Hashtag Marketing Level 3: Walk-Thru of Favorite Free Tools + Targeting Your Strategy

Vicky Wu, Marketing Guru

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12 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Introduction to Hashtag Marketing Level 3

    • 2. About Your Instructor

    • 3. Hashtag Best Practices

    • 4. Facebook hashtag best practices

    • 5. Start Your Project

    • 6. Tool Walk Thru 1 SproutSocial

    • 7. Tool Walk Thru 2 Twitonomy

    • 8. Tool Walk Thru 3 Hastagifyme

    • 9. Tool Walk Thru 4 Ritetag

    • 10. Tool Walk Thru 5 Hootsuite for Conversations

    • 11. Putting It All Together Exactly How I Do It

    • 12. Project Completion & Recap


Project Description

Your project will be to develop a document (or continue editing the document you started in Hashtag Marketing for Beginners and continued in Hashtag Marketing Level 2) that will contain all of your hashtags that you will begin researching in this and the subsequent courses.

This document will be your best friend as you begin using hashtags more strategically in your social media marketing!  Having this document will prevent you from having to research hashtags each time you want to use them, plus provide an easy way to copy and paste instead of typing the entire list of hashtags each time.

This is one of the MOST helpful documents that I use on a daily basis for all of my clients. 

You will: 

  • Develop a document where you can store selected hashtags to use for your business.  
  • Save the document in the best places for practical use
  • Research and add additional hashtags
  • Categorize hashtags based upon use or demographics
  • Share your document in the class project area so that we both give and receive ideas from others


1.  Use your document from Hashtag Marketing for Beginners and Hashtag Marketing Level 2 and edit as outlined below.

You can make a copy of the sample document for this lesson from here.  Instructions how to copy are included in the document.

2.  Add the table and headings as shown in the sample document, so that you will be able to organize additional hashtags you research.  

3.  Post a link to your completed document in the class project area.

4.  Comment and share ideas with others, and request comments and suggestions for your own project.

Student Projects