Henna Art - Mehndi (Natural Tattoos for body decoration) | Puja Modi | Skillshare

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Henna Art - Mehndi (Natural Tattoos for body decoration)

teacher avatar Puja Modi, Visual Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Preparing Henna Cones

    • 3. Preparing Henna Paste

    • 4. Filling Cones with Henna Paste

    • 5. Practicing Henna Basics

    • 6. Henna Patterns Practice on Hand + Tips and Tricks

    • 7. Practicing Henna Full Hand Designs

    • 8. Henna on Hand

    • 9. Conclusion

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About This Class

Henna or Mehndi (Natural Tattoo) is a natural and beautiful means of body decoration. In this course, you will learn the step by step process to prepare henna art  in a simple and concise manner.

We’ll cover:

  • Preparing henna cones
  • Preparing henna paste
  • Techniques used in Henna art
  • Practising henna patterns and designs
  • Applying henna on the hand

Who is this course for?

  • Beginners in Henna Art
  • Creative individuals with a passion for design
  • People who love natural body decoration

Why should you take this course?

  • Build a skill
  • Explore your creativity
  • Interested in becoming a henna professional
  • Spread joy by applying henna to people around you

I hope you join me in this course and take the first step towards your henna journey.

Click here to download Henna Designs used in the course

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Puja Modi

Visual Artist



My name is Puja. I am a fusion artist and love to create Artifacts combining different techniques and art forms. For me, Art is a meditation as I get completely involved into the art making process and can remain focused for hours without any efforts.

To provide a 3D look and some variation in my artworks, I always try to include different materials which are easily available in the market. I'm passionate to create folk, traditional, contemporary, mural and spiritual artworks. I'm always looking forward to try out distinct and unique art forms to express my creativity. I also like to create DIY projects by recycling materials.

