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Harmonica Hits and Hooks: smash these classic rock/pop songs

teacher avatar Ben Hewlett, Helping you play harmonica better!

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. HH1 promo

    • 2. HH2 introduction

    • 3. HH3 lmd

    • 4. HH4 low rider

    • 5. HH5 once upon

    • 6. HH6 midnight cowboy

    • 7. HH7 he stopped

    • 8. HH8 long train

    • 9. HH9 stairway

    • 10. HH10 piano man

    • 11. HH11 He's not heavy

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About This Class


9 harmonica hits explained - this course shows you how to play all the juicy bits from classic piano & guitar led tunes.

Did you ever want to play those classic harmonica parts of the famous pop and rock tunes?

Well now you can.

It took me quite a while to work it all out and write out the tab for you but it's all done now.

And I think beginners will be able to do it because many of the performers here are not expert harmonica players; great musicians of course but you wouldn't call Billy Joel or John Lennon expert harpers.

Lee Oskar and Charlie McCoy are certainly experts but here they are playing very simply here.

I'll show you how to play all these on a C diatonic harmonica - you are going to love this!:

Love Me Do

Low Rider

Stairway to heaven

Once upon a time in the West

Midnight cowboy

Long train running

Piano Man

He stopped loving her today

He ain’t heavy, he’s my brother

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ben Hewlett

Helping you play harmonica better!



Contact me anytime through the site or email [email protected] if you have any questions HARMONICA HOTLINE 07973284366 - If you have any harmonica related questions you can call me. Yes it's true. This UK number is available whenever I'm free so try UK office hours (texts and messages cannot be answered )






*Ben is the Chairman of the NHL - National Harmonica League in the UK

*Professional Harmonica Instructor since 1996

*Ben qualified as CTABRSM in 2002 (Certificate of Teaching - Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music)

