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Hellobar for Email Subscribers in MailChimp!

teacher avatar Jerry Banfield, Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Enroll in hellobar for easy email subscribers in MailChimp

    • 2. Using Hellobar with my website and MailChimp with a simple call to action

    • 3. Hellobar is free to start and low cost for all features

    • 4. How to sync MailChimp or other email providers with Hellobar

    • 5. A simple call to action with Hellobar gets good signups

    • 6. Split testing messages and styles with Hellobar to maximize conversions

    • 7. Project for Hellobar for easy email subscribers

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About This Class

Enroll in this class to see how I use hellobar.com to turn visits on my website into email subscribers and visit jerrybanfield.com to see it in action!

I have Hellobar on my website to get email subscribers in MailChimp because it is simple to setup and costs $12 a month for the pro version.  Watch as I show each part of creating the signup form and share my formula that works to get conversions at or above 1% without ruining the user experience as many more aggressive methods like pop ups in the middle of the screen do.

Start in the class with an overview of how I use Hellobar followed by a look at the features and pricing.  Next see how to sync MailChimp fast with Hellobar and how to make a simple call to action.  Then learn how easy it is to start split testing messages and share what you have done in the class project!

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Jerry Banfield

Teaches 105 Skillshare Classes


You can become a MASTER OF DIGITAL MARKETING by following me on Skillshare and watching my classes each day!

BIO: 6 years sober, 4 years plant based diet, 7 years married, 4 years parenting, and 9 years as an entrepreneur online with 103 video classes on Skillshare, 21 books, 1082+ blog posts, 2,500+ YouTube videos, 1,000+ podcast episodes, and 70 songs on iTunes/Spotify!

