Healing Yoga: The Alignments of Classical Sun Salutations | Deep Kumar | Skillshare

Healing Yoga: The Alignments of Classical Sun Salutations

Deep Kumar, Yoga Teacher

Healing Yoga: The Alignments of Classical Sun Salutations

Deep Kumar, Yoga Teacher

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16 Lessons (1h 21m)
    • 1. The Preview / Sun Salutations

    • 2. The deeper meaning of practicing Yoga Sun Salutations

    • 3. Standing Namaskarasana / Foundational Alignments to start with

    • 4. Hasta Uttanasana / Raised Arms Pose

    • 5. Uttanasana / Standing Forward Bend

    • 6. Anjaneyasana / Lunge Pose

    • 7. Optional: Downward-Facing-Dog or Blank Pose

    • 8. Ashtanga Namaskara / Eight-Limbed Pose

    • 9. Bhujangasana / Cobra Pose

    • 10. Adho Mukha Shvanasana / Downward-Facing Dog

    • 11. Transition from Downward-Facing Dog to Forward Bend

    • 12. Recapitulation for one round of Sun Salutations with all the alignment cues

    • 13. Left Leg first / The right side of your brain

    • 14. From Pose to present & How to use your breath during Sun Salutations

    • 15. The Safety Alignments & Demonstration of Yoga Sun Salutations

    • 16. Why are we doing Yoga? Why? / Ending

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About This Class

Make Sun Salutations a profoundly understood and highly beneficial element of your Yoga-class

What will students learn in your course?

  • You will be able to practice Classical Sun Salutations with the proper alignments
  • You will be able to professionally teach Classical Sun Salutations to others
  • You and your students will be able to feel the benefits from their Sun Salutation practice

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Students should have at least one month of experience in Yoga-practice before taking this course
  • Students with any health conditions, please consult your doctor before taking this course

Who are your target students?

  • Yoga practitioners, who wish to learn the proper alignments of Classical Sun Salutations
  • Yoga-Teachers who wants to make Sun Salutations their expertise
  • Yoga-teachers who want to refresh and enhance their teaching skills

This Course was filmed in the morning while the sun was rising. It was recorded just after Deeps morning practice a few meters away from his house in Malaysia. It has a very elemental and in-artificial setting.

Deep has a vast and down-reaching wealth of knowledge about the proper alignments in modern Yoga practice.

Getting the alignments of Sun Salutation right not only ensures amazing benefits during your regular practice, but also is one of the easiest ways to make your students happy as a Yoga-teacher.

This Course teaches the alignments of Classical Sun Salutations. Sun Salutation or Surya Namaskar is a dynamic, energetic and vitalising sequence of interlocking Yoga Poses. It is probably the most taught and practices Yoga Sequence of all. That is so for various good reasons.

You will learn how to breathe the right way during the complete sequence of Classical Sun Salutations in this course, as well.

Why should I acquire a firm and established knowledge about practicing and/or teaching Classical Sun Salutations?

A Yoga-class that includes a strong practice of Sun Salutations is beneficial and satisfying for every practitioner on the mat - from beginner to advanced student. A few rounds of the sequence already makes it worth to step on the mat. 

It opens up the entire body and prepares the students for any other Yoga practices and advanced poses. The Sequence was designed to work on all body parts, every organ, your energy system and on your chakras. 

Classical Sun Salutations are a complete workout for mind, body and soul.

According to some Yogis, practicing sun salutations alone, is sufficient to develop all qualities of a advanced student; including a calm, present and silent mind.

What else is there…

In the second part of the course the safety alignments are taught to ensure your own and your students security.

At the end of part two we encourage you to practice a few rounds with your new learned knowledge; after that sit silent for a few moments and notice your own self.

Enjoy this course.

Blessings and Gratitude.

Deep Kumar & Yoga Samiti

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Deep Kumar

Yoga Teacher


ERYT-500 affiliated Yoga Teacher approved by Yoga Alliance


Deep is a master of the body and mind. He is the founder and creator of the Deep Yoga method, Physio Yoga Therapy and Deep Conscious Vinyasa, all which works precisely on organic alignments and conscious mind and are healing for the physical, mental and emotional well-being.


He has trained hundreds of physiotherapists, psychologists in addition to the thousands of yoga teachers in these methods and this has started a new worldwide movement in yoga.


His philosophy is simple: when you understand your body, you understand your mind. And when the mind can be understood in its complete totality, then your whole experience within and without will be transformed.

