract of CBD and the recommendation off the protocols to take its twice a day so morning and evening. So six drops on deluded just under the tongue to have an optimal intake, according to the manufacturer. But there is also a second product with 8% extract, and he also recommends twice a day to take it in morning and evening and also seven drops under looted. So, as you can see here, the dosage recommended may vary, so there's no other way that you have to try it out for yourself and to actually see how it works for your system, for a personal system and to see how that works, so you can start with the low dose and then increase it slowly. This is really so. This is really important thing to recommend because then you can observe the body and you moved to find the ride. Amount off CBD for yourself. 12. 10 Is CBD also suitable for children and pregnant woman?: So it's CBD, also suitable for sure on a pregnant woman. So no, this isn't clear? No, because it can be used only with adults, so is not suitable for pregnant woman or nursing woman, because there are no long time studies on the effects on the Children. So this is really important to mention here. So no usage off CBD, all four Children or pregnant woman. So if you have pain, for example, you have to talk to your doctor or physician to find other options for pain relief that our risk free in that case. 13. 11 Why does it make sense to combine CBDwith other methods for pain reduction?: why does it make sense to combine CBD with other methods for pain reduction? So in case of chronic pain, it's orders to focus it off course and only be on the pain relief, but also in a cultural problem that is the root off the issue. Therefore, the hemp extract can be used for chronic pain, but best, together with holistic measures that support the entire body in the fight against the disease. For example, in the throw, sis can be tiki, gentle hides and alkaline nutrition, breathing exercises, relaxation exercises and many more so this is really important to mention here. 14. 12 6 different methods of Consuming CBD: so six different methods off consuming CBD. 15. 13 Smoking CBD oil: So the first Methodist smoking CBD oil. So it is one of the form with the highest concentration so you can actually use and so called all rig or also regular pipe for CBD consumption. So it's actually CBD concentrated you in take here and there. Some process off smoking CBD off sample. It is the most efficient absorption. Smoking CBD old helps you managing the amount off CBD you intake so you can control it pretty good. But there are also some conserve smoking CBD old so it can be harsh on the throat and lungs . So those looking for lesser effects might be happier worth different method in their case. So this year, the pros and cons of smoking CBD oil just it's health. 16. 14 Vaping: There's also option off vapor rising CBD old and there plenty a different way. Prizes to choose from, for example, of a pants make it easy to consume. See video, and it's not as harsh as smoking it out. Often all rig a regular pipe. Also definitely positive. Resulted. Vaporizing is an excellent alternative to smoking, as one still receives the highest concentration of all possible. So the highest serving size that can be rep arises is currently 200 milligrams. Before transforming it to a vapor, it provides a safer alternative to smoking. However, it is intended to be used when the maximum effects possible are desired, so really important to mention here. 17. 15 Tincture: so using CBD all in a tincture. So another popular method of application. Simply placing a few drops under your tongue and holding it for 30 seconds before it's swallowed. So it's an effective, discreet method and offers an excellent feeling off calm and well being. For most users, sort of tinctures and form of see video can also be applied and from sprays and CBD drops. So there are some positive things going within. Using CBD all tinctures as little or as much as you need for the desired effect. You can use it. You can just actually apply it for yourself. You can manage the amount so many people prefer. CBD all tinctures for the parole effect and the discretion that goes with it. But there are also some negative parts of using CBL 10. Cher's so results may vary from person to person, so it is not clear whether you are affected directly by CBD Oil or it has a different lesser effect. For example, it's also very important to allow ample time for all to take effect. So just actually be aware that it might take some time for CBD all to be effective, to show effect on your body. So this is also really important. Something trust may contain alcohols value. And if you don't have that, make sure that the city all tincture you're using is made by vegetable glittering instead or other methods. So this is really important to see here the options for a teacher. 18. 16 Consuming Edibiles Containing CBD Oil: consuming edibles containing CBD all unlike cannabis edibles because is no psychoactive effects, so provides long lasting effects. So if you combine CBD old with different foods that can actually last pre long, it's great for those who don't don't like smoking or taking a teacher. And the effects can also take at least two hours to set in. Also really important to just mentioned it. Waiting before consuming more is highly recommended, so you do not have to just taken and taken and taken before. It's not even working. Some people don't even feel effect for up to two, 24 hours, so really interesting. So cross off consuming city all edibles edibles have too long US lasting results. City deal can be found in a variety of different foods and particularly endless options when it comes to consuming See video. There is also a con, off consuming CBD, all edibles consuming cereal edibles intensifies any amount of THC that may be present and could result in a psychoactive effect. It is especially true if you've ever taken CBD products in the past. Getting the right amount in your system might take a few tries. It's probably the best to stick with other methods if it's your first time using CBD all products so really important to mention that as well. 19. 17 Topically applying CBD oil: so you can also apply CBD all topically so they're different than other methods off the application of CBD. All there are multitudes off different city ta pickles available for many different conditions. So simply applying CBO typically to the affected area, provides quick and temporary relief. So they're pross off topically applying CBD or the skin rapidly absorbs anything that is put on it. Apply typically civilly old will work immediately and great for those who aren't looking for a large amount of CBD and just want apply it to the region Necessary concept typically applying CBD oil applied topically CBD will not last its long s with the other methods is shorter lived compared to the other methods also really important to mention it. 20. 