Healing Yoga: Health-Giving alignments of 24 key Yoga Poses | Deep Kumar | Skillshare

Healing Yoga: Health-Giving alignments of 24 key Yoga Poses

Deep Kumar, Yoga Teacher

Healing Yoga: Health-Giving alignments of 24 key Yoga Poses

Deep Kumar, Yoga Teacher

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29 Lessons (2h 20m)
    • 1. Watch the Preview here

    • 2. Introduction to this Course

    • 3. Precaution of practicing Yoga-Poses

    • 4. The downloadable E-Book

    • 5. (01) Organic Pose / Tadasana

    • 6. (02) Tree Pose / Vrksasana

    • 7. (03) Chair Pose / Utkatasana

    • 8. (04) Warrior I / Virabhadrasana

    • 9. (05) Extended Side Stretch / Parsavottanasana

    • 10. (06) Warrior II / Virabhadrasana II

    • 11. (07) Triangle Pose / Trikonasana

    • 12. (08) Downward Facing Dog / Adho Mukha Svanasana

    • 13. (09) Cobra Pose / Bhujangasana

    • 14. (10) Locust Pose / Salabhasana

    • 15. (11) Hero Pose / Virasana

    • 16. (12) Camel Pose / Ustrasana

    • 17. (13) Seated Twist / Marichyasana I

    • 18. (14) Boat Pose / Navasana

    • 19. (15) Bridge Pose / Sethu Bandhasana

    • 20. (16) Staff Pose / Dandasana

    • 21. (17) Head to Knee Pose / Janu Sirsasana

    • 22. (18) Seated Forward Bend / Paschimottanasana

    • 23. (19) Cow Face Pose / Gomukhasana

    • 24. (20) Double Leg Raises / Dwi Pada Uttanapadasana

    • 25. (21) Wind Releasing Pose / Pawanmuktasana

    • 26. (22) Half Shoulder Stand / Ardha Sarvangasana

    • 27. (23) Supine Twist / Supta Matsyendrasana

    • 28. (24) Corpse Pose / Savasana

    • 29. Summary & End

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About This Class

This course teaches the health-giving alignments of 24 key Yoga-poses. 

Apply the health-giving alignments in your Yoga-Routine and gain healing benefits from your practice. Become fully aware of, how to align your body correctly. Understand why your own body and breath can be a great teacher for you. Watch the videos as often as needed. Become more conscious of your inner self during your practice. 

The student will gain a fundamental understanding of how to align the body; gaining a strong foundation that helps to flower as beautiful human being.


Yoga-Poses taught in this course:


Standing Poses & Hip openers

  • Organic Pose / Tadasana

  • Tree Pose / Vrksasana

  • Chair Pose / Utkatasana

  • Warrior I / Virabhadrasana I

  • Extended Side Stretch / Parsvakonasana

  • Warrior II / Virabhadrasana II

  • Triangle Pose / Trikonasana

Benefits of practicing Standing Poses & Hip openers

gives flexibility to the hip joints & stretches the lower back muscles, strengthens the legs and corrects minor leg deformities; improves sense of balance. Opens the chest area and lengthens the spine and arms. It encourages a sense of focus and calm in the practitioner.


Sitting Poses & Forward-Bending Postures

  • Staff Pose / Dandasana 

  • Hero Pose / Virasana 

  • Head to Knee Pose / Janu Sirsasana

  • Seated Forward Bend / Paschimottanasana

Benefits of practicing Sitting Poses & Forward-Bending Postures

strengthens the spinal muscles, increases lumbar spine elasticity, increases hamstring flexibility, and relieves compression of spine and sciatica. Tones the hamstring muscles and increases flexibility of the hip joints. Increases vitality, removes mild anxiety, headache & fatigue. And more..


Backward-Bending Postures & Shoulder openers

  • Cobra Pose / Bhujangasana

  • Locust Pose / Salabhasana

  • Camel Pose / Ustrasana 

  • Bridge Pose / Sethu Bandhasana

  • Cow Face Pose / Gomukhasana

Benefits of Backward-Bending Postures & Shoulder openers

increases spinal flexibility and strength. It also strengthens and tones the back muscles. This pose helps with slipped disc and minor lower back pain and injury. It also fully opens the chest, giving strength and elasticity to the lungs. Tones the muscles of the back, shoulders, neck and buttocks. 

Relieving stiff shoulders and neck, while strengthening the back muscles and toning the arms. This poses calming the mind, and help relieving mild depression. And more…


Twisting Postures

  • Seated Twist / Marichyasana I

  • Supine Twist / Supta Matsyendrasana

Benefits of practicing Twisting Postures

tones the abdominal organs, helps relieve lower back stiffness and also keeps the intervertebral discs supple. It also stretches the shoulders and stimulates the brain. Calms the mind and reduces anxiety. And more…

Inversions and Core-Strengthening Postures

  • Downward Facing Dog / Adho Mukha Svanasana 

  • Half Shoulder Stand / Ardha Sarvangasana 

  • Boat Pose / Navasana

  • Double Leg Raises / Dwi Pada Uttanapadasana

Benefits of practicing Inversions and Core-Strengthening Postures

increases blood supply to the throat, maintains the health of the thyroid gland, and is the best pose to prepare the lungs and diaphragm for Pranayama practices. It also stretches the spine while encouraging blood circulation, relieving varicose veins, and preventing blood stagnation. And more…

tones and strengthens the muscles of the abdomen, thighs, lower back and pelvis. It helps tremendously with digestion, and with blood circulation. And more…


Relaxation Postures

  • Wind Releasing Pose / Pawanmuktasana

  • Corpse Pose / Savasana

Benefits of practicing Relaxation Postures

releasing any unnecessary tension they were exerting on other structures such as the bones, nerves & joints. It also helps relieve stress, mild depression, anxiety & fatigue. And more…

‘’The mind is silent, relaxed, in the moment… and the body is strong… that is the way of a Yogi to enjoy the life.’’    (Deep Kumar - In this course)

What Students say who met Deep in Person:

Susann Bantle (Germany):

‘’It is really hard for me to put the experience with Deep into words but I still want to share it. Deep has been an amazing, motivating teacher. In his teachings you can feel his love for Yoga and for each posture. He is paying attention to every detail and encourages his students to do the same. His teachings were not only informative, relaxing and exhausting at the same time but also full of dance and laughter. I am already looking forward to be learning from you soon again. Namaste.’’

Kareena Tan ( Malaysia):

‘’The name says a lot - Deep. As a teacher and guide, he leads you through the many layers of yoga to help reveal one's true self. He focuses on alignment and respecting each individual's body, and always gives priority to breath. He is so full of energy and love for life - and its infectious! Deep, you are my Rock Star Yoga Guru! Namaste.’’

Karin Garaialde (Schweden/Abu Dhabi): 

‘’Thank you soooo much for sharing your knowledge and passion from your heart, with simplicity and laughter, balancing depth and lightness in your teaching. From clear and very specific alignments in all postures, to laughter yoga, dancing, chanting, humming, breathing, and much more, you not only shared your knowledge of yoga but also inspired me how to approach life with all these ingredients.’’

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Deep Kumar

Yoga Teacher


ERYT-500 affiliated Yoga Teacher approved by Yoga Alliance


Deep is a master of the body and mind. He is the founder and creator of the Deep Yoga method, Physio Yoga Therapy and Deep Conscious Vinyasa, all which works precisely on organic alignments and conscious mind and are healing for the physical, mental and emotional well-being.


He has trained hundreds of physiotherapists, psychologists in addition to the thousands of yoga teachers in these methods and this has started a new worldwide movement in yoga.


His philosophy is simple: when you understand your body, you understand your mind. And when the mind can be understood in its complete totality, then your whole experience within and without will be transformed.