&nb... See full profile

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1. The Preview / Sun Salutations: no much thing. My name is D on da Here we are giving sun salutation Course sun salutation, Classical. In my experience, I have seen so many student doing it wrong. What my meaning When I say doing it wrong that when we work on the sun salutation. Actually, our whole body, especially joints, are working. Muscles are working, so once joins are not properly aligned, light muscles are not working. Actually, the whole problem is happening around the joints. So I have seen people getting needing back pain neck being, and whenever they're doing it, there is no benefit coming from it. So in this course, we're coming with that, that how you can take the full benefit off the scores while your joints are secure. Your muscles are working well. And if joints and muscles are secure and in right alignment, only then the breath can be right. So once we align the joints and we work on proper muscle than our breath will flow from the data from, and only when the breath is flowing from the data from brain can relax. So we're working on body breath and brain together in this sun salutation while having the right muscles in the used and taking care off other joints. So with that, I'm no. And I'm sure that your sun salutation practice can be fruitful for you Have you can enjoy it in gratitude. Thank you. Thank you. 2. The deeper meaning of practicing Yoga Sun Salutations: I must have your friends. Now, in this course, we have structure like that that every pose like in sun salutation. We have 12 poses and, ah, we are teaching every post step by step first, first pot's alignment Second bows, alignment third pose alignment. Four pose alignment. So we're teaching the alignments and then how to go with the flu like the floor. There is alignment individual and then putting those alignments in a flow especially cook use and how you can simply secure your joint in just remembering few points. So that is a structure of the course and end of the cold. You are doing practice with us like I'm leading a sharp practice off sun salutation. So with the alignment cues and with the security off the joint and properly having breath coordination, brain coordination and body coordination. So this is the whole structure off the course which were giving here, especially then how to flow in sun salutation with the breath like we're to inhale their toe eggs. Ill. It is just a very shot introduction with the breath, and you can go through it and you can have that in your practice whenever you want by yourself. So that is our core structure here for you. But sun salutation not only finished here when we're talking about sun salutation, it is a psychological. It is a spiritual practice to what is my meaning by their psychological that whenever we give a different position to our body with the right way, it has impact on the brain. So sun salutation practice not only working on the body, stretching the muscle actually it's working behind the body. What is hidden the mind there like when we open our heart which the position is a standing backward bend, we open our heart and that means trust, Trust on yourself. Trust on your life on the life will be beautiful. That is a message behind backward bent. And when we do forward bend, that has a very beautiful effect behind it. Be humble, go forward and bend. So this practice make you to first trust and then be humble. And when we take the leg back, that Ashlan shall on us and hip opener. Actually, most of the time, whatever the suppress emotions are, the art goes here according to the modern studies. Also, whatever the negative emotion when we suppress them, they goes to the stomach area. And whenever positive emotion and we suppress them, that comes to the heart. So the fourth pulls off this pose, help us to release those negative emotions out off the body. And then we have Plank Lang foes is arm balancing and arm balancing is represent in yoga as confidence and confidence for foot, not for the outside world. When we say in yoga, confidence, confidence to face your own inner self, all whatever it is, they're hidden. So the courage so face it, come about balancing. And then we have again Cobra backward bend. And then especially one inversion here is downward facing dog so downward facing dog. I represent a lot because had these down humble, bowing down, relax and the blood is flowing towards the top of the head. It has its own benefit, but at the same time, in yoga, we say when a person needs to change it's viewpoint towards the life because right now I'm standing on the feet and head is up. It's a different point off you. For many people right now in the world, it is actually voting. There is no vision. So in yoga, we say all right, Feeling boat? There is no vision. Put the head down. So when person is head down, this whole area is getting rejuvenating on. There is a possibility off new reason arising. So sun salutation represent all that. So I will request you next time you do the sun salutation. Yes, there is a security of joint. There is a proper use off muscle. But remember what you are getting from here. Especially whenever you finish your sun salutation. One round you just for a moment. Goto tarred us in a simple standing position. Now it represent a lot in the world. Either withstand against something or we stand for something. But you guys are just stand. Not far are against anything so they start us. Not like after you finish your sun salutation. Just simple normal Scott as no stand. Not far not against just stand and that represent meditation in sun salutation that look of it. Then feel your body present, feel your breath flowing. And if there is any thought passing by, just aware about it and be with the body more so I will I recommend you. I will advise you. So next time when you are doing your sun salutation practice. At least take care of these points. And this will be a really fruitful practice with you. Thank you. The hostage. 3. Standing Namaskarasana / Foundational Alignments to start with: No, it's to do all of you. As you can see me is a sweat there. I was just doing my practice and this guy game coming up, Patrick fast. This guy come from the valley? He is responsible for all these videos. I'm very lazy guy. Um, we're going to make a sun salutation we deal for. Are you so sun salutation? First we have to understand that again. This video is coming after teaching hundreds off students and seeing their problems and watching them doing wrong, mostly, I'm going to tell you what are the common problem a person face? Common mistakes are there when they're doing sun salutations, so let's go for it. So the first pose off this sun salutation is number Scott. I like number Scott. So first we have to understand how to stand in the poses. So when you stand in the Posey's pay attention, this is the small amount. This is the Big Mount. This is the center off the heel. And this three points must be from on your met. That is the first thing. And if you see here right now, I'm lifting my toes up and bringing these mounds on the floor, on the mat and center off the hill. So then you stand. You can feel this tripod on the boat off the foot and your toes are relaxed. You're not pressing your toes. Your toes are going forward. Open them wider and then feel of eight equal on this dismount so your arches will feel lifted up. So that is the first point you have to care for another thing is that some people who are not me they will be like that. It means they have to take a gap between the feet. Don't take your feet together. Another thing is that some people will be like this. Bolek, you can see me. These are the bull legs here. Then the pies are moving up And if you're starting sun salutation like that, you're gonna kill your lower back. So what do you have to do? See what I'm doing? Taking my feet