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Healing Yoga for your mental Well-Being

teacher avatar Deep Kumar, Yoga Teacher

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (1h 47m)
    • 1. Introduction to this Yoga course

    • 2. (1) Nervous Relief

    • 3. (2) Body Awareness

    • 4. (3) Finding Ease

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About This Class

Are you looking for gentle relief from the toils of everyday life?

Are you struggling with your nerves, high blood pressure or anxiety?

Are you keen on finding ways to cultivate more energy without putting yourself through a rigorous workout?

We get it! That is why we have collaborated with Deep Kumar as he guides you through gentle yogic sequences that will reconnect you with your body, settle your nerves and put a jump in your step.

In today’s modern world, many of us suffer from physical, mental and emotional disorders. Much of this stress is carried by our backs, shoulders and necks leading to sciatica, knee injuries, menstrual disorders, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure and other ailments.

As these are responses from the body under stress over a long period of time, there are no quick fixes to remedy that stress except for long term, consistent but gentle upkeep.

Here we want you to focus on relaxing your nervous system by relaxing your muscles, checking your breath and coming back to your body. Its simple.

We understand that time is seemingly speeding up, leaving us with less time for ourselves to prepare for those long days. Many of us don’t have time to go to a yoga class, let alone the energy.

In 3 gentle sessions, Deep Kumar unravels the connection between tension and digestion, the spine and stress.

According to yogic understanding, whenever stress, uneasiness or tension happens, it affects the digestion. When this stiffness happens, the spine is effected, causing more uneasiness. In these sessions, Deep works on the 6 movements of the spine, digestion and the breath to find ease in the body.

The whole effort of these sequences is to find ease with yourself. To have that ease within yourself you have to follow your breath.

The lovingness for your breath will be the foundation for finding that ease with yourself.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Deep Kumar

Yoga Teacher


ERYT-500 affiliated Yoga Teacher approved by Yoga Alliance


Deep is a master of the body and mind. He is the founder and creator of the Deep Yoga method, Physio Yoga Therapy and Deep Conscious Vinyasa, all which works precisely on organic alignments and conscious mind and are healing for the physical, mental and emotional well-being.


He has trained hundreds of physiotherapists, psychologists in addition to the thousands of yoga teachers in these methods and this has started a new worldwide movement in yoga.


His philosophy is simple: when you understand your body, you understand your mind. And when the mind can be understood in its complete totality, then your whole experience within and without will be transformed.