*Certificate of Music Workshop Skills (Goldsmiths University of London) in 1995

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1. HH1 promo: Hi. Welcome to the course. And thank you for looking in to see what we've got to offer harmonica hooks and hits classic harmonica pieces. Things like He ain't heavy, right At the very beginning of that You've got the road is low. Sort of that scene, various things like that. That's all the tunes were going to do. I mean, that has what, six notes. That's it. And that's all you get off the harmonica in that whole tune. I think it repeats later. Piano Man. Billy Joel's Piano man did it, Theo. All these nice, simple things love me. Do a what kind of stuff do you love me dio piano man? They're gonna do long train running that Doobie Brothers where he's a all right whaling around on the Ford roll. That's all great stuff. Um, we'll have a look at some of the Westerns. Midnight, Cowboy. Theo, Once upon a time in the West. Uh, lots of good stuff in here. Stairway to heaven, Lowrider. He stopped loving her today. George Jones. George the Possum Jones. So great stuff for you to learn Nice and easy. Lots of fun. Andi, you'll get very good impact from these whenever. Imagine you're in a karaoke e place on. Somebody puts on love me. Do immediately. You go with your harmonica grown. One of the mikes. Uh, you're the king of the castle or the queen of the Council. So it's gonna be really fun. Come on in. Enjoy it. So we think. Hope you like it. Let me know. See you inside. Bye for now. 2. HH2 introduction: So today we're gonna have a look at some of the classic hits off the harmonica from pop music Off Time's Gone by. Perhaps the classic tunes that you will hear you always hear them played. You know what it is. You recognize it. It's that is a hook. Moniker is a great hook in a lot of these tunes. Andi. I picked out a few of them for you to learn on. You don't need to be highly skills to be able to play these the because the people who played them were not highly skilled, greatly skilled musicians. But they're not highly skilled harmonica players. So you you're here a roughness around the edges off when the listen to the originals shall recommend you do, and then you'll be able to play them brilliantly and perfectly with my help. So we'll work through all these bunch of tunes, so it's going to be things that love me Do Piano Man. Once upon a time in the West Long train running a midnight cowboy. He ain't heavy. Hey, stopped loving her today lowrider stairway to heaven on, and I think there was some more. Actually, that might be similar on top of that. So a bunch of really good tunes that you can play in the harmonica quite easy to play, not too demanding. If you can bend notes that be really good. If you play single, let's I'll be really good. But when you listen to people like Billy Joel playing the harmonica, he's not bending notes. And he doesn't play single notes very much and notice Bob Dylan so occasionally, not much. I think you can do if he wants to. He can bend as well if he wants to. But this is just gonna be nice. Nice, quick, easy, quick and dirty tunes. So I'm not gonna go into them in great depth because they don't really warrant that they they're the harmonica. Part of it is just the hook to catch. Catch your ears. So that's we're gonna look at today. Hooks from the hits on the harmonica. Enjoy 3. HH3 lmd: so we're gonna start with the Beatles. Love Me Dio on the opening part of this song has a repeated riff on When You First Hear it , you think it's played three times, but actually it's quite different each time. Four times, in fact. So here's the Here's the If I troll my blow food drawer and then you can either pay to drawer three blow for the next bit. That was to draw three blow sounds at this. Not much difference in the sound. I think you'll agree. So it's five drawer five blow for drawer on, then the four notes, which you're either on to draw free blow as you wish. So that's how he plays it. That's something a bit faster. 1234 And that's the first part of it. That's just one time. Second time you place it, uh, you hear that kind of thing? That's what the thing is whispering. So that's on the second note, like a tongue trill or something of that, and then it's the same after that. Okay, this is our not going into this in huge detail because I think you'll be able to pick it up quite quickly, and then the next time it has the trip, it field Theo the same notes. Five draw, then five blood, and then it repeats as full. So let's say all of that, so far I got on the last bits is just do, do, do, do, do do do do do do did did. Oh, can you work out what it is for? Blow three drawer to draw three Last is for blondes. Redraw 43 themes. We do the whole thing Do not so slowly. 