&nb... See full profile

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1. Watch the Preview here: you guys a beautiful way to enjoy the life. It's a matter matter how you can create beauty on the physical level. On your psychological yoga has been said, a union off body in mind, but not only union. It is that strength off body and mind to what is that strength In this course? We are giving first how to align the joint because that's really important. After lying the joint, your muscle must walk and the most work in the right way to strengthen the joint. And once you're drying storyline and your muscles are working well, then our bodies designed to move into contraction, movinto expansion and moves into twist. And in this course we go through this all. And not only that. The body is designed to go down also have down, so almost contraction expansion release to is strengthening off muscle strengthening off joint. We are working all of them with other posters here, and not only that breath is the most important part of this breath, and push has been designed together because is relaxed. Mind is silent. Mind this silent Relax in the movement present on body strong. That's the way offer You'll get to enjoy the light. So we are here with all of this in this course, my dear, I hope you will. Thank you. No stays in your water. 2. Introduction to this Course: in discourse. My dear friends, if you ask me, I am giving everything which is needed for the human body and mine. So how it works first, in this course I'm giving you hip openers. Handsome openers. Why, Why I'm giving here Because this century 21st century is the century off sitting posture in the corporate, in the home, like almost in the cars were sitting on Nobody scaring about sitting how the poster is slouch So sorry, but I call our 21st century. Is the century off around it back and because off mobile laptop all these it's a century off rounded Children Now, on the physical level I'm talking first here. If the round back is there, my sitting is causing harm to my spine. Nobody brother getting compressed So being will be their problem will be there and shortness of the breath will be there. You sit down like that Check breath stents and especially temples will be tens, which I am bringing in this course with every post show. You have to pay attention to your temples of the relax. You have to pay attention to your breath. Is it flowing into the die from? These are your guides. These are your teachers, your own temples. These area on your own. Now if a person is sitting all the time like this inviting all the problems shortness of the breath is there. When the shortness of breath is there, mind will be into anxiety, tension not relaxed at all. So what we're doing first we're opening the hips, inner thighs, outer ties, hamstrings, glutes. Because when these things open, then only spine can take a lengthening there. If my hips are tied out, there is no way to sit down. So first my purpose in this course, my dear friend, is to open your hips, open your hamstring, strengthening your legs. And for that I am putting their standing posters where hip openers are there were balancing poses are also there. So once a person have that idea Easy, comfortable, flexible, strong No is the time to sit down. Otherwise sitting will cause harm. So once hips are open, my spine will be free to move upward. And then there is a sitting portion. And in the suiting posters we are providing here to you shoulder opener to there is opposed like in the heat oppose is a simple sitting pose, and we are providing shoulder. So once hips are open, it sitting is easy. Now is the time to open your shoulder because if shoulders are not open, you can't do the twist easily. If shoulders are not open, you can do the backward went easily. If shoulders are not open, you can do forward bend inversion. Nothing is possible, as is the same without him and hamstring opening and leg strengthening. Nothing is possible. So in the scores, after hips, hamstring sitting and then shoulder open, it is there. And once the shoulder opener is there, then we are bringing strengths to the arms because we have bring the strength to the legs. Now is the time to open the shoulder and to bring the strength toe the arms here. Now they're coast shirt with strengthening the arms, and they are into that sequence going on. And once your arms are strong there, my dear friends, now is the time for that would vent because arms can support you to lift up there, and you can work on all other systems off your body. So, once backward, Wendy's there. When you have really open yourself and spine is strong. Back muscles are good. Now is the time to twist them, not before them. So in this design, after backward bent, you are going for twist. Why? Because hip has been opened. Legs has been strong. Shoulder has been opened. Shoulder has been strong. Arms has been strong. Backward man has happened. Whole body is ready. Now is the time for twists. Now is the time for twist here and once twist has happened one point Now I am giving strength to your core. Yeah, because one you have moved that word and you have moved there. Now I'm bringing core strength in a very delicate and once your core is strong, then forward bend and in worsen because you're gonna upside down after forward banks. So your court must be strong toe hold you up there. Court is needed in all the poacher. So that's why, in mild way all the poses, even in the standing poses also working on your coat. But here I'm giving more strength to core because I'm preparing you to upside down there, your head down in a mile post and your legs up. And for the legs up. You need your shoulder to be strong, you need your back. Muscles will be strong. You need your core muscle to be strong, Your media choirs to be strong and step by step. Journey is leading you into last into in Russian and then you relaxed in. Sure. So this is the way I have created this course for all of you and you can use as a flu. Also had a sequence. Once you know the Posey's, this is the sequence has to follow and this sequence not only giving you benefit on physical level, it is designed in such a way that it is giving you benefits on your psychological level. Tremendous. Like if you look at the floor, imagine this life Hey, is the holy city here is like a mountain here monitoring so And it is like a life structure . A person take a boat is like child teenager adult word, slowly going to the middle aged and old least. I think this is the life sequence. No, see how we're designing this sequins first for Sunday's starting with that standing poses standing poses than slowly moving upward their opening, then coming to the arm strengthening on arm strengthening, coming toe, the peak arm strengthening on back. Then, after Backman is coming down, cooling a little twist and then coming down here forward Ben's after the forward bend inversion, which is beautiful and cooling inversion, I'm giving cooling inversion here. It's cool down the body and then show so sequence goes like that amounting, and it create a certain pattern on your energetic level, so slowly, slowly take you high. Then slowly, slowly it's take you down and you end up Jews merging into your own self. I'm sure he when I enjoy you, I'm sure, my dear friend, by sending my best wishes to you this beautiful How clean is the water here? And I've issued this cleanly nous joyfulness looniness through this sequence. 3. Precaution of practicing Yoga-Poses: no. Must be my beautiful friends must say to all of you. I'm here to talk about, you know, precaution tried indication. And if some persons are going through some certain physical problems, then what to do in the sequence? One thing is high blood pressure. People make sure like your blood pressure is controlled with the medication and you have permission off your doctor. And another thing you are especially in the high blood pressure. Don't take your hands up in any post and don't look up in tow n equals. And now we're Hold your breath. Make sure your breath must be natural. I'm not giving any breath indication there, but one thing is aware that your breath must be from die from, and this area must be relaxed and calm before going to the post while holding the post. And after ending the proposals, people, especially who are with the lower back, means they have to be very aware that don't around your lumber spine like this and then go to the post. Never. Always. Either you can bend money or you can use any high down there. The spine must be an extension. Any spinal injury any spinal issue there. Person is not allowed to round the back like this. Yeah, they are allowed to run in the back if the stomach is touching the tie. So lumber is a long anti and they can relax, especially people who are having knee pain issue. Make sure in the sitting poses, you are aware if it cause any problem to you, no need to sit on the floor, are in the sitting poses. You use some height and make it comfortable to you especially knee. You should not feel strange inside outside, down, up on this area and never stretch the leg far away back that you feel a hard stretch behind You need back off the knee microbe in a little salt. That has to be a very view. And people who are with estimate condition make sure you are not rounding the back there. Even forward Ben, that would been You are going for extension there. That has to be a beer. And if you have any serious condition, please go to your doctor before attempting any posts from this court 4. The downloadable E-Book: So in the e book, every detail is there. Please go through that detail. And in that book, name off the poses is their contradictions. Are there benefits are there? So I will say with this court, please have that book so you can go through the all truly part in the home. 5. (01) Organic Pose / Tadasana: the most of your friends. We are here with the basic pose that awesome. I call in my language, organic post. Because this is the pose which gives you idea about all other opposes. And if you can understand, dispose with me. My dear friends, I will say you understand 80 to 90% of yoga poses just with this post. And this is the pose which can take you out from many physical troubles just by understanding this pose. So stay with me here. So the first thing in the pose in the three if a tree has to flower, the most important thing is roots. The roots has to be strong. So what are the roots? Inhuman, Our feet. So that pause start from the feet. So here, if you look at my feet here, I'm going to give you the point here. This is the Big Mount off the toe. This is a small amount off the toe and this is the hell on Veer. The he'll start on that both side off the hell. These are the two points. And so to this to this. So this four points make sure equally taking the weight off your body and same here. So once that foot is there what you will find, your arches will be active. You will find in some people the archers will be collapsed inside flat fit. If you're doing yoga poses with the flatfoot. My dear friends, you are inviting knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain and especially breath will be disturbed. And if your breath is disturb, your mind will be disturbed and some people will be over are here. So some people will be flat food. Some people will be over art. So both are that problems. If you're doing yoga poses with the same foot, you're not gonna get any benefit here. So what do you have to do if their outer side you have to press gently Insight make it balance. If there inside you have to broad debate outside, so balance must be there. And if you look at me right now, this is the arch. So the arch of the foot has to be active and the foot has to be planted really well, dear. So that is the first point you have to appear and this will be in all the yoga poses now. Although your opposes Enough run. From there we will come up to the knee area now in the knees. Some people are hyperextending that these are going behind ankle. They are also problem in some people, the knees are too close here we call it not me. And in some people there are bollocks. If you see, especially in me. I have a little bowler condition here. You can see that this is Bullock here. All right, from here Now, first I have to. When starting the post. Stardust don't take your feet together. Feed together is for intermediate toward ones In the basic level, we can start with feet about so feet apart here and back off the knee. Here, not hyper Extend. If you're hyper extender, make it a little soft here and you have to appear about your patella if you see her but allies moving. So this pre moving patella If you're doing yoga poses with that, it's really harmful for that needs wine. So here, gently pull the kneecap up so you can feel that your patella is not moving, but you're not pushing back. So back off the knee soft but allies under your control and quads are active. So then you pull the kneecap up, quads will be active. And now from here we come up to the public. There are two condition off the pelvic. Some people you will find anterior tilted bums back. And this is the bones here A as I Yes. If you will touch here, you will find a bony reason. That is anterior superior iliac supine. So that bony reason is facing down and bombs are back. This is anterior tilted bell week and then we have this condition Osteria tilted book are harmful for the body while doing that yoga pose. So not Osteria, not interior. The pelvic has to be neutral. So how you can bring the pelvic neutral now from here. Check by yourself. If you pork here, you will find a bony reason. Here, here, here. So with that bony reason you're Tom will go back so your index finger and come in line. It means that politic is neutral. If you see my finger is going down, tumbles up. So this is interior tilted, Not Tomba's going down finger is coming up. This is posterior guilty. And here neutral. One more que check your breath. If you're pelvic is interior, your breath will be in the chest. If your hips are down, your breath will be in the chest. And when the politic is neutral, your breath will go into that dia from