Have Fun Learning English - Lesson One: On The Farm (ESL - A1 Beginners) | David ✏ Ault | Skillshare

Have Fun Learning English - Lesson One: On The Farm (ESL - A1 Beginners)

David ✏ Ault, Merch Motivated

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7 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. An Introduction to the Have Fun Learning English Course

    • 2. Introducing the ESL Worksheets and Lesson Plans

    • 3. Simple Farm Animal Vocabulary

    • 4. Farm Animal Onomatopoeia

    • 5. Farm Comparatives & Superlatives

    • 6. Farm Present Simple 3rd Person

    • 7. A Walkthrough of Your Class Project


About This Class


Have Fun Learning English - On The Farm is an ESL class aimed at young children and students, who prefer to learn English in a fun and engaging way.

Using the theme of ANIMALS - ON THE FARM, the course is designed to improve English through increasing vocabulary and by teaching a range of grammatical concepts such as:

  • the Present Simple Tense
  • Comparatives and Superlatives
  • Basic Intensifiers
  • Onomatopoeic Words

and much, much more...

The course includes a premium worksheet, which you can print out to test knowledge of what has been learnt. This will be your class project (please see below).

As well as students learning English, the course is also perfect for ESL teachers who are looking for fun and engaging ways to teach their pupils.

It is also ideal for parents, whose native language is not English, but who are looking to raise their children as fluent English speakers.





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David ✏ Ault

Merch Motivated

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