According to me, Art is a also a therapy to become stress free and through this platform I would be sharing the detailed process of vario... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello everyone and welcome to this course. My name is Boucher and I'm going to share step-by-step process for making Hannah Hoch and are also known as mainly is a natural and beautiful form of body decoration used for thousands of years by people of India, Africa, and Middle East, temporary dead. Those are graded on the skin using hana base as it is made above fresh dried leaves combined with lemon juice and essential oils. I grew up in a culture where Hannah is used On special occasions and festivals. I got the opportunity to be part of few fundraising events, beer, I applied henna to hundreds of people. I will soar over them to see happy and joyful faces of the people because of Henle, anyone can learn Hannah with willingness and practice. You don't have to be good in any act on need, any expedience. Once you have learned the goals you can apply to your hands whenever you want, as well as to your family and friends. So let's start the course. 2. Preparing Henna Cones: In this video, we are going to learn how to prepare goals for Hannah. For preparing pools. We need scissors, plastic sheet under D. We can use any plastic sheet. I am using transparent sheet, mainly used for backing. I have folded the plastic role to have around 10 introvert and I really got it till the end. I'm going to share preparing goals using three shapes, rectangle, square and triangle. First-time cutting in rectangular shape. Just folded from the one side of the sheet to have five introvert and guarded street from there. So my rectangle shape is now ready to prepare square shape cut out. I am first folding it diagonally and then folding it again from the point where it ends. And we'll cut it straight from there. Unfolding of a square shape that out is ready. Now lastly to prepare triangle shape, just prepare and in one more square-shaped got out and got a diagonally to have a triangle shape. Here, I would have got downside ready for gone preparation. You can use any shape, square shape. Godard is good to prepare big cones with the rectangle cutout first. Who are the sheep from the center point and start rolling it from the corner, make a shape of GOARN the first fold itself. And then just hold directly from the center and keep rolling it till the end. Make sure you hold it tightly from center point and do not move it. I will show one more time. You can practice as many times as you want. We want to prepare a cone without any hole so that we can get it in the desired thickness. Once you are gone is prepared. Stick it with solo deep on the top layer so it doesn't move. Just put tape on the, on the top layer. And I need sticks with them remaining coin. So about going is ready. Similarly, I will prepare using triangle shape. Just hold from the middle of the largest side of the triangle and start rolling it in a cone shape. But ordinate till the end and stick it with the deep. You get good From the Top little video if it is too big. Now lastly, the square shape, goddamned hollywood living 1 third space from one side, as shown in the video, and roll it in the end. Do prepare bigger goals. We can use square shape cutouts. Prepare latae broader cone as it will be used for filling smaller he now cones. I am showing one more time how to prepare big cone. Even if the rule is little bigger, That's so gay as we are going to use it only for filling small cones. And in the last, just stick it with the deep so that it doesn't move. So our goals are now ready. And we can move to the next step of preparing he now based. 3. Preparing Henna Paste: In this video, we are going to prepare an app-based and for this we need hand up. Oh, do you can buy it online on you can write from any nearby Indians store. You can buy a ready-made Hannah goals as well and skip this step. This is the inner border which I'm using. We need to prepare very smooth paste and for that we have to strain he no border first, I'm using 1 fourth cup of Henle bolded. Take a boy, preferably screen on glass one and a very fine strainer. I'm using D string or with the help of sperm or small risk tried to strain he now bolder gently. Do not try to hard as there will be some leftover henna powder in the strainer, which we cannot be stream. Do not throw it. And you may use it as a natural conditioner and coloring for your hairs. Now, I'm going to add one teaspoon of lemon juice. If you are using fresh lemon stream, the dues, we don't need any lemon fibers in hindered base because it might get stuck in the code. We will add half a teaspoon of sugar as well. It will help in sticking inner border to the skin. And if they enhance color as well, gradually add water to make a smooth he now based, do not add too much or the red one will either advise there will be lot of films in the hemo base, mix it properly to have a lung free beast based consistency should be, as shown in the video, it will be slightly thicker than the cake batter. I will add a few drops of oil to enhance the color. You can skip this if they are preparing just for practicing purpose. We have to keep it overnight for good color. Again, you can skip this step when you are preparing just for learning purposes. We it with a clean rep and leave it for 12 to 16 hours. 4. Filling Cones with Henna Paste: In this video, we are going to fail here now based in our bones. As you can see, he not based has become little darker after resting. Mix it properly for filling cones easily and without mass. I have prepared one big gone and we'll use it for filling small cones. I will transfer and dire henna paste into this big Gong. Just fill 3 fourth portion of effort. And for lead from the top and see it with the team. As you can see, I have folded it four to five times from dog before sealing it with tape. I will put one more extra div for safety. Third, big boon with the help of a scissor and start filling small bones. Do not overfill it as we need to fold and seal it properly so that he doesn't comes out when we press it. I'm using double thread to tie it from the top. You can use rubber band as well. Just make sure you have folded it properly. And C lead as tightly as possible. Buying time thread, I am tightening it in-between and gave me doing it until the end of the trip. In-laws, just fall from dog and diet. Again. No need to put any node. I have prepared one more cone for practicing. You can fill as many as you want. And the remaining henna. You again, keep it for one month. Just see from the hole so that it doesn't dry out. So when bones are now ready. 