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Healing Energy Qigong

teacher avatar Eugene Bly, Success is a Habit

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Beginning of the Universe

    • 2. Forming of Yin and Yang Energy

    • 3. Moving Yin and Yang Energy

    • 4. Breathing of the Universe

    • 5. Complete Spring Forest Qigong Active Exercise

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About This Class

Discover How You Can Reduce Stress, and Increase Your Vitality.

Enhance your Immune System, Improve Cardiovascular, Circulatory  and Respiratory Health Starting Today!

Meet Your Teacher

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Eugene Bly

Success is a Habit


Eugene Bly is a Certified Life/Business Coach and author specializing in entrepreneurship coaching personal growth development, self-confidence, self-esteem coaching, the law of attraction and NLP, and is the founder of Life Coach Academy Online.

As your Life Coach, my goal is to help tap into your own unique greatness. With my guidance and support, you will break through the internal barriers that stand in the way of you achieving your goals.

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1. Beginning of the Universe: Hello. I want to walk into this DVD training, healing energy. Keigo. I'm very happy to bring this subject. Were excited to talk about Qi Gong and healing energy. It's one of the most fascinating things that I've ever studied and learned about it. As I continue to study, learn more about it. I get more excited about bringing this information to you as a complement of what we're learning in classes. Really gonna help you rebounds your life, Create a healing in your life. Kicking this Keagle training, healing Angie actually covers three areas. First we go into self human, then we go into healing. Others want to distance. And this is a fascinating journey. A fascinating right. I'm so excited that you're here with me because I have a lot of very public information shape. So let's get started asking this question. I always ask in Class B stock what is in each because everything is in and energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but it can be transformed. And whenever we get him to tackle sickness or disease or pain within the body, this result of some type of blockages within Sochi gold is designed to remove these blockages by re balancing the system and calls a healing within. Okay, So Qi Gong is actually the study of the universe and is made of two worlds key energy or air and go home, which is work, which means that you're working with the energy, working with universal energy and then this healing energy Keigo which is derived from spring Forest going there, magic words as they say that we say as we begin to practice this which is I am in the universe. The universe is in my body. I'm the universe combined to get So as we start the beginning exercise, we settle into beginning of the universe. Just think about that name Beginning of the universe. We're going back to the beginning of the universe within outside to a place of pure energy . Beyond thought. What healing can actually take place. So we stop. Beginning of the universe of this exercise is actually designed to awaken the internal organs To awaken the internal and I have to do is really practices exercise from 2 to 3 minutes and as we practiced exercise, remember that feel just slightly showed with apart knees event. Okay, Arms are like slope like so what they think of script open. We place the tongue on the roof of the mouth to connected to main energy channels that run in the front. In the back of the box in front of the body is called the Energy. The back of the body is called the Yang Energy. We place the tongue on the roof of actually connecting these two energy challenge together . And by practicing the beginning of the universe were actually awakening the internal workings. Fingers will begin to tangle. They get room. So the feet and the entire body Great. So where you set that up again? Is that the fetal place? Likely shoulder with apart. You've been the knees, the hands like this for the next Does hit backs like the chin Place the tongue on the roof of the mouth We're smile on your face and when you inhale, inhale through the nose and you exhale through the mouth. When you in hell you pull the stomach and slightly you exhale Let it out like so very common relaxing exercise. Now, when you're practicing beginning of the universe in your mind, you're pulling in all the positive energy from the universe using the entire bike to break . And when you exhale, you're releasing all the toxins and poisons from every cell of the body back into the ends of to create this self feel within. So practice beginning of university from 2 to 3 minutes a day and notice how you become more relaxed. Okay, you can practice it. The first thing in the morning, which I find is the best time practice beginning of the universe and all the other exercise that go along with this. But in this special DVD train just talking about the first exercise beginning of the next DVD. We're going to be talking about the next joining So we'll see you next DVD training. Remember, I am in the universe. The universe is in my body. I am the universe combined to get See you next time 2. Forming of Yin and Yang Energy: Hello. Welcome back to DVD to in a queue going healing energy train. And in this section, we're gonna be talking about forming of Yin and yang Put a few key points on the boy before I got here. And what actually forming a unity yang does is actually re balances the energy within the body. You know, a lot of reasons why we get sick is because the energy is not balanced and it's scattered all over the place. So