Healing Herbs: Painting Helpful Plants in Watercolor | Kelly Johnson | Skillshare

Healing Herbs: Painting Helpful Plants in Watercolor

Kelly Johnson, Connecting humans and nature, creatively!

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6 Videos (20m)
    • Healing Herbs intro

    • Healing Herbs herb history

    • Healing Herbs parsley

    • Healing Herbs sage

    • Healing Herbs lavender

    • Healing Herbs thank you


About This Class


Herbs are wonderful plant allies. They provide us with visual beauty, aromatherapy, culinary excitement, and even help us heal our bodies. 

Learning the cultural history of nature through the arts is fun and connects us more deeply with our natural world. 

In this class we take connecting with nature through herbs a step further when we learn to draw paint parsley, sage, and lavender in an expressive loose watercolor nature art journaling style.


Basic watercolor painting skills

Watercolor paints, any style

Watercolor paint brushes, any style

Watercolor or mixed media paper

Pigma Micron pen

Either springs of parsley, sage, and lavender from your garden or grocery store, photos of these herbs, or you can simply draw from the examples I provide in the class.

In the class projects section, you'll find a bonus PDF with a more detailed supply list with the exact colors and materials I use, as well as a delicious organic vegan lavender truffle recipe!





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Kelly Johnson

Connecting humans and nature, creatively!

I'm your guide into nature inspired drawing and painting, Kelly Johnson!

If you drop by my world on an average day you might find me gardening, making art, snowboarding, surfing, vegan baking, traveling, or helping humans build deep relationships with nature through art and organic gardening!

I have a BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design, an MA in environmental studies from Goddard College, an AMS 6-9 teaching credential & 10 years in the classroom, + 20 years experie...

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