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Healthy Meals for Busy Lives

teacher avatar Kristen Mitteness, Well Fed Kitchen

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Healthy Meals for Busy Lives

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Four Principles of a Healthy Meal

    • 4. Pastaless Spaghetti

    • 5. Orange Ginger Chicken Salad

    • 6. Egg Bake

    • 7. Garbage Tuna and Homemade Mayo

    • 8. Wrap Up

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About This Class

I'm Dr. Kristen Mitteness and this class is part of the Well Fed Kitchen series. We'll be discussing what makes a healthy meal, then walk you through four delicious meal options you can have ready in less than 30 minutes. These meals can be made ahead of time or whipped up quickly to feed a hungry family.

Bring your appetite and I'll see you in class!

Meet Your Teacher

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Kristen Mitteness

Well Fed Kitchen


Hi! I'm Dr. Kristen Mitteness. Through chiropractic, nutrition and self care, my goal is to not only help you FEEL better, but FUNCTION better... for the rest of your life. Leading a healthy and happy life is not nearly as complicated as you might think. I'm here to help.

Find my food series, Well Fed Kitchen, here on Skillshare!

Find all things chiropractic, health, nutrition and self care over on my website.

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Follow me to be the first to hear when my courses go live. Bring your appetite and I hope to see you in class!