apart Slightly hip level gap. Still the Tizer moving outward. I'm taking slightly my toes in slightly vory just just a little, huh? And in that the inside of the hip moves in and outside of the Thai here, move out and knee come in line with second. Got it again. Check here. So this is the position we don't want while doing sun salutations. We're taking slightly heels out. So what do you difference? You feel high rolling, huh? Very subtle. And back of the hamstring is properly open. So this thing, once you are aware about it, then another condition off the knees. Hyperextension. Now, if you're a hyperextended and doing the sun salutation also not. Good idea. So back off the knee will be soft. So you can see this is hyperextension. These are going beyond and I'm just 10% bent. Micro and quads are active. So here, once you understood that knocked knees this they has to take the feet apart. Bull against this, They have to take slightly hell out toe in so center off the knee and second toe. Come one line. And if a person is hyper extended, has to micro bend any clear about it. Good. No, Look at the pelvic reason here. Now this is interior tilted public. You can see but eggs are going back. Just is going forward. Person is doing sun salutations like that Gonna kill the back. Some people are prostate here like that? Also not good. So this is interior. This is post area. So politic is neutral. Just not here. Not here. So if you bring your like index finger the bony reason here which we call a s I s If you touch here, that's here. It is a born here, huh? So this born and this born and you take the comeback It is closer Topi as I yes, posterior superior really explain Then if you see here finger is down Tumbles up here is the Yes, I Yes, down B s I s now here. Yes, I s up P s I s dumb. So e s P s, I will call it. But here Tom and Index finger coming equal here. Not here. So this neutral pelvic so neutral pelvic is there And then when the neutral pelvic is there now people who are pastilles really they have to bring the product up here So when this will happen, your hamstring will work. If this hamstrings are not supporting you, sun salutation is not going to be right. It will be here or it will be here. It will create trouble. So once it is done, then look at the chest. Reason should not go forward. Just is lifting up and your shoulders are softly down. You're not forcing them down? No, gently relaxing away from years. And then chimneys, this is the ground up. So this is chin, not parallel CNN's battle to the ground here. So this is the first thing that your post shell, it will be good. And then you're joining the bomb, bringing it closer. And times are touching the chest fingers that together and elbow site and feel the weight equal on the trip over there. So this week, all Thomasina all right number scott asked. 4. Hasta Uttanasana / Raised Arms Pose: after that the poses in classical sun salutation some people call it has to turn usna. Some people call it are the gender as now. So the poses both hands up and you're creating it backward. Bend now. Common mistakes. What are there? Just look at me. Most of the student you will see they will sink into the back. Oh, no, no, no. Not good for the back. Another common mistake you will find in this pose that neck. So look at my neck. Now they will go up and they're throwing the neck back. Not good. So if you're throwing the neck back, problem is happening on the neck area. And if a person is like just just putting the weight on the lower back and going lower back , it's getting against clear about it. So now let's see how to do it. So any person is going for this pose, Okay? Gently. You can bring your buttocks down towards the hell down towards the hill. So lower back lengthen and especially Lentini. A tilted pelvic. No, try parties. Active arches are like you're feeling that your big mounts are coming towards the hell Understood it. I am pulling my big mount towards the hell and then bringing the weight towards the toes. So I'm pulling the mount towards the hell and then but X down ties are going forward. Forward, Forward! So it is going on the heel and on those mounds equally and then buttocks down, lifting from the lower back up. And then armpits are lifting up and neck. Relax. So I'm not telling the neck back. Watch here again. How to go for it. So the first is now most Katarzyna. Second, you bring your hands up. No person who are not able to take the hands up like that. They can tied shoulder. They can stay easy now. Here, live from the arm. Picks up relaxing the neck area in other neck. Relax. Outer side of the shoulder area lifting up. So this area especially your upper back this muscles are active. These muscles that active. So hands up. Um Britt lifting up You feel that your upper body is active Then slowly here your legs will be straight, but x down, tie forward and hard up and then back. Another thing is that check your truth must be relaxed in this pose. if you go back and there is a tension here, you have gone too far. Got it Another thing. Your eyes. You will pay attention If you're looking back through the ice. Most of the people that do backward went through dies. Not a good idea. So your eyes are not looking back. Otherwise your forehead gonna be tends, so your eyes will be softly. Gays like here, eyes are looking straight. So when you go up in the same line, I will look up or you can look slender, gently down. It will soft in your brain. So while doing this, all your breath will be on the data from and your brain will relax. So look at me again. I'm activating. My art is by pulling the mountains towards the hell and then gently, gently. With this, I can feel my quads are lifting up. And then not much. Katarzyna breath is easy on the data front. Slowly, both hands up easy. And now just pay attention to this area. I'm going to activate the side off the body, huh? So, my Lord, back is free now. Buttocks down, tie forward, leg straight And look at the hard reason. Lifting to the top of the head and then neck in line in the Tora six spine and then coming back and relax. So this is the first bullshit off sun salutation. Hostile thanas. Got it. Very good. 5. Uttanasana / Standing Forward Bend: now the second poses from here. When you have come here, the second poses with Panesar. So it's like forward Ben just here. No, watch here. Most of the student. When they will do, they will go up and they will go down. Look at my upper back, rounding the back and going down there. This is they do or check if you're doing it another thing. What they do both hand up and he But it goes behind the heels like that. And then they go for it and look at the neck. Shoulders are coming forward. Naked stands and then they are going for it. All right. Already wrong there. This thing has to be aware. No third kind of student. They do it right like they're going all the way. Like but eggs on the heel. Hamstrings are open, hard is lifted. So the band is happening from that pelvic from the hip joint. But when they do this, look at this. They bring the neck like that. The neck is already 10 still and they're doing it. How many times? So this area go tens. Got it. Are you aware about what I'm giving good? So all of these somewhere. Somehow I have seen many students are doing it wrong. So what is the right way to do it? First thing is people who are with the tight hamstring they must bend the knee. Okay, so I'm showing with the Benny, then the heart. Just look at my heart and look at the neck. Hard is lifting to the top of the head, but neck is relaxed now. I have already created space in the groin area and then lengthening off the spine, lifting off the heart, relaxing. The next heart is leading and hip joint is following. Heart is leading hip joint is following and stomach is going to relax on the ties. This is the best way to protect the knee and lower spine and neck here, especially