1234 Theo, I have to get rid of some air of that point. Do you noticed that Theo was get rid of hair on the harmonica? Reason He just let it go. Or if you want to do it without anybody seeing, you can do it silently as well. Now in the rest of peace, the only thing the harmonica does, I was going to say the only thing I want is that same repeated riff, and that comes twice in between the section. But then you go into a sort of bridge section, and I think I'll leave that one for you to work out yourself. So let's see if you can work that out yourself, I don't want to give you everything on a plate. By the way, this was not played on a diatonic harmonica. John Lennon played it on a chromatic. I want one of these guys were the button on the side. I think he used a g chromatic. So, um, he wasn't a stunningly good harmonica player, but he was free. Useful was me quite handy. So anything that someone who's no real genius at is going to be fairly easy to play. So if you want to try this on a G chromatic, if you've got one, that's I believe how he originally did it. So I wanna see diatonic. We will struggle a bit to play the middle section so you could ignore that if you want to do the main. But you wanna play is the bit that we learned. Uh, that's the famous riff you could easily play along with the track. It's in the right key for the sea harmonica. So as soon as it what about in the karaoke e While you put on love me do by the Beatles? Grab a harmonica and your karaoke king more queen straight away. Okay, Enjoy that. I'll see you next time. Bye. For now 4. HH4 low rider: Hi there. Let's have a listen to one of my pals, Lee Oscar has a band, had a band called, uh, war, and this is one of their favorite famous favorite songs. Lowrider. He now has a band called Lowrider. So this is you probably hear you're probably familiar with this kind of right hi familiar with this Thio Thio Thio So you can look up lowrider on YouTube and you'll find it. You can play along so quite easy to play, I think three draw it starts on and then four blow four draw. Just try that they shall. We do, do do do do dio you go to to draw three draw for blow read role to draw again So let's look at that last thing. Maybe you can just pick it up and play it by ear so starting to draw on you can see the movement off what I'm doing with breathing in or out by looking at me carefully. You can see if I'm breathing out or in You'll see that there, wouldn't you? Maybe. What else could you see? You should see some differences if you're looking carefully and then how far my moving on the harmonica just one hole at the time. Can you see that? 34343 to just go up to 34 on down three to. So just to help you, - you could start to improvise around a little bit if you want Theo Theo. - So that is what Lee Oscar plays on his harmonica, and you can go to the Oscars lee Oscar dot com and look at the different harmonicas that he makes. He's been making harmonicas for getting on 30 years, I think, and it's got three very nice four. Very nice, different tunings to have a look at. So have a look at lee Oscar dot com. L doubly o s k a r dot com and that's Low Rider. So you've enjoyed that on. We'll see you for the next one in a minute. 5. HH5 once upon: So now we come to a new Morikuni. Once upon a time in the west. The man with the harmonica, It was actually played on a chromatic. I shall show you in a second if you've got a dramatic get it ready because we'll have good it. Why not? On defense, based on the diatonic is stubble. It's a little bit more tricky, but we can do it. So some whole eight blow? Uh, yep. Paper. And then you drop down to seven. Blow, and then we've got to put a little bit of a bend onto the eight blow. Andi, try to release it. Uh, you can hear it. Can do. You can picture the guy in the train. Uh, so to make a little bend on hole eight, you can You can take one of my courses on. No bending if you want, Which goes into in great depth. Oh, it's just right Now, uh, it's the moment of the tongue, e uh, moving your tongue forwards the, uh, with a certain amount of pressure. It's almost like Washington is compress or squash A bubble just behind your teeth. You're pushing it on towards your teeth. You know, uh uh. Did you go for the bend? Uh, you closing your mouth, cavity it, making it smaller. Ah, keep breathing out to keep breathing. Keep breathing out with a certain amount off. Not exactly force, but sort of so constant pressure because these REITs a tough to bend Well, So it's a movement of the tongue. The closing of the mouth, Uh, which will cause the's reads to bend. Let's have a look at it on the crumb. When you listen to the sound track you can hear, there's another noting that so they might have overdubbed it. Or it might be slight use of the slide. You hear that phasing, don't you? Slight use of the of the slider. And again, I think it's done by bending notes on the chromatic, which is not really what you normally would do, but, yeah, it's kind of compression again. Uh uh. So one whole six of the chromatic see chromatic Oh, it's a G committee, huh? I didn't realize that. No, it's a C. It's got the right on the side of it, which is interesting. Very confusing. Right, So so six. Drop down to five. This is blowing six low five low because this is a movie sound effect thing, isn't it? So who knows what they did? You have to be in there in the studio. It was recorded by different people Who, actually who actually played it. I can't remember Andi. Was it too soon? What was it? Tommy Reilly? Those are the guys that were mainly recording that stuff at that time. So I'm not sure who was very atmospheric, isn't it? Watch the movie and you'll see or just pick up the soundtrack on YouTube. So that is, once upon a time in the West, a man with the harmonica theme. So play that and amaze your friends, okay of it. 6. HH6 midnight cowboy: So let's stay in