18 CBD Capsules: CBD capsules. So for those who prefer the old fashioned method of taking a pill, CBD capsules are also available. Supplements can be found in a variety of different strengths, making it easy to take exactly what you need. They're easy to take and provide quick relief. So the process of taking city casuals so one off the easiest and most discreet ways to take CBD oil. And with most people already familiar with how to take a pill, supplements offer an excellent choice For the first time. CBD Years is so really interesting to mention it. Cons off taking CBD capsules So the kinds of taken CBD capsules. So for those who have trouble swallowing pills, probably this isn't the best choice off intake. 21. 19 What are the benefits of CBD? 1/2: so one of the benefits of CBD. Most people are reporting success in using CBD to reach a desire state of common relaxation . Somebody also has strong X, um, numbers. People are reporting success and using CBD to reach a desired state of calm and relaxation . So what are the benefits of CBD? So numerous people are reporting success and using CBD to reach a desired state of common relaxation. CBD also 22. 20 What are the benefits of CBD? 2/2: So what are the benefits of CBD? So numerous people are reporting success and using CBD to reach a desired state of common relaxation. CBD also has strong antioxidant properties largely ignored by the broader food supplement industry. So as each person is different and because somebody's effect are still on the study, I suddenly encourage you to do your own research before incorporating CBD to your daily life. So one of the benefits of CBD the three doesn't also three days, especially external application. This is where it's helpful. Pain relief, multiple sclerosis city, all reliefs, the side effects you in Kemah therapy, and many, many more applications are being observed anti inflammatory properties, for example, so you can find the studies attached in the bonus section. So just take a look and you find a lot of studies that show the effect positive effects of CBD oil, the benefits, and you can actually deke deeper for yourself if you like 23. 21 Where does CBD come from?: Serena CBD come from city is extracted and separated from specific varieties of cannabis when often we had a city come from. City is extracted and separated from specific varieties of cannabis, often known as hemp. One off 85 chemical substances known Ask cannabinoids are being observed. CBD is the second most abundant compound of him, typically representing up to 40% off its extract. Unfortunately, the most abundant consider you end off cannabis is the cannabinoid known as THC. Somebody is completely separated and isolated from THC, and Sydney cannot get you high, so reimported to mention it. There is still a lot of stigma as many people tend to a mistake. CBD for THC. These fears are understandable to an extent, especially since the terminology surrounding city can be very confusing. Nonetheless, it is impossible to get high by smoking or ingesting CBD high hem. That is only maybe a few traces of THC, and it's also possible to get high by consuming CBD. All products that contain visually no THC city is extracted in all forms, and it often found Nick's and hemp oil extracts and vary in varying concentrations 24. 22 Is Cannadibiol legal worldwide?: this Canavan No legal worldwide. Yes, city is mostly legal, with some exceptions currently so, for example, has had controlled substance in Canada. A lot of misinformation is surrounding CBD, partly because its chemical properties are poorly understood until relatively recently. The 1980 scientists believe that CBD wasa natural precursor to deformation off THC whoever somebody is actually related to the chemical chain that results in THC again. Unlike THC, CBD is considered a legal cannabinoids, and it's safe to consume in any amount in concentration. 25. 23 Is CBD legal in the USA?: so it's kind of maybe your legal in USA. So as I'm just doing this recording, CBT is available for limited or full used in 46 off the 50 U. S states for only four states that are completely are glowing CBD use, which are Idaho, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas among the other 47 states they exist this joint it and confusing patchwork off legislation in states. Very Mariana's legal for recreational use. It's perfectly fine to process and use CBD. However, things are a bit more complicated in states where Mary Honest, illegal, recreational e but legal for medical purposes. Currently, Miranda's fully legalized in nine states. Alaska, California, Colorado. Main message. Nevada, Oregon, Vermont Watching, plus the District of Columbia. The's 10 look hails have a combined population off throughly 70 million people s use A Currently has about these 10 look ales have a combined population of roughly 70 million people s CEOs. A currently has about 325 million people. This means a full 21% off Americans that can legally light up for any reason. And that's one of five citizens. It's extra interesting to note that it's illegal to possess and grow Mariana in our national's Capitol Washington D. C. So you could rent a townhouse in D. C and grew up to six plans in your home for recreational use. But it will be perfectly Leo. Or it could go on a tour to the White House with a big old bag of blood in your pocket up to 57 grams, and it wouldn't be breaking the law. So I don't necessarily recommend this trying, but theoretically it would mean not committing a crime. All of this is true, while at the same time Iran is illegal according to federal law, in addition to the nine states mentioned above and the sea there, 20 more states currently allow marijuana use for medical purposes with a prescription from a doctor. And I don't only mean CBD here, I mean CBD and a good old fashioned marriage a completely with th seem articles. These 20 states are Arizona or cancers. Connecticut. There were Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and rest Virginia. And now it's getting a bit complicated, but just stick with me. We're almost done explaining the labouring patchwork off regulation that is currently available in American Mary. On a law, there are 17 more states for medical marijuana's illegal, but CBD all is OK. In most cases, a prescription is still needed to obtain CBD. Moreover, most states have a legal limit. Moreover, most states have a legal limit to how much tea, etc the CBD can contain. But the limits aren't the same in every state. For instance, CBD old in Virginia is legal as long as this contains less than 5% THC. But in South Carolina, just a few hours south, CBD cannot have more than 0.9% THC before it's illegal to possess. They're 17 states where somebody is legal. Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mystery, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, UDA, Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. So there you have it. That's a complete low, though, on laws regarding CBD for the US off America. However, however, I have one last thing to offer here because all forms of cannabis are still technically against the law nationwide, despite being legal according to some state loss because of federal regulations at the federal level city is still considered illegal, but a drug enforcement agency after United States because it's taken from the cannabis plant and it's classified as highly addictive, Schedule one drug with no recognisable medical value. Other reasons also have a profound influence on the eligibility off cannabis in this country, most notably big farmer. 26. 