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Harry Potter Wand Making: Super Cool Birthday Party Favors

teacher avatar J. Eric McNeil

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Hot Glue Wand

    • 4. Beaded Wand

    • 5. Stone Wand

    • 6. Wrapped Wand

    • 7. Name Your Wands

    • 8. Project

    • 9. Conclusion

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About This Class

When my niece and her friend decided to have a joint birthday party, they wanted the theme to be "Harry Potter." So being the obsessive-compulsive that I am, I went all out with the party favors and activities. I am a graphic designer, so I designed the invitations as well as various props for the party. We had a scavenger hunt based on the Horcruxes, a potion mixing competition, and a shopping spree on Diagon Alley. The party favors were a big hit. Each child got his/her very own wand, each individually handcrafted and unique. In this course, I will teach you to make four different styles of wands. It's really simple, and anybody can do it. You can even get a little creative and come up with your own designs.


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I am a former college English/Writing teacher, literary magazine editor, advisor to student publications, journalist, and graphic designer. I have studied, taught and published just about every form of writing. I've also designed everything from logos to books.

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1. Introduction: Welcome to Harry Potter. One making I'm Eric and in this course, show you how to make these beautiful magical wants to give as party favors. Picture child's birthday party for my leases. 10th birthday. She wanted a Harry Potter thing birthday party. So I went into action and created things like a scavenger hunt for the Horcruxes, potions, costumes and even dog on Alex and future courses. I'll tell you how to do all of that. But for now and discourse, I'm going to teach you how to make these beautiful magical. I'll tell you what materials are used where I got them and put them together. They're so easy to make the Children love to help. And that cost probably about $2. So they make great party favors. So join this course and will make someone's together. Oh, yeah. One more thing to be very careful with these, because they're very powerful 2. Materials: Hey, thanks for enrolling and hearing, Potter one making this video lesson. I'm going to show you the materials that you need to be able to make these want. First of all, you're gonna need some warns these hard sticks that I picked up in Michael's. And I can't tell you what size they are right now, but the reason I thought he sticks is now. It was trying to use thes glass beads, the sticks pretty well in these days. They're pretty tight, and you may have to send them down just a little bit. But you do want to be tied so that they won't be like loose made $1 with place. So the second thing you're probably gonna need or some of the beans and I got being two different places at Michael's, a hobby lobby, that walmart. I even got some wooden beads that I like at hobby lobby that were already varnished and staying Whatever. And then I just picked up some of these written these at Target so actually used for this project. Another thing that you're gonna need, or maybe some rocks like these river rocks that I got the dollar store or some sea glass, like in these ones where I put them on with wire. So speaking of our here is the 24 gauge wire that I used its gold. You can get it in different colors. Coppers over. Whatever. I also got this waxy kind of string or cord and brown and black. All of that came from Hobby Lobby. And, um, this paint that I use for putting for painting the different colors there's brown and black , and these are metallic paints that got from Michael's. You're gonna also need obviously some paintbrushes, and I like to use the sponge thing to put it on things. It works really well. Another thing that you're going to need is, of course, blue because one of one of the ones that we're gonna make has has done primarily with glue . But almost every one of us needs to be glued here. There, of course, you're gonna need a glue gun and even some pliers for when you're working with. I have a blast. Things wouldn't bays and even some metal beads to give some little little accents on there . As you can see on some of these, this is the birthday girls wand, and it has special little baits on it. But it also has some glue work where I put some little buds on there and this one is done with the glue opinion gold and wrapped with the wax strain that stays on there pretty well . Uh, here's one that I did with with a lot of the hot blue and painted it, and it makes it kind of looks like like a branch or something. And then at the bottom, a little snake on it. These are the kinds that I would get to the boys, the ones of glue and maybe a little bit of embellishment with, like, the metal beads or whatever. So now that you know what you need and where to get it, go out and get your materials and come back and will make some want thanks. 3. Hot Glue Wand: okay, We're going to start out by making a one that's primarily done with the hot glue. And I've already painted this one kind of a grayish black with a little bit of a talent going to give a machine. So we're gonna take our hot glue gun with blue in it, and we're just gonna blossom to handle. And I like to have to make it look really natural, like a piece of wood or branch by just putting this this stuff all over in clubs at least own the handle part of it. And it gives it, uh, such a cool look when it's painted. So I just, uh, just get it all around spirit. Let it be lumpy and bubbly. And then when it draws a little bit, if it's not a big enough handle for you, then it's a horribly wrong. I just keep putting glue on until they get stick and feels kind of like is forming Handle that you can actually hold on to our now I will caution you about hot if you've never used it. I can't imagine that you never used it, but it does get hot and it will burn if it gets on your skin, do it all the time. But it's not that bad, but it is not that it worked, so okay, And it kind of gets stringing, but you can call those off, and you will have to let this hate this cool down, and, uh, it will get harder. And after it starts to cool, you can even start to mess with that. Shape it the way you want to see how it just sticks to me. Uh, but if you look at it now, you can see that it's a bunch of white glue on the end of the stick. And, uh, it won't stay that way, though, because