the Westerns. Seen for the minute. Let's go to midnight, Katwe. This was recorded again. Two settlements recorded it, I think using a chromatic with that song on the button on the side, Aunt told me wryly. Also, I've got a video on YouTube of Tommy Reilly playing it, but I think the main soundtrack was recorded by to Stillman's because, um, Tommy was on tour and couldn't make it to the recording shooter. Something that we can also play on diatonic first. It's easy. Second, it needs a bit of bending. So first, but is four drawer for blow, three drawer to draw. Uh, so let's just learn that festival. So it's four drawer for blow three Drauzio. Okay, I'm getting over that. Can you get it? Try to get 34 Uh ah, uh oh. I mean, it's quite a long piece, but I'm just doing the first bit of it for you. So we got to bitch, um, there's a second bit the, uh Could we sing it? Uh ah. Uh oh. Uh, if you can sing it, I was believe if you can sing it, there's a good chance you can play it. If you can't sing it, there's a very good chance you can't play it. Messi could sight read, Tickles. So should we try it? Take a run It it first bit really go, Theo. So it's got quite a lot of bending in the second part. In fact, three of those four notes event that starts in a three draw bent a little bit more to draw thing, but not today. Three draw bench down 1/2 step theme. Three. Drove it down. Now it's been down to half steps. Theo draw straight on to draw, bent down two steps. Like I said, he was prayed originally on me dramatics that starts in five drawer. It's essentially simpler on the dramatic because the bending there's no bending. So you've got five draws. The quite again. See again. Even that's history on it. For some reason, I don't know, son. So five draw might blow four. Draw Theo, you got only a diatonic and not a commodity. Just keep playing on That's the same notes. And then when we come to the next bit, uh, free draw button in three drove, gotten out three blow. So that's all on hold three, then to draw theme three The whole thing on whichever instrument you have. Handy ren e g o way. How's that? Ok, they get you started on it. If you want to play the rest of the tune, then you can work that out. You can find it. Onda, that is midnight, cowboy. Okay, But you enjoyed it seeing of it next one. 7. HH7 he stopped: Let's have a little look into the country music. George Jones, Bassem Jones. He stopped loving her. What is it, cool today? He kept her Excuse me singing Hey kept her picture Honest World. And then the harmonica player. Which is Charlie McCoy, who, Incidently said this was his best ever recording. He's so proud of this recording. So do you have a listen to it? He stopped loving her today. George Jones. Hey! Kept her picture on his wall. That's what he does. D three draw and just this and those slides. Down 22 Draw. He kept her picture on his wall. When have crazy knowing, Then that's to draw down to to blow. He still loved her through it all. Three drawer bent Theo spent since released and spent again thing hoping she come back again. Three drawer, huh? Would draw practice, read war on disgrace and know it down towards to draw. So let's do it again. He kept her picture on his wall. That's three drawer down, 22 draw when have crazy now and then to draw to blow, so he's still through it all. Three drawer bent released, Bent, hoping she come back again. Three drove four drawers, redraw to draw. How's that genius? He said he liked it because it was so simple. And there is an interview. When he talks about this, you can. You can find this interview. It will be. David Barrett talks to Charlie McCoy, David Barrett and Charlie McCoy in conversation. Something of that. I don't know the exact title, and you hear him talking about it trying again, shall we? He kept her picture on his wall. Yes, I have Internet. 332 He kept her picture on his wall. We're now crazy now and then to draw to bow. He still loved her through it all. Three. Draw Bend Really spent hoping she come back again. Three. Drove four. Drove three drawer to draw. He can't have a picture for We're now crazy. You know he's the O, hoping she come back again. Theme car Crash. Because there's a court changed. A key change at that point. Seconds for away. Yes, see how on a good that's a beautiful bit of studio work that Charlie McCoy did for George Jones. He stopped loving her today, so find on YouTube. Play along with it. You'll be amazed. How simply is it starts at about 27 seconds in. OK, so enjoy that. I'll see you on the next one. 8. HH8 long train: you know it comes to Doobie Brothers. Long Train Running on Bond. Tom Johnson. I understand the co founder of the band played the harmonica on this track. It's on a C heart on. It starts in about one minute, 30 in. He doesn't do an awful lot, but it's very effective That starts on four drawer, and it's just a slightly bent. So he starts it for drawer bent and then released. Like I said, if having any trouble with the bending, I've done two courses on no bending, so you might want to take those to help you get hanging this because it's not easy If you can't do it, nothing's easy if you can't do it. Theme kind of hangs around on that four draws thing, drops to draw. Let's try it. Two. Radio E guess you have to have the really Ideally, you would have the backing going on