24 What does Cannabis actually mean?: So what does cannabis actually mean? Cannabis is a type of flowering plant that includes three distinct radiations. Cannabis Ruelas, cannabis indica cannabis, it Eva Cannabis has a wide range of industrial and medical applications, so it has been used since antiquity for story fiber foiled for medical purposes strictly regulated because off some variations, including high concentrations off THC since the last century. 27. 25 What does Hemp actually mean?: What does him mean? Him refers to the high growing varieties of cannabis grown to be specifically used for fiber All and seats thes are then refined into numerous products, including Greg's raising clothes, pulp, paper, robe fuel or hemp oil. 28. 26 What does Cannabinoid mean?: So what does cannabinoid mean? Cannabinoids. A very diverse chemical family that includes natural as well as adequate, particularly created substances. Different cannabinoids have Vitaly varied effect, with some cannabinoids proven to have soothing and relaxing properties and others classified as illegal drugs. 29. 27 What does CBD mean?: So what does seem et mean? CBD Canavan All a natural occurring cannabinoids and the second most abundant considering off the cannabis plant City is legal and safe to consume, yet has long bean in the shadow of THC. So in a graphic on the right hand side, you can see the C, B, D and the CBD properties. So is antibacterial. It inhibits cancer cell growth. Newer protective promotes bone growth, reduces seizures and convulsions, releases blood sugar levels, reduces functions and immune system. Reduces inflammation, reduces risk off artery blockage, reduces small intestine contractions, reduces vomiting and nausea, relieves pain, will ease. Anxiety, slows bacterial growth, suppresses muscle spasms, tranquilizing threes processes. And there's ole relaxant. According to Resource I started here. Somebody has a lot of positive effects as mentioned, and this is really interesting, a really positive to just see that for yourself. 30. 28 What does THC mean?: So what does THC mean? THC means tetro, hydro Kanab, in all the most abundant considering off the cannabis plant and this strongly psychoactive cannabinoid. So THC is responsible for getting high from smoking marijuana, and as a result, its production and uses are strictly regulated. So the high is actually a result off affecting the dopamine release in human body. So it has direct influences on that mechanisms. So THC is a psycho active cannabinoid. 31. 29 What does psychoactive mean?: So what does psychoactive actually mean? Psychoactive and any chemical substance and that could either enter the brain from the bloodstream and directly affect the central nervous system is considered psychoactive. Many psychoactive substances have maker applications such as anaesthetics, Socratic drugs if you see. But some of these substances are used solely for recreation, causing dangerous side effects and addiction. 32. 30 What does intoxicating mean?: what this intoxicating actually mean intoxicating. Any substance that can cost you to lose control off your faculties and alter your behavior is considered intoxicated. Almost all illegal drugs, half intoxicating properties, although worldwide, most intoxication causes to be attributed to alcohol intoxication can be caused by substances that directly affect the brain, for example, psychoactive or by indirectly causing damage to your organism, for example, through toxicity, hence the term. 33. 31 CBD vs THC what is the difference?: so city versus THC. What is the difference? So Canavan Oil 70 and tetrahydrocannabinol THC are the most to abandon cannabinoids found naturally in hemp, classed as fighter cannabinoids as opposed to endo cannabinoids. Both CBD and THC interact with specific cells, mainly in operates. Both CBD and THC have a wide range of applications and the similar At the Monika low level . However, the chemical properties of CBD and Tears see very virally enough to classify THC as a psycho tropic drug strictly controlled by federal authorities. At the same time, somebody is regarded as legal and safe worldwide, most likely with some exceptions, a lot of misinformation is surrounding these substances. 34. 32 What are the effects of cbd?: one of the effects off CBD. Both CBD and THC indirect with cells within your bodies by activating the cam annoyed receptors. Some cannabinoids are capable off desirable effects. They are beneficial to us and others use undesirable psychotropic effects in our bodies, such as getting high or causing depression in D. C. And a few of these substances costs both desirable and undesirable effects. Currently, there are no documented studies that show undesirable effects off CBD in the large broader term. So there are some side effects but not riel negative effect just by users itself. However, there are many studies showing city to cause only desirable effect or no effect at all. Calling to the source, it is important to point out that research is still underway for many applications off CBD . 35. 33 What do Scientist say about CBD?: What do scientists say about CBD? It is generally accepted that CBD is safer than THC. It's significantly correlates between long term use of THC and certain psychotic disorders . So there is a combination. There is a significant correlation between THC long term news and yeah, problems with the psyche, for example, the probability off schizophrenia, depression and psychosis higher with THC users. However, we must know that there this in scientific studies such as these correlation doesn't imply causation, so also very important to mention it. So that is the usage of THC mind building to psychometric disorders without necessarily being at the root off cause off them, as we have also seen before, somebody is considered to have a wider applications than THC. Since CBT has bean much less studied than THC, scientists assumed that there many new applications off CBD that haven't yet been discovered. On the other hand, THC applications are more or less completely explored by now. 36. 35 Our Cannabinoid Receptors and the Endocannabinoid system?: our cannabinoid receptors and the Endo cannabinoid system. You see, your body actually has areas that have made specifically for cannabinoids. They're called cannabinoid receptors sides. These sites make up the Endo Cannabinoid system, which is responsible for nearest psychological, physiological and mental procedures that a cure naturally within the body. The end of cannabinoid system includes a number of specialized cell receptors in the brain and various other organs throughout the body. They're two tops C B one and C B two to B. Bone receptors are found mainly in the brain but also in the liver, kidneys and lungs. While CB two receptors are found mainly in the immune system, there's also the fun part. Cannabinoid substances actually bind with the receptors to kenard in a coordinate various functions across the body. 37. 