Healing Flowers: Create your Own Apothecary Wreath in Watercolor and Ink. | Lu Haddad | Skillshare

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Healing Flowers: Create your Own Apothecary Wreath in Watercolor and Ink.

teacher avatar Lu Haddad, Surface Pattern Designer

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 40m)
    • 1. Hello!

    • 2. Welcome & Class Project

    • 3. Material

    • 4. Warm Up

    • 5. Sage for Wisdom

    • 6. Cosmos for Piece

    • 7. St. John's Wort for Protection

    • 8. Chicory Flower for Generosity

    • 9. Gorse for Hope

    • 10. Red Chestnut for Optmism

    • 11. Thyme for Bravery

    • 12. Apothecary Wreath

    • 13. Wrap Up

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About This Class


If you want to learn how to represent 7 botanical elements both in black ink pen and watercolor, understanding the secret healing power of each one, and creating your own "Apothecary Wreath" with all together to represent your inner harmony, this class is for you!

In this class, you will learn:

  • How to spontaneously pencil sketch 7 flowers and herbs, and their symbology:

    1. Sage for Wisdom;
    2. Cosmos for Peace & Harmony;
    3. St. John´s Wort for Protection;
    4. Chicory Flower for Generosity;
    5. Gorse for Hope;
    6. Red Chestnut Flower for Optimism;
    7. Thyme for Bravery.
  • How to harness the power of outlining and texturing all the drawings with waterproof black ink pen.

  • How to paint all the botanical elements in watercolor, using both techniques together: WOW (Wet on Wet) and WOD (Wet on Dry).

  • How to create your own "Apothecary Wreath" with all  the botanical elements together, improving your drawing and composition skills and creating a piece of art full of meaning.

  • How to create with joy and have fun during the whole process.

    At the end of this class, you will have expanded your library of motifs with 7 brand new illustration that you will create before reach the final class project. 


    Also, when you finish the final project, you will have a piece of art that you will be proud to display on your wall, full of meaning and relevance!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lu Haddad

Surface Pattern Designer


My name is Luciana (Lu Haddad). 
I am a Brazilian Surface Pattern Designer & Watercolor Artist based in beautiful Portugal since 2016.
It's been a while since I've been planning to put together a class on this incredible platform where I've learned so much from so many talented people.  

I believe that when there is a dream, there is a way!
P.S : let's connect in IG!
If you post any projects from my class, use #skillsharebyluhaddad 