when you, um, I imagine to be brothers. Sound try. T O doesn't sound awful lot without it, but put the track on and you'll be able to play along with that. Some idea of this course. So it's It's mostly on four drawn on to drill and he goes back to Ford Organ on. You hear an extra note coming in? That's five drawer. So that's a start that's as high as he goes. And then he combines four and five together with what you call ahead roll. So he goes back and forth between four and five drawer. So you want to try and get only hope for and then only hold five. You don't wanna have 345 and six or going in a mush. That's a different thing. It's not what we want. In this case, you can almost hear the click between the two as they change, Can you? So you want to practice that? It's quite nice effect you don't want is it too much? But practice it and then he still comes back and riffs on that four drawer, bending it, releasing it. Theo the You know when you hear this plate, many times you'll hear it's different every time. But that's the general thrust of it back down to to draw and then wrote it very end to have this little phrase. Oh, oh, just listen to that second we owe oh past pretty fast, isn't it? So it's hard to tell exactly. Let's go with that because that's the kind of unease e way to play food role. Lie down to three and then slide down to two, maybe a little bit more complex part to it. If we were to zoom in, we could look into that. But this is meant to be just nice and quick and dirty. So let's end it with that. That's my my take on on what we're gonna do today. All right, so that's the long train running Doobie Brothers Now you can, of course, play all across the whole track. When you're playing at home, you don't have to just copy exactly what he's doing. You can play the whole thing. You can play along with the lyrics. You can play the tunes. You can play whatever you want, so that should give you a basis off. Playing that tune you probably want to use a blues scale would be the ideal thing to play along with this theme, perhaps a minor pentatonic. Let's try blues scale to draw three drop bend a little bit, Theo wardrobe and a little bit thing for draw not bent. Five drawn. Not bent. Six blow. There's the notes. They're gonna work really well over this tune so you can have a jam with the Doobie Brothers on long train running Enjoy on the sea next time. 9. HH9 stairway: and I would come to Led Zeppelin. So this is Stairway to Heaven, Robert. Plant place. How monetary? Probably. No, I'm trying to think of I actually heard him play this or not on the harmonica, but we can certainly play it. And I'm sure he could play if he wanted to. So should we try it? So it's going to start on a minor, is gonna start on six drawer, so six draw, seven drawer, seven blow. That's the first part of the 1st 3 note. It's extraordinary in drawer seven blow when it comes back down against that six drawer, seven drawer, seven blow and then six draw. So I six draws seven or seven blow and then seven drawer six, draw, seven drawer. So when we practice that rounding around just to get that here now, we use the first half of that to go to the next phrase. Do you know, uh, deed? Uh, if you can think of it. Little phrases. These are three note phrases that, uh, that, uh, the about Uh huh. So you can think of are the notes Is the pitch rising or falling That, uh, todo does it go back to where it started from the the, uh So here's the second phrase. Starts out the same as the first phrase. 60 or 70 or seven blow. And then it's eight. Drawer seven. Blow six. Draw. Yeah. Put that last second phrase together. Six notes. So coming now, put the 1st 2 phrases together entirely. So three note phrase. 1234 of them So four little three note phrases together the the but, uh, God, uh, you should try it. You know you want to six draws Dotson. So you might want to pause and practice that run around. Okay, the video. Now, we have 33 night phrases. The the, uh you take it you're singing with me Like we said before singing. It's good. The so seven drawer eight drawer may blow eight drawer paint. Blow. Uh uh, uh uh uh uh uh. They, uh So that second phrase a drawer seven blow seven drawer. Uh uh uh. In the last phrase Dude are six drawer six, PLO six draw. Uh, So should we do the last bit, though? All those nine notes? Uh, okay. Uh, yeah. Okay. Getting it. This is not quite so easy. is it? Let's do it from the beginning. Really nice and slow on. Uh, and for people who are more advanced, you might want to play it an octave lower on. I'll trust I'll just gonna play it now and let you work it out. This is the challenge for your ears, so I don't want to give you the tab for this. You can work it out. This is that This is a skill to learn transcribing music from what do you like to listen to is a very good skill to learn. So this is what I'd like to I invite you to do. It's going to start on three drawer, double bend. So this piece is in a minor. You're playing in fourth position here That you didn't know. It didn't need to know it. This is early, but there you go. And you can improvise with Well, any notes on the sea. Harmonica will actually work quite well with this. So improvised with any notes you want. Yeah, they all fit. Okay. Enjoy that. That is stay away to heaven. Led Zeppelin. Okay, enjoy that on. I'll