&nb... See full profile

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1. Introduction to this Yoga course: Now muster dear friends. I must tell you all of you. My name is deep and my yoga teacher trainer, you've had a quiz 10 DIE webcam, physical, psychological condition with yoga posture, breathing, and meditation. And sometime I love to men claim to philosophy that yoga philosophy is also a part of understanding the human mind. So we have given three sequences here. And especially these three sequence are designed, designed in such a way so they can work on stress, anxiety, and can heal the symptom related to them. And at the same time can help you to come out of them. So the three sequences are, they're designed for sequences to release the nervous system. And second sequences with the nervous system and ease with the body. Bringing the body awareness to you. Because the stress anxiety conditions are like mind thinking too much about the future or the past. So we need body awareness bit that number system relief. And then slowly, slowly the third sequence will lead you towards the ease of the body and ease of the mind with the ease of the breadth. So this short sequences, but not too sharp. Actually everybody can do beginner intermediate, advanced then who is finding out of these tensions which have accumulated in the body, like when a person is tens, not only the mind is getting tens, anxiety or stress actually Buddy is also getting impacted by that and body stored those impression within, like all the negative impressions will come around the hips and the belly area. Maybe you have experienced whenever fear come that we say it's a butterfly, but the contraction happening in the hips and butt Valley area which actually disturb our digestion and the functional of the hip joint and really keep the organs here, reproductive organs. So the stress and anxiety, the name is there. It actually shot the system in a slowly, slowly made like anytime something happened, that is a body goes for shock, shock, contraction, tightness. Our hips are tight, shoulders are tides next are getting tans. And the whole system is like if it's going like this written. So then in yoga therapy we work on hip opening, shoulder opening, releasing the back, releasing the stiffness and slowly, slowly bringing ease to that whole system, not only to the muscle, muscle through the organs. So we try that in every way, the impact which has happened within the body, the shock which is happening in the body through the yoga posture. We released the shock first because when the patterns are set, whatever gonna happen, it's gonna go to the same pattern of tension and anxiety. So, and that created a lot of trouble for the organs from the joint or the ligaments for the tangents. So, and the body is actually getting easily injured and old. So the moment we start expanding, expanding, opening, opening, opening like everything's getting opening and getting space in the joint blood can flow properly. So first by body is getting not shirt. And then through the breadth, the simple technique, then we create space in the mind. So space in the budding space in the mind and slowly, slowly when these experience what you have found in this yoga sequence, you remember them in your daily life, like you close your eyes, you remember what you felt implant sequence and what takeaway for you is in that sequence for your day. And then you take it with you and move forward with that slowly, slowly. The state which you will experience through this yoga sequences, like ease relief, body opening will stay in your daily life also, but you have to practice them. So there are three sequences. First sequence can try first day, second sequence, secondary, third sequence Thursday, and right then repeat. It's a very easy, very therapeutic or healing way to love yourself, to take care of yourself, and to not show yourself, enjoy them. And they're going to help you a lot, a lot. And if any question regarding the Newcomb, you can actually message me and I can guide you further into that also. So enjoy love yourself, accept yourself, tick yourself, and to yoga. And enjoy. 2. (1) Nervous Relief : Hi, I'm Dr. Kumar and I'm going to be leading your trivial yoga session. This yoga session is totally for the beginners and anybody can do it in the home. And together we will explore how yoga can be helpful to reduce anxiety and stress. And dear friend, it is possible to have a body and a calm mind. Hi, So in this sequence, we will be using a towel and a cushion. Not a pillow which is on the bed. But it really quotient which is good and farm to support you. And might we are going to use not mind. Yes, we are going to use two pillows and make sure that you have two below and one tablet. Beloved friends. Most of the time the yogurt which has been practiced, it is all about tensing the muscle and doing some certain things and pushing this and placing distinct here. We don't want that here. Just want you to relax with us. We're focusing on your nervous system. And it is very important to relax the nervous system is that you're completely relaxed with this sequence. Just relax. So in this sequence, I invite you to pay attention to three things. First is a relaxation of muscles. Don't unnecessarily tends to yourself. And second, check your breath and you will be breathing from your diaphragm here. Every inhalation you will feel it. Every exhalation you will finish here to turn, bring yourself back to body. Whenever you see your mind is going here and there, again, come to the body. So treating him, relax your muscle, check your bread, and be with the body. And with this tree, we will start the sequence. So the first thing is feet apart, hip level gap. And your both hands by the side of body. For a moment, close your eyes. Feel the sole of the foot. And then check your bread from the diaphragm. And then failure pounds, stretch them open and fill the space between the fingers. All right, good. Now from here we're going to start with the shaking. So open your eyes and start with me. This shaky about here. Just completely relaxed. Failure feeds are shaking, your ties are shaking, feeling your shoulders are shaking. Seeking feel the top of head shaking but very gently. And you can close your eyes for a while now and feel the shake happening. From your sole of the foot to your knees? From your knees to your ties? From ties to your stomach? Stomach to your chest. Feel your arms. You can keep your eyes closed softly. Feel your neck. Failure face. And the top of the hat. Just softly chunk the shaking. And while shaking it. Pay attention to your breathing also is very gentle and soft. From the belly area. From your diaphragm. And now slowly relax, relax, relax and stop shrinking. But stay with the close eyes till. And now slowly, very slowly, you are watching your eyes opening and slowly opening. So from here, take your left leg gently and just move your ankle. White flecks. We could continue. 12345. That's it. And normal gradient. Come down, take a breath. Now, opposite leg. And your right. Find. Likes will continue to 3, 4, 5, come back, relax. Take a breath. Now slowly take your left leg up again here and move it to the lab site. 12345. Stay here. Take a breath. Opposite side, 12345 and gently, slowly touch the ground. Take a breath. Now your right leg down and to the right side. 12 very good. 345. Stay here. We can read opposite side, 12345 and slowly bring it out. Take one gentle breath, hit again, and take the feet slightly apart, according to like little more than your shoulder. Both hands on the vase, and just simply rotate your hips area here. This just simply normal breathing. 