people who are tied hamstring. They can just stay here, relax no, same Lee when they come up. Also, some people come up like that. Some people come up like that. So how to come up into the pose is also very important. So once you are here again, see that hard is lengthening. Neck is relaxing, hard is leading and pelvic is following e. So straight spine is going down straight spine will come up. Got it now people who don't have the tight hamstring, how they should have they should go to dispose again. Watch your hands that up. No, I'm hyperextending money. No, I'm microbe in. And then with this micro bend, I'm working on my quarts gently and I'm micro bending the name and then hard is going front . Hard is going friend knee bent. So when the knees are bent, buttocks can go back. Then it's all right there and then slowly, slowly with relaxed neck with the land turning off the spine, you go down. And once you reads here, then you can slowly, gently. If you're Benny and your stomach must touch the tie, you can try to open your hamstring here Easy, but make sure that you are your stomach. Still stated that I if stomach is out off the high is better to bend a knee and rest a stomach, or you can use the block. Be attention. Tow this thing so has to Tanase. I understood it. One more thing about this pose. Look at this here again. Look at my left eye when I'm going down so you can see my left eye is already moving out. I have this tendency. So I have to be very careful when I go down again. See inner high here. So this is fixed and when I'm going out the ties not moving out. Otherwise it will disturb the lower back and my psychic enough and hip joint area. So make sure that your thighs are no turning out ties from hip joint slightly in. So the SEC really joint is open like especially this area which we call Sac. Really? A giant will open on bend This forward bend will give you the right effect Got it So number Scott as not you understood hostile Tanase. Now you understood and then coupon asthma or some people call it part has starts in Also bade her start Some people call it toe thanas Now I call it standing forward Bend 6. Anjaneyasana / Lunge Pose: Now you bend you knee, bring your palms by the side off the foot here. So when you go down, it will. It can be cup shaped if your hands are not reaching. But if you can reach your palms on the floor like that, huh? And once palm on the floor, take the left leg back as far as you can take. Nobody is the common mistake happening here. Many student do this by knee onto the ground. Totally fine. But what they do when they're in this pose like knees are going back. Look at the hip, hippest, tilting down. Look at my neck and shoulder like not give one side. Shoulder is down, so problem is happening there. And now just look at see what I'm doing in this pose. When the knees touching the floor, we have liberty to take the knee slightly ahead than the ankle, this one. But then me and second toe one line and look at my foot collapse. No, no, no, no, no. Again. Center off the heel and to mount and stretched the toes. So you are. He's active now. Once he's done hit. Look at my back, foot and here Don't allow to sink down. No, you are. You are putting the pressure on the lower back. Stay up here. So your breath stay. Relax. So once it is here, then you can lengthen the spine. Are you can rest here is up to you cleared everyone. But I don't recommend this position to many people because many people come with the weak knee and knee pain and lower back pain. So mostly I don't teach. With this way, I allow them to take the leg up, which is much safer and pay attention. What do you have to pay attention? That your ankle and knee one line your second toe and center off the needle line. You're not thinking inside or going outside of the foot to mount and center off the heel stadium. And now when you lift the leg up the attention the village If you look at my back leg, it is going outside. No, you have to appear that your big toe mount is really active. Indisposed So your hip joint and your secretary joint will be free here. Once you are here, look at my lower back. So this is knee joint. This is hip joint. Look at here right now. So again, as I have explained, knee, ankle one line me and second toe one line hot, active and insight off the big to mount is feeling the weight more than the lower lower is also there. But now see here this is knee joint and this is hip joint. Many people go like that hip joint will be under the knee joint, know too much pressure on the lower back and the knee. Come here knee and hip joints day one line so your back leg will feel the freedom and your hip joint and breath will be free. Then you cup shaped hand or you can just touch your finger and feel the heart is coming forward Neck Relax so your spine stayed aligned there. So this is that fourth pause we call it I sure son challenge asthma. Either this, But be careful then. And either this. Yeah, So this week all I sure cinch Alan asana uh, lunch. Some people call it via but that's no one warrior one Also it has been said started Are some people call it engineer Hasna. Okay, Simple lines also has been dug or when the knees down leg is forward. It called kneeling warrior also so so many names 7. Optional: Downward-Facing-Dog or Blank Pose: now, once you understood it and then we have done first. Enormous Katarzyna Second has to turn us now tired. Podhurst Hasna four Ash was in Ceylon Arson that now here in classical terms When you take the leg back, they do downward facing dog position. It's I will teach later. You can do it. Feel free if you want it. But I do a variation. I give my student plank so I'm working on their strength also the back and body front body and then the next bows. Later on, I gave downward facing. You will see that. So from here, once the lunch has been done or Ash Wilson child and Arsenal bombs onto the ground and dig the leg back blank, No blank. Look at me without the problem of the plank, Mostly people do it like that head is down. Or sometimes shoulders are sinking. And then look at the lower back here. So this is not a blank. And some people shoulders are had them. The wrist. Oh, this all goingto Kate problem in the plan. Four things. Whenever you do oppose, you must have here about the base. So what is The basin disposes your bombs and your feet. So when you do this bows on your bombs, most of the people you will find they will take the rate outside. No, that's wrong here, the way it has to stay inside and middle fingers point in front. So if you see here middle finger pointing front if the way it goes outside outside of the wrist suffer more weight is inside, if you can balance it. Good. But feel more inside here. And when you have felt inside, many people bring the turn the elbow in. For now, shoulder is coming like grounded, which we don't want. Now this is the Ari off the elbow. This is what are you have Terrible. Now this I off the elbow will be in line with the come so shoulder move back. So it's not like shoulder towards that year, shoulder away from the years actually were creating this situation. And sometimes some people that tight shoulder said here, So what? I suggest them. Then bring the index finger front so shoulder goes back there. So I'm going to do in this way. So now this index finger parallel. This is for those who people have tied shoulder and their shoulders are coming forward. If you have easy shoulder, there's no tightness. Middle finger pointing front. Okay, I will do with the middle finger point in front here Now, middle finger pointing front and just see that is the rest here and I am coming on that he'll off the wrist here, this area, hell of the wrist and then from the centre off the palm, feeling that I'm stretching the palm towards the finger, feel it. Feel the heel of the palm and from the center of the palm feel that you're reaching to the