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Healthy Eating Hacks for Busy People

teacher avatar Sarah A.D. Summers, Passionate Health Entrepreneur

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Healthy Eating Hacks for Busy People Intro

    • 2. Healthy Diet Hacks for Busy People Tips 1 4

    • 3. Healthy Eating Hacks for Busy People Tips 5 7

    • 4. Healthy Eating Hacks for Busy People Tips 8 10

    • 5. Healthy Eating Hacks for Busy People Bonus Tip and Conclusion

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About This Class

If you have a hectic life and are always on-the-go, you may find it hard to go shopping or prepare your meals, do you? Sometimes our busy lives become excuses to skip meals or eat food with poor nutritional value.

If I had known these tips and tricks several years ago, I would have made faster and more consistent progress with my healthy choices even from the beginning. You don’t need to spend time figuring out how to optimize some processes and make your own mistakes at the cost of your busy schedule. The value of this section is that it puts you on the fast lane to better health and well-being. Right from day 1. It gives you shortcuts and hacks to better food choices.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Sarah A.D. Summers

Passionate Health Entrepreneur



Hello, I am Sarah and I want to help you, busy people, maximize your nutritional intake while minimizing your efforts. Design a lifestyle with The Diet of Common Sense!


I am a passionate healthy living coach coming from the business world and designer of The Diet of Common Sense - a healthy living approach for entrepreneurs, busy professionals and people with active lifestyles.


Over the years I looked into evidence-based research and natural approaches to healthy living, experimented and simplified them to match my ideal lifestyle. I understood the importance to fuel our bodies right for good performance, energy, and mental power, and I encourage like-minded individuals to be the healthiest version of themselves.