36 What kind of effects can cannabinoids have on the body?: So what kind of effects can cannabinoids have on the body so as discussed above their several types of cannabinoids, So even within fighter cannabinoids there, right range off can compounds and effects that are still we're learning about. So some of these cannabinoids interacts strongly with one or both CB receptors, causing various effects from regulating mood and helping us concentrate to causing euphoric effects and feeling high. Like with THC are the cannabinoids like CBT have fewer and direct effects on the and the cannabinoid system. To recap, Cannabinoids represented diverse class of chemical compounds that can be very different from each other. Their only common feature is that they all act on the bodies cannabinoid receptors, either directly or indirectly. 38. 37 What are the differences between external and internal Cannabinoids? 1/2: It's one of differences between external and internal cannabinoids. The end of cannabinoid system rose mainly with the body's own cannabinoids, which are produced internally. For example, our cure meth or not, I mean, a E A is produced within the body and is through to regulate several functions. However, when cannabinoids are taken internally externally, it's difficult to distinguish between the clinical, desirable and undesirable effect. For example, CB one receptors send signals that regulate senses, while cannabinoids that interact with CB two receptors can at the same time effect gas or conditional response and powerful never systems entity. So I hope that you see that why external Canavan honest like city can be a little more complicated. 39. 38 What are the differences between external and internal Cannabinoids? 2/2: so also, since people often take numerous different cannabinoids together. For example, using Medical Marana this hard to attribute specific effects to specific cannabinoids that has bean un processed cannabinoids, including more than 60 different types of cannabinoids, including CBD and THC. So in addition, some cannabinoids interact synergistically, producing unique effects that are not found when using them individually. For example, somebody inhibits T H sees psychotropic effects When the two are taken together, however, somebody does this and produces many other effects without directly interacting with the Canavan, it's the receptors. So at first, scientists thought that there was 1/3 type of CB receptor dressed for Canal it, you know. But the answer was far more interesting and revealing. 40. 39 How does CBD work?: CBD. It's fairly unique as far as cannabinoids girl, because it does not seem to interact directly with either a CB one or CB two receptors. So what does it do if it's not interacting directly with our receptors? Here's where it gets good can. A panel has a particularly lower potential for binding with the C B one and C B toured sipped receptors but instead eggs as an antagonist off the receptors. Antagonists in name. Instance, This means that CBD keeps the receptors working at optimal capacity and helps the function off all other cannabinoids, including the bodies on Endo cannabinoids still with me. If you want to know more about the effects, go to the next lecture. But if you're often put off by scientific roots, you might want to skip down the conclusion. 41. 41 What effects does CBD have in the brain?: So what effects? Thus CBD having a brain. Contrary to most cannabinoid functions, CBD interacts very model T with the cannabinoid receptors themselves, and instead either helps other cannabinoids to better be absorbed or stops the effects off whatever makes the receptors work less effectively. So in the rec nature off CBD effects have made a difficult for scientists through pinpoint its exact effect up to now. But many positive effects off it's unusual. Fighter cannabinoids are still being studied. The end of cannabinoid system is closely interconnected with the nervous and immune system . Since CBD has been shown to boost just about every function off and cannabinoids receptors , it is proven to have far reaching, soothing and relaxing effect. 42. 42 Can CBD help you with anxiety?: So can somebody help you with anxiety so potentially? Yes, as the studies show, So university off, Millan and it Italy showed that CBD probably has an anti psychotic effect and that patients with generalized anxiety disorders might benefit from CBD. So Brazilian researchers conducted a small, double blind study off patients afflicted with generalized social anxiety. After consuming CBD, participants reported a significant decrease in anxiety, and researchers validated patients subjective reports by performing brain scans showing several that flow patterns consistent with the anti anxiety effect. So really interesting findings here. So for the more researchers had patients suffering from social anxiety disorders, performance, simulated public speaking test and participants reported significantly less anxiety findings supported by objective anxiety indicators like heart rate and blood pressure. Researchers concluded that CBD significantly reduces and anxiety cognitive impairment and this come forward in their speech performance, whereas the placebo group experience higher anxiety, cognitive impairment and discomfort 43. 43 Can CBD help you with insomnia?: So can somebody help you with in some year? So definitely, maybe as to following studies show you So university off. Colorado describes the case report of a 10 year old with sleep disorders due to a problematic stresses. Or it was described that the administration of CBD, or lead to a steady improvement in the quality and quantity of the patients sleep. The researchers describe CBD all as an effective alternative to from a suit ical drugs. Second, however, another recent randomised double blind study from two dozen dating shows that CB deal does not influence the sleep wake rhythm To contradict various advertising promises, the researchers concluded that, unlike Bensel Netta beans, CBD does not have a measurable effect on the sleep wake rhythm. So for now, the only way to find our for sure if CBD contributes to better sleep is that you have to try it out for yourself. 44. 44 Can CBD help you with acne & enznmia?: Can somebody help you with acne and see mia? Definitely. Maybe, to put that in an easy to understand terms civilly, all may prove to have anti inflammatory benefits that may help of vaccinia itching and pain . 2015 study discovered debt Using CBD, all in dermatology helped reduce all and readiness, which was particularly particularly beneficial to those with acne Bosnia and then drove there. No concrete answers yet about CBC's there mythological benefits. So the recommendation is we'll be waiting patiently for double blind studies and will stick to D immigrants that already have improvement effective until then. So as it says, you can just tried out for herself. But in the meantime, you can also use what is also also already efficient. 45. 45 Can CBD help you with pain?: consider me, help you with pain. Yes, they're positive results and use cases that can be found in that case. In a recent study published in the journal Off Pain Doctor or Gabriella, Gabi and colleagues suggested that low dose CBD was effective at reducing pain and anxiety by interfering with a neurotransmitter linked to both. It's also helpful with a three days a throws, its multiplex roses and many more diseases. The review of 2008 described here shows that medical cannabis has been evaluated for many different purposes, and medical cannabis are your registrants are using, particularly for pain and muscle spasms. They did indicate that medical cannabis may be effective for those conditions, especially Winston. The therapy has failed. A larger number of scientific findings on CBD are can be found here on project CBD dot org's. It is really a large number off things you confined here for chronic pain. They list a lot off studies here, and you can find it out for yourself. What do you actually want to dig Deep Earth 46. 