Have Fun Painting Sheep in Watercolour | Philippa Gillström | Skillshare

Have Fun Painting Sheep in Watercolour

Philippa Gillström, Artist, Illustrator, Teacher, Coach

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15 Videos (1h 19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Research

    • 4. Warm up exercise

    • 5. Textured sheep - prep

    • 6. Textured sheep - Body + Head

    • 7. Textured sheep - Texture

    • 8. Tonal sheep - Prep

    • 9. Tonal sheep - Body

    • 10. Tonal sheep - Details

    • 11. Bubbles the sheep - Prep

    • 12. Bubbles the sheep - Body

    • 13. Bubbles the sheep - Background

    • 14. Bubbles the sheep - Finalise

    • 15. Final thoughts


About This Class

This is a great class if you are a beginner to watercolour paints or if you enjoy and get inspired by watching others paint. I share with you my thought processes along the way while I paint sheep using various techniques. You follow me throughout the whole project from the preparation and warm up exercises to finalising each piece. I tell you how I choose colour palettes and how I deal with the little mistakes that occur. I will introduce some other media into the paintings as well, such as permanent markers and gel pens.

At the end of the course you will have lots of ideas to try out yourself when you paint your own sheep pictures. The aim too is to have fun while painting and to share what you have created with the rest of us.

No prior knowledge or expertise is required before taking this class. All you need are some watercolour paints, brushes and watercolour paper. I show a range of art supplies from various brands to inspire you. However you do not need these in order to have a lot of fun creating your own sheep artwork.





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Philippa Gillström

Artist, Illustrator, Teacher, Coach

Hello fellow Learners and Teachers! I'm Philippa. Born and bred in the UK I am now living in Stockholm, Sweden.

Until recently I used to say "I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up." (Note, I am 48 as I write this). But things changed earlier this year and I decided to let my creative talents level up from hobby-mode to professional "I am going to make this my main source of income" mode. So I now call myself an artist, illustrator and surface designer. And I am loving it....

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