5. Practicing Henna Basics: Hey, now goings-on already do use. Before you start rebuilding hana on hand, it is always good to stat is on paper here and I, some of the commonly used henna designs. I've shared a PDF of this design and you can print it for practicing. He now put the brunt of the design on any Pfam Bs, and use a thick transparent plastic sheet on top of it and fix it using a paperclip. Gone to make a small hole in a bone. So it runs mood. I've gone from DHAP where it is seed and press gently. Do not hold from the middle of the ways he not based may come out from the top. Start tracing design according to the hemo bargains. If the line breaks in between, just continue and you can fix it later. Sometimes it is due to very small hole in the cone. If it continues for long, you can guard little bit more. Why we start with the very small good, and you can adjust it later. Enjoy and do it patiently. You can take it out and see how it looks. You can wipe it off using a tissue and use this same sheet for practicing. Again. Fact is as many times as you need. I have prepared few designs which can be used for filling those inner buttons. For filling designs, always do the outline first and leave it for a couple of minutes before you start filling it. All these designs are very beautiful and very useful in filling all these buttons. Initially you might feel it difficult, but gradually with practice you will get a hang of it. Just to enjoy this learning process. And you can practice as many times as you want. Once you are comfortable with the shapes and the designs, you can move to the next step. 6. Henna Patterns Practice on Hand + Tips and Tricks: In this video, I am going to show how to fill he now patterns differently. I can start with the Leaf Back done and show how we can fake a differently. Basically, we are dividing the burdens into small shapes and failing with lines, dots, circles, and semi-circles. Just try not to have too much of a gap by infilling. If your lines break in between. Don't worry. I am showing here how to fix it and really not have any impact on the color as set. As long as you fix the gap properly. Ed Shelly, your hand might shake new Blue Ridge. Your lines will not be straight. Just continue and it will set the link once you are comfortable. I have shown how to fill heart-shaped, but then also here. So just draw a heart shape by intern, can fill it with small indoors nines. This half circle design also looks very beautiful. It, if it is clean. But fins smaller gaps in your design. You can use combination of different leaf patterns and just filled based on their size. I just like to fill it with a hammer because this gives very nice color. Hi, I'm going to show how to draw simple flower. Only way start with the circle and use your creativity to fill the design. You can use combination of different filling, bad Dan's, fill the circle with any design. Now, I am going to draw those of flower. So I'm using this heart shape, but those and I'm going to fill it with shape. Then you are using shading. At that time. You have to remember, just do it when it is that Don't let it dry, advise your shapes will not be nice. This shading design can be used for any flour, any leaf also, and it gives really very nice color. Now I'm going to show how to make designs on fingers. So you can start with any shape and just fill it with small designs. I don't like to fill it completely because in that case your design will not be very clean. I'm showing another simple design, four fingers. This is very easy to me. Draw the line up to the end of your finger and makes more leaves like this as shown here. If you want, you can draw on all your field fingers. Same design. I am going to do this on this side as well. So my design looks complete. 7. Practicing Henna Full Hand Designs: Once you are comfortable with holding cones and drawing simple designs, Let's practice fully hand design. I've printed very easy freehand design for practicing the main pattern in your design. For example, in this design, we will start with the flower. Because other small designs can be adjusted based on the space available. First, prepare the outline of the design as much as possible. This is because in case you need to modify the outline, it will be easier and also it will be helpful for filling the patterns once or gleanings le de dry. Initially, it might take a little longer. Just dried to press the comb that same pressure to get smooth lines. Now start filling the design. This is shading design, so this is very easy and it looks very pretty. On sheet. You can wipe off any number of times until you're happy with your design. Once it is complete, this is how it looks. Isn't it beautiful? Now, we can move to the next step of making henna on hand. 8. Henna on Hand: In this video, we will be practicing henna on hands. I have selected this design for back of my hand. You can select any design of your choice. Sit in a comfortable position where you can have support for your hand. I will start with the flower first. And we'll make all the outlines first. This is very easy design and it looks very beautiful. If lines break in-between, that's okay. It can be fixed later. And do not worry if your design is not exactly the same as your print. It only helps in giving structure to the design. Trust me, if the shapes, all of your buttons are good, whatever you make it will look very beautiful. So just work on the shapes of the bad duns and it should be fairly cleanly. After vectors you can fill some of the designs on your own. It green dry in half an hour or so. And then we will make firm side of our hand. I'm filling the design of the outline is complete. This is how it looks. For French side, I am using this design. Start from the corner of your bomb and make the outlines first. Try to fill the gaps with the small designs based on this base of your design will not be exactly the same as in the brain. So no need to worry. Just meet the main design and other small designs you can make it up. Do friendly. Hi. I usually like to fill the gaps with leaves and dots because they are, take n gives very nice color. Now I'm filling the design using lines and shading. Let it dry. Good, doing good on 30 to 45 minutes depending upon the weather conditions. Hey, now should be there on your hand for at least two hours and then you can take it off. Odd. It will go off in its own. Remember not to put any voted on hand now for whole day and varchar hands only mix day. It would give very nice dark red color. And when steak for five to six days, my canine is complete and this is how it's looking. It has been do-overs now and I'm going to take off enough. Do not drop your hands. Just tried to remove gently. Here is how it looks next day. Isn't a new different 9. Conclusion: I would like to thank you for taking this course and hope you have enjoyed the overall learning process. Once you are comfortable in Hannah are the same technique can be used for making lot of other artworks. And here are the few examples. Please let me know if you have any questions and your valuable feedback. Thank you.