47 Is the amound of CBD labelled on a product always reliable?: is the amount of CBD labeled on a product always reliable. Oh, differently. No, I study in 2017 show their testing over 80 products on the market that rare 42% were under labeled and 26% were over labeled so really interesting to just see that on and 30% were correctly labeled. So around 1/3 some cases just a few cases. But some cases even had THC content off 6.43 milligrams per milliliters. So yeah, it is above the normal and allowed range, actually, So if you buy it THC free product, you do not expect THC durbin be inside. So in some cases it has been observed, but anyhow is Wild West Marketplace s Dr Philip Blair off the medical director off the CBD Brent and external describes. So the best is to just actually, yeah, see some criteria for the selection off CBD that you can stick to. So it makes it a bit easier to find flipper labels to find proper products that Seaview 47. 48 Can CBD help you with cancer?: Can somebody help you with cancer? Potentially? Yes. So they're promising findings, but more research must be done. For example, Phenomenal as a potential anti cancer drug. 2013 Canaveral It's a new weapon against cancer. 2013 Study for brain cancer cannabinoids. Improved survival of patients with aggressive brain cancer and controlled clinical study. Two dozen 17 breast cancer pathways Meditating, Mediating the effect off CBD on the reduction of breast cancer, cell proliferation, invasion and metastasis. 2011 Colon cancer came a preventative effects off the non second Tropic Fighter Cannabinoid Canavan oil on experimental colon cancer and prostate cancer, for example, towards the EU's off non psychoactive cannabinoids for prostate cancer. So they're really a lot of studies You confined here. So if you want to dig deeper, I recommend you to also take a look on this part here. So they're really a lot off studies concluded here. Breast cancer, colon cancer and the Queen like Amir Lung cancer pain, prostate. Really a lot off. Yeah, things you can find here I link you the website for further information 48. 49 Can Cbd help you with weight loss?: Can somebody help me With weight loss and MARTA Color and cylinder biochemistry? Korean researchers studied the effects off CBD administration on pre Eddie Posse size, so immature fed cells to explore potential benefits on the treatment and prevention off obesity. Remarkably, Sydney was found to do the following similar genes and proteins that unhinge the breakdown and oxidation affect. Increase the number and activity off microphones. Liam with which increases the body's ability to burn calories, decreased the expression off proteins involved. And Leopold Genesis fed cell generation. And collectively, these results them from the ability off CBD to induce fed browning that is converting. Word is normally wide colored fetish. You what white adipose tissue that stores energy to beige colored fat tissue, bad frown and Beijing adipose tissue that burns it. Previous studies have shown their boosting beige color fed and animals improves their glucose tolerance, making them more resistant to diabetes. And there is blood lipid abnormalities 49. 50 Can Cbd help you with fibromyalgia?: Can somebody help me with fibromyalgia? Yes, potentially, but not a lot of studies are available. The 2015 review analyzed research on cannabinoid usage for chronic pain through not specifically pain linked to travel more gear. Seven off the 11 studies included in the review demonstrated that CBD relieved paint another two dozen 15 review. She looked at the results of 28 randomized, clinically controlled trials off medical maryanna and as a treatment or for paint, many off the trials focused on pain linked to multiple sclerosis. The review found that high quality evidence supports the used off medical marijuana to treat chronic pain. 2017 study concluded that somebody might counteract the hypersensitivity off cell surrounding nerves in people with chronic pain, including those of part fibromyalgia. However, it also points to the need for more research 50. 51 Will CBD get you high?: Will somebody get you high? No. It is not acting as a psychoactive substance. It is not intoxicating Effects are not comparable to THC. So also, look at the chapter off this cycle. Activity off THC. 51. 52 Can CBD help you with epilepsy?: Can somebody help you with epilepsy? Potentially, Yes. But there is some evidence, not a lot of evidence. The research that BP and A the British Perry Eric Nausea Loci Association is only recommending City is that there is some evidence to show that its newly developed drug can be effective in reducing some type of seizures and draw and then actual guess road syndromes. Three double blind randomized controlled trials off pure CBD and Children and young people with these symptoms has shown a greater reduction in monthly seizures compared to placebos . There was also a greater reduction and drop seizures and people taking CBD compared to those on a possible further open label. Studies have shown that it may also have an anti epileptic effect in the epilepsy ease in general. 52. 52 Who discovered CBD?: who discovered CBD City was first discovered by Roger Adams and his team at the University of Illinois in 1940. However, it's structure was not fully and dedicated until 1963 while CBD Waas discovered more than 20 years before THC, THC has dominated cannabis research until recently. 53. 54 How much does CBD oil cost?: Where can I buy CBD old? For manufacturers themselves? Most brands that makes CBD all allow customers to purchase products directly from them. The rep size have online shopping areas where products can be bald and ordered on the retailer's most CP. All's are sold through online retailers. The establishment tend to have the widest product range, and many offer free doorstep delivery. Online Retailers also frequently post product reviews, allowing buyers to compare different old based on consumer experiences to determine which is the best of them. These reviews can also be used to evaluate the retailer based on customer service, delivery and product quality. Physical stores ham based city old are often sold over the counter at certain brick and mortar establishment, including health supplements, stores and head shops. Physical stores give buyers to full customer experience, and service stuff can often provide helpful recommendations. This spending cities in states where Marianas legal and for recreational use dispense it, ease our common sight. They are much rarer in states with Morris researchers, dispensaries. In states where Mariana is legal for recreational news, dispensaries are a common side. They are much rarer in states with more restrictions in states that permit the use of medical marijuana. Hemp, basically all's do not normally require him perception perception. But Miranda based all stew like brick and mortar locations. Dispensaries offer more customer service. However, As noted, this may not be an open option, depending on the buyer state. Off residents also CP All's priced tend to be significantly higher at dispensaries. 