formidable actually re balances the energy within the body and actually re balances the systems well, so you can practice. This exercise from 2 to 3 minutes is very great. Basic, very simple. So from your first exercise, which is beginning of university after you've held that position for 2 to 3 minutes, you slowly bring your right hand up like so to your throat and the left hand to your torso , like so war to also and you hold it like this and you visualize a energy column running from the head down so it could be any color. You want green, bright, vibrant colors and you just hold this position as you inhale and exhale. Continue with the tongue on the roof off and this was actually re balance. The energy rebounds positive in the negative energy within the body. So, as you go from beginning of the university held that position for 2 to 3 minutes. Then you come toe forming a union and you hold that position 2 to 3 minutes inhaling next. Okay, relax and breathing with the entire body. And that's how you practice. For me, getting yet no upper part of the body is way we call the Yang Energy in the lower part of the body is what we call the energy and again the Bible get warm. You feel the heat sensation moving with. So now we have the 1st 2 Exercise is beginning of the universe, and then you have forming a union energy, so continue to practice and we'll be back with the next exercise in the next DVD moving in and before seeing on next DVD 3. Moving Yin and Yang Energy: Hello and welcome back to our key going healing energy training in section three. We're gonna be talking about moving a union. So in the last two videos recovered, beginning of the universe, we covered for me of the energy and energy. And then we're gonna begin to move. And in this section, this particular exercise Here's the internal organs. It opens the hot lines to spine, and it opens the heart and kidney energy. So this is very important exercise. And you want to practice this exercise on 10 to 60 minutes so you can see as you progress through the program, you begin to practice the active exercises on that long. So let's say for isn't we've already help this position for about 2 to 3 minutes. Always remember, with tongue on the roof of the mouth, pull the chin back to align the spine tongue on the roof of the mouth to connect front and back energy channels. Okay, so we held that position. We said the words I am in the universe. The universe is in my body. I am the universe combined together. So we've held his position. We brought the hands up like so We've held this position for 2 to 3 minutes, and now we begin movie of Union Yang. So as we move the hand and at the top goes out and down the hand of the body comes in like so turn to the side also, so you can see this. So this way watch the hand of the top goes down. So the hand that's at the top always to the outside comes to the inside. So was I in him? Okay. And that's it. Okay, so that's how you practice moving on getting in. So this is an example. I started here and I held this position. I say, in my mind, I am in the universe. The universe is in my body. I have the universe combined to I inhaled with knows, pull in Excel National and your bread and top down with the space in between the hands in between and you inhale and exhale three times inhaling through the nose. And that's how you practice for me with union which heels the internal organs, opens up the hot alliance to spine and opens up the heart and kidney energy. Okay, very beautiful. And you can practice It's exercise from 10 to 60 minutes. Take your time one of these exercises and you got to notice a difference in your life. You're gonna notice a difference in your attitude. You notice a difference in your perspective and remember this. Like I said, in plastic water to heal you need three picks. You need unconditional love. You need forgiveness. You need kindness. So focus on these things that your practice we'll see you next train. 4. Breathing of the Universe: Welcome back to this DVD training as we continue in our Keegan healing energy. And in this section we wouldn't be talking about breaking up the universe. What breathing of the universe does. It kills the lungs and skin and balance the energy inside and outside of it opens up all the blockages within the body. A lot of practice. It's exercise between six and 30 minutes. So we're moving right along and keep on killing energy. Course. So where we left off was forming a unity A. And we stopped with the hands here like so So we inhale. We open, we exhale, we close, you exit, let in the hands touch, keep the hands fingers open. - Review . So from the beginning, we have beginning of the universe. Then we have forming a unity, a unity. Then we have movie that up and down tools like inhaling the next top of the roof. Then, as we come down on the final hand comes down in front of the space in between between the hands and the space. In between we inhale in excel three times what to three. Then we inhale and exit like so, remember to brave with the entire by. If you don't have a lot of time, you can practice exercise moving exercises about nine cycles, and that's enough. So we've covered quite a lot of these first couple of DVDs. The first couple videos. We're back with the next section. Next DVD. Go into more detail on the side of this within this DVD there the footnotes for you to take it and read all the explanations in more detail. So thanks a lot of being part of this class. I know you're gonna get a lot out of it if you practice these. Look forward to seeing you on next DVD training on healing energy, keep 5. Complete Spring Forest Qigong Active Exercise: way, - way , way, - way , - way , - way , way, - way , way, - way , way, - way , - way .