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1. Enroll in hellobar for easy email subscribers in MailChimp: and rolling this course on Hello Bar today to see exactly how I'm getting people consistently to sign up for my email list using hello bar dot com, It makes for a really easy email subscribe widget. I'll show you very quickly in this course exactly how to use hello Bar to collect email subscribers the same way I'm doing today. This has worked way better than anything I've tried in the past, and I'm grateful to have the chance to share it with you here today. 2. Using Hellobar with my website and MailChimp with a simple call to action: thank you very much for getting started with this class. I will attempt to show you the whole set up right now quickly and then guide you a little bit more through doing it. I've got a list in male chimp of email subscribers here. I've got 5500 subscribers on my email list that I've built within the last few months since I started doing email marketing. I have my email collection done just like this, and it's on the exact page you see listed on jerry Bayfield dot com slash resource is and it's under the category email collection, and it's using Hello, Bar and I explain you exactly in this page when I use it for Do you see this little pop up on the bottom right of the page? It has a very simple call to action on. It helped me reach 6000 subscribers your name and email and subscribe. That's how I'm collecting emails on my website. No annoying big pop ups in the middle, no other tricks or squeeze pages. This is the only way I'm building my email list right now. This and then on the bottom of my website I've got ah, place where you can join on the bomb. So I've got an email collection form that says Stay up to date via email down here for people who don't use this other button. So I use mail Chimp to do my email marketing because it's free for the 1st 2000 subscribers . And then I use my email collection here with hello bar and then the beautiful thing with a low bar. I'm able to easily split test all these different ways of collecting emails, and I can continue to optimize based on what gets the highest sign up. This is the highest sign up I've been able to get so far with sign up a Zais consistently 1%. And this is with all kinds of different traffic sources to my website, all kinds of different pages on my website. This is both on mobile devices and on desktop and tablet. This is a really simple system and I love it with hello bar and you see it works. You see him getting all of these email collections here now? Yes. If I use something more aggressive, I could potentially get more sign ups. However, that also aggravates more people. So if you want to build your email list, this is a simple way to do it. I'll explain to you a little bit more about how each part of this work. 3. Hellobar is free to start and low cost for all features: How much does hello bar cost? If you're considering using this, it will be a good idea to figure that out. The nice thing is that hello bar is free to get started with, and if you use it on your website and ongoing basis, it's $12 a month. Is the plan I use? You save 15% by annual billing. There's no hello bar logo. You can do as many bars you want. You can target devices do custom thank you messages up to 250,000 viz a month. Now, with the free version, it has Hello. Borrows logo on each bar, which you might not care about. You can't do targeting or custom messages. You'll have 10 bars, but it is free. So this is something you contest out for free and then, if you like it, you can upgrade it to the pro level like I have. So I'm grateful that hello bars available for me. It makes collecting emails much easier on my website, and I am happy to have the chance to show you the pricing on it. So you know that before you go too much farther in 4. How to sync MailChimp or other email providers with Hellobar: Here's how you integrate mail chimp or another email provider with Hello, Bar What you do when you're actually in the helo bar creation process under the goals page , there's a contact field you can see if I move my face over here to the right, you can see in the background there's a contact list over here that will pop up right after I'm done with this. What you'll get when you go through that is an option to sync with your email provider. So what I've got here, I've already clicked through. So you need to log into your email provider and then it will sink up right here like this. So I've got this lists inked up. I choose my email list here. You see that the providers connected, and then I'm using double opt in here. So then this is what it looks like when you're done. I changed the name to mail Chimp. I hit. Done. So now this is integrated with my mail chimp list over here. So this is my contact list integration and then all my contacts air sync up with male chimp directly. So what I do then is this is in. You have to hit either edit list or create new contact list. When you get started, you could create new contact list. You pick out your email integration here, and this is the current list of options that hello Bar has available. You've got mail chimp infusion, soft eye contact, constant contact. Get response. Lots of programs here. And then, if you just straight up, have a Web hook where you can have your email provider or something like sappy or grab it, you can use a Web hook if it's not on there. So what I've got, I've got my mail chimp list and over different times I've had to go do this different ways with a P I keys. But this is the most current. So once I have that on my hello bar, then I have that sink and saved. So now if you've already done this on a bunch of different hello bars, the problem is you need to go. Then adjust these over here and then click next and saving published. So I have to update these on my existing hello bars because I just made a small change instead of using a P I keys, then I'm using this new way. I showed you to do it. So if you just do it straight off directly sinking than you can have it in there. But any how you do it, it will send a double opt in confirmation emails What the recommended method is, if you turn that off, it'll add them straight to your list. When you go through and have someone subscribe it, I recommend test this out to make sure how you think it works actually is how it works. 