54. 55 How much does CBD oil cost?: How much does CBT all cost? Our city old are in concentrations off 300 to 750 milligrams, although this may range from less than 100 milligrams to more than 2000 milligrams. A good indicator of off price point is the cost per milligram. Low cost city always usually fall between five and 10 cents per milligram. Mid range prices are 11 to 15 cents per milligram, and higher end always cost 16 cents per milligrams or higher. Given these bearing per milligram costs a bottle off CB all maybe price anywhere from $10 or less, $250 more city all prices very significantly by brand. The best practice for most is to determine per milligram budget on Tiberio, as well as a maximum price for the entire RODEL. For example, you might decide on 10 cents per milligram for less is a reasonable budget and that $45 for a foreign 50 milligram concentration based on a budget is a maximum bottled price. Also affording online be sure to include potential shipping costs 55. 56 Can I dose CBD Oil according to my bodyweight?: Canedo. Simply all according to my blood, can a those city, all according to my body weight wait plays a role in the effect of CBD. All and bottle size should be selected based on how much you wait. So let's say you wait less than £130 desire light CBD all effects. This means that 11 milligram or less will probably suffice. Produced giving roughly 40 does is from a front of 50 milligram concentration. If you wait more than two under £30 desire strong effects than it's the same concentration that will apply roughly with 10 does. It's so he has an overview off the proper dosage according to the body weight with the saurus mentioned Tuck that come so Body Weight Group live less than £130. Recommended dosage for mild effects is 11 milligram or less. Recommended doses from model defectors, 12 to 40 milligrams and recommended dosage. Four strong effects is 15 to 70 milligrams, so you can also switch to your to right group heavy more than two and £30. Recommended dosage for mild effects is 23 milligrams or less or recommended dosage for strong effects. Here on heavy group is 29 to 45 milligrams 56. 57 Can CBD cure a hangover?: intensity cure a hangover. Maybe there was some evidence, at least, that it can be potentially helpful. Hangovers cost by the bodies being dehydrated and systems within the body being intoxicated by the Aga whole previously consumed. While somebody round he re hydrate the body, though you can find somebody infused water that might and see body when consumed, could help relief symptoms of a hangover so that you're able to naturally rehydrate again and ultimately kick your hang over to the curb. So it is easy nausea. Many people are aware off the fact that THC other cannabinoids found in cannabis can help with you. Zero related to Kemah, Tear P and other expects, but that what about CBD? Somebody has been found to activate what's known as a model. Name it. You've transmitted by the name off five th one A, which is in return reducing those year sensation. It's easing the dilation off blood vessels. The consumption off alcohol can result in blast vessels dilating which in return is it letting course off Headaches replaced by hangovers city hold significant their protective properties that can help ease the relation of blood vessels and ultimately help cure your hangover, headache. Contracting the intoxicating effects of alcohol. City is known for its ability to contract the intoxicating effects of THC. However, not much is known about just how well it's combat the intoxication off different systems with body costs by the consumption off Argo. One study Harvard suggested. If you consume civilly while you're consuming alcohol, that it could lead to lower blood alcohol levels. This could not help where the hangover, but possibly prevent you from ever getting one. So this is the source mentioned here, too. Extract further information based on the info here. 57. 58 How long does CBD take to work?: how long the city take The work city can generally take from a few minutes to a couple of hours to work properly, depending on the serving size method, off consumption and the symptom you want to alleviate by vaping or sibling Really ingesting somebody you can start feeling effects with in minutes. If you consume city an edible form, it may take a few hours to kick in. Remember, always start with low serving size and work yourself up slowly. Let your physician No before you start using CBD, especially if you suffer from chronic illness and take medication. 58. 59 How long do CBD Oil effects last?: How long do CBT all effects? Last variety of metabolism plays a significant role and how long it takes your body to process it Simply all will generally stay in your system. In trains, trace amounts for 3 to 4 days. Whoever these trace amounts do not necessarily correlate to the detectable effects on CBD, depending on your mode of use. CBD old effects will last for 2 to 6 hours, with topical raining as long lasting products, followed by capsules and edibles. 59. 60 How is CBD made?: how a CBD all made there two ways off making Sydney isolation from natural sources or synthesize it in a lab using many chemicals. If the end result is 100% CBD, the material is technically the exact same, and he won't be able to tell where it came from and how old was made. They'd be identical and indistinguishable. That's why sidious CBD. 60. 62 How are CBD crystalls made?: How are somebody crystals made for the production? There are three different ways to extract of CBD from him. Plan solvent extraction, all extraction and C 02 extraction, see or to expressionist most complex and cost intensive method, but it provides the purest result of all three. The other methods may leave residuals that can be avoided by sea or to extraction. 61. 63 Does CBD make you sleepy?: that's CBT make you sleepy. It might be one off the side effects for some people, but it depends on your metabolism, your body weight and the amount of CBD you take. So also see the lecture on the side effects off CBD. 62. 64 Can I buy CBD from Amazon?: Can I buy City from Amazon? No. Currently, there is no option to buy civilly containing products, and they're not available on Amazon. So the situation might change in the future, but currently also the state of artist that is not available for retailers to actually offer any products containing CBD and also THC. 63. 65 Where can I get further Information?: Where can I get further information? So I listened some off the links here for further information. I think these were really helpful to get broad overview and also being really specific on some topics. This is just a selection. There are many more good sources. I can just give you. But I think this is a good overview to start with to get in a broad overview and you feel find much more in depth topics. This is a really broad topic, actually. And if you want to dig deeper, you can do it with the help of the links I just offer you. 64. 