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1. Hello!: Hello on Blue Dodge, a Brazilian surface pattern designer based in Portugal. Since 2016. I develop creative projects for home interiors, a stationary and fashion brains. The possibilities are endless in the wonderful universe off ringtone pattern design. I'm a self learner, so I know how big the challenges to overcome yourself. During this journey, I met wonderful people who share their knowledge with generosity and helped a lot in my professional career. Just to name a few of these people were teachers here on the future. Bonnie Christine, Elizabeth Cohen. Somebody did Henderson All my ring dealing and so many office. I'm very grateful to be here today to share my creative process with you through a thing that I researched it with. All of that is about the secret language off flowers to know more about me. Please go to my profile and follow me here so you can be the first to know when I launched a new kwehz or special announced. Also, I would love to hear from you in my social media 2. Welcome & Class Project: welcome to my place for our final project. That shows a theme that has a very special and symbolic meaning. We're going to create a wreath illustration made off seven flowers and nerves that has the special healing power to balance our inner harmony. The seven botanical elements chosen and their meaning arm sage is wisdom, intuition. Cosmos is peace. Armani, Sandrine's Word or I berekum is protection. Chickering Flower is generosity, unconditional love. Gars is hope. Red chestnut flour is optimism. Confidence in life time is courage, bravery. Through this class, you learn how to illustrate all this motives into its outlining it with black ink pen and also painting it in water color. The final project is to create our own a particle read illustration with all the flowers and nerves together. This class is great for everyone and also it's beginning friendly. After take this class, you end up with seven brand new illustration that you can use different place in several projects that you desire Bless a piece off art that you can proudly hang on the wall. I would love to see your unique a particle read, but also your complete journey to this place. Please upload all your illustration exercises in the Project gallery and also make sure you have fun during hocus 3. Material: 4. Warm Up: That's before we start growing and thinking the seven flowers and herbs that we will use in our our money and apathetic Carrie reads. I want to show you how I start an illustration project. I have this sketchbook to practice mainly things who drawings. Before, I used to do everything on loose sheets, but after I started using a sketchbook, I don't want to stop. If you don't already have this habit, I strongly recommend that you start drawing one, because that way you can follow the entire route to reach a certain resolute. You can make notes, make mistakes and get it right and leave everything there. I sketchbook becomes your safe and free place. Just yours, for example. To draw that flower, I fragment the image in simple shapes before to guide me, I draw a circle or a Noval and find the location of the singer of the flower. If it is at an angle, the center off the flower maybe closer to the top edge, or to the bottom edge to build the flower core. Try different might making. - Today I brought this flower home called Beijing. The Portuguese translation is his mull keys. How cute is that I'm going to draw this flower so that you can follow and apply the same logic toe all the other drawings that we will show in this quest observed the flower. Place it in different positions with the very life things you make. The centrist an and drawn oval at little go on, drawing from there without worrying about drawing exactly what you see but trying to put in the paper how the parts of the flower intertwine and overlap. I draw little by leader always with paints a very light, and we raise your clothes bite. I always look at the flower again to better understand the interaction off oh parts with the hope. - Also , take the opportunity to draw the tail. Separate Lee Some specific part you will find interesting. So draw it. These can make all the difference, depending on the project at hand. I work with part in creation, and I always used these elements to feel my patterns or even to make coordinated points. Usually I like to use cold press watercolor paper because it has, as moved Thatcher, which makes it easy to scan the paintings and then use in my Prince. The project for this place is a very delicate drawing and all done with a waterproof paint outlines. For this reason, it's important that the texture off your watercolor paper is his move. The more textured your paper, the more difficult it will be to paint those details. Another important, he is to always prepare in advance. The callers you use inner thing use a color mixing palette, which in my case, is a plate. There are two basic techniques that makes all the time motorcoach. One is called weapon wit, and as the name say's, we apply water over water. We paint a very water layer. And why the papers? Stewart. We apply more ink, not so watery on parts off the pink. The water will be in charge of spreading the color just with the help off the brush. It looks like magic. In this technique, we have almost no control over thing, and that's the beauty off it. The other techniques call it wet on dry. And, as the name says, we think, with wet on dry paper, we used this technique. When we need more control in thinking in this class, we will use this to techniques together. But because our drawing is a small and outline it, we will use wet on dry more often things. We need more control to paint leaves that look natural. I make a brushstroke or to know more, touch the people for brush on the paper, press and lift with her brush stroke, and then go the other. Always have a paper towel to absorb the excess water from your brush before and also to apply over the paint, creating life and texture. Okay, almost everything said, Let's get started. 