we're going to paint it when it tries Another thing that you could do. And this is what I really something I really like is to form a little circles around or even twirl it down the stick or the wand or these little buds on there to make it look like an actual tweet, which is what I'm gonna do here. Just a little drop here in there. You could do it evenly if you want around. Oh, are you can like them uneven Maybe that makes it more natural. Say, these are just little drops that I'm putting on you there. And when they're draw, you can pull the excess off that or trim it up. Okay, so I'm gonna let this draw, and I'll be back in just a little bit, okay? I was going for maybe a minute, and this is already drawing still a little bit warm, but it's it's probably drawing up already. Even paint it and if you can tell and I don't know if you can, but there's a lot of strings from the glued getting string G. Then you can just pull those off, clean it up. Some of my little buds turned out okay. Some of them more like doors, which is pretty cool, too. And we're going to paint these now with I guess I'm gonna pay off with Okay, I'm going to paint days with some metallic black. I'm going to use my sponge brush was gonna put a little bit of metallic black in my brush and start painting. Take over and they could get thing about the sponges. You can just kind of dab it on there and work it into little crevices people want. And then I could pay my little buds or borns or whatever we want to call him. This is taking May probably three or four minutes to do this whole thing. And it turns out like this is a pretty cool on for the little boy's kind of have. Ah, simpler. Look, about a little more organic look like maybe limb from a tree or whatever. Okay, in the next video, I'm going to show you what we did with glass beads so you could have some real pretty ones to get. 4. Beaded Wand: Okay, Now we're moving on to the ones with glass beads, and I've chosen thes green beads because we're gonna like to put it colors together. I like for them to kind of be complementary. And even though these are all different, they're all green. So we'll see what that looks like. And I don't really have to do is if you got the right stick. You just start getting creative with the colors and whatever, and some of these will go fairly easily. But some of them will be tight. For instance, these little metal beats that I like to put on to separate the glass beats on some of the ones. They are pretty tight. So you have to kind of work them down and some of the glass Bates a pretty times. Well, say, here's a green. Another green. Okay, then another grain be with some yellow in it. Then I got fatter bees, and maybe that would look good. Very end of wand now, So my suggestion is, and this is looking pretty good, and I'm gonna obviously do some more things with some hot glue stuff. Or maybe some wire are thread, But as far as the bees go, they can be. They really do. You make them pretty and you should see the eyes of the girls. When that said, this is the one that I chose you and pulled out the one I chose that Randall and get to them and they were like, hold. I love that wand. They I'm sure they all still have them and play with them and please keep them in their rooms. Um, so the beats, which is pretty easy to do its toughest kidney card when you're trying, Jamal. So you may have to stranger stick down a little, But even just that is Mexico, Right, Warren and I just put a few Bates and a few metal beads on there. And then I also have the wooden deeds here. They look really great for the boy ones. Even I think even girls would like this. Here's one with three wooden beads and then I put some little, uh but zone. They're painted it gold. Really cool. Really easy. In the next lesson, I'm going to show you how to make these with C class or rock and wire. So stick around 5. Stone Wand: Okay, in this lesson, I'm gonna show you how to make these are ones with the with sea glass or stone at the end and wrapped with wire. So I take my stick Which of our pain It cheese a a stone that I like And I think I'm going to choose this black stone since I painted this black todo is started out rapping, I believe a little end pace down here And don't start wrapping it around the stick pretty tight. Get a good route. There is much for little of this is you want And then I start I can't hold the stone there in place They just kind of wrap it a few times and it's not easy. I the rapid around stick if you want to, You know occasionally, Teoh, let's go back. Rep it around all different directions in random directions. Just trying to create a pretty crisscross pattern like a cage around this stone. Hey, when I'm finished, I was healed. Use a hot glue to attach the style. And the reason I don't do that in the beginning is probably with all the force that I'm having to use to wrap stone it would probably pop off. So triple our rapid again going down, the warned. And already you say it's it's own there now, Like I said, you're probably gonna have to use a hot glue to keep their, But it is there and its own with the wire now what I do. But this point is you have these two pieces of wire, and what I do is I would take my pliers, grab the end of the wire and twist it around the end of the new fires. I got pretty little twisty thing. Push it down, crab the other side twist evidence. Worship town. Don't take my gun. I'm going to drop to glue who either side of where the stone and stick meet. What's that is dry. I will then paint it with my gold paint, and sometimes I even blew it down here. I think those things are sticking out too much might hurt someone's fingers because they can't get sharp. Just person glued on and cover up will protect their fingers from it. But, hey, when this is done, this is a pretty cool Juan, and like I said, you can use the sea glass to make it even shining here, if that's what you want. So here we go, and I'm gonna paint that cold. The gunman paid the glue go and I have a beautiful one. And you can get really creative with this. I mean, I just did this quick and dirty style just wrapping. But you can make all kinds of little patterns or whatever you want Teoh on this thing once you get playing with the wire, okay, When we come back, I'm gonna show you how to do the one more like this one where it has been wrapped in this string. 