top of the finger. Clear about it. Understood. So bases farm there now elbow in line with the pump here, elbow in line with the lump. But now another point. Check that if your terms are too far away like you're stretching your time too far away like that, check your butt and feel your brain and then bring your term slightly closer. Ah, it was suddenly find your breath and brain waves will change so slightly. Tom closer and you feel a bit more inside here you will feel different. I prefer the top slightly in here. So Tomba's relax, active, but you're not feeling much stretch inside. So not away from that index finger. So once it is done, then elbow in line with the pump. See here. Know what? You have to be aware Now look at that around. No, we don't want that. See what is going to happen? I'm bringing my shoulder towards the hips and hard towards the top of the head. Like get in composition. Imagine that, Inhale, but not all the way Dip just hard is looking forward. And your eyes are looking forward just this much. And look at my lower back. Like right now. I didn't, Captain Cousteau. But eggs are going back so hard. Stay here, but I'm taking that tailbone Control so politic is neutral. Hardest friend. Now, right leg back now! Base is back leg to Sofield up. Big Mount Inside off the big toe. Okay, inside off the big toe here. So it was opposed. If you look down forward here poses gone again. Stay here. If a person is like that, what to do? Shoulders are slightly behind the wrist. Heart is looking front, but neck is relaxed. I'm not compressing my next point here and then look at lower back buttocks back heels back . So the spine is a line. So this is the pose. But she starts in a plank pose, then needs that passing the floor. 8. Ashtanga Namaskara / Eight-Limbed Pose: next poses Ashtanga, Thomas Karas, or it'll impose. Okay, Sony's are touching the floor and see here, Chasse. Tension going down now. What is the common mistake done by student is they will do like that. The common mistake is elbow will go out and when they will go, Go for this pulls the chest will come here and shoulder. Look at my shoulder will go towards that years and they will do like that. Oh, totally disturbing for the rest. Totally disturbing for the neck. Totally disturbing for the shoulder. So how you should do it? See, the bombs are saying farm from the plank. Needs are touching the floor. Get me here. Needs touch the floor now. Albertville, Touch the body here and wait. Will not go outside. Wait will stay inside Off the palm Albertville, Touch the body now See what I'm going to do without disturbing the lower back. Hardest to the top of the head. And then the chest is going between the palms slightly ahead. Then the bomb and then Jean is resting. Got it? Watch it again! So this is the plank. Needs are touching the floor. Albert, touch the body elbow enormously wait inside of the bomb shoulder. Domine and hard between the palms are slightly ahead. Then the bomb is okay. And then Gene Wilder. So if you see here two feet, Dooney four to hand six. And then the chest, Salmon and kin it. That's why I called. Eight limb pose are in Sanskrit. Ash tongue, Thomas. Car number scarred. Me going down. Actually, this is the very Yogi bore down. Bow down to their teacher. Bow their toe, the master go down to the sun, bow down to the moon. Actually, some celebration is all about gratitude and going down to the life, the source of the life Sad. And it made a yogi humble. So that's why this Ashtanga mascaras now in the middle so make a student silent, full of gratitude. So this is a practice for that. 9. Bhujangasana / Cobra Pose: So here it is, Stan. Number Scott. Now. After that Cobra Bujang. Jasna! All right. No. Commonly I have seen again. Elbow Vins, play out. Shoulder will come up next, will come up and look at lower back And student is creating a lot of pressure on the lower back. I will not do that because that disturbed me a lot. And then the neck is going up like that. Or they will come up like that. No, The effect off the cobra is gone or surpass Nebo. Jungle effect is gone completely side effect has taken place and it will disturb this whole area. How to approach this pose? Watch here carefully. When we did hostile Tanase Anna that standing backward, Ben, that is the base off for every backward mint. So what was that? But it goes down. Ties goes forward and side off, the body lifted and hard goes up. Remember that alignment? We're going to use that in? I was young ass now. So what's here now? Me? Just seen down. Okay, now look at the toes. Doors goes down. So when the toes goes down, they're not going out there not going in middle off the foot area here. I'm going to press on the floor and see him in Madison, as we did gently from the hip joint title in. But it goes down, but it goes down towards the hill. Got it. Now pies are going forward. Products are going down and look at alb over the body shoulder down. What I'm going to do, I'm going to do lengthen the side body. Uh, you understood it. So lengthen the side body. Then again, hard is lifted. Neck is relaxed, and I'm using only 30% support of the hang 70%. My back muscles are lifting me up so back muscles, but as going down those rarely farm, you can pull your kneecap up, gently buttocks down. You're a s. I s lifting up and back. Muscles are active. NEC is Relax back, Muslims that active. There's no pressure on the lumber spine. Okay, now that is Cobra. It is extending the lumber spine. No. 11 off. The beautiful effect of the poses I always call Joni's from post to presence poses a medium to bring a human into presence. So when you have done the pose and you just come back like whole energy. Whole energy is with the body and then you listen to the board silently most of the time, according to yogis, this mind wonder, Wonder Wonder. It's never with the body. And when you done the polls and you have done it correctly, the prom ise moving right problem in the life source and there's e G is moving right, and suddenly you have felt all those muscle which you are working, and suddenly you come out of the post. Your energy will be with the body and bodies of our home. So actually, the pose bring you back into the home, settled within yourself clear. And there is a glimpse off your own self, which is without the thought and without the feeling is just is just a present. It happened with the Post, and that's why pose were created in yoga. So Ashtanga mascaras Nina Ben Cobra 10. Adho Mukha Shvanasana / Downward-Facing Dog: now, after Cobra, I gave downward facing. So I use Plank also to prepare my students. And then I used downward facing also. So I I use this to poses. So from Cobra now person goes to the downward facing dog position. Something happened there. Notice it when a student is coming up. Uh huh. And look at Lord back. Uh, all right, already tension has happened. So how you should come up from here? Kyoto's under shoulder away from the years elbow with the body. Lived through the heart up. And then look at the lower back. You're not sinking here. Control buttocks and ribs control. And then keep the spine elongated, neutral, and then come up here. So here, this is the bows Here. Now, what is the common mistake here again? The way it is going outside off the palm and many student you will see You can see your space here. So Everest is going out And there is a space. No, There should be no space here and hand clear about it. Once it is done, many students you will find elbows are coming front here like that. You have to be a here as much as comfortable this elbow facing each other, dear. So right now I'm externally rotating. Most of the student do like that. If you see here, they're doing downward facing like that internal rotation. Now, that's gonna be painful. No, look at see what I'm doing. Try steps are going down by sub start going up there. So what happened? Now? Neck is