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Harnessing the Power of Microsoft Word

teacher avatar Denise Trio, Founder / Designer / The Rose Creative

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Overview of the Project

    • 3. Setting Up Your Document

    • 4. Conceptual Design

    • 5. Adding Text and Graphics

    • 6. Finishing and Printing

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About This Class

Microsoft Word isn't just for writing essays any more! In this class you'll learn how to harness the power of Word, so that it can be used to design almost any piece of stationery. From cards, postcards, letterheads, programs, invitations, seating charts, and the like you'll learn how to create custom sizes, the benefits of layering, adding text and graphics, and more.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Denise Trio

Founder / Designer / The Rose Creative


I'm a Jersey girl, transplanted to South Florida. I'm a project manager by trade, and a designer by hobby. I began scrapbooking as a teenager and fell in love with paper crafts, which has evolved into calligraphy, painting, digital design, and more. When I'm not wandering and dreaming through the aisles of a craft store, I'm at the beach, reading, playing music, or at the gym.

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1. Introduction: this class is called Harnessing the Power of Microsoft Word. You'll see that it's not just for writing essays anymore. A little about me. I'm a designer based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida I own an Etsy shop called The Rose Creative, and everything that I've created in that Etsy shop was made using just Microsoft Word. I learned about Microsoft Word just by playing around with it. I've taken classes and all the adobe products, and I found that Microsoft Word. It's just simpler and easier in this class. You learn how to design anything you want using Microsoft Word, a card postcard letterhead. Really, the possibilities are endless. I'll teach you a little bit about font pairing and good design. Before we go into our project, I'll teach you how to set up your document, the use of master pages, inserting text and graphics and finally printing. At the very end, you'll have your own car to showcase. All of these products were made using just Microsoft Word. You can see the possibilities really are endless. Only your imagination is the limit. You don't need a fancy software to learn how to design. Well, are you ready to begin 2. Overview of the Project: Let's begin with the overview of your project. You're gonna create your own card. You can choose from either an 8.5 by 11 or a custom size. If you choose to 8.5 by 11 you'll put either two or four cards on a page two cards. If you want to make a car that you folded half or four. If you want to make a postcard, I'll show you how to lay out your card using guidelines. Then you choose your phrase. You can choose from any popular phrase Happy birthday. Thank you. Love you. Thinking of you. Keep it short and sweet so that we're able to use and cool fonts on the front cover. Once you've decided on your phrase, we're gonna add the details you're gonna choose your font, then add graphics. Then, after you finalize your graphics and your text, you could just group it together and copy and paste. You'll copy and paste only once if you're doing a car that you folded huh and your copy and pays three times if you're doing a postcard, this is what your car could look like when you're finished as you can see. I've made a postcard. I started with these light blue guidelines, man. Basically, I designed this postcard first, group them together and then copy and pasted for the other three. This is the front, and this is the back. If you were to do a regular car that you folded half, you'd only have the images here and here as the front. This would be the outside back cover. I'll explain more of that room again into the lesson at the end. We want you to show it off, so upload your design to get some feedback from other classmates or inspiration from their designs. You don't have to do a card or a postcard. You can also choose to do a piece of letterhead or stationary. The possibilities are really endless. Once you learn how you can use Microsoft Word to design just a word, it's important to have a basic understanding of work before you begin. This is more of an intermediate course. It's also helpful to have an understanding of graphics and font periods, but it's not completely necessary because I'll go over that in the next lesson. 3. Setting Up Your Document: Now we're gonna talk about setting up your document. Let's begin open Microsoft Word and Jews publishing layout. I'm using an 8.5 by 11. For this. I think I'm going to make a car that you fold in half. So we're gonna do page set up, switch to landscape. You'll see Down here, there's two tops. All contents have in a master pages tab. Let's work in the master pages tap. For now, we're going to set up our guidelines. When you hover over the ruler, you'll see your icon change. Just click in there and drag toe halfway down the page, which is 4.25 then across, which is 5.5. Then click over to the all contents tab and you see you won't be able to grab those guidelines. But if you go back to master pages, you can in the all contents have. Now we're gonna set up our margins. If you just double click in this area, it will pull up this window. We're going to sell all of our margins 2.5. That's usually a safe margin for printing. Then we're gonna add blue guidelines. Remember, just click and drag. And if you think if you know that this is the complete center in order for the page to be perfectly symmetrical and centered, you have to give yourself 1/2 inch on either side of that. So basically, we're making Excuse me inside borderlines. This is the usable area that we're gonna work in. And this is the line that will guide us about the halfway work where it's gonna be folded. Now we're gonna talk about how toe ad your text and graphics. 