below the rib cage. So this point another point shoulder Most of the people this is 24th century shoulders are rolling back. No. So if your shoulders are here in this condition, bring the shoulder back into the socket here, not too far away. If you're too far away, your breath will be disturbed. If you're rounder, your breath will be shot. And when your shoulder coming into the socket here, front stretch so the air you breath will go to the DIA for And once it is there, you can open the palms and then bring the hand in. But don't change your shoulders. Shoulders should not be forward. Should not be backward into the middle here into the socket. So once it is there, then come up. Pay attention to the chin is a 24th century the century off from a by land computers. So most of the people there like that chin forward rounded shoulder And that's the main reason off. Migraine headache, many psychological trouble. So once we have taken the shoulder back, then pay attention to your chin. Chin will be parallel to the ground if you take your hand on the ground and bring your hand up. So this hand is federal. Bring it under your chin here. So you're Chinese. Parallel. If you see here Chinese up and is not parallel chimneys down and is not parallel. So where the hand is? Parallel to the ground. That's the right position. And then bring your chin Video index finger back. Yeah, so your ear lob your love will come in line with the center off the shoulder. So there is the right. So look at me, right? No, I'm doing here. Arches are active. I'm spreading the finger spreading. Sorry, toes. And then the weight is going on those eight point, Then I'm lifting the kneecap up. Quads. Directive politic is neuter. Shoulder back. Shin parallel. I soft. Have a gentle smile. Hope you enjoyed the pose and you can check in the mirror by yourself. Like that is your year is in line with the center of the shoulder. All right, not are. You can take your friend or ask your any family member in the house. There check is your Chinese parallel and back and your heart is lifted. Most important, your breath should not be on the chest. It must be on death. Die from Enjoy this amazing post. Thank you. I still love you. So once you have done this poacher and you understand all the alignment then being toe dispose Close your eyes. A look inside and watch out your breath Is it from the die from? And your mind is not going into the past. Not going into the future with the brat your mind will stay present. And that's what Buddha call some must city. And that is the another name off this potion. Tara, Zina. Organic pose, Mountain pose or some mustardy I like more. Some mustard Buddha has given this name some money. Balanced city mean you are in the balance. Some must api some mustardy. My dear friend, it's a beautiful word to describe this pose some mommy balance, present and sticky mean You are stable in tow, that presence. So make sure you are stable into your presence here and now that is you. Thank you. 6. (02) Tree Pose / Vrksasana: and what's the difference? Hope you have watched the first post because Sarah's not is the base off the post and I'm going to teach you Rick Shot SNA Cree Bullshit pre pusher Ricks, you know, and in Sanskrit, we call it Rick Shot SNA. What is the quality off the tree? Quality off the tree is stable. President Tree cannot go to Boston future so that the same thing happening with this post. Let's go to that post. So you have taken tired usna all the alignment. It's up to you if you want to feed together or apart, but I will advise if basic student keep the feet apart. Intermediate toured one student. Take the feet together. Any person with the back pain with the knee pain, with the headache with the migraine feet about person who is healthy, feet together. So know that Allison alignments are there. Take your right foot right foot external rotation outside from the hip joint. And once it has come then from here, the basic pose for the started people will start here. They can just stay here politic facing front neutral naval facing front and stay here. That is a start off the pools. But don't forget your art, which I have mentioned. Their arches will be active. All those four points will be farm on the floor. People who are able to balance here, they can go here. Same pose here. Joined the bomb front off you, or you can take your hands up. If your shoulders are not tight like that, then you can join your Palm Street. But if they're tight, no need to join the palm just up. Other option. You can take the hell up toe the inner tie if your balance enough and then here this point has to be very severe. Otherwise, you can sink down like that, and you can create trouble for your knee and back. Push the tie into the feet, pushed the feet into the tie. It will open your pelvic toe, the friend and it will become new clothes and your knees facing 90 degree here if it is not facing 90 Dignity. Coming slightly in is fine, but make sure it's not too much front that you're secretly a joint back is getting any tension with. So bring it out. 90 degree pushed the feet into the tight high into the feet. Heart lifted. Chin parallel. Look straight bull tensed up. And three, one thing important. Never put your feet on your knee because me is a in joint. It has to be moved like that. And if you put the feet there and you press into the knee, ligaments can be damaged there, My dear friends. So I'm here about the post and once you have finished, oppose after that, come back to Tara. Zina, close your eyes and look inside. This is very important. What you feel in the polls. Four things are very important. How to go into the post, how to stay into the pose, how to come out off the post. And after the post close your eyes look inside deep inside off you because in that moment, fours will reveal its magic too. Enjoy rickshaw. Thank you. 7. (03) Chair Pose / Utkatasana: you know most of your friends. We are here with the post our chair pose one of the best opposed to strengthen the inner tight. And once the inner Tizer strengthen, my dear friends, it take you out from the knee pain. And if you're doing it right, it can be therapeutic for that back. So make sure you are doing it right. So, Tara, snow is the base. So once you're into tired, us now from tar does not bend a knee. Take that tie together, and when you take the tie together, make sure you're pressing the need gently into each other. So your inner tizer active. If this ties are not active now, going to go into the post. So once you have done that, then go down with your buttocks and keep checking that your knees are not crossing the line off to if these are crossing the line off to your breath, gonna be disturbed and your brain will be disturbed. Sony behind the toe and you will feel that there's no pressure on the need and and your quads are active. And from there, check your pelvic, not posterior, not interior again in neutral pelvic going down. If you are good enough, you can go down and even you can bring the type parallel to the ground. You can stay here if you feel it is too much. You are not able to go down slightly. Come up Good enough here. And what is the perimeter? That you are right in the post while going down. This much are up. All of this check you brand. If while going down your breath is the stop too fast, Don't go slowly. Come up. Stay there. Very. A brat is going into the dive from enjoy the polls there and then both hands up. And from here lift the hide up. Look gently up so there will be natural carve in your neck. Here. Don't lift your shoulder up like that shoulder. Stay down Like when you take your hand up. Check it. Don't lift your shoulder. Show a little. Stay down and relax For some people. If the shoulders are tight, be attentive. Have the shoulders that tight. No need to go up. You can just stay here and then slowly come up from the post. Close your eyes. The polls will bring you your own presence into this movement. And you can taste yourself with the bulls. Thank you. 8. (04) Warrior I / Virabhadrasana: almost two. Dear friends, we are here with the pools, Really? But draws now One warrior, one white has been called warrior because it give you strength. Strength? For what? Remember in yoga, whatever is happening, it's happening for your inner, not for out. So warrior is there to make you strong so you can face your own self hot too. Compete out or not? To make the idea about that, you have to be strong enough to compete. Someone. No, no. You have to be strong enough. When you close your eyes, you can rest inside off you. That strength is a your extreme. So let's go to the warrior one. You know the tired as no. Yes, my different come. Totaro has no from here. You can go on the back off the mat and take a one foot, 45 degree angle out here as rightful time taking. But now I'm gonna take it back. I'm going to take my left foot 45 degree angle here and from here, take a big step in the line off the heel. If you are at one student or if there is no need pain and back pain. If your basic. Don't take hell in line with the heel like you can watch here. He'll in line with the heel. This is for at once people. People who don't have any back pain, knee pain, headache, migraine or high blood pressure. People who have that kind of condition, they will go feet apart. He'll 45 degree angle and foot in the same Hippolyte Gap will go forward. Clear. Good. All right, now from here I'm going for at once meant feet together. So here he will 45 degree angle. Then take a big step forward here as much as easy for you. Now base off the post is left outer foot. So through your mind, pay attention to the left, outperformed and press it. They're so your foot should not come in like that. So press your left outre foot into the mat, then the bases right in her foot. So make sure the way it is not going out like that is a deviation off the shinbone. Their notion in here. So your inner toys active and outer food is active. But your weight is balanced on the boat for balance. There. Now, once you have taken, Dispose, leggy straight. Now from here, bombed facing the ground. So bombs are facing the ground. Then check that your light floating rib is coming to the right. But you're not picking left outer foot up. That will stay there. So once the poses here, then both Hands up now with the both hands up, Your lower back will lift up, so make sure you're not sinking into the back like this. No, lower back is lifting up now from here. Bend, you knee bandage. Oni knee, Ankle one line Nieto One line in the final pose. Your tie can be parallel to the ground, but if you're not that much flexible is okay. You can take your tie in the angle. So I'm going to tie parallel, parallel and pelvic as much as easily facing front. Good. But make sure you are not turning your left me inward or taking your left foot up. Otherwise it's gonna disturb that he joined it. Gonna disturb the sec. Really? Eggs, wine. So once you are here, dig the arms up. Enjoy the pose. Your breath will be on the die from. So that's the way to go into the post then slowly take the ball turns on the waist. Step forward. Close your eyes. Look inside is this sport is giving you silence, insight, whiteness and then do on the other leg Same way makes your toes is giving you a gentle coolness and calmness insight You are not feeling any being on your joints. Only muscles are feeling If you feel on the joint, it is not right. Make sure your alignments are totally light so you can secure your joint and you can work on your muscle and you can get muscle somebody What is muscle somebody? Because when muscles as work they bring you with the body on body is always present. Body is not in the past but is not in the future. Only mind is there. And once you work on the muscle muscle bring you back to the body and you can enjoy your own presence Might be. Enjoy your own presence. Thank you. Unlisted 9. (05) Extended Side Stretch / Parsavottanasana: most beloved friends. How are you? Good. Enjoying yourself? Let's enjoy other post. I'm here with the post today. Bar switon side stretch balls. It's a beautiful stretch for the hamstring on. This course can elevate your mood beautifully and can give you a gentle coolness and calmness in your mind. How to go into the post That is very important. So let's go with it feet together last night. Take your left foot out 45 degree angle. Your mind is on the left outre foot that is not coming up and then take a gentle stuff forward. Almost three or 3.5 foot according to your height and according to your capacity. Once it is there, left after foot is the base right in her forties. The base. But the whole suit is balance and arches are active. If you don't know the arches active, Goto tired us. Now find it out. How to make that is active now. Once it is their pay attention, this is patella. If it is moving, its going to disturb the knee joint. Poland. He kept up. So your patella is not moving center of the Thai center off the knee and second toe in one line and you're quiet is active on the both sides. Now, if you see here, this is the pelvic here once this is a just. Then take the front hip external rotation back. Keep internal rotation here, but make sure left outer food Stadium. So once it is there, both ends up live the heart up. We're going for a forward extension and then we will change the poles into a forward fold or forward bend. Now from here, lengthen the spine and heart is the leader. Heart has to be the leader everywhere, not the mind. Even in the post. Lift your heart up through the heart You're going down hard going down And the pelvic is following So the fold is happening from the pelvic But heart is the leader So from here, slowly go down, Go down, go down bring your hand down, Lengthen the spine If you're not able to lengthen the spine and your lumber spine is rounding, Check here like that See here this is the lumber rounding hardest collapse, so it's gonna create trouble on the lower back area. Then you can use blog's or you can use anything. Few books 45 books here. 45 books here. And bring your hand up. Lengthen the spine. Stay here. And if you find that your stomach is starting