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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Welcome to Hebrew: Absolute Beginners

    • 2. Introducing Yourself

    • 3. Excuse Me

    • 4. Where is...

    • 5. Pronunciation Practice

    • 6. Conversation

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About This Class


In this class you will learn how to confidently introduce yourself in Hebrew plus a few daily used words, phases and questions. You will practice listening and speaking with an emphasis on pronunciation until you are fully comfortable with these sentences. At the end of the class, for the class project, you will record yourself speaking in Hebrew! 

You should spend 15 minutes a day learning and practicing what you learned. Practice by repeating out loud each new word you learned. Each lesson is very interactive and you will be asked to repeat after the speaker as well as recall the words from memory.

What you will need:

  • 15 minutes daily to practice new words
  • A way to record yourself (voice only)¬†


  • ¬†Introduce¬†yourself in Hebrew and use a least one of the question sentences to ask a question.
  • Upload it for us all to hear you speak in your target language!¬†

This project is designed to help you overcome the fear of  actually speaking in a different language where others can hear. It can be daunting at first but after some practice it will become second nature.

Do not worry if you have absolutely no knowledge of Hebrew or how to go about learning a second language! This class is for you! Along with each lesson I will give tips plus free websites to visit in order to practice and improve your skills further. 


Meet Your Teacher

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Yahaloma Levi

Entrepreneur, Photographer, and Tutor


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1. Welcome to Hebrew: Absolute Beginners: Hello, everyone. My name is Yalom Alevi. I'm a tutor for Hebrew and English in this class key brew Absolute beginners. You will learn Hebrew basics to get you speaking right away. At the end of the class, you will know how to introduce yourself and ask basic necessary questions actually speaking your target language where others can hear you. It's an enormous step in the language learning process. Speaking others can hear You can be very daunting. Being unconfident with your newly acquired language is natural. This class project is designed to help create confidence from the beginning. For the class project, you will upload a recording of herself speaking in Hebrew. Each lesson is very interactive and you will be asked to repeat after the speaker as well as I recall the words from memory. Now you are You see a middle aged. Did you see a woman standing in the park? Go and introduce yourself to shut me. Hello. My name is used. Show me your this'll classes geared toward students of all ages and no prior knowledge of Hebrew or language Learning is necessary. I will end each lesson with my own personal tip or trick. Remember to practice by repeating out loud each new word you learned most importantly, have fun 2. Introducing Yourself : you miss lesson. You will learn how to introduce yourself today, Momi Tina and follow her throughout her day, Dana will be our guide in teacher. Show me, Dina. Hello. My name is Dean. Please repeat after me. Show me very good. Shalom means hello. And also goodbye. Let's say hello to this nice looking lady. Now let's introduce ourselves. Shmee means my name is Please repeat. Show me. Show me. Now introduce yourself. Shalom Shmee. Excellent. Here is an elderly gentleman. Let's introduce ourselves and add. Nice to meet you. Here is how you say. Nice to meet you. Just listen. That name metal Now Repeat after me not being met. No. Well done. Now listen to the whole introduction together and repeat using your own name. Shallow me Dina name. Great. Now there's someone else I'd like you to meet before we say goodbye. And this time you will introduce yourself first. This is remiss the fox. Please introduce yourself. Chalone. Tina. Not very good. I hope you enjoyed today's lesson. Medina. Today we learned how to introduce ourselves. Let's say goodbye to shut home. Gina, remember to set aside 15 minutes a day to practice all your new words 3. Excuse Me: Let's review the words you just learned. How do you say nice to nature? No team. It would. How do you say my name is Shri? How do you say hello, Chalong? Very good. Now you're going to learn some new words. Just listen while I speak to this gentleman. Slick. Don't. I have just said Excuse me, sir. Listen. And repeat city, huh? So the car means Excuse me. How do you say Excuse me? Adoni means, sir. Repeat after me. I don't sleep. Have Donny. Now let's politely address this woman. Listen and repeat the heart. Doing good. How do you say nice to meet you? Name it would. How do you say? Excuse me? How do you say hello? Show long. Say hello, sir. Shalom Dhoni. Here are the words I have learned so far. Feel free to post the video and write them down. In the next lesson, you will learn how to ask questions. Use these new words as often as you can when you speak with your family or when you talk to your dog. 4. Where is...: Now that you know how to introduce yourself and politely address someone, we're going to learn how to ask some questions. You are moving. You have a little daughter that use the restroom. Address this lady. Excuse me. Sleep Now Let's ask her. Where are the restrooms? Just listen. A full house show teen. This sentence literally means Where are the toilets? This is how he ask in Hebrew. A full means where Listen and repeat a full how share a team means the toilets. Listen and repeat. Hush. Oh, Dean, A full house. Cheryl team. Now you would like to find a coffee shop on Jerusalem Street politely addressed this man so I don't. Here is how you say. Where is Jerusalem Street? A full Rocco via Russia line. Rakove means street. Noticed the word order here. Literally. Where is street Jerusalem? A full Rakove. Jerusha lime. Please repeat a full rojo via Russia line. How do you say toilets? Has Cheryl team. How do you say street holes? Ask this woman Where the restaurants A for her show team. Ask her. Where is Jerusalem Street? A four Hovey Arusha line. Tell her your name. Miss Murphy. Shmee Murray, Hear all the words you have learned in this class. In the next lesson, we will practice pronunciation 5. Pronunciation Practice: Let's practice pronunciation. Repeat after me. Shalom. Sure. Hello. Not name? No you. Not you. Good. Not aimed. Met on a full share Ace. Eighth, huh? Hush a for you. Yeah, Verity. Very keen. Dean. A don't need. I don't need I don't. Well done. Now you are ready for conversation. 6. Conversation: Now it is time to practice everything you have learned. For this lesson, you will act as several characters. Now you are Yosi, a middle aged gentleman. You see a woman in the park. Go say hi and introduce yourself to her. Show me saying nice to meet you. Not a minute would ask her. Where are the restaurants? A. For sure. She doesn't know where the restrooms are. So you ask someone else Say Excuse me, sir. Where are the restaurants? A focus show team. You are Sarah, a nurse who is looking for Jerusalem Street. Say excuse me, ma'am. Where? Stirs street. Verity for Soviet Russia. Line. Say nice to meet you. No team. It would. Now you are. You introduce yourself toc and say nice to meet you. Show me. No, Ive met on. Excellent. Here is the list of all the words you have learned in this lesson. Not sleep, Verity. I don't me eight The whole team Watch this video as many times as you need. And remember, your confidence will build as you speak. Gordon. Introduction of yourself and uploaded for You are ready