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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Sketching and penciling

    • 4. Applying embossing powder

    • 5. Using the heat gun: Embossing like a boss!

    • 6. Thank you!

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About This Class

Learn the basics of using embossing powders and a heat tool to create textured designs on cardstock. This skill is great for making homemade holiday or any occasion cards! You can also make name cards for weddings or even just to make a dinner party a little more special. I will walk you through materials, best practices, and different options for creating your best work.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Melanie Yarbrough

Hand letterer, illustrator, and designer


Melanie is a hand letterer, illustrator, and designer based in Arlington, MA. She works in tech learning by day, and spends all of her free time creating beautiful letters and illustrations. She has a passion for bright colors, correct grammar, and turning her designs into products you can use. 


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1. Introduction: hello and welcome Teoh and bossing like a boss. My name is Melanie, and I am a self taught hand letter and illustrator and aspiring designer. And today amenity to How to and Boss, it's a really simple way to take your designs in your hand lettering to the next level. It makes your designs look professional and finished without having to use a letter, press or professional printer. Um, and I love this technique because it's simple. You don't need to many tools on bond. If you make a mistake, or if you know there's a mistake, you can just make it again Pretty immediately, you don't have to wait for a printer or, you know those mistakes can be costly. So I like this because, um, yeah, you can change your design up. You can do one offs. Um, so I have a few examples here. This is has some white and some black glitter and bossing powder on. This would be good for, you know, a Valentine's Day card birthday card. Um, it's just an envelope, and two day we're going to make some name cards for as special occasions when kind of dinner or wedding. Um, And so I just have these little card stock, and we're gonna write names on it and then in Boston. So I have a couple examples. I love this because you can customize each one based on a person's personality based on different themes for, um, tables. If you're doing, like, you know, a theme dinner. Um, yeah. So click and roll. Uh, I hope you'll join me. 2. Supplies: Hello. And thanks for joining me. Um, first off, we need to go over some supplies, so let's after I did. So you're gonna need some kind of ink, and that's sort of like the adhesive for the embossing powder. Umm, I generally use pens. You can use stamps. They have a lot of different ink pads that you can use in different colors. Unclear, but I prefer pen. So I have these in Boss it pens. It's by Ranger became the Tupac. There's clear and black on. Then this one verse a marker, which is pretty cool because it has a brush and and then just a regular marker. And, um yeah, so those are also clear. Um, And then there so many kinds of embossing powders. I just got this cool like, red glittery one for holidays. Um, I have just regular matte black. Um, it's not Matt. Its glossy, um And then there's snowflake tinsel and black sparkle. These air glittery, um, have a couple other like wait. And then this one is clear. You'll notice is biggest one, because it's pretty cool. You can use on, um, colored papers and, um, and it'll show up. Is the color of the paper. Just, you know, with Ian bossing detail. Um, I also like to use it with the black marker on, and I'll show you that later. Um, other things. You'll need some, like scratch paper just for doodling. Get your designs final, and then you'll also want it to catch all of the excess in Boston powder. Um, you'll need some kind of hard stock. I just have this, like, craft colored card stock that I cut into four pieces. And that's what these air on examples, Um, and the main thing that you need others in the in Boston powder. Is he gun? So I got this. I believe that your lands you can get him on Amazon anywhere online. Local craft store. Just an on button. He comes out of there. It's pretty hot love. It's very simple. Um, yeah, so some Some like extra things that I used that you don't really need to get started, but are kind of nice dryer sheet, which a lot of people have already in their homes. This just kind of helps reduce static, which helps you get the access and Boston powder off. Um, that could be important if you don't have those. You can also use just a small paintbrush and you'll see when it gets like in the little detailed parts you just kind of wiped off before you heat it. Because once you heat it all stuck on there, um, I bought these. The whole thing going for ice cream. Little decorative spoons thes. Come in handy just till I could get it out and focus where you want the powder to go. Yeah, um, that's pretty much it as faras getting started. So let's get started. 3. Sketching and penciling: All right. So we have our scrap paper, and we're going to just doodle out. Um, some examples of the name, um, doesn't have to be perfect, but you kind of want to have an idea of what you're gonna do, because once it's on here, once you have the in bossing ink, there's not really any going back. Um, so I think I'm gonna do something like that. And so if you're gonna use a clear pen with clear in Boston powder, I wouldn't recommend pencilling it out first. Um, but if you're uncomfortable just doing it freehand with the embossing ink, I'd recommend planning to do some kind of color or with the black men. Um, so also, like I said, you can redo this. So as long as you have enough supplies for a few mistakes, you know, I just don't feel don't feel too, um, restricted. So got cures name on there, do a little some little, um, embellishments. Yeah. So that's good. So get care his name in pencil, and we're ready to in, boss. So the next step moves kind of quickly, so I'm gonna, um, give you a minute to get your sketches together. Get your materials together and then we'll come back and we'll do the embossing pen and the powder and move forward from there. 