that high easily, as you can see here right now, then you can go down. Go down, go down and you can rest your head down and your lumber is safe and upper spine can round gently is okay, is all right. But make sure one thing. If any person have high blood pressure, don't put the head down. If any person have any spinal injury, don't go down any psychical kind of problem. Don't go down. You stay here with the lengthening off the spine and enjoy the polls. How to come out from the post band. Eonni, take the leg forward car loss. Close your eyes. Keep in sight. Balls has created a situation and you have to really present to find it out. What is a bad situation and what is the pieced off propose in that situation? Remember my words. Taste off the post every pose as its own taste. This pulls has very calming taste, but it is energetic also so coming and energetic you have to find it by yourself. If anything, you find it out. Send us. You mean send us a message? Tell us where do you find? And we will come back. Enjoy the fourth. Thank you. 10. (06) Warrior II / Virabhadrasana II: the most of your friends. We are here with the pools. Very bad, Ross, not number two. Warrior two I have explained previously that warrior toe give you a stream to face your own self to go inward journey that much off strength you will get from warriors. So let's go to the warrior two. So the first poses our last Snapple's from third usna Take the ball times on your waist band Yoni, take one leg to the right leg to the right, left leg to the left. So the gap according to your height, it can be 3.5 to 4 field cap. But one thing also you can see that at least you're feeling a gentle opening here in tow. That inner thigh area in our groins area. So, like if I'm going this far, you can see it's too far here. If I'm coming here, it's too close here. So if I'm opening, I'm opening. Huh? Here breath is on my diaphragm. My temples are here. Relax. And now I'm here. So first from dispose you have to observe. Is it the weight equal on the boat foot? Like right now I'm feeling more weight on my left, Less weight on the right so I can take slight step to the right, huh? Now it is coming equal on the food so you can find it out, which, like, you're feeling, Let me to be there, which you're not feeling. Take a little again now from here, Ben, Money, take the right foot out. 45 degree angle, then your right hand under the tie. So here, external rotation off the hips wind here. So right for this 90 degree left foot. Same as Dallas. No foot. But if there is a tightness in the inner tie and while doing the polls, you feel that your tie is turning in me styling in. Then you can take your back foot slightly in. It can be 32 15 degree inward, pelvic facing front. But I'm taking my feet out here. So first this pose has to be clear. Jack, your center off the knee center off the tie. And second toys. One line. So now here you gonna bend the knee, bend the knee. But if your attention is on the right outer hip, you will go forward. No, Go back. Fix your attention. on the left hip here and from the left hip, you can go to the right. So you are resisting. You are here, but going forward, going forward. So in the final position, check your knee, ankle one. Line me and second toe one line and then hold the right high and left type. Now bring the right time or outer lifetime or out and tailbone down so pelvic and stay neutral. Now you can bring the hand forward so they are in line, shoulder and wrist, then open the no feel that somebody's pulling you onto the left, but you're going down to the right, so almost your 60 percent I will save eight on the back, leg and front like you're not feeling your knee. Only quiet muscle is activated and ribs are soft. Chin parallel. Then fix your attention on the neck and look to the right to the middle finger. Then bring your attention on the pinky finger and stretch them away from each other. Feel how the lying off energy moving into the shoulder now from here slowly come back. One thing is important, which I have not said it before, but you pay attention he'll in line with the art. It depends on your pelvis. What I'm seeing here now, If a person is Osteria tilted like that, then I will bring the hell in line with the arch to create it not to look over here. If a person is already anterior tilted, then after Jack, he'll in line with the art. If the pelvic is coming neutral. Otherwise I can bring the hell in line with the big toe also. So here. So find out there your pelvic become neutral. And then you have to fix your heel according toe that either in line with the art either in line with the mound off the big toe and while coming back from the pose Once we haven't done it, take the feet in and take the lead closer here and rest. Look inside what you feel and then you can open the legs again. Fix your gap on Go to the another side. Same way same point has to follow. Thank you. Thank you, dear friends. No, my steak. But make sure those must bring you into the present moment now and here. And it should not disturb your breath. And you should just know it should not disturb that. Bring the thank you, dear friends, I must 11. (07) Triangle Pose / Trikonasana: We are here with the post today. Triangle recall Usna one of the beautiful goes to work on the hamstring to work on the quarts, especially to work on the oblique to set stretch the side body muscle here. How to go into the post That is very important. You're starting from Karasin. Take the legs apart again. Check the gap will be again 3.5 to 4 feet gap according to your capacity off the hips here . If they're tied, it's India handed his only girl. You can hear the voice, so you have to see if the legs are too apart and you're not feeling comfortable. Then they can be closer, oppressed out to ridges and feel Fred Sense is you're both well taking equal weight. Like if I check now, my right leg is taking more right like it's taking more. So either I'm taking right foot closer a little. Still, my right leg is feeling more, so I'm taking left foot a little more out scored high here ever existed. My wait on the both legs equally right now. Now again, Bandini. 45 degree angle externally. Rotate externally, rotate and bring your heel, according to your pelvic, either in line with the art or either a little friend. It's up to your pelvic. I have explained that before so you can check that. So here in the triangle pose is very important that your quart is active and your patella is not moving. If you can see here right now, I'm pulling the kneecap up. It activated the quart, and by activating the quad, my centered off the Thai center of the knee and second toe. Come in one line. And now Beattie's on the four point on the left foot. And here, more weight is on the heel. Here. No pelvic is facing front. Neutral pelvic. Stretch the arms in the line and take the right hand up. Lengthen the spine. And now you're gonna cut from the left hip. See the right? It is going back. No, Bring it in in. So pelvic. Stay neutral. No. Cut from the right hip. Toe the left like you're right. It was going to the left. And you feel that your somebody's pulling your friend and then slowly hold your shinbone first than from the shinbone. See here what I'm gonna do, Ribs are coming forward. I'm taking the ribs in by taking the ribs in breath becomes soft here. Now from here, if you feel comfortable and keep checking your pretty lies under control, bring the hand out and look up through your left ribs. And then from here, if you're not comfortable high blood pressure take the hand here. Don't take the hand up. And if high blood pressure look down, don't look up. But if you want to look up there, open for yourself first. So the stomach as much as facing front naval is pointing friend. Then look up through that left eye left I like I'm on the right side looking up from the left. If I look from the right eye, it will tends the neck here. So look up from the left eye. Then pick the hand up and stretch the arm middle of the shoulder Really via gentry closer. And then here you can see my neck continues down. Gently tilt the neck back until you find that your breath is even. And here see that Don't concave your back. Bring the ribs in and keep the underside lamp. And while coming up, rest right. I'm on the light side suppressing the right in auto pressing the left foot here my attention is on the quart activity the court and and then slowly turned the foot in. If you feel like from here you can go toe the paras not relaxed goto the another side. But if you have enough stamina and you're comfortable, you can goto the another side at the same time. But at the and come back to us. Close your eyes. Look within Feel your body. Feel your breath and find out This bulls has taken you to the silence. And you are you got shipped everything. You know that you know me Authorization off my a moment Then you are just reviews That is the whole left foot off the force to create in your mind. 12. (08) Downward Facing Dog / Adho Mukha Svanasana: welcome to this beautiful evening in India. You can see the beautiful mountain back there on with those beautiful Henry Mountain cows. I'm here to give you downward facing dog. So how to go into the post? That is really, really to going to the polls. You have to take this form. If you look at me tool to gather me apart. Your stomach is supported on the pies on both hands. Front, off. So this is the they how dispose has to stop now from here. First you have to hear about your arms and hands. And for that I'm going to change this man so my arms can face you. You can see Really, My dear friends, is it okay able to you? Yes. The guy behind the camera is giving me Yes. So we're going for it. Hey into. And his name is backed, by the way. So here, if you look at my hands, I'm taking the index finger parallel to each other. It has a purpose. Why? Because if I bring it in, you can see my shoulders are turning in. And now the time is for camera. Well, I'm for yeah. Believe computers to shoulder that always grounded. I'm creating the situation by just taking the index finger here. But if you find it is again, the shoulders are coming in life. You can even open in this way to this much can be open. No, I am going with this way. Then in the dollar tides off the shoulder has to be in line with in that you see it. I'm taking that. I'm taking that here and your elbows kiss each other that your first that is fixed. Then I have to work on the external rotation. This is internal rotation. This is external. Have to bring my shoulder in external rotation, my neck and sold. It can have a space there. So once it is cleared, then you have to come on your knee. Kyoto's under and it must be level gap here. If you see hip level gap me the center off my tie and this e s I joint here, the bony reason must be in one reason I'm going for that. So he's been one life from here once who had done and you have checked that than chocolate toes and and lift your buttocks up here and keep space between the shoulder and neck. External rotation. Stay here. You can see my neck is free. I'm not doing this. It's a free neck. Okay, I'm coming. Dined up. Going another way so you can check it in here. Left. Is it OK now from here. Same thing. I'm creating front now. Come on, you knee. Tuck your toes under Allen, the starting. Bring your stomach closer to the time here and lift your buttocks up. ComEd, look slightly ahead. But don't compress the next likely Jack. You breath is relax into the diaphragm. No slowly. Spine delegation is most important. If your ties are tied, especially the hamstring, you can just stay here. Good enough. If you find you have space, your hamstrings are allowing you. You can bring the hell back and spine along it if you can see my spine is along it. If you find your spine is rounding like that is not good. Better toe, Ben. Money. Bring the heels up and then lift the exact and you can stay here. And if there is the extension on the lumber spine, then bring the heels back and slowly your shoulders stay there. Even you can relax your head and breathe. If you find that your hamstrings are tight, even you can have another option. Lift the heels up here and you can dispose here like but check your ribs are not looking forward or you're sinking down. Pushed amat forward. Lift the shoulder up towards the buttocks here and create a nice extension in the spine in that once you can feel even stretch on the armpits, dear. So here and then, if you're comfortable, feet down. If you feel you can even take the feet a little apart that will create a different situation, you can be more calm and then push them out forward. If you're really good ones, you can take the head down and you can relax there. But make sure your toes are not pointing out. Those slightly in heels can be out, so that's life. In that way, your secretary of joint will be open, then slowly come down. Sit down. Keep your eyes closed. 