Herbal Health: Redefine Your Wellness & Establish a new Baseline for Your Health | Selima Lust | Skillshare

Herbal Health: Redefine Your Wellness & Establish a new Baseline for Your Health

Selima Lust, Herbalist, Teacher & Spiritual Coach

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    • Herbal Health Intro

    • Redefining Health & Aligning the Mind

    • Redefining Health & Aligning the Body

    • Redefining Health & Aligning the Spirit

    • What Do Illness, Pain & Disease Teach Us?

    • Let's Talk About Plants

    • Stinging Nettle

    • Oat straw

    • Dandelion Leaf

    • Comfrey

    • Red Clover Blossoms

    • Nourishing Herbal Infusions & Instructions

    • Wrap up & Thank you!


About This Class


What does being healthy mean to you? Why do we get sick? These are two of the big questions we'll deep-dive into in this intro class, Herbal Health: Redefine Your Wellness & Establish a New Baseline for Your Health. We'll talk about the practices and aligning that needs to happen in mind, body and spirit that keep you on your path of health.

Plants are holistic healers, they work on your body, mind and spirit. In order to talk about plants and how we can benefit from all of their healing and teaching, we have to talk about what it means to be healthy and the opportunities and lessons illness, pain and imbalances showing up in the body are presenting to us. 

In this short 55-minute course on wellness and plants, we'll tackle these big questions and you'll learn in-depth information: the benefits, uses, precautions and preparations of 5 of my favorite plants: Nettle, Oat straw, Dandelion, Comfrey & Red Clover. You'll also learn about their key actions, organ affinities, my Top 10 uses, how to use them with spiritual intention and even get a peak into their constitutional profiles, which will help you choose your plant ally with more success and wisdom.

These plants supply so many vital nutrients. Drinking them on rotation regularly and prepared as Nourishing Herbal Infusions, coupled with your intention to transform your thinking and beliefs about illness and wellness, can help you establish a new, personal normal for your health.





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Selima Lust

Herbalist, Teacher & Spiritual Coach

I'm a wife, mother, healer and co-founder with my wife of Iwilla Remedy, a wellness brand and online herbal apothecary dedicated to helping people understand the power of herbal medicine to improve lives. Passionate about all things herbal and spiritual, my wife and I love to bridge the gap between the material and non-physical worlds, between the body and consciousness.

As an herbalist, I facilitate healing with plant medicine. My approach to healing is deeply rooted in using sacred p...

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