2345. Now from here, opposite side. One. Very good to check your breath is really not all, not any verse. Three. Hello. 45. Good. And slowly bring your feet closer as the stress and tension can take Martin budget wines and we are working on them so slowly from here, take your hands forward and just move your fingers. Yes, very good. To three. That's good for work. And stay here. Take your breath. Relax your muscles. Thing that together and down. Muscles. Relax. And check your mind. Is there is any thought or your present with your body. So let's do that. Wrist movement not up down out the one. Continue. Yes. Okay. Relax your muscles. Complete vivid. And by particular hands down and shake them a letter that's now bring the buttons forward again. Now bring your tongue in hand together and move your wrist. One. Check. Air-breathing easily. Grid 3, 4, 5. Stay here. Take one breath here again. Insight or to continue. And last 15, Hagelin, bring your hand down and relax them. Now palm facing up. Bring your fingers together. And here, bring your hand to the shoulder and out. Let's continue. What? 2345. Now again, bring your hand down and relax. Just lose your body completely. Now both hands on the shoulder again here. Elbow closer as much as easy for you if you can patch good. Otherwise just aside and down and up rubbish. Keep moving on. And that's committed. Keep checking your breath. Your breath is normal and easy. We are going to tank scope 6, 7, 8 bit. Mine. And that's beautiful. My dear friend, Stay here. Take a normal breath here. Relax your muscle. Vivid. And opposite up MATLAB 123456. Yes, very good. Relaxing the neck line. And 10 here. Now slowly from here, interlock your fingers wherever it is easy for you stretch. All right, everyone. So now from here slowly, we are going to be on the front of the mat here. So here you inhale normal and if your shoulders feel tight, you can't, you'll take your hands up, stay here and bend your knee and bring your stomach closer to the thigh. And just relax. Take a normal breath here. Now slowly your palms onto the ground. Take the right leg back and laughed like back. Okay. So we will be here. Just check stretcher pumps but don't hence your muscle, your wrist and your shoulder in one line. Just adjusted. Your knee and hip in one line that's relaxed the toes. Now from here we're going to breathe normally. Inhale feel your heart is looking outward and exhale around the back and look towards her neighbor. All right. Do it. Inhale. Exhale. Gently. Look towards your navel and lift the middle of the chest area up. Inhale, exhale. Two more breath. Inhale. Exhale, and inhale. Very soft, gentle, axial. All right, from here, just gently look friend. Stay here and relax. Now take your left leg back, stretch back and right-hand forward. And that's it. Take normal breath here and come back. Relax. And again. Now opposite side with the right leg back and left-handed. Stay here. Take your breath and relax and come back. Now from here as your palms on the ground, same as you are just from here. Bring your right leg back, left leg back, and lie down on your stomach here. So as you are on your stomach, bring your both hands by the side of chest and gentle inhalation and lift your heart up as much as easy for you without using your arm strength much. Inhale and exhale. Come down. Good. Again. Inhale. Yes, Very good. Very good. And slowly exhale. Come back. We're going to do it one more time. Inhale. And not next acceleration just come up here that your toes under and gently push the mat forward without forcing it and lift your hips up. If you need them. You can look at me here, the band and epsilon. Now here, just stay here. Take a normal breath, inhale and exhale. Knees are touching the floor here again. And lie down on your stomach hurt Easy elbow with the body. Take a breath. All right, one more time here. Same moment. Inhale. Lift the heart and egg sale here. Gently push the mat forward very gently. And when Bonnie and lift up our next, take a normal and easy read it slowly. These are touching the floor. That's good. So from here, slowly take your right leg forward, closer to the right palm here. Maybe some of you are not able to take. The beat is coming here, so slowly hold your feet and bring it forward like that. So once you are here, both hands on the ground. Easy stay here. Normal breathing. If you feel comfortable, just lift your left leg up and keep your both hands onto the ground. Neck. Relax, party, relax. Take a breath here, inhale and exhale. Take the knee to the ground. Easy. Take the right leg back. The ground and same thing. Just elbow with the body and lie down on your stomach here. Hey, okay guys, good. Take a breath here and slowly lift the heart up, inhale. And with the acceleration here on your nice and gently push them and forward. Relax your breath. Don't force too much. Nobody. And ran. Relax your neck here completely. Keep your knee bend. Normal breathing. Knees are touching the floor here again. And take the left leg forward. Same way. If you are not able to take, hold your feet, bring it. So here again, you can cup shape your hand. Stay here. Green. Don't look down like that. Just look up front a little and let lift the right leg. Check your breath is come from your from, from your belly. Taking long and easy breath and slowly come down and take the leg back here. Just one more time. Slowly go down. Lie down on your stomach. Take a breath here. Lift your heart up. And slowly back here. Now, as you are here, if you are able to go back, Easy, Sit back. Otherwise you can be just on your knees and just hand forward and relax your forehead here. Inhale slowly. Exhale slow. Very quickly. Now slowly from here, we are coming up. Same way, knee bend and take the right leg forward. That's it. Enough here. Now once we have done here, right leg is forward, your left Is onto the ground and feel that your left foot is touching the ground. That's and slowly come up or you have to you can see my back body. So here and just feel it. Relaxed with it, muscle relaxant. That's it slowly. Take the hand onto the ground. Easily. Knees are touching the floor. Take one breath here again. And lift your butt up. Keep your knee bend. Normal and easy breath. Take the left leg forward. Same way. The right foot onto the ground and right after 40s touching and slowly come up. And just wherever you feel comfortable to just stay here. No any tension on any body part much. And look front. Take one breath, inhale, and exhale slowly, very slowly. Just both hands onto the ground and bring your right heel up. Take the knee down, and leg back. And from here, relax in childhood syrupy. Inhale slowly, Axial, slowly. And now from here slowly, as you are bringing your hand back, back, back. And you can slowly come up, come up here back, resist rolling up slowly. If you can look at me. Just falling up. Just rolling up slowly, easily. Cured. I'm sure you're feeling comfortable on your body. Let's do one simple which is really beautiful pose in yoga. Take your right leg up. Now, see if you are shaking here. Check. Your left heel. Weight is on the left heel, right leg is up. Stay here. Justin, and slowly raise your arms. Just a gentle preparation of yoga for balance imposes long and easy breath and slowly camera. Take a graph here again. Same thing, opposite side. Like normally if you feel shaky, bring your attention onto the right heel, center of rank and both hands or even you can stay here. You can stay here wherever it feels comfortable for you. Take a breath in and slowly come. Now from here. Again. Inhale. Gentle both ends up here. When it is here, it's