41 so you can really feel what? Dispose lifting very relaxing and coming. Enjoy. Dispose. You can really felt inside of you down work bowing down. It's a kind of surrender. Thank you so much. 13. (09) Cobra Pose / Bhujangasana: the most of your friends. Welcome here with us. Not only mean that is another guy behind. Welcome to you both here for the cobra pose. Bujang whole Braaten in India. Cobra has known for a large. This poses making you a lot in your shop. Have you to meditate? Yeah. You can work well in your office to you can do your job very well because the schools will give you strength in the back so your back will be straight in the same time, alertness. But yoga has always used this. A likeness to go there within yours. So make sure you're quite giving some time after the post to be the So let's go to the Cobra pose. Right now for this bulls, you can lie down on your stomach. Here. Relax. Now, some people have really over art in the lumber. They are interior till trick people. And quite if they go to the polls just on the ground, they can feel compression. So if you find compression, your lower back is not comfortable in this bulls bigger blanket me. Quite forward it and put it under your That will give you a really good effect now from here. Once you're here, start from the toes here. So your toe gently pressing especially your little too has to press down November little total Press down your pie from the back will roll out from the inner David rule. So which were convinced the fact no one's your dear Press the tools, it will activate the ties you can see just by pressing quartz That activate and lower back is kind of free here, both hands by the side of just not forward not to back just by the side off in the basic cobra. But I'm going to give you terrific cobra healing cobra which can strengthen your back muscles. So I'm going to give you a different technique. You're not using your arms much so shoulder check You're not coming forward. Rule the shoulder back. The scapula is going down towards the products And from here bombs are just a touch Lift your heart Don't compress your neck And your truth must be soft all the time If you're through this heart you're compressing You're next road Salt lived through the heart up Press the pupils down Press the pubis down Your tailbone is going down towards Don't use your back muscle. If you see it's just a touch but elbow touch the body lift. You throw hard up, lived through your heart. Make sure you are not crunching into the back. You can see that, my lord back it's free from the I'm only using my back muscle if I'm pushing through my hand. Okay. Like in pushing toe my lumber, which is really helpful. I'm using my back muscle to bring me up. And according to your Tora six pine naked check your breath is going to the die from check Your temples are very lax and slowly come down in court stevia for a while. Look within. Mm, You will feel a lot, but relax. You know, if your self seen a cat, the cat is taking a nap. It so relax. But if something or someone passed by, she's like, look, seem. If you'll see snake, relax, but suddenly movement happened. So we can so much energy. What? Relax. That's the purpose of this cobra at the same time extending the back muscle in your back. But remember, you are using almost 70 to 80% off strength off the bad muscle, not through the hands were pushing back. Enjoy your friends, I must say 14. (10) Locust Pose / Salabhasana: No, my city of things. No. But you know what is the meaning? Off the musty number they numbing bow down and stay mean from going down The truth Did you life within you life within me. No station. We're bowing down to the life that is every year. So, my dear friends, we are here with the post locust locus poses the best counter for problems and in a sense, created, called. So are you ready? Do you want to first see? Okay. See? Learn more than you do. So, for this you're going to lie down on your stomach In the regional locust pose. Your hands will go down like palms are facing up and will bow down My watch is creating a little disturbance for musicals where I'm taking the watch out And here roll your eyes in in from here Stretch your arms and your skin Will jack you breath Easy then from the inner thighs. Remember, from the inner ties they should not roll out. Roll that high in Penn State. Come down. Stay as long as it is easy for you. It's a very people's. But if a person is the rounded Children which mostly people are and I call this century. The 24th century is the sensory Off around the shoulder and it around the shoulders are there. And you're doing this pose. We're not going to get any fit. Actually, it can hurt. So for those people around her shoulders take the hands back. Bring the shoulder. Not too much. Back into the socket. This is too much. This is a rounded here. Were you fired? Your breath is relax. And to love the finger. Lift your heart and then lift the legs up. Rule the pies in from the inner thighs. Lift up now. Bring the hedge. Like if you see here neck is flat, it is compressed. So just in line with the Torres explains and breathe. See? Look at my toes. If you squeeze your toes, it will disturb you breath or Ponyo toes here. And your breath will be more free. This is the way. Then slowly come back. Mm. Those is bringing you presents. Getting your thoughts from the past and future. You have you No to the beauty beauties. That And if you're president, you can enjoy the beauty Suppose help you to enjoy the beauty off life. Thank you. 15. (11) Hero Pose / Virasana: What's the difference? We are here today with hero pose Vieira's No, it is the part of that healing sequence. What I am teaching you so first, how to go into the post is very important. So watch it and I'm gonna show you first from the behind. So in this pose you're gonna take your hand on the cuff so your calf muscle will go down, down and then you hold your calf and rule them out and then slowly sit back. So you remember cough muscle again one more time. Calf muscle here, pulled down and rule them out and slowly sit between the heels here so your feet will as much as closer to the body touching. And here says bone will be onto the ground. So if you find that you are not able to sit down like that, your hips are not touching the heels. Then you can use the block under the sit bones and sit. Relax it. So this is the first part of dispose. Once you have done dispose, watch it again. Going back, we're has to pay attention. Most of the people can create leaping, get, dispose, help. I have to see that center of the sigh here and center off the knee will be in one line. If you see right now, my inner sneeze there pointing down. So they're creating pressure on money area. So what I have to do right now, it's very important to press a little too. The little toe down. So see what's happening on my ties. I'm pressing the little tore down, and suddenly you can see from here They come into the center and I'm pressing my cough down so they stay there. You can see they're staying. They're staying there. I'm bringing them more closer. But now we are not dipping in words you can see again. I'm gonna lose it. Huh? This happened it great pressure on the knee. It keep pressure on the legs. Lower back. And if you're not able to do it, simply use a block. You can see here just by using the block, they come into the line and slowly, slowly, when you're front of the tie will be more open than you can go into. This pours more easily. But make sure you're taking here off these alignment once you're here, then interlock your fingers right thing giving corrupt. And then here, stretch the arms. I grew up and from here feel the side off the body. Your inner shoulder will be relaxed and you're stretching from that side body and the shoulders appear so it can feel a nice stretch around the armpit line here. But your breath will be soft. Temple will be relaxed. So that is one second time Your right pinky finger will be down then and then stretch. So both time. Take 55 breath and then you can take your hand down on the head and stay here around one minute the 1.5 minute according to your comfort level. But after this pose, this is a very beautiful, meditative pose. Once you have taken the hands up both time, close your eyes. Be attention to your breath is from die from Pay attention to your temples there relax and on ways. Look with him. Relax comfortable and he will find the state beautifully disposes, creating in you also. Then you're being you can taste your mind will cut from the past and future and you will dip into this moment through the post again. Bows and presence there connected my difference. Enjoy yourself. Thank you the most 16. (12) Camel Pose / Ustrasana: What's the deal, Friends? No. Must stay. Okay, we are here with the post today. Camel pose Bush Trust now one of the beautiful post. And I'm going to teach you tours and basic and it wants. So according to your capacity, according to your level, you can choose that. So before this pose again, you have to see that your knee center off the knee and center of the ties. One line. So if my knees are going apart, they are this way. So there's gonna create pressure here, so we're not taking them to a part. Keep level gap. This is if you check here again. This is E s. I s the bony reason. And then bony reason and center off the tight. They're in one line. So this is my hip level gap. So here, first, you have to stay in this formacion off the post. No, From here you have to pay attention to your feed here. So all the tools gently pressing into the matter, especially the pinky toe, the little too that is pressing down into the mat. By pressing that mad, the arches will be active. The calf muscle will be active the time muscle will be active so they will take the pressure away from your joint now before going toe backward meant you have to pay attention to the lower back here. I village wise. You you bent a little from the hip and take your tailbone down just down, not forcing in tailbone down towards the ground, then tie forward. But make sure your ties are not crossing the line off me. If Ty grows the me the great pressure on the lumbar sacral joint, Sony and Hip stay in line. If you think that you're not sure about it, go to the wall, take the matter to the wall and take the tie forward forward close to the wall so the wall will be permitted that your tags are not crossing your knee here. So once you're done with that now both hands on the V studio and this but x Syria. You can feel on that where the bombs are starting. So then bring it down. You can see the tailbone is going down now. Here lift the heart of lift the heart up When the maximum heart you have lifted up elbow will no doubt elbow in. And then relax your neck back. Are you comfortable here? Your throat must be Relax. If you're not, relax here. You can take your head up a little. So then slowly lifting the heart up. Then take one. Him extra mil rotation on the heels than other hand. Same external rotation. All the hell. Make sure you are not creating any pressure or lumber. Spine. Don't sink down. So push the heels down, PRESTA Pinky toe down. Lift your heart up and then relax. Check your breath Must be from the die From on the game. These temples Your brain will be calm and relaxed. Then slowly through the hard you have goes down through the heart. Come up. Never lose the strength on your heart. If you lose the strength on the heart, the weight will go to the lower back, which is not good. If you find this is not comfortable for you, you can take your hand down Tokyo to and and then try Or you can try one hand back one hand up in the basic way. Another hand out, another hand up. The technique will be the same. Heart is lifted. If this lose close losing If you're not able to do it all dispose my dear friends. Then take your hands back. Fingers are pointing out if there is no back pain Fingers cut. Sorry. No wrist pain. Finger can point back here like this towards the Me area. So from here tailbone control. See, I'm taking the tail down. Press the hand down your distant shoulder line and haga stay there as long as comfortable for you and then come back after coming back again. Close your eyes. That is really important. My dear friend Never miss the chance after the pose to close eyes to check your breath, to feel your body to observe your thought Where is your mind? What kind of feeling? There witnessing is the juice off you go Witness your body Witness your bread Witness, Just notice your thought without judgment Notice you're feeling without adjustment so the pose and presence can be connected together. Enjoy. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you 17. (13) Seated Twist / Marichyasana I: welcome to all of you here with the pose which is one of the best pose I will savory, simple and the very best specially to release the toxin away from the body. It's a twist and I'm taking you toe this tourist step by step so you can understand how this book works. And from here you have to move and what kind of things you have to be aware into the bosom . So let's go for this pose. So for the pools, if you see right now in me, I'm taking this post. But what you can see, the lumber is rounding here. If you pay attention, they have the lumber is rounded. So if the poses coming like that to you, make sure you're not entering into the post until you really lengthen your spine. And that natural curve off the spine, which is on the lumber spine, must be there. So if you find something like that so you can take a blanket or a mad, which you can fooled, you can sit from that math it. So if you see right now, I'm taking take the taking the flesh off the verdict back not out I'm not taking it out. I'm taking it back. So my sit bone come there. So maybe it is visible to you know how my spine is right now. Lengthen here. So it means I am maintaining that natural cover off the spine. Then I have to pay attention to my feet here. Not going out. Not going in the feet is in that formation that you see that second tool and the center off the knee and center of the tie in one line. And your title in up and down so it can feel a nice compactness on your leg. They're not lazy. They're not too hard. But they're very much under your control in a gentle way. So from here, keep your spine long here, then bend one leg. If you see I'm bending right leg. So I'm taking the hell closer. Closer, closer, Closer to close. What happened on the spine around here? So it means this is not the gap for my spine. I take the feet forward. Forward. I find it out. Okay. If I'm bringing hell to close, my breath is disturbed. A gun Breathe. Feed is forward. Forward. Sit bone. Come to the ground spine. Come along, gate. I can breathe. Well, Snow. It means this is the Gaff for me, for my leg. Now, from here, you're gonna take the right hand up and back spine along gate here. Now take the left hand up and when you twist, you twist from the core first. So if you see, I'm twisting from the court. But I'm not using my hand. But if you find that you're using your hand to go into the post, then no need to take the hand back forth. Then you can stay here, lengthen the spine twist from the court, Check your breath. Easy, resisted any. It is not going out coming in, then twist from the shoulder. Check your breath. This stuff Check your spinal longer twist from the shoulder. Then