4. Applying embossing powder: All right. So I have to name cards that I'm going to create, one for my friend Brian and one for Kara. So, um, I'm gonna do Cara s name. Um, the black ink and clear in Boston powders. You can see what that turns out. Um, the plus to doing it with the black ink and in the clear powder is that sometimes the powder will get stuck. Um, but you can use a brush. You know, you try to get the static off using the dryer sheet, but in general, there's always gonna be a little bit extra sometimes. So the trick around that if you want black, you know, is to use the black ink clear that we the clearer can stay. It's not as noticeable is of black and Boston power. So you just kind of want to slowly go over your pencil marks. And if you have a longer word phrase, I would recommend stopping halfway through and adding the powder that way the ink doesn't dry up before you get the power on there so you can see that starting toe. It's looking great so that we just pick up where we left off finish Cara's name and then the rest of the power on there and then that off there, Um, and this one didn't really stick that much. You can kind of see, But if if it did, you could just go through and wipe off any excess. So set that to the side. Um, and you'll see all this excess here. I just turned it back. My beckon. Um it seems like you're using a lot, but you're really not, um all right, so let's do her embellishments to clear. And I'm gonna do this real pretty red color just a little on there Now, some people will do one color at a time, which are totally welcome to do. And it is possible that you can get the mixed up, um, in the letters and the designs if you do them both at the same time. If you don't, um, use the heat gun between. So obviously do, um, works best for you. I just kind of wanted to show you all at once. So you'll see on here that we have a lot stuck on there, so just come back in with a brush working it out because that will. I cleaned some off right off the things you could drop some more on there. There we go. Just clean it off the edges. Make it look clean. Um, great. So now I'll do Brian's and then will come back in and use the heat gun. Just the fun part. Good. See you back here. That's what that looks like. 5. Using the heat gun: Embossing like a boss!: Okay. Now comes the fun part. So we have our designs all drawn and the embossing powders on there. So now you're gonna want to get your heat gun plucked in, and it's gonna start heating up, so it's gonna be a little loud. Basically, um, gets hot pretty quickly, but you're just gonna want to hold it. You're just gonna hold it about half a inch away from the embossing powder annual. Quickly. See it change. Um, yeah. So let's see it in action. - I thought awesome. Okay, so you can see how Cara's name was kind of white because I had the clear. And then once you get, um, the heat gun to it, it turns clear under the heat, and you can see the black ink through it, and it just looks very clean. Um, the same with the red. We used the clear ink since the red comes through. Pretty strong, nice and nice and shiny. Um, the Brian one I had done. I had used the black ink, so it didn't an interesting, like maroon shade. Um, yes, you can see it kind of glimmering. Um, I have some pencil marks on there. So you can just come back through and erase it once it's cooled off. Um, it's not really going anywhere. Um, some of them with the glitter. The glitter kind of rubs off a little if you're rough with it. Otherwise, um, yeah, you're done. So it's pretty simple. Start to finish, and you can do a lot of different, um, experiments with them. See what you like. Get all different kinds of colors. It's a lot of one. So I hope you enjoyed this class. I'm excited to see your projects and, yeah, um, my next video. I'll just wrap things up. But in general, if you have any questions, leave them below. Thanks again. 6. Thank you!: you guys, um I just wanted to wrap things up and say thank you for joining me. Um uh had a lot of fun making these little name cards, and I just have to throw a dinner party. Um, also wanted to show you this. This one kind of got messed up. So this is something I would read. Dio, um I did the black ink with the clear, and I failed to clean it off, so that's kind of what it looks like. Um, Thean Boston without the ink, it doesn't really So the adhesive that ink is part of what makes it have that effect. So the in Boston powder on it, So I'm just kind of exhort absorbs into the card stock. Um, another thing I wanted to say is that didn't really show up in this envelope so much. But sometimes if you used ah, a lighter paper, like a printer paper or something. The heat is a little too much for it, so you'll get some warping. Um, I think it happened at first with this. And then, um, it just kind of fixed itself after some time after it cooled off and put it in a book or something. But in general, I would go with, um, heavyweight card stock for these kinds of things. If you If you want to make sure that it won't do that, Um, yeah, This is a really fun technique toe upgrade your hand lettering and your designs, and it's something you can use for gifts for the holidays. For holiday cards, um, you can decorate a notebook with It's just a lot of things. If you do stamps, you can carve a personalized stamp and decorate different things cards, notebooks, that kind of thing. So I'm excited to see what you do with it. Um, if you decide not to do, uh, the name plates, we don't have a use for it. Feel free to do a card or an envelope or a decorator notebook or something. That ah, thanks for joining me. I'd love any feedback. You have any questions? Put them below again. Thanks so much