fine. Axial. Now bend your knee slowly. Stay here. Take your hand back. You can interlock the fingers. Good. If you can't interlock the fingers, you can hold the elbow. Good. Otherwise you just stay here and slowly stomach onto the thigh. And relax. Breathing here. Slowly, both hands onto the ground. I'm saying take the left leg back. Take the right leg back. Now from here, slowly, cross your leg like that. And if you're not comfortable with the cross leg, you can just take your leg forward because we are going to just sit down on the ground here. So dear friends, you're going to be sit on the ground and check while sitting if your lower back is rounding. We don't want this. So what do we want that You can either bend your knee, which is fine. But what we are going to give you a prop Just there is a pillow in your home like this and grab it and have it under your bumps like that. So you can see that my lower back has been straight enough here. If you need one pillow, you need to pillow. Just check that you are sitting straight up. Alright? So as you sit straight here and then bring your feet together, as your feeds out together here. Interlock the fingers and move your hip joint. One of the best way to release any tension, any stress around this area. And most of the time if we sit this part, we retains very simple exercise. So most of the time, you know, like whatever tension or emotions which are suppressed inside, they gather around here. That studies have shown that. So this area is most of the tens in that human beings. And if this area is tense, we can't read away. And this all has to do with your nervous system. So once this area is relaxed, the groin and our system is relax. So close your eyes for a while and feel it. Move your hip up and down. Keep moving. Keep moving and check your breath. Are you breathing easily? That's good. So from here now, slowly open your eyes and take your left leg out. Just like that. Left leg out. Right feet. Relax here. No any tension? Left foot outside, relax. Have no any tension. If you don't feel comfortable here, you can bring the leg a little forward. But if you're comfortable, just go down and relax. Muscles. Relax. Just theta3 thing up. Inhale slowly from staff, from exhale slowly from the diaphragm. While chest relaxing might give and not forcing. Relapse. And then slowly come up. Keep your eyes closed. Take a breath here and slowly open your eyes. Now from here, as we did this like we are going to do to another leg. So take right foot out. Left foot. Again who are not comfortable. We can bring the leg closer who are comfortable, they can take the lycopods, are slowly turning your body as much as towards the leg, easy way, and slowly move forward. Wherever you find comfortable for you. Just go down and relax. Not forcing anything, not trying to achieve anything. Going live in a pose. Inhale slowly. And hex is only intently look inside. Your mind is going somewhere else. Or you add just a touch body. And that stain with PrEP. Relaxing and slowly come up. Now. Keep your eyes closed. Slowly open your eyes and now take your both legs forward. And as you're sitting onto the ground, bend the knees here like that as much as you can bend. You can see that if you are comfortable with the leg straight, you can straighten the leg. But if you're not comfortable with the leg, straight hamstrings are tight, you can bend them. All right. And if you have another colonial home, then what you can do, use one pillow under your legs here. Buddy or prompts are really good to use. Props are that teachers prompts are the guide. So I know that some people feel that, oh my God, I can't do this. I have to use the Prob E1. I'm a yoga teacher. I use props because while using prompts, your body no need to work hard. Your body can relax. And when your body is relaxed, practice relax and your nervous system can come down. So use the probe as much as you can because it is there to use qing. Here we are going to do just gently forward and relax. And relax. Now if you have another pillow or like I have double here, I'm going to use the toggle and I'm going to support my Fed, can relax and breathe. You are comfortable mode for things not dancing. Feet good. You can't only a few tens of so-called oh, snap Gilbert is your bread. Is it moving to your navel? Is it moving to your back so stable? It's very important that in this pose you completely surrender. And magic happens in the post venue give time. So we're really giving time to dispose. So this pose can bring its proper effect on your nervous system. And it helps you to recharge, relax, and to bees with your body. All right, my dear friend now slowly come up. Very slowly come up. And one by one, you can take this props away from your body. Very gently, not in a hurry. We'd like to take some time. You can just take 12 breadth and slowly. So now here, what you're going to do as you are here. I will advise you to take a towel and your head will be on the toggle. And watch here what I'm going to do elbow on the body and just simply bring your pelvic town like that moment and slowly onto the ground. You're heavy supported. Next step is simple movement. Bend your knees apart. Bring your leg to the left and look to the right slowly than opposite site. And just move it a couple of times. Normal breathing. Just relaxing with it. Keep moving. And now hold your knee boat and move your knee right to left. Rotation. And now opposite side as you have moved there, now, opposite direction. Filling the lower back is getting a nice massage with it. And after that, slowly take your feet apart. I will advise you that you can bring your boat gently on your belly. Relax your body completely and close your eyes. First check your body, your feet, your knees, your hips, your belly, your chest, your back. And your arms. Relax. Your jaw is relaxed. Soft. And your eyes relax. Relax your muscles. Then check your breath. Slowly inhale. Slowly exhale from your belly, your diaphragm, and then just bring your whole body. And if there is any taught, just pay attention to it, watch it and dissolve it in your prep. And just relaxing here in Shavasana. Relaxing each of us. So now slowly move your fingers, move them and take your time's up. Interlock the fingers and the toes and give a nice stretch to the body. And you prompt, you can make a sound of released. Slowly. Take the hand down. Bend your knees. Slowly turn towards the right and left-hand front of your chest, support your body and slowly come up. And as you coming up, take a comfortable sitting position. Below are blocked to sit down, sit down. And slowly bring your hands onto the mat. Keep your eyes to close. Hence slowly open your eyes and try new path front of your heart. Thank you. 3. (2) Body Awareness: In this particular sequence, and in this step, we are bringing your awareness back to the body. Because that awareness, which is with the body, will become itself a healing power. And mind has capacity to go here and there. So specially in this sequence and in this step, let your mind not to wander. Bring it back to the body. So dear friends. In this sequence, we are going to be more aware about our own body. In the yogic system. Inside he mean a continuous uneasiness in the body, in the mind. So in Hartree over chapter this area, especially your temples, if this is active or 10s, it mean uneasiness is there. And when these temples they relax. It mean brain is calm and slowly, slowly body will also come with that. So in this whole sequence, I will invite you to pay attention that your temples are relaxed throughout the sequence. And you will see that how when temples are relaxing and you can feel it