5. A simple call to action with Hellobar gets good signups: one of the most difficult parts of setting up any email collection is your call to action. What do you put on? What page? It can get really complicated to do this little simple form which we will zoom in and look at now. It's a really simple form. It simply says, help me reach 6000 subscribers. It very honestly and simply asked for you to do the thing I need you to. Dio, would you give me your name and email on my website to describe to my email? It gives you a clear objective. You're helping me reach a certain number of subscribers and then you then get the assumption or the give after that that I send you emails that I make it worth it to be on my email list. So this is a collaborative effort. You're joining my email list with the implied return that then I'm giving you more of the same as you've already found. I've found this set up initially offensive. How can you just ask for subscribers? And I found it on YouTube. What? I noticed someone who I subscribed to now has 2.5 1,000,000 subscribers. I subscribe to them. When they had a small fraction of that, what they did that got me to subscribe. They said, Help me reach 100,000 or 200,000 Whatever number of subscribers they had, they honestly said Help me reach this number of subscribers and I went and did it now. Meanwhile, I watched lots of other people's on YouTube. I liked their videos that I didn't go on subscribe Right here. You can see a simple call to action, and you can see proof that it works. I've tried a lot of other calls to action. I've tried a lot of other things in hello bar to get email subscribers, and this is the most effective I've found so far. Just a simple ask and then what I do is I changed the form up with it. The nice thing to this little headline takes all the difficulty out of creating sales pitches. I bet you if you've done anything to try and collect email, you spent ah lot of time maybe 10 2030 50 minutes, if not hours of time trying to make just the perfect sales pitch or you've even used something like hello. Bar some other email automation to go through and try and collect and make all these perfect sales pitches. I know I've done a ton of these different hello bars. Look at my paused Hello bars. I did a couple of different versions that didn't convert us well, and then some of these air top click bars on desktops. So even though they look higher, they don't have they? They didn't work to make sales. Look at all these different hello bars I've used before. Look at all these different things I've tested on so many different pages. I've tested so many different set ups and by far one of the best, simple things I've found. The work is to just ask for subscribers. Does it work absolutely the best to get every single last person and potentially subscribe ? Sure, there's things you might be able to do that could maybe take it up 1/2 percent. Is it worth you spending 10 20 hours of your time to try and figure that out? One. Here's a simple thing that works. Help me reach 6000 subscribers. Very straightforward. Everyone can understand that even if they don't understand exactly what it is. They're subscribing. They don't. It's very simple and it works and you can see it works right here, and I have the chance then to try and optimize it further if I want. But for now, with as broad as my audiences, this is good enough, and it's really easy. You can literally copy this and change the number of subscribers. It's that simple. No more trying to figure out. Should I say this? Should I offer people a free course? Should I? What should I do? How do I sell what I put on the squeeze page? Just a little bar down here. Now why this little box? Why this little box instead of something else? Because this is what I used to sign up for other people's email lists. After they've helped me, I went to a website that helped me get my first audio book published. It was by another author's name was robbed Dirks. He wrote a book called Where the Hell Is Tesla? I bought that book and read that book after going to his website, finding it in organic search signing up. He had this little box in the corner offering updates and when that popped up, I said, Yes, I'm going to give you my email because you helped me and I saw that on his website. I put that on my website and now there it is. It's on my website and it's working. So if you want a simple way to collect emails, I hope this is helpful for 6. Split testing messages and styles with Hellobar to maximize conversions: a really cool feature of Hello bar is how easy it is to test different forms. So what, you'll notice. I've got these different forms here with different options. And then I've got all these Paulist forms. So I have got these pause. For example, this form is basically the same as a different form, and it converts a lower rate. So I've paused. All the forms that aren't working is good that I a B tested over here and then these active ones air working better. So this is really nice. You can essentially continually try and improve effortlessly or pretty much effortlessly email collection, so there's a simple way to do this. So I go over here and click on Create Variation. So let's say this one is working the best, and I want to try out a different line on it. So I go over to create variation, and this is what it looks like when it comes up, and then what I've got over here. I've got different options. I can then put in the form on this one. Then I go over here to style. I've got different options. I get the animations I could try a different placement, for example, so I could try this to come in at the bottom left. Maybe that works better if it comes in at the bottom left instead of the bottom. Right? So I hit save and I'll try this one on the bottom left and see if it works better over there and then what I can do. I've got this other one over here. I can try a different variation on this one and then on this one instead. You see, I've got these themes that you can pick from these themes out here. I don't have an image, but I could try different text. Like, for example, I could say Help me reach ah, 100,000 subscribers. I could say, Ah, bigger number. Help me reach 10,000 subscribers. Then I hit saving published over on this one. So that just has a different number of subscribers on it. So then it's got the exact text in the ask also. So it has. And then I can see if the help me reach 10,000 subscribers works better than help me reach 6000. So I contest all of these out, and I recommend having thousands of views to test these out on to get a valid test, because if you just have something like 50 or 100 views, it could be purely luck. That has determined that with thousands of different views on these that can be reasonably confident that it's not just luck that is accounted for, that pretty much every kind of visitor has been shown one bar or another, and the differences between them