Hashtag Marketing Level 2: Types of Hashtag Categories You Should Use for Marketing | Vicky Wu | Skillshare

Hashtag Marketing Level 2: Types of Hashtag Categories You Should Use for Marketing

Vicky Wu, Marketing Guru

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11 Videos (15m)
    • Introduction to Hashtag Marketing Level 2

    • About Your Instructor

    • Project Overview + What's Next

    • Brand Hashtag Overview

    • Campaign Hashtag Overview

    • Content Hashtag Types and Overviews

    • Trending Hashtag Overview

    • Finding Trending Hashtags and Using Them

    • Your Project

    • Next Steps and Final Thoughts

    • Access Training Level 3


About This Class

Learn the strategies for using hashtags in your marketing using the same methods Vicky Wu has been using in the marketing of hundreds of businesses.  This 15-minute course will walk you through the basics you need to understand to begin developing your hashtag strategy.

Part 2 of the full 3-Part Hashtag Marketing Course

This Level 2 course will build upon the information shared in Hashtag Marketing for Beginners and further develop your list of potential hashtags plus begin categorizing and focusing the possibilities.

Optimizing your hashtag use for your business can be very easy once you have a strategy in place, and can be done:

  • Without spending a lot of time
  • Without spending a lot of money
  • Without randomly adding hashtags to your post without a strategy

In this class, you will learn:

The four main types of hashtags used for marketing purpose

  • Brand hashtags
  • Campaign hashtags
  • Content hashtags
    • Product hashtags
    • Lifestyle hashtags
    • Event hashtags
    • Location hashtags
  • Trending hashtags
  • Where you can find trending hashtags

This training is right for you if:

  • You already know you want to use hashtags for your business marketing

  • You want to focus your efforts to be most efficient and save time and money

  • You have completed #Hashtag Marketing for Beginners (see below) or have equivalent knowledge

Prior Courses

You may want to consider taking this beginner course if you have not yet:

Hashtag Marketing for Beginners: Easily Boost Your Online Presence - introduction to hashtag marketing concepts 

  • Hashtag history
  • Why to use hashtags in your business social media marketing
  • #Avoiding #the #overuse #of #hashtags #which #can #be #annoying
  • The availability of resources for hashtag use

Subsequent courses will cover:

Hashtag Marketing Level 3 - Walk Thru of My Favorite Tools Plus Focusing Your Strategy

  • Hashtag best practices
  • Platform-specific hashtag use
  • Using hashtag tools - a how-to walk through of using some of my favorite free tools
  • Plus how I put all of the strategies together

Want to learn more or join the discussion further?  

Join my marketing group on Facebook or read marketing tips on my blog.





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