slowly take the arm right hand on the tie left arm over the knee. So once you come here, you will find that your spine is rounding, then cup shaped hand. Or you can use anything under your hand. A book also well working. Then from here, press the left arm into the right knee, write me into the left arm and lift the heart up So this is very important. You should not go to the twist with this round. You have to live to your heart up now from here when you lift the heart up, then gently opened the shoulder to that right site. Now we can see here I'm opening the shoulder. But I'm not allowing this left shoulder to come in. I am resisting it, opening it and going to the external rotation off the shoulder there. How hard is up Then? You can take your top of the head back once top of the head back then simply your in that and look back through the right eye. There will be more gentle rotation in the neck and if you look through the left, I try to look. He will feel tension in the neck. Tension in the eyes There is not good. So gently look back to the right I only and keep the heart lifted and breathe. If every inhalation your lengthening the spine with every exhalation, you're gently giving it to us to the spy. Breathe. Stay here 4 to 5 breath according to a capacity than slowly take the neck. Take the head, take the shoulder. Take the chest and slowly come back after this. Close your eyes for a moment and feel what dispose has given you. Are you relaxed? Are you comfortable? Are you feeling that dispose has given you your taste? Taste off your own presence inside. Have it mean the bulls has him. Then do it to another side with the same alignment enjoyed. Thank you. 18. (14) Boat Pose / Navasana: No. So, dear friends number stay. I bow down to the life, which isn't you, which is in me. I bow down to the truth. This isn't you. This isn't me. That is a meeting off the most. So we're going for here. Boat pose now as now, one of the best post to work on the back and core and tie one of the best force for digestion. The contradiction benefit how to go. You can see into the you know, we will write down the post, then you can see there. But I'm gonna give you how to go into the pose. Rightly So when you go into the pose, this poses on the buttocks. You cannot just take the sit bone onto the ground and you can do the post. Feel this the whole buttock area. Uh, that your tailbone? Your sit bones. That triangle is farm there. So you can see this here, then on the basic level, on the basic level difference. You can bend the knee and you can stay here. Now, see here I'm rounding. Shoulders are coming back. No. Rule the shoulder back into the socket and live the heart up. You can bring the knee ankle, one line activity Dana type and enjoy the polls here. Don't look up too much. Otherwise your breath will disturb. Find out your chin. Here, like here is better a little, but it's not. Battle chimneys down and neck is flat Now. Cheney's up. There is a curve in the neck, but not overcome, so my breath will be. Stay easy if you read, wants and hold it. Rule the tie in. Contract the quartz and left the feet up here. Breathe. Don't flex the toes like that much. Otherwise it disturbed the breath. Keep the space opening toe the ankle joint and both hands by the side. Breathe. Stay here for 25 breath or according to your capacity. Then slowly come back. Interlock here. Or just hold your wrist and lengthen the spine and close your eyes. Pay attention on this pose as a really juicy taste, my dear friend. Then the polls is happening. You know, mind is thinking this side or this side mean past or future. When suddenly muscles have worked, you know, muscles mean body and through the yoga through the muscle, you just come back to your body like it bring you from all the psychological reality toe this movement with your body and my dear friends, that is now the discipline off you. Now this moment now is the discipline off yoga. So enjoy this bulls. Thank you. I must have to love you. 19. (15) Bridge Pose / Sethu Bandhasana: bridge posts say too. But Hasna, Basic backward, bent, healing properties. It can give you really good effect. Yes, you can read. Okay. All right. Here. I'm to give you the technique. Right. Technique is very important for the right effect. So I'm bringing here to you in tow. That beautiful technique said you can feel the post. You can taste the post in this post again. I will go over the knee, ankle one line need and second to one life. So if I'm going down with the poles here, you can see and that can happen. You take your leg up, slowly bend and bring it down. Is my knee ankle one line that close. All right. Is it OK now? Yeah. So that any angle line now you can take battle for your friend. You see that? And then me and second toe. One line you needs are not going out Tirol in this day centre of the Thai center of the need. One line there, they're not so far. This is then brought on the sole of the foot and then opened the toes and fix your feet onto the mat there so you can feel the weight is equal, dear. Now, once you are here, they're lift from the ties up. Ties up as much as you can. Don't four stay there. Once ties has gone to the maximum lift, then opened the hip flexor. But don't allow your need to splay out. If you think that needs going out, you can use a block. Or you can use any mattress in tow this way so that your ties will roll in. Like if you see what I'm using. I haven't this Matt now, and I can use this map. If you have block there, you can use the law here, so I'm squeezing it so you can see I stay in tow. The line and my tie inner thighs are getting strength. So this is the way here, my friends. No one's ties has gone up. Then, if lack serves as open, then intel of the finger here and external rotation, and when you do the external rotation, you can see the lift off the heart. If they're not, you can see on sinking down. There's a pressure on the lumber, so external rotation feel it on the shoulder and then slowly, Thai flags her opening more gently and lived the heart up towards the top of the head. Then see have chin down neck flat. You can't breathe Chin little up So there will be space between the chest and chin and there is a natural curve in the neck. You can see there is natural carbon the neck. I'm not killing the space and chin also up like Pardus. No neck. You wanna stay there and breathe? Stay there Quite five breath and then slowly come down here. Relax. Look within it The body with the breath. Observe your thought. What are you thinking in this movement? Observe your feeling So that witness conscious is that witness consciousness? You can really slip into that beyond the breath watcher beyond the thought Just relax, presidents. Beyond the feeling just we are trying Guys, I'm also traveler off this spot and with every pose with every move we're just trying We're trying So yoga can happen alone. Doing post sure is not yoga. What this poster has given me is this poses bringing me into the present moment after the post Am I comfortable? Is my breath is really flowing. Well is the prom ise going toe all those parts which I'm directing it, um suddenly a space open inside for you that you feel so good inside off you. It's mean we have turn your go, mate. I want to duel a few enjoy. 20. (16) Staff Pose / Dandasana: no much to my dear friends must have dual a few. We are here with the post today. 10 does not the exposition stick balls that has many names. And this is a very good post to work on the right sitting position first because it's really stunt on your back muscles to and give you a right idea how to sit in the sitting poses, so pay attention to that. So if you check here, I'm sitting here right now in that sitting, some people can see that they're back. Is rounding between the are not right in this position. Because if lumber is rounding, they can feel this area's tents in the schools, and if they're doing anything here, it will be really home. So what we do for those people? We take height, you can fold the blanket or if you have blocked with you and we bring the sit bones up there here. If you see, I'm not taking too much back. I'm not taking just on the edge is just slight here around 34 inches. So there is a gavels when the blanket did so here. So this is then I'm not saying you triple labor except know what we're doing. Just check the difference here. You lift your bums up and bring push it back and sitting down. If hamstrings are tight for some convention Ingles So first thing is this one here. Then from here, when you are really adjusted their work on your artist the art is active. So gently lift that hard cheese up, not the toes. Sometimes we just lived their toes up. Then it is here stress you will find If the tools are just lifting up your temple, your brain will be tends. So here Ah, hutches are going back And you are like that Like you're standing on the ground there. So that much activation on the arches then Mullany kep up contract time muscle. Remember there were time s sole role in gentle like you're holding something, not ruling like that. Nobody just You're holding something so abjectly the skin goes in a little tie up, earn back one ties foam. The Lord back will be free. And you can feel nice lengthening into the spine. Then take the handbag, press the palms down and lift the heart up here So this can be done here or wanted. If your shoulders are tied, elbow back and lift the harder. Or don't push the heart. No rip solved your lifting you harder. So if you find your breath, it will be on the data front and with the pose, brain will be quiet. That is the purpose for sitting poses. If you find any time that you don't have any matter block but your lower back is tied, you just bend. You need this much and bring your sit bones the ground and you can do the post. Try disposes really helpful and try to sit in the polls with the close eyes, feeling everything in the body in the breath and just doing relaxed. Stay here 5 to 10 breath and even in. Thank you, my dear friends with the pose. Always remember silent that relaxation is happening inside of thank you. 21. (17) Head to Knee Pose / Janu Sirsasana: the most of your friends. We are with the polls here, John. You Shiraz and I had two knee. That is a continuation off. Then does Nina. I hope you have seen the last video than does not. So try all those alignment. Archers. Active title. Enough back. Heart lifted. So from here, take one leg. External rotation outside, and then back off the knee. Hold it. And slowly bring the hell closer to dinner. Tie as much as closer previewed back. Now you will find it is coming up. Then you have to just gently with the muscle engagement. Bring it down and see that your spine is facing front. Seemed then does not is happening just now the hell is coming closer and keep are getting external rotation. Activation of the quality is there to breathe Now from here. Lift the hands up slowly. Go forward. Don't go down like that Surrounding the back. No. Lift the heart up through a hard go down. Fold the feet and see. You can see I'm rounding the back here. Then lift the heart of Bring the shoulder down into the socket and shoulder blade closer to each other. Pressed the time, which is in the outlet back, tore down towards the ground. I lived the heart so you can stay here if you're basic. If you feel comfortable not on the hamstring this too tight. You can bend your knee and you can do like that. If you find comfortable, you can limp in your spine. And if stomach can touch that high, then you can take the elbow up shoulder bag. See elbow up, shoulder back, hard lifted so you can stretch the back muscle to. If you really comfortable and stomach is touching the tie, you can go down like that. The heart is going down and I'm just resting my head. But if resting the head create tension here, don't rest. You can use any tall in front there or any below friend there and chest is resting and you can stay here like that and very make sure stuff is not happening on the knee. Not here. There's happening on the hamstring there. If you find stretches happening there, microbe enemy. So it will take the stress out off the little mint here. Then slowly, then you come up. Lift the heart up and through the heart come out. Don't go down like that and don't come up like that because like that, the lower back will really get extension here. And you can create traction in the spine and which is a healing if any difficulty you can bend the knee as I've told you can bring them stomach and you can just arrest elbow down can be also can be also here Now, here. If you want to stretch the hamstring use this way If you want to stretch the back, use this win on both so you can be done if hamstrings and backs a tight so one by one you can stay in dispose for again 5 to 10 breath according to your capacity and comfort level. And I will suggest that in this pose, remember, In this pose is very important that you find these temples are relaxed because if you're pushing yourself, there will be tension here. And if your neck is even back there, there will be tension here. So he are maintaining heart lifted neck natural cough. So that point is, really, um enjoy the pose. And remember, after the polls, when you have done another side close your eyes dip into the polls. Impose will take you to the silence, my dear friend. Very juicy silence. Enjoy it. Thank you. That was 22. (18) Seated Forward Bend / Paschimottanasana: I must have your friends, The mustard rule of you. We are here to gather with the pose. But she Madonna's sitting forward then very important. Bulls to stretch the hamstring. Activate back wards, especially work on the back muscles. Forward bent. It is really good too. Relax and D anxiety. Relax with them poses. They cool down the calm down in person because indisposed heart is going down so hard is coming with gravity off the ground so it can be relaxed. Okay, food first. Brenda sna you have seen them? Does not same. Take all those alignment off, then does not title in up back arches active and back. Lift the heart up. No pressure on the lumber spine then for that wants people they can go like