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Happiness: Secrets to Change Habits - Be Happy and Healthy

Braco Pobric, #1 Amazon Bestselling Author, Life and Happiness C

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23 Lessons (50m)

    • 2. What Are Habits

    • 3. The Habit Loop

    • 4. Types of Habits

    • 5. The Secret Number 1: Yes, I can!

    • 6. The Secret Number 2: Release Your Own Happiness Chemical

    • 7. Secret Number 3

    • 8. The Secret Number 4 Increase Your Will Power Starting TODAY!

    • 9. The Secret Number 5: Start or Change Any Habit in 20 Seconds

    • 10. The Secret Number 6: Get Support from Friends and Even Strangers!!

    • 11. The Secret Number 5: Bonus Lecture - Applying the 20 Second Rule

    • 12. The Secret Number 7: Let the Whole World Know...It Will Help You

    • 13. Review The 7 Secrets

    • 14. Pay Close Attention to Your Exising Habits

    • 15. Action Ask Questions and Identify Your Habits

    • 16. Analyze Your Existing Habits

    • 17. When a Trigger is Missing

    • 18. Understanding Your Existing Habits

    • 19. One Habit You Are Going to Change or Introduce in Your Life

    • 20. Establish Multiple Habits - How One Habit Can Trigger Another

    • 21. Teach to Learn

    • 22. Accountability Partner

    • 23. 30 Days Habit Challenge


About This Class

Everything you want to achieve in life--from a successful career, thriving relationships, improved health, or simply increase your happiness and wellbeing—everything starts with habits. Everything!

If your goal is to double your income, get a new job, do well on an interview, lose weight, gain weight, start exercising, start meditating, improve relationships, change your diet, become happier – or anything else in life – this course is for you.

This program is based on my bestselling book – Habits and Happiness: How to Become Happier and Improve Your Wellbeing by Changing Your Habits, my Habits and Happiness workshops, individual coaching sessions, and many years of helping others change their life for the better in the areas they believe are most necessary.

Regardless of what areas of your life need improvement – income, career, heath, relationships, spirituality or anything else - you can only make that happen by changing your habits.

In this course, you will learn:

  • How to increase your chances of success in any areas of your life
  • How to start any new habit
  • How to increase your willpower
  • How to change any habit
  • How to implement a new habit
  • The basic science behind habits
  • 7 Tools to help you change any habit
  • How to get your own happiness chemical
  • Practice Routine Changing Tools
  • How to make a commitment to new habits and stick to it

What Udemy Program Participants Have to Say About This Program...

Braco delivers the lectures with enthusiasm, making you want to keep going and learn more

- Al Riess

....So far I have seen improvements in my life which is great. I have so far used the will power skill that was taught most effectively.

- Zachary

Wonderful instructor who presents clearly what happiness is and how to achieve happiness for your life. ..The course instructor was very engaging and inspired me a lot. That made me feel like finding my own happiness in life. I highly recommend this course!

- Yin Yin,

My favorite thing about this course is how applicable it is! Every day I run into a situation where I remember learning a way of dealing with it from this course. Highly recommended.

- Felix Thea,

Braco is very enthusiastic and passionate. Thanks for this motivating course!

- Pamela Loveridge

..The course contains a good mix between theory and practice with explanatory videos.

- Silviu Marisca,

.... I found it's straight to the point but comprehensive.

- Manuel Kraus

...Braco provides clear, digestible examples that helped me make the best use of the information he provides and put it into direct action.

I found it just the right amount of information at a level appropriate for everyone...

The overall production quality was excellent, and I enjoyed Braco's delivery, which was upbeat, personable and realistic.

-Christine Scarince

In short, engaging and powerful lectures, Braco Pobric provides valuable tools to help participants increase their happiness through habits. It has been over 2 months since I attended Braco's Habits & Happiness workshop (attend one if you have the opportunity to do so) and I have successfully implemented a new habit of brushing my teeth with my non-dominant hand...There is a wealth of information and knowledge in this course and I would also highly recommend Braco's book for additional information and examples of other habits.

-Annie Glynn

I was lucky to attend one of Braco's lectures in person, at a conference in Philadelphia at which Tal Ben-Shahar also lectured. Braco is as engaging as teachers come. He takes the science and makes it not only easy to understand, but relatable and actionable. This course gives you practical strategies for putting the science to use to improve well-being. I'm not just going to tell you how amazing this program is, I also want to tell you that I've changed two habits - kept up with both my 5 minutes a day writing goal, and my yoga goal, every day since I took this program. Definitely worth it.

-Eli Bobo

The videos are short & effective and cover all that one needs to know to change habits positively. There is no fluff, everything is efficiently presented.

-Louis-Eric Simard

I love this approach. Practical, easy to follow step by step....The two course (taught by Braco)- (this one and positive psychology +) are along the best positive psychology courses and training methods.

-Erdélyi András

Habits and Happiness Program combines years of research by experts in the field of habits, neuroscience, traditional and positive psychology, and teaches you how to apply this new information in a very simple and practical way. This program will help you understand your habits: why you have them, why you can or cannot change them, and how they can work to help you live a great life.

Implementing habitual behavior in accordance with this program will help you become happier and more successful, will improve your wellbeing, and will assist you in living the life you've always wanted to live.