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1. Healthy Eating Hacks for Busy People Intro: healthy hacks. For busy people, the doubt of common sense is a common, sensible, active people To stay healthy, prove energy and member power, the attrition of entrepreneurs, busy professionals and other active people who like time with values that help from Wendy. Here's a place where nutritional research make common sense. It brings a simple, actionable information to help you make better decisions for your health and will be despite your limited time. We'll talk about healthy hacks for busy people. If you have a hectic life cannot always on the go, you may find it hard to go shopping. Preparing meals. You Sometimes our busy lives become chooses meals for it, foods with nutritional value. If I had no the steps and take several years ago, I would have made Foster on a more consistent progress with my healthy choices. Even from the beginning, you don't need to spend time figuring out off the mice and processes and make your only state. But the prosecutor biggest federal. The value off this section is that it puts you on the fast lane, the brother health of being right from day one. If you two short cups on hex brother food choices 2. Healthy Diet Hacks for Busy People Tips 1 4: If you are a busy professional, keep in mind some simple hacks that will help you remember baby with healthy choices. Safe time. Here's to make your life healthier easier. So here are some shortcuts that will accelerate your results. Come back healthier you number one. Decide to invest in your help. Prioritize healthy habit because it all starts with the decision to take your health and well being. With the next level, you should make sure that your baby habits contributed your overall health. Greens and golds. Everything is a choice. Would help high on your priority based on Very doesn't turn investment aligns the rest of your activities with this one. Number two. Simple. It's always better. The bat of common sense consists of five principles. The last last model then you can easily implement is a long term. Choose new recipients of the fast and easy to pick their 30 minutes Checks of recipes Booklet from start of common sense. Of course. Follow the link in the description below. If you let time, you can choose three healthy breakfast, a being that the fielding the most Stick to them. It's about the same healthy breakfast. Several days in a row breakfast or it's food for nutritional value. Number three. They're shorter. Long term results prepare for both. Remember that you need at least 21 days before my new habit and more time from a sustainable. Give yourself 36 months to adjust, but do your best to be US clothes. Possible to the far start principal model. Get even experienced posted. Part of it's the one year if you use three crosses for your whole life, so get your expectations in check. Just a comedian. Number four. Prepare and cook your meals in parts. Make a week in planning, assessing your needs for the coming week. You have time to go shopping. Do you need to have a home or office delivery, portioned meals and snacks? He two separate containers. Make sure you have superfoods for your movies to get more nutrients with easy to make recipes, The cure here is planning. Make sure Kanye Meals to the box 3. Healthy Eating Hacks for Busy People Tips 5 7: number five Smart shopping. Write down your shopping. This the structure of purchases. So, like healthy recipes. So you get narrow down your food choices. Write down your ingredients on your shopping list. This way. You'll also your budget in check and avoid buying. Fancy healthy for unnecessary food to prevent impulse buying. Don't go shopping when you're hungry. Eat something before you go shopping to avoid unnecessary cravings. Number six Food delivery your home or office. Get home office delivery. Make healthy eating easier by having Neil slowly but your door weapon. Choose to have your cooked food. Apportioning. Begins the word your home or office. Make sure you don't get meals if you left time or your time. Comfort over standing additional money. Search for companies for delivery portion ingredients or cooked meals at home in your office. Most delivery options. It's with recipes from already portion ingredients that make less than 30 minutes to cook at home number seven Show superfoods or how to achieve more with less. Not all foods were created equal. Superfoods are powerful, which are nutritionally dense of strong antioxidants and 10 kilometers properly promote good health and will be strong. Snc's are kept in people bottles. You can have more nutrients with less food. This is a magic of superfood. As a busy person, you want to have more energy and focus giving in. This is why it is important to include them in your meals, especially for breakfast. Get a quick energy. Superfoods include buries americ, avocado green, please Broken girl danger, Some pipes of changes Mushrooms, she thought. My God proud seeds like hemp seeds, flaxseeds, kiosk seeds, the name of few superfoods. 4. Healthy Eating Hacks for Busy People Tips 8 10: number eight. When you are on the go, make sure you have a healthy sex handy in your bag in your car. We're in your gym back. There's a busy professional. Your time is your most valuable asked after help if you want to make helping your choices, even when your hope keeps next fruit handy. One of the principles of the bad of common sense says Toe. Five ballots daily remain meals and to help his next big global Senate index. Foods that release energy slowly into the bloodstream, such as fruits and knocks, you can burn them bulk and portions them out. Number nine cookie. Whether prepare your ingredients chose to have them delivered. Choose easy to go crazy, please. A maximum 30 minutes. The majority of healthy recipes are easy because they require low prophecy and cooking, so you may also safe time wanting help. Imagine how much time it takes to go meet with French dressing, for example, unless you like it very much, it's a sure way to occupation. You can't prepare some recipes to three days in advance, such as brown rice, Aquino pork, steamed vegetables decided for a self, for example. Kia putting for breakfast When cooking. Make it fun. If you like cooking, experimenting with foods, get creative. Inflexible Reason Creek its color plate with your recipes. Whether you get a big come from fruits Berries for from 100% natural food dye, make the superfoods there. Many colorful, mouthwatering smoothie recipes and social networks are some easy ones. A feature of my blog's were in my course booklet. Get creative, Stay healthy. Number 10. If you have an active lifestyle also practicing kind of sport, you will want to eat more proteins. Some quality in vegetable proteins found in superfoods include maths, broccoli, lentils, peas, asparagus, artichokes, avocados, beans, mushrooms. One cost baiter on proteins piece animal or vegetable proteins. Which ones are better? Plant based foods such as mushrooms, landfills, hemp seeds, felt broccoli being spirulina? Yes, proud are good sources of vegetable proteins. Some nutrition experts even consider the brother court that animal protein 5. Healthy Eating Hacks for Busy People Bonus Tip and Conclusion: modesty. Drink more. At least 23 liters of water for days. Your body is about 70%. What? So need water to stay hydrated? Flashes of toxins Which diseases improve? Focus. Revenge killings though those are wrinkles and many other side benefits. How to make sure you stay hydrated? The easiest way is to enhance her water with natural flavoring such as fruits. Hello, creative hydration. Hydrate creatively with smart water bottles. Check my blawg for some Yoko findings. So these are a few shortcuts and hex. So happy Last they will put you on the fast lane toe. Help you better you start. Apply there immediately. Experience a positive benefits India Just a quick reminder off. Bad of common sense course over. You've nutrition for busy people, entrepreneurs on active individuals like time, but value their health will be We'll focus on the fundamentals that could give you busy people the shirkers to help you The other course by following the link in the description below. That's it for this episode. Thank you for listening and have a wonderful week. Active people and coffee lovers. Don't forget to drink your coffee with me the morning by reading my latest updates on my block social network until next time figure of your body. It's the only place I have to live in.