Having Fun With Webfonts and Web Typography | Simon Foster | Skillshare

Having Fun With Webfonts and Web Typography

Simon Foster, Web Designer

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6 Lessons (1h 6m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. First Page - CSS gradients and transforms in typography

    • 3. Second Page - Text shadows and transitions

    • 4. Third Page - Individual letter styling with plugins

    • 5. Forth Page - Diagonal stripey gradients and pseudo elements

    • 6. Last Page - Make your text look like Street Fighter


About This Class


This class is all about having fun with typefaces on the web. Modern browsers and CSS techniques are progressing and improving day to day and week to week and students in this class will learn how to apply a variety of these creative and interesting effects to their web typography. 

With practical examples and step by step instructions you will discover just how much fun you can have with modern webfonts. The class project will also encompass responsive design , javascript plugins for more granular control of typography and a whole host of forward thinking CSS techniques.





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Simon Foster

Web Designer

I previously ran my own freelance web design business but nowadyas I'm a front end web designer at Hamilton-Brown in Farringdon, London. I also regularly write articles, give interviews and my work is regularly featured in well respected publications such as .net Magazine and awwwards.com amongst many others. I specialise in front-end responsive design and web typography with an emphasis on content and simplicity of use.

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