that. Left the heart up. Lift the arms up through the hard Go forward hard. Go forward. Resist that needs not going down hard is going and hold the feet. Lengthen the spine. So if you can lengthen the spine, dear, if you can see that my knee is going down because I'm using it. So these are hyperextending me. My knees are tense right now. I'm not gonna do it. I'm gonna take myself back here. Lester Gap A little and now back off the knees, touching the ground. But still, if you see my heels are coming up, hypertension is happening. So it's a dangerous for the knee joint. So I'm gonna take one. Anything you can use it below under my like See here now needs right is free from pressure . So title in up and back and heart through the heart Go down all the feet. If the stomach is touching the time you can see my stomach is touching the tie Then I can interlocked the finger, If it is possible, are just hold here, lengthen the spine. Keep the spine along it and stomach is touching the ties. A lumber is safe. You can go down, relax wherever is comfortable for you. But don't push. Just help. Take the elbow up, shoulder back, heart up. It will create extension in the spine. If you want to relax. No need to do anything. Stomach is touching that I make sure alignments our rights, like in tow. Center off the knee center of the tie in one line. Hold and gently relax. If you find it's too difficult. Hamstrings are tight, Spend money. And you can do this if you find you want to stretch your hamstrings because this poses going to stretch the back muscles specially here. Upper back muscles. Make sure you're not feeling stretch on the secret Miria because there is only ligament Enormous also were not stretching the secret. We're stretching this muscle here. So if you feel stretch here, maybe you have to adjust yourself where you have to bend the knee. So from here, if you have a belt and you can't go down any belt or you can use any towel, hold on a lamp in the spine like that. Keep just my long so you will stretch your hamstrings right now. I'm gonna use this to show you you hear anything. Whatever is near to you can become a problem. Anything idea friends if you know how to use them, they become from So if you die here, See, I'm gonna hold it. Lengthening the spine. It was a bold special Week is good. Yes, Finding the long gate. Here we go. Thank you. So here, fashion Madonna's again. This poses a really good for anxiety purposes or any digestion issues there. It is very helpful in that it is the alternative therapy. It help in that. My dear friend again, I will say after doing this pose when you have done stay, relax. Come up, Stick gentle. Donde Zina Easy. Not too hard inside and union. When the mind is not anywhere, it's just here. So body is meeting the mind. So meeting off body and mind mean Union off you. I mean, mind is with here with the body. So after post it happened for a few moments the Easter that deep into that and then slowly , slowly David, start going longer and you will find that pose is leading you towards the meditation and then your eyes fluttering. Thank enjoy yourself. Think. 23. (19) Cow Face Pose / Gomukhasana: Let's stadium. I must do all off you. You know, I have no idea that you're going to see this video. Yeah, so if you're seeing it, just feel it. That even you are seeing me right now we are connected. We are connected through over breath because breath is one same breath you're taking seeing great time. So we're connected. You and we don't know. He said that that we are connected, My dear friend, is the same life. So same life, energy. You with me? My different scene. So we are on that part off. You hear that unity other is part off you and you want a part of flavors. That's the idea coming into the poses, my dear friend, And that we're going to the cow. Facebook or Goma Cast. Very beautiful post. So here, Jack, you You have to sit down first in $10. Same thing you have a low sit bone, really onto the ground. Tirol in up back, hard left services. Then that's now you already know. You have seen that video to, and we have been connected that time too. So if you like to regard that connection between you and me. You're Ben Money. Bring one. He closer to the hip here, closer to the so if you see what rotation is happening. So first I'm taking extra consolidation than bringing the hell closer to that in a tight. But I'm not gonna sit on that. I'm still sitting on the sit bones so as much as Nick and confront. But your pelvic is also not going side. We're here. Bring your politic facing front in that now from again Benjani here extra meditation and bring like the tie in that extract mill tradition here. So it will be very easy to go with the pose when you go with the formation here. And then it's really about your knees over the knee. If it is comfortable for you right now, if my knees going a little out, I'm keeping it. Which is all right. No full ear. Here. Your feeds are relaxed As the reader pointing just pressed them down. Gentle, pressed and gentle press. You will feel your thymus, a willing gays and they will live to you up. You can check it. Just dump now. Just press the tools and see hard is lifted and check your more free. So when the breath is free No, you can stay here Now we can see my left eye is up Then I'm taking a right hand up opening the armpit here, but not forcing grips Hit, rip soft Your breath should not be disturbed at all. Once here, take the hand back. External rotation as far an internal ticket closer to the body. But don't touch stone touch you touch in the last when you really can't take the hand away from the body and then hold the fingers. You. So I'm holding my fingers there. Then when you grip it, if you can't grip, then use a travel or a belt. Then push the right handed the left hand down and see. This will open the armpit here and stretch will happen. But your next should not be forward here. Neck backs in battle. Look, Barlas now and breathe. So then you have to see when it is There. You see? I'm going to the right side, though. Bring here middle. Your navel is facing front. Heart is lifted and buried. Some people are happy to take them away like that. No, bring it closer. So if you want to see from the back Now I'm holding like this here, So if you think you are not capable for its shoulders a tight, then use any belt here or any trouble here and that's slowly come from the pose. Goto then does now and then on the another side. But don't force the needs for disposed beautiful pools to rest, to open myself on the hard area so you can flow towards longer. Enjoy in celebration for a moment when you have done the pose. I know both sides. Close your eyes nearly of that feel the freedom off the body opposes to me, Have the freedom off the body. Poses to me can lead towards the silence, so experience that in your practice let's stay enjoy. 24. (20) Double Leg Raises / Dwi Pada Uttanapadasana: north of your friends. We are here with the pose. Very gentle post. Very good for the core. Strengthening Bonaparte Us. Or you can call it simply leg lift also. So watch it first lie down on your back. Make sure here there's no high are Cherifi arches. Their brand money Bring the tail down. There is a natural covering me in there. You're not killing the car in any way, so here, feed together. If you find it is too difficult for you, feet can be a part also. And you find you really want to enjoy the post if you like. Have a block used the block between the tie and Tirol in upend backs that I will be active here, not our last night. Is there no slowly. Here you can hold the mat externally, Rotate your shoulders so you can see how much heart has lifted here. But then I'm arching the back, but I bring them back Bring the arch off the back to normal and really hold it. But bringing the shoulder blade down towards the ground and down towards the body so upper body is really still are slowly lifting the leg up on eggs. Elation. Hold here. Breathe. If you can't hold, your hamstrings are tight. Bend a knee. Make sure you're not stressing your back here, Lord back. If you find there's a pain in the back disturbance, you are not able to come like that. Hold here, bull tens under labour ticks. Tailbone control. Pelvic neutral here. New triple week. You know, seeing Tara's now, huh? But if you don't understand, I will say this is posterior. This is interior here. Neutral pelvic. Your breath will be really easy here. Then slowly lift the leg up. 10 3 if you're not able to do, bend any my dear friends and enjoy the spools here. Very simple bulls. Very therapeutic. Very healing. Very good for digestive system. In strengthening the court for the healing purposes, my dear friend proposes. We are using really very best sick, which can work on the basic people, intermediate people at once. People as a healing purposes. Very well. Remember that. All the post what we're doing here, his foot healing purposes. So they are very gentle, very easy. And somehow they relax. You becomes you down. Because relaxation is the biggest healing, my dear friend So if you're not able to do even this, then you can take your one leg up. Other can bend here if hamstring is tight Here, come down, bent. Other leg up here or if you're comfortable, you can take your one leg up. Stay another leg Stay and you can hold this pose for as long as you feel comfortable. Are normally for two five breath will begin and close your eyes. Relax and enjoy time to, you know, after the posted time to let the polls give you the effect. Because when you have done the post suddenly the muscle has activated some pressure has created blood flow. So suddenly you take the things you know. You release the muscle and blood this kind off. You are really creating a situation that increasing blood supply in tow That area where the stretch is happening. So, my dear friends enjoy live, laugh and love. Thank you. Thank you. I do 25. (21) Wind Releasing Pose / Pawanmuktasana: No. Most of your friends. 12 unmarked asana been released foods. One of the best pose for digestion area. And there is a very good you know, if there is a lower back pain sometime due to stress there, then this bulls can really be a good help. After sitting too much on the chairs, this pool is gonna be really held on. Good for digestion. Now here, Brendan E. Here solely. Bring them closer home. If you hold on the knee like that, or you hold on the shinbone like that, it's a little difference there. You have to check your pressure in the hag and your breath. Like if I'm taking my me up like that. My breath is easy. My temples are relaxed. This area if I'm taking hand on my shinbone and I'm bringing it down, my breath is stopped on. My temples are tense. No! So I choose here, huh? Really easy and comfortable. Then you can interlock your fingers. Hold it closer elbow really in the body. And if you're really comfortable, bring the heart closer to the chest, Closer to the tight. Sorry, heart is already closer to the chest. So bring your heart closer to the ties. And don't push the chin like that. No, just let it relax and check your breath. Is it easy? If your neck is here, breath will not music If your kidneys and vertical largely So you have to find a middle position Your elbow closer shoulder down and I'm here. There's no pressure on the temple here. Pressure there. So I will use here for me and another faith. You can hold the elbows and you can stay here. I like it really would make me really comfortable. Grip. Slogan Stay here. Stay here. Five. Breath 5 to 6 or photo five. How many comfortable for you and slowly come down. You don't even both hands on the belly, inhale and exit from the front. Give time to the post over cognac. At least one minute in the healing sequences you take that so really close can give you It's full then. And at that time you are really feeling all those where dispose has created inside like relaxed, feeling, comfort, feeling like it's a kind of hugging yourself, huh? It's brought very nice feeling. So try that out, my dear friends. Andi, enjoy the silence. The relaxation which the sports has created for you. Thank you. I must say I feel 26. (22) Half Shoulder Stand / Ardha Sarvangasana: What's the deal, friend? I must have dual off you. And first I'm going to say how to do no must. So here, bring your hand arrest in line with the shoulder. Joined the palm here. Now you will see if you're joining your palms like that. Check Cuba and then open the time Bank. Check your breath. You will find a difference here just to buy this die from contract by die from relaxes you'll find your breath is really easy here. Now from here. Slowly bring the hand closer like on the heart reason just down the chest area here and then from here Elbow soft and down. And one more thing This two points Index, Keep them apart. Check your breasts will be different here. And then press them gently against each other and see your breath will go deeper to the dive from there. So when that happened right, your brain will be relaxed. Threat will be relaxed. This temple will not attendance. So it made them. There is enormous. Stay right here. That I was to do all of you. We are here with the post today. Reprieve The Carney half shoulder stand. Ah, lot off therapeutic benefits are there. There are some limitations, like high blood pressure. This is not allowed and they will be written further so you can read them. I'm here to explain the technique to you. So this bulls has been regarded as a anti aging pose. And some scriptures say that you can hold if you are really it once in it starting from one minute to minute, three minutes gradually increasing. You can hold this for 12 minutes also, and this poses a kind off cooling post. We call it cooling inversions. So before going toe disposed, I will suggest you have some blanket you know, like to blanket. Or you can have the mat to mat to fold on each other like that, and before going toe this pose because then there is a blanket it will support your shoulder and neck will be free. Uh, sorry, Soem or your weight will be on the shoulder. A neck will stay co with the car. It should not be flat neck like that down. So that's where we're