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1. Healthy Meals for Busy Lives: Hi, I'm Dr. Kristen minuss. And this is your class, healthy meals for busy lives. I'm a chiropractor and I learned quickly that my patients would respond better to my adjustments if we also focused on exercise and nutrition. So my work quickly transitioned into just that. Teaching my patients the importance of what they put in their body for excellent results. I've been teaching food classes for ten years now and I love inspiring others to take care of their health. And today we're going to do just that. I promise it's not as complicated as you think it would be. We're gonna make delicious recipes that are quick, easy, and even cheaper than fast food. We're gonna be making for delicious recipes as well. Going over my principles for what is a healthy meal? What makes a healthy meal? And we're going to inspire you to be able to do it for yourself at home to whether you want meals, you can cook ahead of time, so you have for the whole week or you need to feed a hungry family fast, you're in the right spot. When it comes to your health, you are the only wife who's in charge of taking care of me. No magic pills here, no fads or gimmicks. Just real whole food to keep you happy and healthy for the rest of your life. Thank you so much for joining us. Let's get started. 2. Class Project: Our class project today will be making one of the meals that we made in the class. You can make it specific for you or you can make it exactly how we made it through the course. You're going to take a picture and then your gonna do the price break down. How much did it actually cost you for the whole thing and also per serving. But the end of the class, you will have the tools you need to make a meal that's perfect for you and your family. And if you made something a little bit different, share it. You never know if we're, you're gonna inspire. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you decide to come up with. 3. Four Principles of a Healthy Meal: So what are my principles for when it comes to healthy male? First and foremost, it has to be delicious. It doesn't matter if it's healthy or not healthy. If it doesn't taste good, I won't be eating it. So it has to taste delicious. Number two, it has to have adequate amount of protein. So here's the cool thing about protein. If you eat enough, you'll be full or satiated for a longer period of time. I don't consider something a meal if it doesn't keep me fold for at least four hours and ideally even six hours. So if you're not eating enough or you're not getting enough protein, you might not feel full for very long. And I find most people, especially females, are under eating protein, so we'll make sure, and these meals today let plenty of protein in the source that you love. Number three, the ingredients are accessible, you can get them out most grocery stores and inexpensive, nothing too complicated. A lot of these things you're going to have on hand or you're going to keep on hand so you can throw a meal together. Fest. Number four, it avoids what I call the big 33 ingredients that I try to avoid because they messed up with your blood sugar and your hormones are highly processed grains, highly processed sugars, and highly processed oils. And these meals, we will be focusing on using real whole foods to keep you and your family healthy and full. Sorry, ready to get started. 4. Pastaless Spaghetti: The first meal we're going to make today is postulate spaghetti. So what you'll need a pan with, I'm going to put a plastic liner on it. You can use parchment paper, but I find because we're doing postulates, we're going to be using potatoes in lieu of noodles, because most pasta is pretty highly processed in, I find potatoes actually keep me full for longer. He me a little bit more satiated. So we're gonna do potatoes on that liner and then we're going to need a pan to cook everything it you'll need a cutting board and a knife for the ingredients you will need if potatoes, I like using baby potatoes. For those, you will also need some garlic, some salt, and the oil of your choice, I'm going to be using a garlic, olive oil from one of my favorite local oil and vinegar places. For the meat sauce, we'll be using grass-fed ground beef that I found from a local farmer. Mushrooms, pepper, and garlic. Alright, let's get started. We're going to start by creating the oven. So we're putting that up to 425. Anything starchy on like a potato or a squash, I find cooks really well at around 425. So we're gonna get back going. We're going to open out our potatoes. And I'm going to be cutting these baby potatoes, right? And hats and putting them face down on the panel. But we are plate with as many potatoes as you'd like. I really love potatoes, so I always make extracts. I know I'm going to be eating extract. And then we're going to pop that into the oven. And we're gonna set the timer for 15 minutes. What sort of autonomies us? The first thing we're gonna do is chop our garlic in there recently. Garlic first is rumor has it. Once you chopped garlic and let it sit for a little bit before you cook, some of the properties and the nutrient value goes up in it and I will take all the extra nutrients I can get. So we're gonna get a couple of garlic cloves. I'm just smashing them with my knife. That's how I cut them. To be honest, you might have better ways to cut things and that's totally okay. And we'll chop those. Okay? And I'm gonna cut