free. So shoulders are away from the ear and that NEC is free. If this is not happening first, make sure that this happened for you, Which you can try going like that. Like that. But doing like that again, many people can take the wait outside. No, wait. Stay inside here. And then, while picking the weighed in rollout, Yes. So once that happened, be attention here. No. How you should go for this pose. I'm going from the basic many people who have tied hamstring. They will do straight on the leg around the back and here. No, already rounding the back NEC is getting shortened. Shoulders are getting compressed here. I said no. People who have tight hamstrings Dr to wonder. Look at me, Ben. Money and lift the butt. Exactly. You can just stay here. So main thing is see, Look at my lumber spine Here the lower back. The main target is to lengthen the spine. If that happened, you are safe and that's it. And then push the mad forward externally rotate. So when you push them at forward now I'm going to push See what happened. I'm going to push the mad forward so you can see that my upper body is lifting up and that's it. Salam's active and you're not thinking on down elbows like that. No, stay up there that you feel your muscle, not the joint. So that is person who have straight who can straight on the leg but still tight hamstring. They can keep the hell up. But most important is look at the lower back. No, Now feel the top of the tight is going up and from the inner growing area top of the fight . You lift up without pushing into this sacrum area. So this is straight spine. So the aim is to create the straight spine. Legs are straight or heels are touching the ground Doesn't matter. See, I'm not touching the heel to the ground. I am focusing just on creating straight spine. So then it is the gently pushed him at forward side of the bodies, lifting up towards the products and then feel the top of the time up and back. Here we go, so you feel most off your way. It is supported by the leg. Around 60% on the legs, 40% on the arms. Understood it. So I'm going to do it again one more time tied shoulder index finger pointing front or even you can open like that for some people who have really weak shoulder, and they really can't support this pose. They hold them at here and then pushed them at forward. So, at least the way it is not sinking down, it's lifting up. So people who are good on the shoulder middle finger point in front Tom's are gently in. Not too much far away and not too much in not too much far away nor too much in just in line. No. Here again, from Cobra hands by the side of the body, elbow touched the body. Lift up. Control your lower back. Come on your knee. Tuck your toes under, push them at forward. Keep your name Ben. Keep your knee bend. Pushed a mad forward and don't sink onto the shoulder. Keep it lifted up, and then elbows are as much as higher from the ground. Lengthen the spine who are comfortable straight the leg. But heels are up who are really good in dispose. Hamstrings are open and their lower back is not rounding. They are allowed to bring the heel to the ground here and than fielder weight on the both bombs equal. You're not building to write, not going to the left. Equal weight on the bombs, equal of it on the legs. 11. Transition from Downward-Facing Dog to Forward Bend: So once it is done, then from here, take the left leg forward because we start with the left leg back for left leg forward. No, some people are not able to do this. What to do then? The big in their needs are touching the floor. Simply take the leg forward. That's it. So do this. Okay, So no. Who are still not able to bring the leg forward? They hold aleck, Bring it forward. Let it Then check again. Your knee and ankle one line me and second toe one line and your feet is not sinking inside . The weight is equal on the to mount and equal on the center of the hill. And then lengthen the spine here again Take care of those point which I have given you and then slowly from here. One more step. How to go forward into that? So from here some people do this. They take the leg up. I'm taking right leg up and then they do this like look at hiss. So already lower back is tense. No. Then you go up. You control your lower back. You don't allow any dip to happen here. What's here with that leg. Now you hear? So I'm keeping my spine straight here and from here bring the tie. Do the stomach. Lift it up, Lift it up, lift it up and bring the feet over here. Understood? Good. So when this has happened, lengthen the spine and slowly shift the weight on the front foot and then slowly bring the right leg forward. Not take care off all those points which I have given you. Tight hamstring. Bandini stomach closer to the tie or touching the tie. Now. Then you come up for us to pay attention to the heart neck. Then lower back is along it. NEC is relaxed. Then slowly come up now. Here again, Check the Mt. Gently brought in the hell like feel your hell is broadening so he'll will be farm and big Mount gently towards the hell then buttocks are down. I'm that I'm picture lifting up and hide is up and slowly back Number Scotus rest for a while. Here, once you have completed around. So sun salutation. Remember, it's a gratitude towards the source off life 12. Recapitulation for one round of Sun Salutations with all the alignment cues: Now we're going to do it again. Together with the alignment cues. So again, come to the mat. Feel the big Mount. Small amount. Bring the mount towards the hell feel. The center of the hell is broadening. So your leg muscles are active but excited down hard is lifted. Comes with the palm of comes with the heart finger together Alba with the body relaxed. Now from here, keep the feet apart, not together now Slowly, both hands up. Once this is up, feel the arm Brits are lifting now, but eggs are down. Ties are going forward. Side off the bodies lifting to the top of the head Slowly come to the neutral position now slightly. You can micro Benny for the safety of the lumber spine and through the heart. Who forward neck, relax, throat. Relax. Spine is elongate along gate and slowly go down and relax. Now, once you're there, you can slowly open the leg. But don't hyper extend the leg. 10% band is there. Now slowly bend your knee bombs by the side of the feet and we did with the left leg first . I'm taking the right leg back now, so take the right leg back. Sony Ankle, one line knee and second term online. Your hip is not sinking down. Hip in line with the knee and on the back foot weight is on the inside of the foot and then hard is lifting. You're not rounding the back. Hardest front you can use even block. Breathe now slowly. Take the left leg back. Shock. Your shoulders are slightly behind. That ist Okay, Hard is going front. Look forward and feel the inside off the big mount on the big toe on the foot and checked. Lower back is not sinking but eggs down toward the hill side of the body. Lengthening. Good. Breathe. These are touching the floor. Okay, then elbow with the body shoulder away from the year justice between the bomb and chin resting on the ground Now pointing the toe back Feel your middle of the food farm inside of the food form and gently feel the outside of the foot. Also farm now buttocks down towards the hell and side of the bodies Lengthening but x towards the hell and 30% weight on your Sorry, um, 70% on the back muscles neck, relax and your neck is no down, not up in line with the Torres. Explain in line with the upper back and slowly here. Jack here. Now control your core and come on to your knees. Tuck your toes under. Push the mad forward Raid inside off the hand. Feel your elbow in line with each other, Not drought. Down here. Externally, rotate the shoulder. Bend your knee. Push the mad forward. Lift the butt Eggs up. Push the man forward. Lift the butt it up. Breed who are able to straight on