Healthy and Tasty Cooking with Floey: Repollito (Cabbage) Time

Floey Arriaga, Cooking done with care is an act of love!

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6 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. 1-Repollito time

    • 2. 2-Cutting the Cabbage time

    • 3. 3-Cutting the vegetables

    • 4. 4_Meat & Cooking time

    • 5. 5_Adding all the ingredients

    • 6. 6_It is done! Enjoy it! =)


About This Class

Create your own or this healthy & tasty recipe


In this class you will learn how to cook this repollito (cabbage with meat) dish the way I learned it from my mother.

After you take this class you should be able to cook it or come out with you own variation. The project for this class is to create this dish or create your own variation of this one. For example:

1. You could create a Vegan version by eliminating the items that vegans do not eat.

2. You could create a vegetarian version if you eliminate the animal products.

3. Instead of beef you create a version with pork, chicken, fish, etc.

4. Many variations can be created using the recipe that was demonstrated in this class.

I hope you post screenshots in the project gallery showing your creation or build a PC/Mac app or Web app from the build settings menu.

Also please provide feedback if can to other students and check their projects you might find something you like but be constructive, positive and friendly in all your communications.                   

Links and Tools:

  • Screenshot and Screencast (video): Jing or other similar software
  • File sharing: Dropbox, senduit or any other similar service
  • For taking screenshots if you have Windows 7, 8 or 10 use the Snipping tool


I really appreciate all constructive feedback on the videos and the class in general. Remember I am making this class for you if you have any questions about this class please let me know. Check out at the bottom for the upcoming courses for all the wonderful things that I have prepare for you. I hope you are as excited to learn these recipes as I am to teach about them. I know you are a wonderful group of talented people and I can't wait to see the wornderful recipes variations you will be creating.

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