my onion app over going to, going to chop it. Whatever way you like best. Before I start chopping my onion, I wouldn't turn the stove top on and I'm gonna put it to for my oven needs to be about medium-high to get a really good saute action going on. So putting it on for mine, it's seven out of the eight and the max. So let that heat up. While I talk about my pepper, I usually choose green just because they're a little more inexpensive than some other colored Peppers. Especially if they're out of season. As that Pam starts to get warm, we are going to add some cooking fat to it. For me today, I'm going to use lard because I can find it locally. And any fat that solid at room temperature, things like lard, coconut oil, butter, tallow. They're more stable when we cook in heat, so I really like to use it plus I can get it from a local farmer. We're going to use a heaping tablespoons of that. I'm even going to add a little bit extra, right? Let that melt into it. My chop up the mushroom. And once this is heated up and my Lord is fully melted, will tossing the veggies. So once the veggies are cooked to my liking and I like mine just a little bit over done. I'm going to push them to the side so I can make room for my ground beef. Tossing it right in there. I'm gonna break it up just a little bit. So it cooks thoroughly. And then I'm gonna put some salt on it, a salt shaker it on and keep going. And you grab a four. Potatoes shouldn't be soft enough to just mash them all the way down. If they're still too hard to keep them in for a little bit longer. But we're going to flatten these out. When we increase the surface area like this, they crisp up really nicely. I'm going to drizzle them with my garlic olive oil. You could use olive oil, avocado oil, anything really neutral flavor or flavored with something that's gonna taste really good on the potatoes. I like mine, extra garlic. So I'm going to add some pre fried garlic Hewitt fresh. I love this stuff. Easy to sprinkle on. Add some garlic flavor. And you won't even miss garlic bread. And last but not least, himself, to your tastes, were gonna pop those back into the oven for another 15 minutes or until your pasta softly Ready? Similarly to the way I like my veggies well done. I like my meat well-done also. So I'm going to finish this in the pan till it's brown enough for me, and then I'm going to grab my pasta sauce. So when we're doing pasta sauce, you want to look at the ingredients. Make sure there's no added sugars. Make sure the oil that it's made with the something that you like. And this one I really like because it uses olive oil as its oil based and it doesn't have any added sugar. We're going to add about two cups. You can add more or less depending on how much you like. I personally like a lot of pasta sauce, so many is most of the jar. Toss it on there. Now I'm going to turn the heat off after I give it a little shake and it'll check on those potatoes. So it looks like the meat sauce is done. It's checks, make sure the potatoes are going to go, ooh, nice and brown. And Chris, just the way I like it. Got myself plate. Some of that the tails grant report. That is good. So let's talk about a few of the changes we could make to this, to make it special for your family. You can switch up the protein source. So I use ground beef. This would be really flavorful. If you use some sort of sausage or pork, you can even add extra spices to it to give it a different flavor. You could do turkey, you could pretty much do any ground beef that you wanted. You could use shredded chicken and that would be good. Or you could even switch up the veggies. So I use peppers, onions, and mushrooms. You can add spinach to that so you have some more greens. If there are certain veggies you like or don't like, you could add them in. Alternatively, instead of doing the smashed potatoes, actually chop up the potatoes and just saute them with the veggies as you cook it. Some people really like carrots in the step of faith. And then another thing you could do is simply change up the pasta sauce. So we used a tomato basil sauce. You could use any kind of flavored sauce for them, or even your own homemade pasta sauce. The other thing I wanna talk about is the cost. So I did the breakdown of the cost. The most expensive portions are the most expensive ingredients were the grass-fed ground beef. I got that from a local farmer for $7.50, which is actually a really great price. And in the pasta sauce costs about $6. Those you could both run cheaper or on sale if you use different types. So as a total, the pasta sauce alone or the meat sauce alone, costs me $18. And then the potatoes from the potatoes and then the oil and salt and spices came to $4. So for all of this, you could easily feed a family of maybe four, maybe five, depending on how little the kids are. Or you could feed yourself for a few days for only $22. That's cheaper than fast food. 5. Orange Ginger Chicken Salad: Next is an orange gender chicken salad. This is my go-to when I'm really desperate for a meal and need something faxed. So what you'll need is a big bowl to throw everything in. You'll need a cutting board and a knife to cut up our ginger. And then I have a fork and a jar to make the dressing. So we're gonna start with the coleslaw mics. So just grab a bag of coleslaw mix. I use about half of it for it to tuck that into our goal. After the coleslaw mix, you will need shredded chicken. So what I typically do is just grab rotisserie chicken