Help Coping With Your Grief - Learn How to Feel Less Pain. | Janine Hailey | Skillshare

Help Coping With Your Grief - Learn How to Feel Less Pain.

Janine Hailey, Grief and Emotional Well-Being Specialist

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7 Videos (28m)
    • Introduction to Help Coping with Grief

    • What is Grief and how does it affect us

    • Busting Your Beliefs about Grief

    • What's Your Grief

    • Help Moving Beyond the Pain of Grief

    • Writing Your Good Bye Letter

    • Project Outcome for the Course Help Coping with Grief


About This Class

This class is about offering some help and support for anyone suffering from a loss; that maybe as a result of a death of a loved one, a relationship breakdown, or perhaps a divorce. There are over 40 life events that cause us to grieve, and they all hurt and cause us pain.

Following a loss, everyone tells us just to get on with things, but no-one tells us how. I am going to offer some insight in how to cope better with the pain you feel as a result of your grief.

As a result of completing several actions throughout the programme, the final outcome will be write a final good-bye letter to the person whom you are grieving for.

During the course you will:

  • Have an opportunity to uncover what is causing you to grieve,
  • To understand your grief more,
  • To take small steps through a variety of guided actions,
  • Create your good-bye letter to your loved one, or the person that you are missing.
  • Learn how to feel less pain from your grief. 
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Janine Hailey

Grief and Emotional Well-Being Specialist

Janine Hailey has worked in the field of training and personal development for over 20 years. She is the founder of Forever Training and works with individuals, and organisations to develop their personal skills and talents.

Janine personally provides specialist training around emotional well-being, personal resilience, stress management, and over the last 2 years, provides bereavement training and grief and loss support.

Supporting people and providing the necessary tools to im...

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