66 Why should you take CBD oil under your tongue?: Why should you take CBD oil under your tongue? It is the best results rate. It goes directly in your bloodstream if you drop it and leave it there for a couple of seconds under your tongue. But it depends off your goal off usage and sensitivity. For example, if you just actually wanna experience mild effects off CBD Yeah, it is maybe not even the best option for you. So also see the lecture six ways to use CBD all to find out more about the usage off, see video. 65. 67 Can you use CBD for your pets (cats and dogs)?: Can you see buddy for your pets? Cats and dogs? Yes, they're positive studies and use cases. They're similar fags, like with humans and simply is a pain. Powerful painkiller city is known as an anti convulsant sidious. Anti inflammatory activity uses anxiety and stress. City is anti a medic, and city may slow tumor growth as well as it promotes homes taxes. So the source mentioned blow is actually yeah, even really during the information that it's really helpful with the usage and pads so cats and dogs. 66. 69 Whats the difference between CBD from Mari jane and CBD oil form Industrial hemp?: What's the difference between somebody off from medical Maturana? So what is the difference between CBD, all from Medical Mariana and see video from industrial hemp oil? So ham plans on lee contain about 3 to 5% CBD and recover a large amount of plan to produce a small amount of ham. CBO, which heightens the risk off, including other contaminants regulated simply all created by line, since his producers can contain anywhere from 18 to 2070% and it's often balance with CBD rarest typical regulated CBR created by licenses. Producers can contain anywhere from 18 to 20% CBD, and it's often Bennett's with THC to encourage the hypothesis off the to Raj effect, where both cannabinoids and have function Senate critically are increasing the healing effect. 67. 70 Whats the entourage effect?: So what is it So quote entourage Effect. When THC and CBD worked together, it causes the so called anti Raj effect. THC and CBD reinforce each other in their effect. So it was discovered first by ruffle McCool um, THC isolated for first time in 1964. So he was one of the pioneers off THC research. But he did. He made the most potent most Yeah, concentrated THC solution in studies. It will shout back then that THC mixed with CBD and Turpin's. The effect watch was much better tolerated by the volunteers. For example, pure THC consumption. It was having a tendency for the patients to lead to anxiety and stress. So administered together with CBD, many consumers experience rex ation and positive feelings going with it THC and hence the pain relieving properties off T H. C. As studies are shown. So this is generally speaking, the and tourist effect 68. 71 Hemp vs Marijuhana Whats the difference?: tempers. Mariana, what's the difference? The major and I could be. The only difference between industrial hemp and medical marijuana is that industrial hemp is exclusively made from cannabis sativa that has specially bred to produce the knowest concentration off THC. Possible hemp producing cannabis has told fiber stocks that are made very strong and have very few flowering butts. On the other hand, Mariana strains are short Boschee and have high amounts of THC. In fact, industrial hand the medical marijuana eso distinctively different that most like people wouldn't be able to tell that they're belong in the same generous off plans if their encountered them in the wild. Well, Mariana is bread with the only purpose of maximizing his T edge seat concentration industrial. Him always has trace amounts of THC and naturally securing high amounts off CBD. It has the highest CBD TFC ratio it off all cannabis strains, even cannabis. Rudra Alice. This means that industrial hams chemical profile makes it in competitive all off inducing intoxicating effects and getting you high from ingesting it. So this means that industrial hems chemical profile makes it incapable off inducing intoxicating effects and getting you high from ingesting it. 69. 72 Can CBD be used for Arthrosis?: can simply used for three days. Yes, There are some studies showing that it can be helpful. Also, see what you can also see. Can you use city for joint pain? And this lecture are gonna explain it in more depth. 70. 72 How does CBD work?: How does somebody work? City influences two bodies own cannabinoid system. You're Endo Cannabinoid System and Francis Memory moved. Immunity, appetite and cardiovascular health to name just a few elevated or depressed production off Endo cannabinoids can have repercussions throughout your body. Much research has been done on THC sort of system molecule off CBD, exploring how THC resembled your body's natural and no cannabinoids and can directly similar earlier and the Canaveral receptors. This effect is the main source off THC, therapeutic and psychoactive properties, and it can provide relief to those off us with Endo cannabinoid deficiencies. Unfortunately, THC can also over stimulate your receptors. If this happens, your cells will compensate by decreasing the number off receptors. Further m balancing your endo cannabinoid system. But when consumed along with THC CBD buffers, it's negative impact on your and the cannabinoid system. And when consumed by itself, Canavan all natural increases your endo cannabinoid levels but also protects your endo cannabinoid receptors from being over activated. That's an impressively visit. Ill little Monaco, according to his study, and this shows here on the source 71. 73 Can CBD be used for Arthritis?: consider the use for a throw, Sis. Yes, There are some studies showing that it can be helpful. And for more information. City lecture. Can you use CBD for joint pain? 72. 74 Can CBD reduce side effects after chemotherapy?: can city reduce side effects after chemotherapy. The health effects of cannabis and cannabinoids where confirmed by the National Academies off Sansa's, published in January 2070. Many systematic reviews showed it Hemp extract or see video can help with spasticity and chronic pain, and it's a very good treatment option. During chemotherapy, helpful for adults suffering from nausea and vomiting due to chemotherapy helpful for chronic pain, M s and related specimen complaints are reduced. 73. 75 What is the difference between CBD and THC?: What is the difference between CBD and THC? Several hydro Canavan, all THC and cannabidiol CBD are two primary cannabinoids that a cure naturally in the cannabis sativa plant, most commonly known as cannabis. Both of these substances interacted with the cannabinoid receptors found in the human body and brain. But the different demand yet they differ dramatically in their effect simply is a non psychoactive component, which means said it will not get the user height because of the straight. CBD appears more frequently than THC and dietary and natural supplements. 74. 76 How do I use CBD oil?: How do they use CBD oil? Also, say the lecture of six different methods off consuming CBD so we can use it as a capital city, or maybe manufactured as small capsules that are a relic e ingested as a tincture. Another form of aural CBD. All ingestion is the tincture often used as a food additive. Tinctures are sold in dropper bottles. Most user place one or two drops beneath their trunk for several minutes in order to experience default effect. Tinctures normally have stronger concentrations compared to other CBD products. Vapour City vapor, also known as Vape or Vape juice, is heated and inhaled using a vaporizer pen. R E cigarette concentrations very its prey. City old can be ingested as a normal. Spray sprays tend to have a lower concentration compared to other city products. Topical, this form off scenario is applied directly on the skin. It usually has the consistency off a lotion 75. 