from my local grocery store. So we're gonna take the chicken, put that into the coleslaw mix. A can of mandarin oranges that I've already drain. We're going to throw that on them. I like about a 50-50 ratio of my coleslaw mix to make chicken. You can do whatever you'd like. If you'd like more of a coleslaw mics, feel free to add it. If you want more chicken at a little bit more chicken. We're going to add some splintered Ullman. But a quarter of a cup. Tossed that on there. And now for the dressing, so we're gonna use a sesame oil. And then for the vinegar, you can either use apple cider vinegar or race vinegar. And we're gonna do about 50-50, so one to one ratio. And when to use about a quarter of a cup of the sesame oil, a quarter of a cup of the apple cider vinegar. So when we look at that, they do separate. So you can see it's about half and half. If you don't want into the apple cider vinegar, feel free to use race finger. We're going to take some nut butter. I mean, use peanut butter, but almond butter would be really good for this too. If you don't do nuts, you could do sunflower seed butter and we're going to do a fork fall. So go to heaping tablespoons, toss that in there. And for the ginger, I use fresh ginger. You could also use powder ginger, OK, you like. So we're just going to chalk that up for me to take some of his skin off. I've also heard that you can peel ginger with the spoon. So if you have any special tricks, feel free to use them. I personally like a lot of ginger, so I do one to two tablespoons, but you could do it based on your preference. And when it mixed up that peanut butter in here with my fork a little bit. And then I'm gonna put the lid on and we're just going to shake it up. So if you or your kids finding that episode are going to go where the race vinegar, it's just a little bit to vinegary. Feel free to add one teaspoon to one tablespoon of honey and that can actually make it a lot more palatable for them. So shaken up till it's Mason creamy. For that on your salad. I'm gonna put the lid on it. Shake that up. You can either eat it right away or toss it in the fridge and let it marinate for a little bit. In my opinion, this tastes way better the second day. Let's give it a try. I love the ginger flavor in here. With the oranges, just enough sweetness. What you could also do with this is you can make your own triggered chicken. Just keep it in the freezer and then you can pull it out whenever you want to make this. You put different nuts and seeds and net. If you don't love omens, that would be a great option. But this is such a quick meal and easier to take with you. But student price breakdown. So I'm most expensive ingredient was the chicken. And that actually cost me read around $10. Other than that, the sesame oil, I used about a quarter of the whole jar. And that cost me just under $8. So for the salad and came to a grand total with the salad, the chicken, the next MN and oranges, the solid itself was $15. And then when we break up the cost of the dressing, that Caveman right around four to $5. So you can get this whole salad for under $20 and you can feed the family, or you have lunch for a few days, enjoying. 6. Egg Bake: Up next is an egg baeg. So I believe for, I'd make is a pan to cook it in a pan to satiate your badge. The badge, we're going to use our sweet potato and onion radius pork sausage for an added protein source, reading a dozen eggs. And then I'm going to use lard as my fat of choice is return on the oven to 350. I'm going up while the pants, so I don't forget if you've ever had to deal with cleaning eggs of the glass dish, we know it's not fun. So I'm just going to use a paper towel. Make that nice and well oiled. And then I'm going to get right to chopping my badge. So we're going to chop this potato and The Onion. While I'm chopping, I'm going to turn the stove top on. I'm gonna put it on to medium high, let that heat up so it's ready to go. Once I'm done dropping my bench. Now the pan is pretty well here, so I'm going to add a heaping tablespoons of alert in there. That melts a little bit. And then we'll add the veggies. And while those are sauteing, I am going to crack in scramble my eg. I think I like to stop him. I bet you ten are just starting to grab that. I find it brings out maximum brightness and flavor and host the onions and sweet potatoes. So once it's to the point that you'd like to push them aside, grab a pork sausage, toss that in there with them, and cook your meat all the way through. Once you're making various cooked all the way through, we're going to turn a stove top off. We're gonna put it right into our well-oiled Pam. Spread that out. Take your dozen eggs for it over top. We're going to toss that right into the oven. Set your timer for 35 minutes, and we'll check back in then it herself. There are lots of ways you can switch this up. We can change the veggies. I love a good egg break with broccoli and tomato and maybe even a little bit of feta cheese. You could switch up the meat that's in it. So I use pork sausage. You could totally use bacon, Ground Chicken, ground beef. Shredded chicken would be really good in this. And I don't know if you've ever had smoked salmon with cream cheese and eggs, but I bet that would taste delicious in this egg bake. So let's go over the price break down. So it doesn't max for me, cause RED around $5. The pork sausage costs me $6 and I got that from a local farmer. So that brings us to a grand total of $11 plus the