5. Sage for Wisdom: In this video, I will show two different representations offstage went with Onley Outline and painting and the order with pointillist. I made all the drawings available for you to download and print. This material is on the projects and resources stopped just below the video's off this quest. However, I suggest that you try to draw each of the flowers and herbs that I will show you here alone, looking at pictures from different angles. Or if you find this flowers and herbs, take them home, observed practice drugs. Don't be afraid to make mistakes. This is their time to relax, practice and learn. It is important to understand how the lips behave, how they overlap. This is what we give dynamism and realism to your illustrations. And believe me, the reward is wonderful. I do several studies off the element and going to drop trying different techniques and ghost effects and textures until I think it works for what I am looking for. This is my sketchbook for this. It is my safe place where there are no rules or definitions off what is right or wrong. It is my freeze face. I suggest you practice on a sketchbook. After observing the sage, I will draw without having the concern to represent exactly what I see, but to express in general how it behaves in terms, off movement, scale and composition. I always start by drawing with a sharp things to and as light as possible, and their razor is always at hand. I draw little by little, and as I like the Resolute, I better define the lines and add details to the illustration. So let's make the version that I made available to you together to follow this step by step . Just bring the drawing and follow me. Make a two centimeter margin on each side on your defeating by 20 centimetre watercolor paper dry, very clear so you can raise it later. We for self pain still like six B or similar covert. Entire Back off the printed design and position the design with think the margin that you previously drew on the watercolor paper. I make small marks to make it easier If the paper moves trace with your fine tippet pain. So over the entire drawing, remember to leave a larger space at the bottom of the drawing in case you want to write the name off the plant or even the meaning off it. Now is the time to trace the entire sage outline with the waterproof black ink pen. I will use the so far for the contours and the 02 for the most delicate details. Make each part slowly and don't worry about making very straight and perfect strokes. Let go off your hand so that the drawing is as natural as possible. I will apply the pointillism technique to represent the route texture off stage. In addition to adding volume and shape to the illustration, I start at dense off each off the leaves, making tiny dots close together. And then I sweet depend 02 To make more scattered thoughts, I work leaf by leaf, making the leaves underneath. Dyker before you start painting, get the colors ready. Make all the mixes in your palate that's the color beforehand on a piece of paper and have a hand. All the callers used to make your shaver free. The mixture off different shades of green before little brown blue is my recipe for more natural and sage like old out in the shade of green will serve to paint her herbs. Always remember to wash the brush before picking up a color. This green in my palate is the residue off, mixing all these scholars together in addition to the observant paper to clean the brush from excess water. It is important to have another piece of ab servant paper to use directly in the painting to observe the excess water and ink on the watercolor pig. Does bringing a light effort to the paint make it darker in the places where you made it darker with pointillism? Applying more pigment without so much water in these regions, and then lightning it with the clean brush, Dip it in water and with the AB servant paper, the lives on top are lighter. They should be painted on Lee after the lives below are completely dry. It is the amount off water you ed that will make the color lighter or darker, and it's very important to have this variation off you to create volume and to give definition to the pain. If you want to add another layer of things, always wait for the first mayor to dry completely, then put more pigment where you want, and then is moved with a clean and wet brush wet on right. Take me or even apply a very water layer off things and where you want to make the color is stronger. Put the brush with mark pigment wet on wet technique and lets the water work with you. That's the beauty off water. 