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Head Drawing: Structure & Rhythm

Mark Hill, Fine Artist

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9 Videos (1h 9m)
    • Introduction

    • Before getting started 1

    • Head Rhythms

    • Head Construction & Rhythms 1

    • Head Construction & Rhythms 2

    • Portrait Block in 1

    • Portrait Block in 2

    • Portrait Block in 3

    • Closing Thoughts 1


About This Class

Hey everyone! So this class is essentially a follow up class to my first Head Drawing Basics class HERE

In this class, we're going to dive a little deeper into the aspects of constructing the portrait using similar techniques from the first class. This will focus on building the structures of the head much further and show you how to move beyond the basic construction and develop your portraits much further. 

I'll talk about dividing the head into basic planes/axis, but also go into the rhythms of the head and how to use them to help you construct more accurate and anatomical head drawings. In the lessons, I'll show you a few different ways in how I approach the construction process with much more detail, and you'll watch me draw two different portraits with varying degrees of structure. 

If you're just starting out don't be intimidated! The concepts are still fairly simple, I just go quite a bit further with the information so you'll have a fairly good understanding of how to approach your portraits and hopefully take them farther than you have before. 





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Mark Hill

Fine Artist

I'm a traditionally trained artist currently residing in New York City. I specialize in traditional mediums from graphite and charcoal to oil painting. I've studied in several places in Southern California, and recently finished my studies in New York at the Grand Central Atelier. I've taught everything from drawing to painting for several years, both publicly and privately. Looking to share what I know and help others on Skillshare!


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