getting the blanket. So when your beer check your shoulder will not be on the head slightly down and in your neck. If you pay attention, this is See someone here. When you take the head down, you will find it this mount. Your bony reason is coming up. That bony reason will be on that blanket here. So almost your 25% leg will be on that blanket and 75% neck well before you. And now you can see my heart is coming up like that. So if you find like that there is a lot off arch happening. You can use a pillow or blow under the Syrian. Do your sacrum area like this. So this will come neutral here. So from here, then slowly. And if you have good core strength bend you knee. Bend your knees. Lift up here. Okay. Now bring the Thai closer to the chest so your core muscle will be activated. Then slowly lift up, lift up, lift up, lift up. So you will feel till you're lifting up. The Vaid is coming onto the shoulder. If it is going toe the neck, it mean you have to come back a little. You should not feel any pressure here. Then your hand your arms closer to the ribs. Closer to the ribs and then you're supporting your like it media here, this one and you see here is a collapse in the heart than live the heart up. Lift the harder and your elbows are supporting your weight also, but not much. If it's too much weight on the elbow, you will find there is some disturbance in your breath. You can bread easily, right? So it stay on the shoulder. Elbows are just stick touch there. So check the breath. It will be easy. Oh, here. If you can see, my breath is flowing from die from here. I'm putting a lot of eight on the elbow. You can see it going to the chest is on the chest here. So now Al booze are not taking much weight, but they're contributing to hold the post. And your shoulders are in external rotation here. Tyrell in up back. Gento, if you can see I'm going here and there is a pressure on my temple as I'm going back here, breath is relax and my brain there. There's no pressure on my temple. That is soft, easy, comfortable. Stay here for the therapeutic benefit, at least for the healing effect at least. Start from one minute and go to two minutes to three minutes. If you're feel tired like that, you can use actually pillows, you know, 23 bolster. And you can put your back there like that. So that below, or any kind off table. But have that table and put some cushion or some blanket there so you can support yourself here with that table. Just here. Are you going to stay here and then slowly bend your knee? Come down, come down. Knee bent feet on the floor. The rest too. No, You were feeling mellow down, yellow down like cooling sensation inside. Vesting sensation inside and they will be helpful in meditation. My dear friends, Mike is coming here. So it's all right. Enjoy the silence off. Thank you, my friends. I must think 27. (23) Supine Twist / Supta Matsyendrasana: mustard, Your friend. I must do it well off you. Almost. This is the second last pose off this course to release the back muscle to ease the back after the shoulder stand, this pose will really take you deeper into relaxation so you can enjoy the last Rochelle us . So here, you're gonna like down on your back there as no pelvic neutral check. If your chin is too higher and you are not able to bring it up, use cushion or something like this and blanket under your head. So at least your breath will be easy. Breath is the cafeteria. If your breath is not flowing into the die from it mean you need to adjust something. When it is flowing here, it means pools is happening. Like now here. This is a very simple and easy twist. Not from here. You're gonna bend your knee here and left leg over the right. Lift it up as much as possible. If you can hold the foot, hold. It is like lying down Goma. Kosmina. Breathe. Then from here slowly found facing the ground and bring the left knee towards the chest and bring the both me down towards the right Towards that I and rest and then criteria is that that your shoulder, like my left shoulder, should touch the ground here for both shoulder must be onto the ground. Stay there. He's relaxed and then look gently towards the left. If you can see breath is flowing here, then it is moving towards the I'm Syria. Now, if your shoulder is coming like that, what to do, then slowly come up. You can please a cushion, but if you can see here, you can play something under your knee here like that when this city is up as much as needed. According to your height, you can adjust according toe that I'm adjusting here so even it is here now and surely will go down. So, most importantly, shoulder should go down so chest can really open here and then slowly come back. Change the lake. Same way toe the another direction. You can feel really gentle twist which release all the toxin after the sequence, when you have done and there's a second last port. So you release you work on your kidney area and it help in detoxification effect. So then, after this pose, we can go to shove us now very easily. But again I will lead wise that once you have done dispose my dear friends, I think a little time. Just do the defect off this pose. You will feel a lot of energy movement here. Your stomach will be released and there will be a nice, gentle massage on this area. Quite feel it inside that our beautiful mechanism nature has given us this body like this Bones overflow our digestive system respiratory system, nervous system A lot of things we have been given and I will say it is a mystery. This human body is a wonder Wonder if we look at ourselves. This is amazing. Design off the nature Beautiful design. So feel your body right? But how is it is working. It's amazing. Enjoy the wonder Wonder off your body Now let's did your friend have a wonderful time? Don't know us 28. (24) Corpse Pose / Savasana: What's the deal, friend? I'm here with the most Adwan. Suppose off you go to the I'm very show us in a shelved mean cops A debt bows to be like just debt. Show our cinema Why I am saying it is difficult because the movement off the mind because mind whenever it is just you're lying down. It will take you into different directions off time like past future or some thought of some imagination. No debt to all those, I mean, sure. So that's why it is the most erred one supposed in you. That's what it comes at the last When you have done all the thing, it means this is the last thing to do, which is advance. So how to go into the post is really important. So just be here with me to do this pose rightly. No hip level gap. So tired us know if you remember, Tyrus and I have given bed. So we're going to the stars now. So some people, if they go down, they can feel really high arch there. They can't relax. Then you bend your knee, bring the tailbone down and see there is a natural cup you're not killing the curve. Also, if you look down here this This has been killing the car. There is no cup. A person can breathe. Then I will bring my tailbone in tow. That way that it is not over. It is not killed at least hair. Ah, neutral pelvic. And it's covered here. Breath is easy Now from here there's a s I s so a s. I s in line with the center off the pie here. So this is tireless. No feet apart. IP level And then from here Just relax alike. Check. Breath is going now. Some people cool shoulders are rounded and they're really not able to bring the chin down. They will be here. We have to bring chin battle like this is not a battle. This is north battle battle. Even you can hold the back of the neck toe, open it like that. Open it and then put it down here. Then you can open the shoulder like this and fix them down and armpit will be open. Arms will not be closed. Open and relax. Show us if some people who changes up like that all the time again you can take the support off a blanket off a below, and it will be more relaxing there again. Remember, there is a space like having to eggs here like one egg here, one and here not to on one side. What ones like and then close your eyes and you're gonna scan yourself first. Like toe. Relax, ankle. Relax me. Relax. Hip. Relax. Lower back. Easy. Upper his relaxed, honest Relax. The whole body just you're scanning to the top of the head is relax. Frankly, attention to your breathing. Just be the a breath. Stomach is coming up. Stomach is going down. So if you're with the bread, breath is never in the past. Breath is never in the future, but he's always in the present. So if I am with the bread, I am president. So this most at one suppose can be really simple with help off. Then stay here at least minimum five minutes and then slowly from here. How to come out off the pose, Bend your knee, turn to the right like this in this week or another way, you can take your hand up and turn to the right. Now the beloved him push the ground out. Lonely comer. Come up after coming up. If your lower back is tired, you can't sit you some height. Sit down is quite easy. Both like cross legged position. Easy me and level and join your palm on gratitude Thankfulness towards your own self and to the every human beings. And you can repeat with me. I love to say this after finishing my sequence. May all be happy. May all be holding They all enjoyed in life Full. I must tell my dear friends, it has been beautiful journey with all of you. Thank you. I go down to all of unions. Thank you. Enjoy. 29. Summary & End: This is how we complete in India, taking the holy water in the last and giving the back to the its source taking from the source and giving back to the source That is the way to complete. And I Congress too late to deal yogis. They're beautiful friends. To complete this with me, I will see it is a start whenever you have completed. But in a way you are starting now because it's never my dear friend, what is universal? It goes on and on and on. Slide will see Congress too late and enjoy the journey ahead Now which is coming in this course you have gone through with me hip opener and then you have gone through sitting poses. Then you have gone through backward bends. Then you have gone through twist. Then you have gone through forward men's and then you have gone through inversion. Almost every category was there, isn't it? Now let me tell you physical. You know the benefit what we have given you on psychological level. Keep open up. This has been the seat off emotion, isn't it? Defending thing happen. I will see if you're going into a clean and suddenly plane going down. Many people have gone through that. What happened here, some emotion. All the emotions according to understanding off yogis has been said, is here. So through the hip opener, we release all that suppressed emotions which are stored inside of the muscles. And that's why after hip open, every person feels so good then working on that arms, working on the arms whenever you stand like a downward facing perfect working on the arms here, it bring confidence in their person. Arm balancing is for the confidence. But remember, my friends, the confidence is not against someone. Confidence is there to face your own self, to face your own mind. It's not out. Remember, in my final words, I will say yoga has nothing to do with the out. It is a inward journey, so we have given you standing poses like stand like you can stand for your joy. You can stand for your piece. That is the purpose of standing post. You can stand for beauty, you can stand for love, and then we have a backward bend anti depressive pose very beautifully opening the person and opening the heart, opening the heart to listen because according to the mistake, listening if we can listen, just listen without but chattering off inert like this or that If we just listened even see that the water is running here. I'm sure you can hear the voices. And if I can close my eyes and just listen to this voice listening with opening, not closing this water sound will take me deporting to the military. So that's backward. Painful Then we have twist here. Tweet, beautiful way. Mm. To come out off any starkness off the mind, I will see if there is a conflict. There is a attention and our mind is stuck somewhere that we're to go, what to do. And then we see have a twist twist in the life seduced. Create that situation. That energy can move Branagan flow around the spine and it can reach properly from naval to the head through the heart. So a person can really come out off Whatever is there which is stopping a person toe. Enjoy not not stopping on any other directions. Like if we're not able to enjoy the life. What is there? Some starkness is there. And if Spine has all the front of you. All the breath were it help. So twists out there unstuck my intervene. And then we have in worsen Beautiful idea of them in worsen, like a person is standing on the feet and has no just off life, bold from the life. No positive point to see in the life as a yogi What we do? OK on the both feet. The person is a little bowl Not having any reason not seeing the beauty off life change that isn't head down boost there we have given you one head down poster also downward facing which gonna really give you beauty on that you can build further but that asthma will do the work this much, my dear friend. And then we're forward, forward and then humbleness is the juice off life in India. It has been said Yogi, Fourth sign is humbling and humbleness is like a C. Then there is a C and C's always below everything seized below. But all the rivers, even this rework it is flowing here It's gonna merge into the sea and it is coming from the mountain from the mountain. The Jews is flowing and coming to the sea, which is just there below everything humbled. And that's why forward men go down like a scene. I'm both so much, so much, my dear friend, this year, people should have. And I want you to see your you couple share with the new point off. You know how they can reveal your psychological beauty too? And the work it started, My dear friends, you have taken a first step. There's no way back now. Blessings, my dear friends. Blessing. And I'm sure if the foundation is strong, you no need to worry about building the Linganore beautiful. So keep your foundations. Thank you. Okay.