6. Wrapped Wand: All right, Now we're going to wrap one of our wands with the brown with black thread, and you can see this one. I wrapped it pretty tied at the top and, uh, made this. Then I went back over a little more loosely and my kind of ridges, and then I took it and went all the way down, Spun it around. I'm gonna take the black thread that is kind of wax. You can see it sticks to its sale. And I'm gonna use just this unpainted stick so you can see a subtle contrast. What I do first is take a little piece of it, hold it against link, watch on the on a stick and then I start rapping rapping around the very top. Start wrapping that and said at the end of that will be under the rap part. And you could do this in different ways and different licks. Right now I am wrapping this one fairly tightly. Push it to gather, settle, be so you can't see the stick under it. And I just keep doing this until, like that was faras. I want to go cover up a good bit of it. took form, a handle or whatever for whatever the design is that I'm trying to do you a little bit more . Sit all together. Now, if you're putting the black thread on black stick, then the little gaps won't show up, which is it helps me anybody. There's a few little spaces, and I'm not gonna keep going to take up too much time. But I want you to start rolling here, which is what you get to that point. It's kind of cool. What I did with the one I showed you is. Then I went back and I just wrapped it a few times. This way to form another layer, I guess, of strength is that are spaced further apart, come back down, and that gives it some texture. And then when you get to the bottom, you might even rapids like that really tightly, or you can wrap at least more loosely. Just go all the way down, said then what you do. And I'm doing this very quickly. So I would be much nature with this and much more careful if I were doing this for real. You can wrap it tightly down here or what I did with this one is I went to the very end and I had to drop. Please call on it here. Just a humble home. You can say that. Books. Okay, I just got burned by clue and then stick minute draws. So go to hobby Lobby or Michael's Look for this string, this kind of wax extreme. And if not, if you can't find a waxy string, extreme probably will do so long as you have your heart glue gun. And you could just stick it to the end on when this is painted black or minutes even painted brown black thread or vice versa. I look really cool. I love this one. This is one of my favorite. And then on the end of the war and I just one of the wooden beads and stuck it on hand how ? Just choose this natural color one for right now sticking on. And And I even put a little drop of blue on the ends of these with these Just held us on a little better. But that's pretty cool. And, uh, hey, this must a good boy. You want my second girl? One. And you can do all kinds of things so that the main thing is that you use your imagination and do something with these. Okay, when I come back, I'm going to tell you about how to name your ones. That's another fun part. And the kids love that part too. So join me in the next lesson. 7. Name Your Wands: Now that you've made your wands, it's time to give them a name if you followed Harry Potter in there vibrating the books or watching movies, and you probably know that the wands are made of different types of woods, and they have different types of cores. Different woods give different qualities to the wands, different powers, inabilities or whatever. Also the cores of the ones which JFK Rollins talked about. Three. The Phoenix Feather, the Dragon Heartstring and the unicorn hair. They also give different powers or whatever to the to the winds. So there is a website called Possible Our Own on the Internet, and I will give you the the U. R L for that in the project on the project page. But if you get there and look, you can say that what the different types of Woods are supposed to do for the winds and the different types. Of course, I had wanted to give each want a different name or a different description, so I use what JFK Rollins had already come up with. But then I added a few more like up for the cores. I came up with the mermaid's tear and the separate tooth tiger claw or something like that and gave them certain powers just so I could have a few more a few more descriptions in a few more names, and then it would take each want. And I would look at and go. OK, well, that looks like walnut. Or that looks like apple wood or something like that said I would tell the Children this year one is made of applewood, and it has the core of a cyber tooth tiger claw. And like for this, this particular one, there's a big it on here that looks like a tiger skin or for and so that's why I wanted to use the tiger claw for that. And then there are other ones that, for instance, that or blue and kind of like water. And so maybe this should have a mermaid's tear, and little girls love more many. So I thought I would use that. So go to the Potter More website, and there's also a Harry Potter wiki that's online. You can go and find information about the different names and different abilities of wands and give your wants and names, and what I did is I printed them out and then cut the names out and actually attached to the wands to give to the Children so they would know what they're one waas, and that could keep that with it. 8. Project: okay. Now for your project. If you haven't already going out and gotten all your materials, it's time to do that. Come back and make a wand. All you have to do the end is take a picture of it and upload it to the project space so we can all see what you've done. A promise you're gonna have fun. And I promise the kids are going to love these party favors. I can't wait to see your wands. 9. Conclusion: Thank you so much for joining me in this course on Harry Potter. One making I hope you had fun. I hope you were able to learn something that you can do for your child's birthday party and just take what I've given you, maybe and run with it. You can find other materials that you might want to use when you're making your wands and play around with the names of naming the ones because the Children really like the stories that go with all this stuff. In a future course, I hope to give you even more ideas about your Harry Potter party. I'm a graphic designer, so I did all kinds of things when I was trying to play in the party, I made a newspaper a map. We went to the park and we'll need to have a map that looked like the one in the movie that led them around. And they're also clues to find that I kind of hit in different places, like in books and in the newspaper. So I hope that this is at least giving you something to go on. And if you want Teoh Mawr information or more classes than please, let me know. Thank you again for this. Taking this class. See you later