the leg. They can, but they should not feel any round in the lumber spine. You should feel your hamstring. Your courts working now slowly. Here. Left leg. Sorry, we did with the right leg. So right leg up. Bring the Thai closer to the stomach and then slowly forward who are not able to do it. Use the modification Need down. Hold your foot. Bring it forward. Me and Carlito one line feel inside off the back mount. So the inside off the back foot big toe mound. But not losing the touch with the small amount. The small toe back Did OK now from here. Slowly shift love it on the front leg. Take the left leg forward, lengthen the spine and slowly you can micro bend your knee if you want, and I will suggest that tight, lower back, tight hamstring micro bend a knee and feel that left high as my left eye. Your right or left is not going out. You feel the inside of the hip, joint moving and buttocks area, especially this secretary joint is free from any tension. A load back is free from tension. Then keep the knee micro Ben. Now slowly lengthen the spine through the hard. Come up and again feel amounts off the big toe. Small tow center off the hill. Now buttocks down, tie forward armpit lifting up hardest towards the top of the head and side of the bodies, lengthening and slowly come back. Close your eyes breathe. No opposed to presidents, the journey is staying relaxed, staying comfortable within our own skin. And for that yoga yoga posters has been designed 13. Left Leg first / The right side of your brain: no in this. If you have noticed, I use left leg back first. So when the left leg is back, you do all the poses left like will go forward after that, you see? Use right leg back dueled, Opposes. Right leg forward. So this to things. Take it first with the left leg. I use left leg first because the left side is related to the right side of the bring and right side of the brain. Love, beauty, Joy. Somehow I want that love joy to be first active in my students and then logic, then reasoning, then other things. But the base should be love. So that's why I use left side first. Okay, Especially for some students who really can't feel the quad strength. They can try one thing. If you have a block, try to use the block on the top of the tie and again see here using that very noticeable. Not much from the just in her hip joint. Ah, here. That's it. Ah, you feel that inner hip joint slightly in and the lower back is more open. Your slide is open. So this I want. And when you are doing your hostile tone as not standing backward meant you can try with this and feel well. Your core is active in supporting your number and when you go down, feel it the same and then go down, same thing you can feel. Then you go to blank. Same thing you can feel then you go to Yeah, same thing you can feel but you a little bit difficult in that you have to take it a little higher here between the ties here and you can feel your cobra and when you come up, you can use the block, same movement, and you can do downward facing. Now, here you have to use different. You can use it forward so you can use the block in those position. We're it is usable to feel that what I'm saying, because when the quads that active inner Tizer active hamstrings attacked too, they take the weight away from the lower back and your breath will be easy. If this muscles are not active properly. The very latest thinking on the back, where it is on the neck and in the long run sun celebration will not be effective for you. So ticket of these points 14. From Pose to present & How to use your breath during Sun Salutations: And now the point about breath breath how to use breath in disposes is very natural. Here is normal breathing. So when you just expand, it mean you're inhaling so hostile Tanase not backward bend with inhalation and forward men , but has starts nice with eggs. Elation Now from here, when you take that leg back, it's with inhalation and other leg back with eggs. Elation. So there is plank pose. So when this is the plank in that blank, you hold your breath and then gently inhale. Now me Gestion down, axing in Cobra Inhale in downward facing exile and wait for three breath here and then when you're taking the leg forward, inhale and then other leg forward exile coming up here again. Inhale backward bend eggs, ill join your palm. Normal breathing. So this is the way you play with the breath. In some tradition, it can be different, but I found this is helpful, that normal one breath, one breath sting in downward, facing for three breath adjusting and you can move with the breath. But But that is not important in the first when you have mastered your alignment, then go for the breath and remember, my dear friends, the journey is from boards two presents. So practices No, just finished on the mat. So that presence that joy, that inner peace, What you have felt on the mat get the taste off it. And then in your daily life also, just stay with the body. Nothing to do much. Feel your body from toe to head. Just be attention to your own body. Whenever you have time and yoga Bill happens whenever you are attentive in that attentiveness, silence will follow. And that is the real aim off yoga practice. So I hope that this sun celebration will help you to move forward within you. So step forward towards you and take it off yourself. Enjoy yourself. Keep laughing. Keep dancing. Celebrate your life and enjoy it. Thank you. Thank you, my beloved friends. Thank you. 15. The Safety Alignments & Demonstration of Yoga Sun Salutations: I must say, dear friends, and ah, I'm hoping that before this video you have gone through all that lying names because in this video, I'm gonna take you to the practice off sun salutation with me. And if you already be on your mat and you can do it with me but few things if you are a teacher or if you're a student, you have to appear what? Whenever you are doing your practice, what do you have to secure? That has to be understood before going into your own practice? Or if you're a teacher and teaching in other students, you have to secure the joints off the student. So the alignment que venue teat. There must to be very to the point that 123 so the joints are secure. What I mean by that, like when a person is going to the backward bend standing backward band. So what are the joints, which are at danger now if the knees are bent and you're going forward most properly? For many people, it can be disturbing for the lower back. So when you go friend, your leg must be straight, even know microbe in there then and now the lower back. What is the security of the lower back? If a person has interior tilled, then Berg's down. So hamstring must be active in that Sony joint, lower back and then, especially the neck. So how to secure them? So the same poll alignment is Hi, you forward. But before going to the Thai forward, you must be aware that Feet is form and arches. Directive. Now how you can make your arches active like field amount off your toes and try to pull the arches gently up. Just pull them up. Or there's another simple queue for you. Feel the middle of the foot and feel from the middle of the food to your stretching the foot forward and from the middle of the 40 or stretching the foot back so it will be like this and then you place it there, so this fort is active. Then security of the lower back, buttocks down, tie forward, hard up neck. Relax. So this is the cue for security off that lower back, knee and neck. And when a person goes down again, what is that? The danger if a person is rounding the back so lower back and skip allies coming up there. So bring the heart up and fall from that hip joint here. All right, so this is too. So here. We're securing the lower back here. Not seem. Any person is going like back here. Lower back is at the danger. So what is the cue? Lift the back leg up. So if the lift back leg is down, lower back is in the