are related to how they look. So I've tested out how different bars look, and then I contest different messages here and then down here. There's a cool thing you can do. You can even test out asking messages that get people to interact. So, for example, you contest out messages like this. If I go down over here, I click on edit. Then you'll notice in this one. It's got a little box that says booster conversions by asking a leading question first. So this one pops up and says, First time here and then if you answer yes, it says, Welcome. Would you like to read what is new with me each week? And if you saying no, thank you for coming back would you like to read what is new with me each week? Then the person is somewhat committed a little bit to starting the form out. And then it could be easier to finish things off from there. So what I can do on this one? I contest out Ah, bottom left on this one also, and see how people and interact with that. So it's nice to test out all these different forms. And this one, I actually went to edit this one, so I didn't mean to edit it like that. So I can easily go back over here and put this one back on bottom. Right? I hit, saving, published. And then when I do, I go over here and click, create variation and then I make a new one over here in style. I go put bottom left over here and I hit saving published on that one. So now the one that's worked the best on the right. I tried over on the left and see how that goes. The nice thing is, if someone visits my website repeatedly, they might ignore these, But if they then see one of these, they might actually interact with this. So I contest out little variations of this. I click on create variations. This one says hi. Is it your first visit? So I I've got this over here and I contest this one on the bottom left also. And then whichever ones of these don't work, I can simply get rid of them. And I can even I can take this on a slightly different angle. I could go create a variation on this one. And instead of saying first time here, I could change the leading question up like, how may I help you or something like that? It's better to have a nice, simple yes, no question that I think might be related to my email list. And I could say something like, Dude, find what you do. You see what you're looking for, or something like find what you were looking for, Or would you like to learn mawr or get the newest classes or something? Ah, yes, no answer. And that way I've got that interaction. And then I can ask for the email after they've already interacted. So some kind of question that's likely to be relevant to ah person, something that's relevant for everyone. So find what they were looking for. And then if they say yes, that says, Great. Would you like to get more like that? Would you like to? And then I want to act something like they found what they're looking for. Yes, they found what they're looking for. Great. Would you like to keep finding that or keep up with me or read what is new with me each week? So I've got a nice first answer headline in there. And would you like to keep connected or stay connected or stay up to date or receive? You see, this is why the help me reach the followers is so easy. Because as soon as you start going to try to write thes headlines, it gets really messy. Then you are sitting there for hours, even sitting there writing one headline or another. And the problem is most of the time it doesn't even matter. And so I could just say something like, Help me reach another subscriber or help me continue giving you what help may continue being of service to you each week and then so help may continue being of service to you and then so I can just take out the great and then something like, Help me continue giving you what you need. They're so help me continue giving you what you need. And then there. I've asked for the email that way. And now if they say no and then what I can do If they say no, I can say, help me figure out how to give you what you need And then so if they haven't found, if they didn't get what they need now I've got a new form out here. So then I can I've got this set up and this will hopefully then be given to people who are looking mawr at repeat visitors. So what I can do on this I went over to edit. I can. Then I can show to a save targeting rule, or I can then edit this and I don't have to do anything. So it's just showing toe everyone here. So I hit close and go back, noted dashboard. So the this I can then edit the name of this up here instead of calling it first time. I can call it questions, and they're so I've got questions over here. And then my everyone default. So now I've got this new one. Find what? You were looking for this Waggett to test all these out. Now I've got what is this here? 11 different Hello bars that I'm able to test out. And the beauty is some of these won't work. But then if just one of them works in the person submits their email, then it will stop asking for them when they come back on my website. So even if all of them don't even convert as well having all these different one helps me to try and get that email address. So I'm grateful to show you this. This is helping me a lot to just build my email list steadily over time, gently without interfering with my website traffic too much. And I hope this is useful for you today. 7. Project for Hellobar for easy email subscribers: thank you very much for finishing this class for your class project. I would love to see the hello bar you were using. Or if you're just thinking about using Hello, bar. Whatever it is now, I would love to see a screen shot off whatever you're using to collect emails on your current Web site. And that way you can learn with your fellow students, see what they're using, compare and contrast, maybe, Like what they're doing better. Maybe what you show someone else will like. And maybe you'll even be able to make a new email subscriber that way. Would you please, for the class project share whatever it is you're currently doing to collect emails or whatever you were motivated to do out of this class, like sign up for Hello, Bar. Thank you very much for completing this class. If you found this helpful, would you please leave a review quickly? This is the best thing you can do to help other people. If you found this helpful to help other people just like you find it and get the same information and it helps me make a living off of my teaching here on skill share. I appreciate you making it all the way to the end of the class so much that I'm trying to create new classes every day for you on skill share. Thank you for watching this. I'll be have a great day today.