Hanging Kokedamas Made Quick and Easy

Jillian Shea, Personal Growth, Empowerment, Plants

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6 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Supplies for Kokdemama

    • 2. Hanging Kokedamas Step 1: Dividing Your Plant & Forming a Soil Ball

    • 3. Hanging Kokdeamas Step 2: Wrapping Moss

    • 4. Hanging Kokedama Final Steps

    • 5. Introduction to Kokedamas Made Quick & Easy

    • 6. Kokedama Care Instructions


About This Class

In Japanese, Koke means "Moss" and Dama means "Ball"

Learn all about how to create this unique hanging plant using all-natural materials for interior decor, or a great handmade gift. This class is perfect for any level of experience with plants! 

Easy and quick methods for picking a plant, making the kokedama and macrame hanger, along with care instructions are all provided!