pressure down. And if needs forward, RTs kills me. And Calvin line me and second toe one line. Lift the back leg. Hard facing front neck. Relax. All right. So any person is in the plank where joint is at the danger wrist joint first. So shoulders over the wrist or slightly behind the wrist. Or some people have really hyperextended elbow extended, available like that. My elbow is not hyper extended, so I can't show it. So if this elbow joint is going had been the line off this. So then that soft and elbow like there must be gentle softness if person is hyperextending on the elbows so shoulders are slightly behind the wrist. Now what? Another joint is at the danger neck. If the neck is down. So hard is looking friend. What another joint is on the danger. Lower back. So then, like lift the ties up buttocks down towards the hill. So these are the accused when knee chesting down neck is at the danger. So the Q is shoulder down, hard forward and then go for it. And then Cobra. What are the joint and danger shoulder joint if it is going out of socket, so it mean shoulder blade should not go severely closer here. Brought on the shoulder blade shoulder in the socket, then left up and another joint is lower back. So what is the cue? Press the toes down so your calf muscle time a selective buttocks down towards the hell and then shoulder Broaden, not squeezing up like that. Broaden hard up now. Downward facing dog. What joint is at the danger again? The wrist joint. So we have to give the Q. Push the mat forward while pushing the mad forward palms will be active and lift the shoulder up towards the product because person can sing into the shoulder like that. So then pushed up, hand into the mad forward and lift your shoulder up towards your buttocks. Another joint is then there is lower back if it is rounding here, So the Q is. If a person has died hamstring bend and lift the butt eggs up and straight on the spine. I'll keep the heels up, but spying will be straight there, so these queues are really important. So you're securing the joint. So as I have given you idea, sorry, what joined out on the danger and what is yoga, teaching and what is alignment cues, Talking something very sensible in short phrases so those joints can be squared secure. Sorry for my English. So let's skill of a joint. So come to the front off the mat. Okay, here. No, lift the arches up. Or just I feel that from the middle of the foot the front foot is going forward and back for these going back here. Now tie gently, roll in. Barlas Nha here now slowly here. How you can do it for see what I'm going to do. Both hangs up lift from the side of body up, tie forward, but its down heart up. Next, relax. That's slowly Come to the neutral position. Micro bend your knee. Bring your hard forward. Fall from the hip joint. Keep your spine elongates, and slowly go down. Relax. Take one breath. Here. Now bend you knee. Take the left leg back. Far as much. You can check your knee and kill me. And second toe. One line back leg. See here. Lifted up and hot facing front neck. Relax. Good. Take a breath now. Right leg back. Check your shoulder over the wrister. Slightly behind. Hard looking front, but x town towards the hell. Breathe now slowly needs that. Touching the floor. Check shoulder away from the year elbow with the body hard between the bombs in is touching the floor, not toes on the ground but eggs down towards the hell side of the bodies Elongating 30% weight on the bombs and feel your lower back is lifting you up. I'll check the feet. Does really pointing back from you must feel on your back muscles now slowly control the court Bush the mad forward Back your toes under mosquito lift number. Eggs up. Lift the exact so spine is along it You can stay here, are straight on the leg. Feel the pie muscles are going back and up slowly as left leg was back. Left like forward. Check your knee and killed online knee and second toe line. Right leg lifted up. Not thinking here, lifted up hard is facing front. Naqi is relaxed and slowly take the right leg forward. Now here you can bend any stomach on the ties. Relax your head now slowly through the heart looking friend straight on the spine and come up here now slowly tie forward but eggs down. Hard up Next. Relax. Side of the body is lifting and come back. Join your palm. Close your eyes. Really a breath. Now let's go here. Hostile Tanase number digs down. Tie forward side of the body lifting neck. Relax. Come to the center micro. Bend your knee hard is looking front neck. Relax the spine along eight and slowly here, keeping the hard up and then go down, stomach and rest on the high. Relax, bendy Oni. Right leg back. Jack your knee and kill one. Line me and second toe. One line back legs strong heart is lifted. Neck is relaxed. Now slowly take the left leg back plank shoulder behind the wrist. Bombs really open form now hard is looking friend, but X towards the hell. These are touching the floor shoulder away from the year. Helpful. Touch the body just between the bomb. Those on the ground Parex again down toward the hill So your pubis is pressing. Kaiser forward side of the body is going forward and lifting up are slowly control your core on your knee. Acute wonder. Push them at forward form. Feel inside of the palm on lift from the bird eggs up. Keep your spine elongate the way it is not thinking on shoulder joint. Feel the side off the body muscle and then slowly, you can straighten the leg if you want and feel a bit on the legs. If you don't feel weight on the legs, it's OK now. Slowly right like forward knee, ankle need toe one line back legs strong gently through the heart. Look forward neck. Relax. Pick a breath. Left like forward. You can micro bend any stomach on the high. Relax your hood now slowly here first. Keep your spine along it. People who are having any high blood pressure or something like that, they no need to take the head down had street. You can take the both hands on the waist while coming up also. And slowly I lived through the armpit up in her neck. Relax, Thai forward. Hard up. Come back. Relax. Feel your breath. So these are the sun salutation cues. You can continue in your practice. And another thing. I would love to say that in the hole. Sun salutation. You're cords. Hamstrings must be active because if they are not active the way it will go to the lower back. Okay, so remember these cues and you can continue with your practice. Thank you. Thank you for joining this. The birds. Ah, they're beautiful. Enjoy. 16. Why are we doing Yoga? Why? / Ending: now let's they now it's the dear friends. So I'm sure you have completed this course with all its beauty joy, and you are feeling it in your body. And I want to congratulate you that you did a good job and thank you. Thank you for having this course and joining me and Patrick, who is behind this camera right now. But finally, you know why we are doing yoga. Why and what is the message behind it? Just understand for a while from my side, like when a child is born, child is so flexible. Tyler, so flexible that no need anything child can move forward. Cyle can move backward. Child is such in such a beautiful state off oppose shirt and in such a state off mind that we call it blissful nous. So what is happening in yoga? Why we opened the hips. We opened the shoulder. We open ourselves forward backward. Actually, it is. We are going to that state off child within us because child, it's so close to life and that's my child is flexible. So according to your geek understanding, flexibility mean life on the body level or on the mind level so body flexible breath from the die from mind relaxed. It means you're a child and what to do when you're a child and just play. And if you ask me, what is the message off? Yoga is, in a sense playfulness, healthy body quiet mind blissful soul that enjoy Have a good play Love your life, Have fun full or you