4. Conceptual Design: Now we'll talk a little bit about conceptual design. What looks right? Let's start by talking about thought pairing. This is an example of a serif font. As you can see at the beginning and end of each letter, there is little feet called sheriffs. This is times new Roman, and it's used often times in magazines, newspapers, places where there's a lot of body text. This is a san serif font. You can see that there's no feet at the beginning and the end of each of these letters. This also can be used for body text, but more often it's like a headliner or accent. Play around with matching Sarah fonts with script, with handwriting or even with capitals. It's kind of fun to experiment and see what looks good and what doesn't. Speaking of good, what is good? A graphic design. First of all, it has to have balance, meaning equality on both sides doesn't have to be symmetrical, but one side shouldn't feel too much heavier than the other side. There's gotta be rhythm or movement. It makes you want to move through your card or the peace. Finally, there's got to be order. Water is the structure or the arrangement. If you have good balance, rhythm and order, it turns out your design will probably look good too. Here are some examples of bad graphic design. A simple Google service will show you that these air all out of balance, rhythm and order. Here are some examples of bad graphic design. These pieces could use a little bit more balance, rhythm and order. Next step will begin our project and I'll talk about how to set up your document. 5. Adding Text and Graphics: in this lesson, we're gonna talk about how to add text and graphics. Finally, we're getting to the good stuff back in the master pages. We're gonna add our graphics. You should have already chosen a graphic before you've begun. Go to insert picture from file. I'm going to make a happy birthday card. And I found this cute cake with candle that I'm gonna insert. Think about a four minute in the bottom left hand quarter of the page. I remember. Since this is half of the page, this is one card. This is another card. We use the bottom half as the front of the card and the top half as the back of the card. So we'll click and drag. No people put in the center getting in a room on the top so that we have enough room for the text. Let's go back into all contents and you'll see once again I can't grab this. Next. We'll add a text box. I like to do a combination of fonts, so we'll start with happy play around with it a little bit and see how you like it. You can also play around with the Kern ing or the space in between the letters. I go in a format part, advanced and you can do spacing here. Expanded. We'll try three, you know. Let's try six. Okay. I also think that we can notch the color of this blue or something that goes similar to the cut the colors in the cupcake that I had another text box. Here's what Alright Birthday. I think I want to To handwritten front. If your letters are getting cut off by here, that means you need to make your text box a little bit bigger. You also have to play around with line spacing. Group six. I didn't grab that one. Okay, let's see what changed this color. Now, in order for us to successfully overlap these, we have to play with the wrap text. This is in the format tab wrap text you can do in front of text. Do that for both of these text boxes. Then you can overlap them. Play around a little bit with their arrangement because you over just a bit there. Now that we've designed the front cover, that's out of personal signature to the back. When I still like that, all you get gray, center it and then click this green button. Hold down the shift key and rotate, click and drag to rotate 180 degrees. Now I'm gonna select all that I can these text boxes and simply hit command, See for copy and command V for paste. Then drag him to the other side. You'll see that Microsoft Word has the's great little blue lines that come up as guidelines so you can line it up with with Gabby on the other side. What? I'm gonna do the same in the master pages Tab. Copy, Paste. Nuala. Now we're gonna talk about finishing and printing. 6. Finishing and Printing: now we'll move into finishing and printing. You're nearly there. Once you're satisfied with your work, just simply print. Once you're satisfied with your work, all you need to do is print. Go to file print and voila. Make sure when you cut it out. You cut along this line, fold across this line. If you're completely satisfied with your card, then you're finished. But if you print it out and things look a little bit off, remember, you can always just go back in and tweak using the arrows as necessary. Play around with it until you get a just the way that you want. You may even want to challenge yourself and see if you can do the inside of the card. Remember to upload your project in the class project section. Also, remember to have fun. This is your card. Your design. Another possibilities are endless. Once you see how easy it is to design with Microsoft Word way to go