77 What are possible side effects of CBD?: what other possible side effects off CBD. So CBD all is well tolerated by most users. Just a few experience mild side effects. For example, tiredness, nausea, diarrhea, nervousness. Changes in appetite more or less than before can also be a curing, and their associate ID weight changes a cure. In some cases, such review, published in 2017 ifs IBD or increases or decreases to effect off the medication when taken with this medicine. So this is something to just be aware off. Talk to your doctor to your health petitioner before taking CBD just to make sure that you and your personal case do not give it up some side effect long term effects are not explored. This is also really important, and study at limits and pharmacology could suppress the immune system in higher doses. So this is something that is something on the downside. So, yeah, it can, in higher doses, probably suppress human system. But more studies have to be done in that case for external application, just apply it to your skin and see whether it works or not, whether it works for you, whether you have some side effects or not. If it's all fine, then you can use it for the rest off your skin. What are the possible side effects off CBD? So it depends on the doors that is really individual, so it can be dry Mouth fatigue, dizziness, nausea, nervousness, diarrhea increased three more and Parkinson's patients. This is something that is also observed and roll. Just a few users experience minor side effects. This is the general tendency with CBD oil and the side effects of see video just for comparison. In USA 2009 there were more deaths from pharmaceutical drug side effects than from traffic accidents. So this is something to keep in mind to just extra be aware off. So they are there more deaths by pharmaceutical drugs than from traffic accidents. And that means, in tendency that the regular drugs, the regular pharmaceutical components, are my sometimes more harmful than the effects off CBD oil and a tendency. So just keep that in mind and just be aware of dead. If you use CBD and experience, some side effects may be 76. 78 What is the difference between CBD crystals and CBD oils?: What is the difference between CBD crystals and simply olds? So see, Billy Crystal's almost exclusively derived from cannibal. What is the difference between city crystals and CBD oils? So somebody crystals almost exclusively come from can nominal Onley. So the city, all based on CBT free hemp seed all is something that is really different to somebody crystals the active ingredient CBD is only added to the oils later, so this is also something which is important. In addition, the crystals have a stronger effect under the tongue compared to the CBD oils. The advantage of CBD crystals is that they have no bitter taste compared to the Oles, so the tastes and odours neutral that you can use for your advantage. 77. 79 Are CBD crystals legal?: possibly crystals, Neil. So the legal situation with CBD is the same with city in general. So please be aware of dead in some US states. It is not allowed to purchase CBD. So this is really important. And this is really important to mention beforehand, so beware if there 78. 79 How do I use CBD crystals?: How do I use city crystals? The purest form of city products contains 89% off CBD, so this is really one of the purest forms off CBD. You can actually intake cannibal and Terrapins and other cannabinoids actually make the CBD component full. So like other CBD products, there's no th seem in a superior crystal, and it has no psychoactive effect. This is really important to mention you. Once again, options to take you can actually Vape arise it with a vaporizer. He's over an oil. You can also use the CBD crystal to driven under your tongue to mix it with the back of products. Order to dissolve it in food or drinks. How do I use CBD crystals for consumption with food? Makes it with butter or oil so it actually increases the resumption rate when ingested with food or, if you drink CBD crystals dissolved it. Lloris. The absorption rate oral ingestion of crystals then directly leads to the blood stream, so this is the advantage off just doing it under the tongue. When Wei ping the effects already appear after a minute off using for resolving crystals and oil, use hemp oil, olive oil or coconut oil. The crystals can be those individually practically. There is no over those possible s with CBD oil or CBD. In general, experts recommend starting with 5 to 25 milligram per day off CBD crystals CP. All's already purchased can also be reinforced. So being hedged with the crystals, the general recommendation is simply all for beginners and city crystals for advanced users by a precision balance. Furthermore, you have to buy a position scale for exact waiting off the quantity off the CBD crystal. So did you know exactly how much you take it? Wait 3 to 4 hours before taking CBD crystals for the first time to see what happens and if you see no effect, then increase the dosage of CBD crystals step by step in little those inches. 79. 80 How do THC and CBD interact with each other?: so how the THC and CBD interact with each other so both unnatural components off the cannabis plant and know that he had She is mostly illegal in the U. S. And other countries, with some exceptions, so be aware of that when THC and CBD broke together. It is the so called and courage effect that appears THC and CBD reinforce each other. In their effect. It's called by reference the whole um so reform. Holim was one of the pioneers off THC research, and he isolated THC for the first time in 1964 to research the substance and it studies. It has been shown that mixed with CBD and Turpin's The Effect offs THC was much better tolerated by the volunteers. So, for example, pure THC in a really condensed form lead to anxiety and stress. With the participants administered together with CBD, many customers experience relaxation and positive feelings. City enhances the pain relieving properties off THC. As further side note 80. 81 What Concentration amound of CBD should I take?: or concentration amount off CBD Should I take There are many suppliers and many different options off CBD oil. So 35 10 20% off CBD or can be ordered in the Internet so really wide range off options here recommended use is impossible. Their differences in gold relaxation with seeding, pre existing conditions, meditation and take wade medical ism and so on. So they're really a lot of different options. But there some rules of thumb, first of all, followed a manufacturer's recommendation. 40 Usage basic rule number two, star low and those slowly, higher, just step by step. Basic rule number to start low and those slow rehires step by step and basic rule number three. Observe for at least 14 days. What happens with your the general perception and how you feel.