now, just relax the temples and how an ease is happening into your body and your breath. So we're going to start the sequence with that body tapping. Now that's a Chinese technique, but it is very beautifully designed to bring the mind back to the body. When mind, which is with the body, what will happen? We will experience it by yourself. So let's start it. So what do we are going to do? Bring your right leg forward right now. And then your right leg is forward. Your left hand is inside and right-hand is upside here. So what do you are going to do? Gently? Tap your body up till the side of the body, then moving it down and target the back of the leg and side of the leg and tap it down. So again, runs and inside. Keep moving, keep moving slowly and gently. And the last time down here, you'd have now slowly come up and close your eyes. Champion, relax. The brain area, your forehead area. Relax and feel what is happening on the right leg. And what is happening on the left leg. Feel the difference right now, how you feel about it? Now slowly open your eyes and bring your left leg forward and save me. Your left hand is fund and your right hand is in. And from here you are moving up? Yes. And from here when you're moving down and then side of the leg and back of the leg. So left hand is back and right-hand is on the side and the same way inside. Now. Just move it. You feel like if your hands are moving in different directions, no problem. Very good. God. All right. Here we are going down now. And one more time. Up and up and down. Now stay here when you're down and slowly roll your spine and come up and stand normally, hip level gap between the feet and close your eyes. Feel it. Relax your temples, your brain area soft and it now slowly open your eyes. And from here feel the touch this area, especially your lower back area here. You can feel a bony reason here and side of the hips. And just move your hand here. That's it completely. On your bumps on your back. If DHAP, if it's a very relaxing for the lower back, keep doing. Yes here. Hi. Again. Brain relax. Close her eyes. Feel it. Red are the sensations. Now slowly open your eyes again, my dear friends and feel your stomach. Feel it, touch it. And now we are going from left to right. Honda challenge. As really good for digestion too. If you do it daily, it has really big impact on your digestion. Keep moving. Keep breathing. Close your eyes. Feel it. Be in touch with your belly right now. Gentle breathing. And slowly open your eyes. Now take your right hand forward, left hand side. So you are going to just tap the hand area. And now when you reach up to the shoulder, then turning around and back. So here, this is the front, the front side of the arm, and then the backside. The moment to my VR feeling really your body completely doesn't hear me. Read it. One more time. Comfortable, relax. And slowly take your hand down. Again. Close. Be in touch with your right hand, your right arm. And then feel your lifetime. What is the difference right now? Maybe right arm is really alive and relax. And left arm is feeling a little muddled. Let's go for the left-hand bright not so bring your left-hand front and with your right hand rails up and down, up and around the eyes, seal it, buddy. There might be some sensation. And that's okay. And one more time here. And here. In emacs, your both hands down. Close your eyes. Be with your body right now. And check your temples are relax. And once your temples are relaxed state when POPs showering from your head to your talk. Now slowly open your eyes again here. And what we're going to do. So this is your left hand as you're facing me. So left hand on the right and right hand on the left. So just like that one on one, to move your body here. Keep moving like them. You can close your eyes if you want here and relaxing with your shoulder. You can feel how your shoulders are really relaxing with their own touch here. You have learned your chair now relax and feel your shoulder area. You're getting connected to your body from your toe to your shoulder now. Open your eyes slowly and here, gentle on your neck while they're both sides of the neck here. Just gentle tapping, very gentle. Keep going with it, relaxing with it. And now slowly moving towards that list, but not too hard. You can like fingertip and just let the fingertips. On your job. This is the most dense area, almost an 80 to 90 percent human beings. So make sure your choice really large and then make a sound. And now on the temples area on your forehead, a gentle tapping and go into the back of the head. Coming to the front of the head there again. And then on the top of that, just gentle tapping here. As the way you want to move, feel familiar cell where you want more. This side, front side, back side, top of the head, back of that variability is needed cavity. Have then slowly make your pen down. Highs close. Relax. I'm sure you're killing it. You're filling your home, your body. Your body. Steam it, it slowly open your eyes and bring your both hands by the side of the body here of combat completely. And just up and down. Just this movement. Both hands up and down and site. And now stay here. Palm facing front, the down and up. Just gentle moment. Feel your shoulder area how it is responding. But I relax muscles. Now from here. I would love that if you have towel nearby. So take a towel and hold it wider. This much. So when you take the hand up, you don't feel any tension around your neck and shoulder. And you can take it easily back. If you can't take it is really bad. You open your hand more to the end of the tower. And if you're comfortable, it can be heroes. So hold it. And then slowly. Back and forward. Yes. Relax it. Comfortable. No tension. Just move with this. Good. We're going to do five more time. Back. Good. Four more time. And two more, two and back. Last back and forward. This one by the side. And just relax. Just just shaking it out. The shaking it up. You could my dear friends. So from here, we are going to start a very gentle yoga sequence here. So what we want from you here, just feet about hip level gap. Understood it. From here. Now here, take the hands back, gently, stretch it back. If you're not able to do it, you can stay here or stay here, find it out wherever it is easy for you. Then your knee and slowly release it. Just relaxed with it. Comfortable. Easy. If you're not able to go this far away, just stay here. That's all fine. No hurry, no rush, no tension. And slowly bring your boat and start relaxing. Comfortable. And slowly roll up the spine. And says Come on. Is it? Now as I'm from top few more times I'd hear again. Now, some of you may be able to do it easily. I'm going to give you another step also. So take the left-hand over the right here. So your left hand is over the right. And just hold. If it is not possible just to hear and break. Relax. Alright, simple. Just to breadth and opposite side is improving. Halide curve here my dear friends. Now from here again, we are going for a gentle movement. Inhale, both hangs up. Wherever they reach easily. Exhale, bend your knees, stomach to the tie and go down. Then you need to take the left leg back. Take the right leg back. Simple movement, cat and cow, which you have done. Just three breaths. Inhale, exhale. Inhale. Exhale, inhale. And round the back as much as you can. Lift it towards the roof up and just check your temples are very relaxed. Comfortable, good. Now from here we're going to sit back on our heels just with the easy way. And stay here comfortable. Now as you're sitting here, I'm just going to give you idea you are seeing my back. Take your towel with you. So