6. Cosmos for Piece: we are now going to draw the cosmos flower. I created a folder on Pinterest the links available below in the projects and Resources area next to the Project Description box. If you want to follow, they step by step with me. I made this exact throwing available for you to print and to be able to follow the class with me. Generally, I break the subject that I want to draw in Tremaine Geometric figures in the case Off this flower, I drew a circle first, which will be the drawing area off the petals and in the center I drew another circle is smaller, proportionate to the size of the core off the flower with each petal drone, Shake the lines a little and make his mo groups on the outer edge to create a natural effect. Remember that nature is perfectly in perfect. Draw the flower at different angles and points of view, as well as flower buds and forage cosmos leaves. I mean it shredded. Because of that, I will represent directly in the painting which you will see later. We will repeat the drawing transfer process that we did in the previous video following the following steps. First, you should make a border off two centimeters on each side, on the watercolor paper size, 15 by 20 centimeters or size a five. Then we will go over the back off the drawing with soft black things like six B or similar . Then we place the illustration on the watercolor paper inside the truth centimeters border , centering on the sides and leaving the drawing closer to the upper margin, Then the lower margin in case he wants to write the name off the flower or it's meaning right below it. Don't forget to make a necks mark on the four corners. Thes helps if you have to reposition the drawing. If the paper moves. Draw with the Scharping so over the whole drawing or just over the main lines, leaving the smallest details for later to do with the pen. Now we draw with the waterproof black ink pen. I used, 04 for general contours and 02 for textures and detailing. - Remember that what will make your illustration come out off the paper? I just allocate their shit lines that create volume, define shape and bring light and shadow withdrawing when you are finished with depend. And before you start painting with watercolors, you should erase anything to marks, because after painting, it doesn't come out. Prepare all the callers that you're using. A paint mixing palette, making the different color meek system T against the desired shape and adding enough water for the things to flow. Always went thinking Watercolor. The two techniques that I show for you in the warm up for you wet on wet and wet on dry, alternate and blend together. Do not forget to also use the AB servant paper to gradually remove excess water and pigment . While painting Japan to the lives I make is Mohan fragmented strokes with the finest brush that I had like oh, true or poultry, giving the shape off a leaf. And then I do some details with the old stupid thank you. 7. St. John's Wort for Protection: we will draw and paint the flowers Central's words, also known as I Perica. You can sit this flower on the mood board that I created on Pinterest. The important thing is not to copy any photograph, but to observe different perspectives off the same subject and thus understand the behavior off are certain flower in order to later be able to create your own design. This flower has five wild rounded betters, and its core contains more filaments with his mobile at the ends. It has abundant flower buds, and the colors can vary from a bright and England's. Read to a shade of flight coral. Follow the next steps if you want to use the drawing I made available to you to do these, make a two centimeters order on all sides off your watercolors sheet. We are using this size 15 by 20 centimeters or a five printed illustration provided for these exercise on plain paper, then center, destroying on the watercolor sheet inside the previously strong borders and taking care to leave more space at the bottom off the drawing so that you can write the name off the flower when you are finished and feel in the back off The drawing with soft black pants is such a sieve six B or similar after you finished transferred, throwing as light as you can. Just enough for you to see engadget race with the black waterproof ink pen 04 over the entire drunk. And the details will depend on what you You raise anything so marks before you start thinking and foot there, all the colors you be using. The flowers are always yellow, but the color of the flower buds you can choose according to the photos you have seen before. Remember that when we paint what a caller. The wet on wet and wet on dry techniques are merging. Alternate Lee. The important thing is that to know that when you need more control things, you should use less water and that when you use more water, the paint flows more freely. - Okay , 8. Chicory Flower for Generosity: huh? Now we're going to draw and think the chicory flower. Please go to the folder it created on interest. And there you find a sub folder with reference images off this beautiful bluish flower. Observe how the flowers are individually and together. Studied the different angles, the shape and the colors off the flour and also believes to draw divided drawing into parts and start by drawing an individual flower drawing a circle. Then another's muller circle, where the center off the flower will be, then draw the petals being occasion to their finish almost as exact pattern. - The chicken relief is very peculiar because it has steps along its entire length to represent it. Try to hold the pencil a little lose in your hand makes most strokes shaping the leaf. Transfer. The drawing I made available to you in this class just follow the steps. Create a two centimeters border on all sides off the watercolor paper. I'm using size a five or 15 by 20 centimeters, then position that Zainal neat and makes mo max on the four corners off that edge. Feel the back off the drawing with a soft pain suit like six b or similar place on the watercolor paper, using the guide max to find the location and leaving a larger space at the bottom, then at the top. If you want to write down the name off the flower or the meaning off it. Now, race with a Scharping. Sue over the entire drawing, then trace with the black waterproof ink pen. I used, 04 for all contours and