Hashtag Mindful: Use Instagram To Grow Your Brand & Create Impact | Ksenia Avdulova | Skillshare

Hashtag Mindful: Use Instagram To Grow Your Brand & Create Impact

Ksenia Avdulova, Mindful Social Media Expert

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11 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Define Your Message

    • 3. Bring Value, Baby

    • 4. Pick A Niche

    • 5. Optimize Your Profile: Nail That Bio

    • 6. Create A Visual Aesthetic (Edit Photos Like A Pro)

    • 7. Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

    • 8. Become BFFs with Hashtags

    • 9. Engage & Build A Community

    • 10. The Magic Dust: Authenticity

    • 11. Social Media Burnout? Ain't Nobody Got Time For This


About This Class

I promise you that in the saturated world of social media, there's still space for you to build authentic connection and success, and I'm here to show you how to do it.  

Do you want to feel clear, connected and empowered every time you open Instagram? 

Do you want to feel self-expressed, and know that things that matter to you and your brand are heard?  

Do you want to learn from someone who has built a globally recognized, award-nominated brand to 80K+ followers on Instagram to with zero budget and now is paid to travel the world and post social media content?  

This class was created to tell you that all of the above IS POSSIBLE, providing you step-by-step tools for building a powerful and authentic brand using Instagram, the world's favorite social media platform with 700 million active monthly users.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a yoga teacher, a consultant or a creative, by the end of the class you will be clear on your "why" and your message, know how to edit your photos and plan your grid, be BFFs with hashtags, and know exactly how to grow your engagement and activate your community. 

This class is none of the "10 ways to get followers on Instagram quickly" BS. Instead of quick fixes, you'll get access to breakthrough philosophy of a highly effective and conscious approach to social media. 

You will also get actionable tips based on my personal experience building @breakfastcriminals from a personal creative outlet into a full-time job and a platform that merges food and mindfulness and sells products loved by Cameron Diaz and Victoria's Secret Angels. 

ARE YOU READY? Let's dive in! 

If you love this class, please share it with your friends, make sure to leave a review, and of course share it on Instagram using #hashtagmindful and leave me a comment on my personal account @wokeandwired.

And if you're ready to take it a step further, get yourself a copy of the Biz Babe Workbooks





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Ksenia Avdulova

Mindful Social Media Expert

I'm a full-time blogger, social media coach and yogi adventuring around the globe and making money doing it. My purpose is to empower you to share your message and create impact.

Because YOLO and also because influence, money and success is just spiritual energy in motion.

A little bit more:

Ksenia Avdulova is the founder of Breakfast Criminals, an award-nominated digital platform known for its influential social media presence and offline experiences that merge food and...

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