what I'm going to do here, you are going to hold the towel in right hand and back. Hold the towel with the left-hand and stay here. Wherever you can read easily. Don't try hard. Stay here. And once you are here, and just open your right amplitude as much as possible, keep your eyes open. Now in this sequence, we are working a lot on shoulder, neck, and upper back area because most of the time stress, anxiety tension is in this area. So you can see that this area we are using a lot in this sequence. Great. All right, Good. Now slowly, we are going to change. So from here, now, take the towel in the left-hand. Up here. Wherever it is coming is no forcing. And with the right-hand, the alec turning in and hold the tower and stay here. I know that your arches are working a lot, especially your feet and working on them. I'm aware about that, that your feeds are working. Let them volcanic debris and lags. Simple move can really give you the best on your shoulder, neck, and upper back area. Open and release that tension. Now slowly. All right. Take it away. And the turbulence here. You could. So as you are here now, bring your hand forward. Stay here, take a breath. We're going to move the upper back here again. So take the right leg back inhale. Leftover is relaxed, exhale knee towards your forehead wherever retreat. Easy. So now you're rounding the back. Inhale back, XA forward. Let's do it again. Inhale back, exhale forward. Muscle relax, inhale back, axial forward. Last time inhale back. And exhale forward. Now stay here again. Palms onto the ground, knees onto the ground and check here what we are going to do. You take your left hand like under the right-hand and slowly bring your weight on the shoulder as easy, comfortable, no force and then just relax. They're just relaxing no time soon on anybody part. And again, you can see that the whole blood is going towards the shoulder and neck area and we're open it. Close your eyes, your temples, relax. There is no tension on your brain. And that's good enough. I'm slowly. You can feel how your left side of the shoulder feeling now. Our toes relaxing thing with the left leg down, inhale back, exhale forward. Inhale, exhale. Inhale. Exhale, inhale. One more time, inhale, back, axle forward, take the left leg down. Now with the same way as we did. Take the right hand and your left and bring your whole weight on the right shoulder. Easy, comfortable. If you find it's not easy. You can take the knees slightly back and bring your weight on the shoulder and stay. And again, I will bring your awareness around your temples are the Relax all the muscle around your shoulders that lacks no tension on the neck. Make it relax as you want. But Bradley, and slowly slowly, lighter, stamp extent. But your toes are pointing back and bodies relax. Completely filled. No any tension on your lumbar spine now, interlock the fingers back. Now some of you may be not able to take the feet finger back like that. You can take a towel and you can use it back here like this. Holding the toggle here. Right? Clear my difference. And if you're able to interlock your fingers, then just intellect you're figuring out yeah. And slowly lift your heart up and take the next. Very easy, comfortable pose. Gently inhale. Look forward here. Exhale. One more breath. All right, Come down and relax. Alright, so inhale into your belly. Exhaling to your shoulders open, your upper back is open, neck is completely relaxed. Now slowly. And just relax yourself into childhood. And I want to bring your attention around your neck, around your shoulder. How do you read has gone out from there. And that's why I was connecting it with your brain because when this area is relaxed, temple will be more relaxed. Stay with the child. Both still lacked this area to not show because most of the time when stress, anxiety, tension is there. Our shoulder, neck, they pay the price. And this is the bitcoins I call specially if this sequence is mother sequence not sharing the shoulder area, neck area, relaxing campaign. So slowly come up now. Wow, I feel it. Move your shoulder that cold and forward. How this area is feeling free. That's that's one of the that's why I call it mother sequence. Now slowly take the leg forward and easy. And again, you will be needing a toggle here. Now one thing is maybe some of you who have around bag might venue to this Shavasana. So your net can go back like that. We don't want that. We want to chin down. So for that purpose what we can do, we can have a pillow. And here is the below. So you're going to take a pillow here and you can really lie down. So at least that neck is relaxed, especially I'm again advising people who have around back. They can be like that. Now we don't want that straight spine are used below, under the head. Right. Grab your toggle. And here, bend the both things. And you're both knees are bent. Then slowly bring the towel on your foot here, specially they are the arch is a big top. There is healed. So between that area here, then slowly, maybe some of you are able to come here good enough. Slama, able to straighten the leg. You can straighten the leg and your elbows can patch that. Now, if it is not happening in, can stay here. You can even stay here. But check your neck is relaxed Here. Find it out. Are you able to straighten your leg? If you are not able to straight your life, you feel any tension in the neck and the shoulder. If the Minecraft. Now you're going to stay here and print. Check your breath. Is it come from the diaphragm from the valley? Check your forehead. Your temples, you have brain's your brain. Is it relax our enough slowly what you can do if you're comfortable, open the elbow to the site. Hence likely bring the leg up if it is comfortable. And it shouldn't be really comfortable. No, overlap it. Slowly and autonomy. And relax. Take a breath and move your knees side-to-side. Just side to side. Relaxing the back. Now from here other side. So take your towel onto the under the MT area. And slowly here, again albums with the round touching the body. And slowly you can straight your leg as much as possible for you. We are really working to open the hamstring. Because tightness of the hamstring is also related to anxiety and stress. And this dense the neck and shoulder too. So we're comfortable, strip the leg. Otherwise keep the knee bend and greedy and relaxing with the breadth. Try not to tense diarrhea so you must feel that your shoulder, your neck is relaxed, not too much tense. Know any tension around your neck? Yeah. Now slowly who are feeling comfortable, they can just open the elbows site and bring the feet a little towards the body, more towards the head. It feels comfortable. If not no neat. And again, bring your attention to your forehead. A temples relax. Because when the temples relax, according to her Toyoda, that is a natural state of leg. And slowly bring your leg down here. Keep your travel by the side. What if you want, you can take the 21 day your handles so so your neck is filling include movie of mini side to side. Relax your back. And show us. First check your body, your feet. Hey, your knees, your hips, your belly, your chest, your back, and your arms relax. Your jaw is relaxed. Here, soft. And your eyes relax. So first relax your muscles. Then check your breath. Slowly inhale. Slowly exhale from your belly, your tire from, and then just bring your whole aware as it apart. And if there is any taught, just pay attention to it, watch it and dissolve it in your prep. And just relaxing here in Shavasana. Relaxing each cluster. So now slowly, move them. Feel your fingers. Move them. Oh, time's up. Slowly. Interlock the