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Healthy Raw Vegan Desserts: Sugar, Gluten, Dairy & Eggs Free

Anca Alina Ionescu

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10 Videos (54m)
    • Welcome To The Class!

    • Introduction

    • Lecture 1 - Apple Pie

    • Lecture 2 - Protein Bar

    • Lecture 3 - Strawberry Pudding

    • Lecture 4 - Truffles

    • Lecture 5 - Icecream

    • Lecture 6 - Cheesecake Part 1

    • Lecture 6 - Cheescake Part 2

    • Lecture 6 - Cheescake Cream


About This Class

Do you want to make delicious and healthy desserts but lack the knowledge or time? You can find out how, by enrolling in this course.

I will show you how to make awesome desserts that will take care of your health and your waistline. The recipes are easy and quick so that you can relax and enjoy your desserts without spending hours making them. You don’t need to be a cook to make these recipes, on the contrary. All you will need to do is to combine the right ingredients and follow the steps I’ll show you, as all the work is done by the food processor or blender. 

Whether you are a beginner or seasoned cook, you will love how easy and quick is to make these healthy desserts.





I am a sweets lover who has always wanted to be healthy and have a nice figure. That prompted me 24 years ago to embark on a journey and study how can I achieve all that.

My journey lead me to become first vegetarian, then vegan and then plant based raw vegan. After receiving many questions about how I stay young and healthy I founded the Young and Healthy Program through which I can spread my knowledge with other people. As part of the program I regularly organize healthy cooking work...

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