hold true for detailing and shading. - Create strokes in the direction off each petal so that it gangs definition involved. Um before starting watercolor painting, get all the banks ready. Mix the colors in your mixing palette, adding water until you find the consistency. And tom, you want to find the wonderful shade off blew off this flower. I mixed different shades off blue with violet and lavender. Note that in this project I am using the wet on right technique most off the time because I need some control over the water. However, I also use the wet on wet technique, which I love to let the magic off the water. Color floats always alternates the paint with more water and the faint wish more feet to create natural interests The observant paper also helps in this process off lightning and giving volume to the painting good After each flowers right ring. Force the color off the center with a mixture off blue and a little black and as much with a clean brush with a little water so that it has natural effect. - When thinking the leaves, take the opportunity to lose some control by applying the wet on wet technique. While the first layer is still wet, apply more concentrated pigment paint in some areas off the leaf and let the water flow naturally. The color. Remember that the folds on the leaves, which are lighter, must be painted when the other part off the Leafs completely dry. Otherwise, the water will mix everything and you lose the definition off that part. 9. Gorse for Hope: Now let's paint a very different flower. Call it gorse. I didn't know it before I started researching the flowers that I would like to include in our upper Thackery read. I was enchanted by it and even more bite symbols, which is hope. Please go to the folder I created on interest, especially for disc lace. There you will find the sub folder for each of the flowers entered the Gores folder and observe how this is more flowers grouping together form lush klosters before practicing the drawing off the bunch of flowers Draw each one individually in different positions so you can understand how they're like if you don't feel like throwing directly on the watercolor paper, you can use the drawing I made. It is available to you right next to the Project Description box just printed on plain paper and follow these steps to transfer the drawing. First, make a true centimeter margin on all sides off the watercolor paper position. The top off drawing s close as possible to the top margin, leaving a larger space in relation to the boat. Imagine so that you can write the name off the flower later on when you find the ideal position, make a mark on the four corners so that you can find it again, turned the ship over and feel the back off the drawing with soft black paints. - Me . Then adjust the position on the watercolor paper and praise with your Scharping so over the entire drawing after you finished transferring, draw over it with the waterproof black ink I used Oh for for general contours 02 for shading and tester and Owen for spike foliage. It's they're the callers you are going to use, always making the bank mixes with water in your mixing palette. First, I used my 02 rounded brush to think this flower remember to create interest between the flowers, even if they are, is more observant. Paper is an excellent to toe help with this, but you have to apply it while the paint is wet. - After finishing all the painting, draw this bike leaves on the whole branch with your number one waterproof black ink pen and finished with a darker green collar shape. 10. Red Chestnut for Optmism: Now we're going to draw and paint the beautiful flower off the red chestnut tree. Please us. It's the interest folder that I created for this class and enter the red chest in it. Sit folder. To be able to see how this flower looks like, start drawing. There's more flowers individually to understand what they're like, how their petals open. How is the center off the flowers, water buds and leaves air like Onley after these initial practice, tried to create the composition off the flowering branch. Uh, if you prefer to accompany this class with the drawing, I did please download this illustration, which is under the Projects and Resources area and printed on plain paper. Then make a two centimeters margin on all sides off your watercolor paper. I'm using this size 15 by 20 centimeters or a five and place the printed design on the watercolor paper sent around the sides and bring the design closer to the margin from a boat, leaving a large space to the bottom margin so you can write the name off the flower or something you want. When you finish your painting, feel the back off the drawing with the soft black paint suit and place it again on the watercolor paper with the help off the max you made makers, Mo marks on the Four Corners grace over the entire drawing with a shy thanks. Then make the whole illustration with the black waterproof in. Then I use the number four for the outlines in general and number two for the more dedicate details. - You raise open sue marks before you start painting and live all callers ready and mixed with water in our mixing palette. First tripping this flowers. I started by applying yellow paint on the flower center. Then I washed the brush in clean water and spread it inside the entire flower. Why do we to stew it? I apply the pink paint on the inner contours off the petals and let the water do its job wet on wet technique. If the bottom layer is already dry just to spread the leader water to let the colors mixed . Natural the flower, but I paint it in a darker pink on the leaves. I apply a first layer off green watery paint and why you