Healthy and Flavourful Chinese Char Mein | Faith Su Han | Skillshare

Healthy and Flavourful Chinese Char Mein

Faith Su Han, DIY is a lifestyle.

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5 Videos (14m)
    • Welcome to Asian Cooking Class

    • Char Mein: What you need to get ready?

    • Char Mein: What are the ingredient?

    • Char Mein: Let's Cook!

    • Char Mein: Tips Sharing.


About This Class

Welcome to my class for Asian Cooking. What's your favourite Chinese take out? I believe Chinese Char Mein is definitely top on your list.Today I will be teaching you how you cook a delicious yet healthy Char Mein. If you are a Vegan, you might think, nah-not for me. Don't click away, i will teach you how to make a vegam version of Char Mein by alternating your ingredient. Trust me, it will taste exactly the same.





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Faith Su Han

DIY is a lifestyle.

I enjoy life, and enjoy sharing with people. Life is too boring to waste away. I like to explore new recipe, try new food, new cuisine, and most important good things are meant to share with other.

I also like the idea of DIY, when things is crafted out of my hand, it gives me the feeling of satisfaction. So join me on my journey of DIY crafting and culinary.

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