Hashtag Marketing for Beginners: Easily Boost Your Online Presence

Vicky Wu, Marketing Guru

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8 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. History of Hashtags

    • 3. Why to use Hashtags in Your Business Marketing

    • 4. Hashtag Use on Social Media Platforms

    • 5. Hashtag Overuse and Resources

    • 6. Project Outline

    • 7. Recap and Final Thoughts

    • 8. Next Step: Access Level 2 & 3 Training

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About This Class

Learn the strategies for using hashtags in your marketing using the same methods Vicky Wu has been using in the marketing of hundreds of businesses.  This 15-minute course will walk you through the basics you need to understand to begin developing your hashtag strategy.

Part 1 of the full 3-Part Hashtag Marketing Course

We all know hashtags, but did you know there is a distinct difference between how you use hashtags personally, and how you should be using them in your business marketing to be most effective? This is true whether you're marketing a small business you run on the side, or a large corporation.

In this training, we will go over some of the reasons WHY you should be using hashtags for your marketing, and an overview of which platforms they can be used on. 

Optimizing your hashtag use for your business can be very easy once you have a strategy in place, and can be done:

  • Without spending a lot of time
  • Without spending a lot of money
  • Without randomly adding hashtags to your post without a strategy

In this class, you will learn:

  • Hashtag history
  • Why to use hashtags in your business social media marketing
  • #Avoiding #the #overuse #of #hashtags #which #can #be #annoying
  • The availability of resources for hashtag use

This training is right for you if:

  • You already use social media platforms
  • Either you’ve seen hashtags in use or even tried using them yourself
  • You want to begin to use hashtags efficiently and effectively to market yourself or your business


Subsequent courses will cover:

Hashtag Marketing Level 2 - Categories

  • Brand hashtags
  • Campaign hashtags
  • Trending hashtags – finding and using

Hashtag Marketing Level 3 - Walk Thru of My Favorite Tools Plus Focusing Your Strategy

  • Hashtag best practices
  • Platform-specific hashtag use
  • Using hashtag tools - a how-to walk through of using some of my favorite free tools
  • Plus how I put all of the strategies together

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