it sweat. I quickly apply the brush with mark paint on some points off the leaf to let the water do its magic. What I want you to realize is that the wet on wet and wet on dry techniques makes all the time and work very well. Together they stand has a ticker part, which is a branch of the tree trunk. So it's brown and has a lot of texture. And then there is the softer part off branch next to the flowers, and these are think as well. Okay, Okay. Okay. Give your final touches to the painting and Viola, your red chestnut flour is ready. Okay? 11. Thyme for Bravery: Now let's paint one of my favorite earth's time. Its meaning is courage, so it could not be missing from our garland off inner harmony. You cannot, says the folder I prepared on Pinterest with pictures off this herb to be inspired. But if you can have us is to apart off time, the exercise will be much more interesting. In addition, you can then prepare recipe with this herb for your dinner. Notice that it's a small leaves our group it four by four along the entire stand. If I space between one group off leaves and another in the case off this drawing, I think it's better for you to draw freely because the leaves are very dismal. So from the illustration that I made especially for this class and that is available to you in the area off projects and resources, I will transfer the drawing on Lee off the branch, its stance, and then I will paint the leaves in watercolor in a very lose weight. Only at the end, I will outline everything with the waterproof black ink. - Truly start your watercolor painting. Always have the colors ready in your mixing palette. Use a round brush number two and makes most strokes in different directions, leaving some leaves in a doctor, green or less water and others in a lighter green or with more water, creating conferenced. - Turning the paper helps to create different brushstroke directions. - Okay , when thinking they stand, I will makes a little mou yellow with my green to achieve the shade off this part off the earth. - After the painting is completely dry, I will finish with the waterproof pen. 12. Apothecary Wreath: for our final project, I would like you to illustrate a real gathering all the flowers and herbs that you learn in this class. I did mine like that with all the elements going one direction. But you can do it as you like best. First of all, the trying must be done in paying suit on watercolor paper, then draw everything in black pen and finally paints in watercolor. So let's get started. I got to the watercolor paper into a 30 centimeters square and drew a circle in the center . For that. I used the plate. Yeah, Then I drew another circle. Also center it with a slightly smaller plate. I will draw on the smaller circle, while the other will only serve as a limit guide so that the flowers do not reach the edge off the paper. Remember to draw as light as possible with a pain. See with a sharp and hearty like HP. Choose an elementary. Start your illustration. I will start mine with sage in terms off composition. Always think about alternating foliage and flowers, ending this seconds off flowers as a whole. Choose a rounded one, followed by a Konica one and so on. Also, think about the color makes off your rape so that the residents is balance it and remember the most important thing. Have fun during the whole process. - Now is the time to draw with the waterproof black ink. I used the 04 for outlines and for did the tails off texture and shadows. I used the O. CEU and 01 do it gradually in his most rules. It is this finished that will make your illustration more interesting and make it jump off the paper. Do not forget to raise open so max before starting your water color paint. Otherwise the pains will not come out. And if you want to do point lease on sage, you can do it before or after painting. I prefer to do it before, even as a way to guide my painting. For me, it works like meditation. Before you start painting, repair your colors. Go crazy. Make a mess In your mixing palette, you see the beautiful and natural colors that you discover being curious. Be careful with excess water because this project is composed of small, delicate signs in which we need to have greater control. Absurd in paper is essential in this type of painting, because in addition to helping to drive excess water, it will help bring light to your pink. It is this difference in tonality that makes your painting pleasing to the eye. I think alternate flowers, so there's no danger office merging the one you just paint it. Remember, it is the common interest off light and dark tones that will give that to your pain. - The result will be a meaningful risk that represents our inner harmony and emotional balance. I hope you learn new things and had fun throughout the process to get here. 13. Wrap Up: it's time to wrap up our class. I want you to see the many possibilities that you can help. If you do old illustrations start in this class. You can create a small cards only black pen outline. You can put frames on the toe, hang on the wall. You can write the name off the flower or even its meaning that is no longer secret anymore . And if you also work with creation off partner, you're redhead enough material to create a small collection off them and increase your portfolio or even apply then to the most diverse product imprint on the month companies. I hope you enjoy it. Take this class as much as I enjoy it, creating in sharing it with you. I really appreciate the time you spent with me and would love to see your feedback so I can improve my next class creation. Don't forget to share your project with all of us on this creative journey by