see you for another couple of students coming your way. Life, You know, 10. HH10 piano man: so I think we'll get on to you, Billy Joel's Piano Man Now Wish Famous harmonica. Pile it on It did it. I don't I don't doubt it. It's actually that Words isn't it's the same as the lyrics piano, so you can play along with this. Once you've learned this, you can play along with the entire track. Now if the earlier ones I found are in the key of C. So the sea harmonic is going really well, there's some later ones are found on YouTube, which are B flat. So presumably his voice has got deeper. He wants to play it lower. Maybe maybe I'm wrong, but there are different types. I'm giving the link of the one I'm using. Uh, so it's played, not cleanly, whether he wanted to do that or whether that was his skill level, who knows, but the oh so the notes that he's melodic notes that he's aiming for did it? Uh huh. It's gonna be six blow. Uh, I don't really think of it in terms of numbers are given in terms of sound. Really? Uh, so it's six. Uh, yes. Explosive. Extraordinary blow. And then I got until five draw blow, draw blow. Sounds a bit strange without the track, doesn't it? But you'll be able to play along with that. Uh, can you hear it in your head? Uh uh. That's for blow. Full blown for draw. Um, five blow for drawer. Oh, the little ramp leading back up to the six. So five blow five drawer and then back into the six again. And then the ending. That's for blow fried blow, uh, draw. And then 54 blow again. Full blown five blow draw If I blow four drawer full blow engine for blood. I think what I do is I write these down as a little sketch when I play around a few times, then I think, Oh, that's right. And then I get the camera rolling and play. The candidate seems room. So So It's a constantly moving thing, isn't it? On when you listen to it again, you might think up there was an extra noting that I missed. So I think it's OK to sketch these things out and then to add to them even more so he's not playing it like I've just told you. Uh, he's playing it with spinning thing and I don't know what you think. Sounds better. I guess it's up to you to play whatever you think is gonna work. So let's go again. Ah, no. In between the verses, he does use half of this, so I would use the second half. So he just uses that as a little Segway into the next into the next verse. So I would suggest that you take what I've taught you there and play it right across the entire track and you'll find there are areas when it goes into a minor key where that's not gonna work. But for the most part, is gonna work right across the whole thing. Really? Any of the notes on the harmonica gonna work as improvising You could try. If you want to get picky about it, you could try a major pentatonic. That's gonna sound nice. That's four blow for draw blow six blow, six draw and seven blow Theisen. It's going to sound very sweet as you improvise around. You want to make it more blues. You can start to bend some notes. You could play it with an fr moniker in second position. If you wanted to Lo f perhaps, or high F to make it really sound. Nothing blues because the piano stuff that he's playing, it's got lots of jazzy and bluesy aspect to it, So that might be a treat. You could have a look at that. All these all these harmonicas, whatever key there and can be played in 12 keys each of the 12 harmonicas complaining each of the 12 keys major or minor. So it's a it's a big subject. Try and F with this one. Sleep with this tune but low air for a high F. Andi played in second position of starting, routing everything on to draw on. You'll find that'll sound quite different. Quite bluesy, quite nice. Okay, I enjoyed that scene of it. 11. HH11 He's not heavy: So let's have a look at the Hollis. He ain't heavy. He's my brother. Ah, the ah, uh, So I think it was played on a G harmonica. So if you've got a G that that will work. If no, I'll show you how to do it on. See in a minute. You, Theo Eulogy in six Blow. I'm in a drawer. Ah, now seven Blow drawer blow 54 Try again on six. Blow, Theo, The road is long again. Radio six Blow, Theo. You could play an octave lower if you want to. That's how they played, I think. But yeah, you could, Theo. The weather. That one. What? That went out yourself, if you want to. I stopped to draw on ends on to draw Double Bent. Or you could play on a C harmonica. Theo, Theo! The playing it there involves on overblow. So if you're able to overblow you complaint there, that is how five troll Boudreau, six row six, five below. Thanks. Blow for blow again. So if you want to play that you can do Theo. Oh, lower. That's your best bet. If you've only got to see harmonica, But you do need to bend notes on it. One role. Three. Draw double bend. Three. Blow to draw. Bent to draw straight. Ah, one blow. The sure is. So there's different ways of playing. He ain't heavy. So just how many notes? 123456 notes only Andi. It says a lot, doesn't it? That song has. I think he has it in there twice. Or is it three times? I think it's just twice from my memory on Did it really sets the tune up? 00 I think it's kind of big. Funeral tune this one, isn't it? A lot of people like this one. Okay, so that is the Hollies. He ain't heavy. He's my brother is from 1969 so that you enjoyed that one. Okay, See you next time.