fingers, point the toes and give a nice stretch to the body. And the UK want, you can make a sound of released. Slowly. Take the hand down. Bend your knees. Slowly turned towards the right and left-hand front of your chest, support your body and slowly come up. And as you coming up, take a comfortable sitting position. If you need a pillow or blocked to sit down, sit down and slowly bring your hands onto the heart. Repolarize till close. Slowly open your eyes and join your palm front of your heart. Thank you. 4. (3) Finding Ease: The whole effort in this sequence is to find the 0s. To finding ease with yourself. And to have that ease within yourself, we need to follow our breadth. I will say we have to be in love with our breadth. So if you right now inhale, feel it, axial, feel it. And that lovingness with your breath in the whole sequence. And it will, it will be the foundation of the ys within you. Dear friends. In this sequence, we are going to really find is with ourself and ease with our breadth. That is also extension of our self. So according to yogic understanding, whenever stress, uneasiness, tension is happening, it effect the digestion. That is the first target of all this. Anxiety, tension, stress, worrying. It disturbed a digression. And second, our spine got really tense that that stiffness happen. So body gets shorter. So spine cannot move forward, cannot move backward, cannot move sideward, cannot move into the twist. So it creates more uneasiness. Like digestion is disturbed. Spine is not moving, brain the hock tens. So in hatha yoga, we work on digestion. We work on the six movement of the spine, and we work on the breath to bring that is within the body. So let's start that. First. I will invite you to take a cushion and you're going to sit on it. So at least your stomach will be free to breathe. And see that if your knees are higher than the hips, your breath will be tense and it's not easy to ease them. So if you find that your knees are still higher, hips or down, you can take one more question and you can sit on it until you find that your knee and hip are in line. So if you can look at me right now, Just one more question I'm taking. Here is the cushion magic. So I can take that and I can sit on it if you can see that I am making a little step with another cushion. So you can see how my knees up below the hips now. So that's what we want. So grab your cushion, grab your pillow, whatever you feel like, and sit with me here. A little lax so you can cross. You're like this is the position. Or if you don't feel comfortable, you can actually sit in this position to run the leg is above the legs, so feel free. Whatever position is easy for you. So when it is done, we are going to do one breathing technique, which I will explain you that why we are doing it. So the technique of the breadth is first inhale, bend, gently, axial but longer. Understood it. First inhaled. Gentle, exhale. But no forcing in that. If you are forcing it, the effect will not happen. So simple inhalation, simple explanation, and holding the breath out. That's not more than three seconds. So again, we're going to do it together to give me a gentle in deletion. And gentle acceleration. Rep. Plot 2, 3, relax. Inhale, exhale, gentle. All dubstep. 321. Inhale. Exhale out. What? Inhale? Exhale out. 3, 2 or normal grieving. Canvas app in with him most of the time. But reason of tension, stress, according to our Toyoda breathing chapter, that the breadth is from the chest. And over oxygenation is happening, which in scientific language they call hyperventilation. So when we are holding the breath out, actually we are counting that part. So we are from hyperventilation two, we are going for hypo. So that is the method I'm using with you. So let's do it one more time. Inhale, exhale. Hold the breath out. 321. One more time. Inhale. Exhale. And hold the breath out. 321. Inhale. Exhale. Hold the breath out. Three. What? Inhale. And exhale. Close your eyes for a moment and look within the easy, ease the body. A's in your brain. Now I invite you to feel your breath, specially bring your left hand onto your belly and right hand on your heart. And feel the breath. Slow and easy breadth. Forget about everything right now. There is no world out there for you. No rush, no hurry. You're just with yourself. And slowly open your eyes. So we are ready to welcome taxation right now. And as it is working on digression, same time, it's giving you a post-term policy. So it's very simple, very easy. You're going to lie down on your back. And again, I have a request from all of you people who are rounding back and had his going bad. They must take One pillow. They can be here like that. So their chin is slightly down and neck is relaxed. But if you're comfortable without the pillow, my dear friends, then just stay without the pillow and chin down. Now bend your knee and slowly bring both legs up at a gentle cycling movement from your gig therapy section. So just moving the legs like you are doing cycling while lying down. And we are going to do it right now for at least 30 seconds with me. So continue your breathing. Your neck is relaxed. Naught n naught in rush. Just relaxing with the moment. And we'll slowly bring your leg down. Close your eyes. Bring your hands to your belly. Inhale stomach up. Exhale stomach down. So just relax. Now slowly open your eyes. Bend your knee as we have done forward cycling. So 30-second is just backwards cycling. So leg back slowly. You can feel it that you are moving the leg backward now? Yes. And I'm going to start the timing from here. So moving the leg backward. If you feel like you can go easily now, you can go otherwise go slowly. Just moving the legs backward. And relaxing with it, you can feel your thigh muscles are working by itself, which is fine. And that is happening by itself. You are not doing it. And slowly come down. Bring your both hands on your belly. Close your eyes and in your belly area. Relax with it. Now you can slowly open your eyes and you can look at me here. Feeds that are bought and sold is a gap between the feet. And then you're moving your knees side-to-side, just like that. And your hand can be relaxed by the site. Www wants trade offs, little band of poverty. So relaxing with this gentle twist. Just relaxing. Now here again named band. And now you're taking your right leg straight. Just see here, Chantel and easy point the toe and touch the ground with your heel and slightly up wherever it's easy for you. Five moment here. 1, 2, 3, normal breathing. 