batch. So for this whole Arabic to feed you for breakfast, for the whole week, would cost you RED around 12 to $13. And that price is going to vary based on the ingredients you put in it. But it's a very affordable meal for you and your family. Even cheaper than fast food. You're gonna go. 7. Garbage Tuna and Homemade Mayo: Last but not least, we're making garbage tuna and homemade Mayo. Now it's now called garbage pseudo because it takes like garbage is colored garbage shoot out because we're preventing you from throwing ingredients away. This salad has just a little bit of everything. So what you'll need for tools is a Pam because folks have bake it in there. So we're gonna cook up some bacon, a cutting board and a knife, as well as a big old ball to put it all in. When we go over the mail will go over the things you'll need for that. So what we need for ingredients is a big and broccoli slop. It's about one to two cups, where it talks about visible, about one cup of shredded carrots. You can either buy the matchstick carrots or shred them yourself. What we're putting everything in the bool, I'm actually going to heat up the pan so I can get my bacon ready to go. So I'm going to put that on medium to high. You can cook your bacon however you like. Back to the goal. We're putting a handful of cashews, a handful of dried, and various two cans of drain tuna. I'm going to use Skip Jack tuna. You can use whatever kinda today you'd like. And then we're going to chop up the apple and the avocado and put that in the bool while we're waiting for our pan to heat up. And now our panelists hot enough so we'll toss a few strips of bacon internet PUT sat up, big pieces of bacon. I got those from my local farmer. And chopping the avocado. It looks like my bacon. So I'm gonna turn the stove top off. Well that out. Chop it up and add it, writes my salad. Now onto the male. And you're never going to believe how easy it is. Let's go. For the Mayo. You will need a jar to mix it in, ideally an immersion blender, it'll make your life a lot easier, but you can use any kind of Blender. I'm gonna use this as a measuring cup because we'll need one cup of oil and you want a neutral flavored oils. So I'm going to use up a cotton oil. You'll also need one egg, but a tablespoon of mustard and a tablespoon of vinegar. And I'm going to use apple cider vinegar. So we're gonna start just by putting the egg and the dark. One tablespoon of mustard, one tablespoon of vinegar. I'm going to add a little bit of garlic to make it more like a garlic AOE, because I think that tastes delicious. One cup of oil which I'm going to measure out in here. And also add a little bit of salt. You know what, we're going to add just a tad bit of salt. The salad will be salty enough because of the bacon, but we're just going to add a little bit of salt to that. We're gonna put the immersion blender together. You're going to run it on low and plug it in. And what you're gonna do is just slowly, slowly, slowly add the oil while you're running the immersive linguists are tests like this system to move into the user interface. And that's it. You've got homemade mia, How easy was that? So your mail has done, you know, just pour that. I like to port all of it, but you can pour as much or as little as you want on your salad. Mix it all up. Who? The bacon smells really good. Let's grab a fork. And that's delicious. I'm loved the additive labor the baking gives it. Let's do a cost breakdown. So for this salad part, so the broccoli slow, the carrots. Then that's the dried cranberries and tuna that came to about $15. Now that's gonna depend on what kind of nuts or seeds you use and the cost of your tuna and bacon for that matter, I get are baking from a local farmer and in the cost of demands. So I used avocado oil, which is a bit more expensive, but it is neutral flavored. And the oil or the Mayo with that oil costs right around $5. So for this whole salad that would feed you for multiple meals or feed multiple family members comes in at rit Around $20. What are some changes we can make to this? You can easily add a different protein source. Shredded chicken would be greater than this. You could put beams. If you do beans instead of gametes, you could easily just add chickpeas or black beans to this. You could change up the nuts or seeds. So I really like cashews, but I've often used pecans in it and that tastes really good. I use dried cranberries, but you could use any type of dried fruit, maybe whatever's on sale. But these are a lot of ingredients that you just have in your pantry or your fridge. So oftentimes the only thing I have to pick up as a big abruptly slot and it works out perfectly. I hope you love it. 8. Wrap Up: Thank you so much for taking my course, healthy meals for busy lives. I hope I've inspired you to maybe make a pit stop at the grocery store for a few extra ingredients. Instead of going through the drive-through, you deserve the gift of good health via really good food. Now, there's a link below with the all of the ingredients for the meals we made. So feel free to download it, print it off, bring that with you straight to the grocery store. It's a great resource. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make. Let us know if you made any changes so we can be inspired by your creativity also. And then feel free to follow me as a teacher and skill share. I've more courses coming your way and take me and socially, I'd love to see what you're making. Five guys.