4, and 5 here. Bend the knee and feet on the ground. Check your breath here again. Your breath. His normal breath is easy. Now take that left leg here. Again, heel is touching the floor and up here or too slowly and easy, comfortable. Not in any hurry. And the last time here, not in any rush. And come back. Take a breath. Now here the last for your digestion, both hands just inside of me and neck relax. If anybody has neck pain or neck tension, you can hold your neck life back and don't force your neck just like that. So slowly lifting up. Ten that go back here, relax while inhale. With the acceleration. Slowly. Inhale, axial, and relax back to more time. Inhale. Exhale. Welcome back. Last time inhale. And exhale. Slowly. Come back here. Take a gentle breath on your belly and slowly turn towards the right. Bring your left-hand front of you. Like you can see me here right now. And slowly come on. There we go. Good work on digestion. And let's come to the standing position now slowly just as you feel comfortable to come to the standing position. As we have finished digestion and we are coming to the side of the body front of the body, back of the body. So as according to her Toyoda chapter I have explained before the stress and tension gathered here all we're going to work comics. So in yoga, we always say if your spine is moving backward, your spine is moving forward, your spine is moving sideward. Your spine is moving in twist. Your young, that's it. Yes. So we are going to make you hungry right now here. So what we're going to do, take your right hand up slowly, easy. Inhale. And with the acceleration, slowly with the right hand, you move to your lap siding and just relax wherever it feels comfortable, no forcing forward or backwards somewhere it's just relax here and take one gentle breath, inhale, exhale, and slowly come right side. Now slowly take the left-hand up, inhale and exhale to the side and again, be comfortable. Relax. No forcing anything. And you're not feeling any tension around your muscles. Inhale, exhale, come to all right. And now same moment. But we're going to use the towel. So take your toggle here. All the toggle as much as you want to open it even this month, find enough if you're comfortable, closer enough, find it. So I will advise you open your hands little more than the shoulder length on the side. Again here, lower back, relax the neck, relax, inhale. Covid bag solution. Go to your left side and feel it then breed here. You can look up if you want, but if they're not comfortable, looks one more breath, inhale and exhale. Come back here to take a breath here. Inhale. Axial, go to the side here again. Stay here, easy. Inhale. Exhale one more breath. Slowly. Come back. Breathe here. Now keep holding the towel. You can bring it closer if you want and if it's typed on the shoulder, keep it apart. And lamb from the side of the body here. So here, gentle breathing. Bring your thighs forward and harder. Just not well, like your periodically upward stretch, That's it. No force. And come back. Easy and comfortable. Now take the toggle back around your waist. Hold it in another way like this hip, and slowly bend your knee and go forward. Wherever it seems easy for you here. Good. You want to go forward. Feel free if you want to stay back, stay. Relax. All right. Keep your knee bend and stomach of the thigh. If your hamstrings are tight, you're getting with bed dispatch, know about this. And now slowly had forward keep giving them slowly cover. All right. One more time. Again, we're grabbing the towel. And this way, keeping it up like as much as you can gently lift upward without forcing much. Now see his thigh forward harder. It's just upward stretch to the spine. Read slowly, come back. All right. You can hold the towel here. Again. You can open your hand wider as much as you want if you feel tightness, otherwise, just here. Bend your knees, stomach to the thigh. Breed. And then slowly hard, looking forward at comeback. Slowly step back. So we have both side road and backward and forward. So we're going to move into the gentle twist here. So here you can keep your toggle aside and both palms facing down. So from here, feet apart, more than hip level gap. And just turn to your left side. Abrupt. Come back, straighten the spine, and go to your right side here. Just twisting from this waste in a hint. So it is a very detoxification effect for your kidney area too. So more to the side. Stay here, breathe. Come back to the center. Move to the right. Alright, you understood the moment now. So we are going to do it a little faster here. So looking at me here, left, right. So twisting the spine. Do it with me. Left or right. Hey, you got it. Moving. So now we're going to do all this moment in this way. So come here with me. Our right here. Just pay attention to your breath and the moment inhale, right-hand side stretch. Come back slowly. Normal breathing. Inhale, left hand up. Axial side stretch. Not breathing. Come back here. Good. Now from here, inhale both hands up. Hi forward, heart up, a very good exhale. Bend your knee. Slowly go down and come up here. Take the bread. Again, hard up and exhale. Come down. Relax. Now gain both hand side. Now just normal movement, normal prefixes side-to-side. Just twisting the spine. This action is happening. You so relaxing and upper body. As you read these easy and it's lovely. Come back. Alright, now for completion of this, we are going to shake our body just like this, just like tied up and up. Just here. Especially Cuba, Emacs. So we're going to do one breathing technique now. And for that will be sent down. She'll come to the US sitting position, my dear friends and you can really grab the pillow. And you can sit on these pillows. So as your spine will be more easy and knee and hip will be more relaxed. So there's sit nicely. And this whole sequence is about finding the 0s. So again, I will bring your attention to the breath linear grep. And one of the best way to easiest, if you can do with me. Just open your mouth and say with me, ha ha ha ha ha. Okay. Just a natural, childlike laughter and take your breath inhale. Ha ha ha ha. What you have is actual laughter, yoga. There. It has been said fake it, fake it, fake it until you make it. Okay. So just one more laughter inhale. After this laughter, how much easier is there? So whenever you need it, ease, find a corner, or sometimes what I do, I want to laugh but how to laugh on the road. So I have my phone and talking there. I get my laughter dose with that and nobody know I've met. But you can use that text if you wanted. I really use that. Okay. So we're going to do when breathing technique now. And this is the technique to really going deeper into your ys. So the breathing technique is when you inhale, gentle, hold your breath three seconds, 1, 2, 3. And when you exhale, hold the breath out three seconds. 123. So in the starting we did only with explanation. Now we're doing with inhalation and exhalation. Together. Relax muscles, relax, potty, and lacks breadth. Only on the hip. 3, 2, 1, hexene. Hold the breath out. 321321. Exit or enter breath. How? She bought in hip 3, 2, 1, exhale. Hold our breath out. 321. Inhale. You can close your eyes for a minute or two. Well, welcome back out. 321, inhale. Normal grieving. Your eyes close and feeling. And it touches are no strings. How you feel it. And when you exhale, it's like game texting me and moles to what if So PV tell prepped right now. Whenever you need is come back into that. Wherever you are. Now again, inhale all your breath. 321321. One more time inhale. Volatile direct, 3, 2, 1, hexanol. Also read out a lot of people. So come back to your breath again and again, again and again in the whole day. And this easily able to find your breath. And it is entering into your strengths. Reaching down towards your men. And men, you axiom is coming up from the valley, going out with no students. So pay attention to your inhalation again and it is touching the nostrils. Going deeper down to your belly. Like a dance after breath in and out. Slowly exhaling through the nose terminates going out. So run the breath is coming in, a live is coming in. Or I want to request all of you feel that life is entering new in inhalation. Life. And when you exhale, actually is the whole universe around us. You are becoming one with the universe through your breath. And breath he's out. Or you are one without sight. It is life. And when you inhale that life is coming within you. Whenever you need to find stories. Just so you have to close your eyes and feel the life coming in. And the bag solution. Marching. And to the Cosmos account US. You and your prep. There's nothing between you. And that is your prep with nothing in it. And that is the ISS. Enjoy your ease.